List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools – Free And Paid

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools - Free & Paid

List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools - Free And Paid


As an affiliate marketer, you need and access to the best affiliate marketing tools in order to succeed in this field and overcome the competition, or better, avoid it completely.

I’m listing here some of the best, free and paid tools that you can use in your journey as an affiliate marketer, whether you were a beginner or an advanced marketer.


In this article, I will mention each category of tools, the importance and the benefits you get from utilizing such tools, and I will mention the best tools I found, both free and paid.


So without further due, let’s get to the first, and most important tool you will need as an affiliate marketer:


1 – Comprehensive And Expert Training


Unfortunately, in the space of affiliate marketing, there are many people calling themselves “Experts” or “Gurus”, and all they do is to teach you outdated methods, or worse, blackhat methods that are not going to create a sustainable business on the long run. And some, are good, but are overpriced at the same time.


Luckily, when I started, I came during my search to the best platform to learn affiliate marketing, both, for free and paid. And it also provides many of the tools I will mention in my article below, all integrated in one place for your convenience.


Free Training: Wealthy Affiliate.

Paid Training: Also Wealthy Affiliate.


The reason why I’m recommending Wealthy Affiliate here is that it is really a great place to learn affiliate marketing step-by-step from the scratch.


Wealthy Affiliate is different from all other training programs in many areas: the comprehensive training program takes you in a step-by-step approach and help you to start creating your business while learning with small, defined daily tasks that you can accomplish after every skill you learn. Unlike many other training programs which throw the information at you all at once and then get you overwhelmed about where to start from.

This is one of the reasons is that wealthy affiliate has around 1.5 million members, both free and premium.


In addition to that, wealthy affiliate provides you with many tools of those mentioned below that will give you a competitive edge on other affiliate marketers and will save you lots of money as many of these tools are included in your membership. While elsewhere, you will need to pay for them separately from the training you will pay for.


Here is a brief about what you expect to receive at each package, the paid package will cost you around $49/month, or $359/year. While many other training programs cost either a similar amount of money, or even more and without the tools.


Free & Paid Affiliate Marketing Tools


In order to join wealthy affiliate, click here to read my review and there you will find a big blue button that will take you to the sign-up page to start for free. You can either remain in the free membership forever, or you can upgrade to the paid membership at any time you choose.


2 – A Simple WordPress Website


The website is the foundation of your business. Not building a strong foundation will never lead to a strong, stable and profitable business in the future.

A website is necessary in order to build your brand. It’s a place where people can find you, mainly through the best traffic source: Search Engines.


When you build a website that is optimized to be found through the search people perform on daily basis on the search engines, you will get the best traffic at no cost.


I know that some people might argue that there are other ways to get traffic to your website other that search engines, and that’s true. But these traffic sources, such as social media platforms, guest blogging, email marketing, ..etc. all cost money, and are getting more expensive every day.

In addition, people coming from the search engine to your website are highly targeted and more likely to convert into buyers of whatever products or programs you promote in your reviews.


Think about this, you probable came to this article you are reading now because you are looking for the tools you need to use in your affiliate marketing business, which means that you have a high intention to using some of these tools if you aren’t using them so far.

Same it is for other people on the search engine, they are looking for a product to buy now, an urgent solution to a painful problem, a training program they need to join in order to increase their knowledge or strengthen their skills in a certain field, and so on. They are ready to ACT and BUY NOW.


While if you just try to drive traffic into your website, or directly to the offers (products or programs you are promoting) through social media or email, some may be interested and maybe they will make a purchase. But many will not be in a current necessity of that offer. And you will lose the money you paid for this kind of traffic for a very low ROI (Return on Investment), if any.


I know many people, including myself, are not tech savvy, and they might feel scared when thinking about building a website and managing it on daily basis. But don’t worry! Building a WordPress website doesn’t need any previous technical expertise.

Actually, around 60% of the websites on the web are build using the WordPress software, which is very user-friendly and easy to use by anyone who knows no more that checking their email and social media accounts.


There are many platforms that will help you build a WordPress website and host it for free or with a paid plan. But, The one I prefer, is even more convenient to you as using their platform will help you create your first website in only 30 seconds! Yes, seconds and not minutes.


Free Website Hosting: SiteRubix either directly or through your Wealthy Affiliate Membership. (2 Free Websites per member including SSL Certificates).

Paid Website Hosting: SiteRubix Through Wealthy Affiliate Membership. (25 Websites on registered domains and 25 Websites on free domain names per member including SSL Certificates).


There are many other platforms that allow you to host your WordPress website for free or low cost, but you will need some interaction with the technical stuff (not an issue though).


But what I like about SiteRubix is that you can access it directly through your wealthy affiliate membership and you can easily build and manage many websites from there. You can literally build your free affiliate marketing website using their platform in 30 seconds! In addition, the dashboard is really clean and easy to work with.


Free & Paid Affiliate Marketing Tools - Hosting


In addition, all your websites on SiteRubix, whether with a registered domain or a free domain, are eligible for a free SSL certificate. This will help you get more trust from web browsers and search engines and will help your rankings.

You can get your 2 Free websites Directly from SIteRubix Platform here or from your wealthy affiliate membership here (recommended).

And for the paid websites, you can get them through the wealthy affiliate platform, along with the outstanding support.


3 – Keyword Research Tool


A keyword research tool is a necessary tool that you need to use to know what search terms people use to look for information, solutions, answers or products in your niche.

This tools will help you know the volume of search on each term and the competition from other websites on that term. So that you can target the terms with high volume of search and low competition from other websites. And by doing that, you create a content that is able to rank faster and higher on the search engines and get more traffic.


Tools For Affiliate Marketers - Keyword Tools


There are many free and paid keyword research tools. My recommendation is to use the following tools



Option 1Jaaxy You can Join it directly here. Or through your free wealthy affiliate membership here. (limited to 30 searches per month)

Option 2Google Keyword Planner (unlimited searches, but fewer features than Jaaxy)


Paid: Jaaxy, You can join it directly through my Jaaxy Review. Or as a part of your Paid Wealthy Affiliate Membership here for no additional cost.


4 – Content Creation, Editing Grammar Checking Platform


In order to write content that looks professional and content that converts, your content needs to be neat and free from mistakes.

Also, having a platform that helps you set targets for writing content, track your performance, check for content duplication, create templates to use them whenever you need, …etc., all integrated in one place will help you achieve more by creating more quality content in less time.



Option 1Grammarly Chrome Extension : Grammar Checking mainly.

Option 2 – SiteContent @ Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership : Grammar Checking, Goal Setting and Performance Tracking, Duplicate Content Checking, Creating Templates.


Option 1Grammarly Premium ( more writing checks, mainly for professional writers and writing lovers, not necessary for web content creators)

Option 2 – SiteContent @ Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership : Grammar Checking, Goal Setting and Performance Tracking, Duplicate Content Checking, Creating Templates and Adding Images to your Content.


Here’s a look at what SiteContent dashboard looks like


Tools For Affiliate Marketing - Content Editor


5 – Daily Task Management Platform


Having many tasks to achieve on daily basis can be overwhelming and can lead to procrastination and inaction, Productivity’s biggest enemies. Unless you write down the projects and tasks you are working on, and scheduling them to be achieved within specific time slots, your life will become really, really hard.

You can write down on paper and plan for the tasks ahead, but having a web based platform that you can access from any time and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone will make you life much easier.


Free & Paid: Trello

Trello will allow Create Projects, Schedule Tasks with Deadlines, Create Checklists, Assign Tasks to others to perform.

Trello offer both free and paid plans, you can check the features of each plan here, but I believe the free plan is enough for you.


Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing - Task Management


6 – Login/Password Management Tool


As an affiliate marketer, you will be creating many accounts for tools, platforms, affiliate programs, social media, …etc.

Memorizing these is impossible! And while you can still use a spread sheet to keep your login credentials in one place and easy to access. You still need to extract the credentials from there whenever you need to login a certain account.


Now some web browsers allow saving these credentials and grants you an easier and faster access to your different accounts. But in case you cleared the cookies or re-installed the browser, you are going to need to re-enter each account’s login credentials at least once and save them again.

But having one browser extension that will save these passwords only once and be able to use them even after you re-install the browser or after you clear its history, will make your accessibility to different platforms much more efficient.


Free & Paid: LastPass

LastPass Extension will allow you to easily save and retrieve your login credentials to different accounts. It has also a premium membership, but the free is enough for you.


Affiliate Marketing Tools For Free - Login Management


7 – Email Marketing Software – Autoresponder


Email Marketing is a great way to reach your audience at anytime. You can build a list from your website visitors by creating a squeeze page and asking them to subscribe in exchange of a free benefits.

After that you can send them automated emails offering value through your articles, you can send emails to promote different products that are useful to them, and so on.


You can collect emails from the visitors of your website for free. And you can also collect the email through paid advertising campaigns.

There are many software options that provide these services:



Option 1GetResponse: Probably the most advanced service provider with the most features. You can sign up for the first three plans for 30 days of free trial. After that, you have to update. Click here to start your free trial.

Option 2Mailchimp: has a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails sent per month. If you want to have more subscribers and/or send more emails per month, then you have a premium plan. Click here to check the pricing.


Paid: GetResponse: As mentioned above, GetResponse is probably the most advanced email marketing platform with the most features. You can sign up for the first three plans for 30 days of free trial. After that, you have to update. Click here to start your free trial.


8 – Affiliate Link Management Tool


Through time, and as your website grows and as you join more affiliate programs, you will have many affiliate links that will be shared on different pages on your website.

If any link get’s changed from the vendor side, or if you decide to promote a new product as an alternative from the one you already to, you will need to go and change the old link to the new one wherever it is mentioned on your website. Which is exhaustive and time consumer, and probably will lead to errors.


While by using a specific tool, you can centralize you affiliate links in one place, then you can give each product’s link another custom link that is going to be used on your website pages.

And whenever the original affiliate link changes, you only need to update it in the centralized area and it will be automatically updated everywhere on your website.

Free & Paid: Pretty Links is a great WordPress Plugin that is really efficient and easy to use. It has both free and premium memberships, but the free is enough as a start.

You can install the free version of the plugin from the back end area of your WordPress Website


9 – Video Creation And Publishing Tools


If you want your website visitors to convert into customers, then you should educate them and explain to them how to use the products you are promoting.

Sometimes, it is difficult to explain how to use a tool or a certain software just with writing. It might be necessary to create a walk-through video to show in a step-by-step process how to do that.


You can create a video and publish it on your channel on YouTube. And then you embed the video to your article about the same subject and place the affiliate link in your article. This will help people to understand what you are trying to explain and they are more likely to convert.

In addition, having videos will on your website will help increase the time-on-page and increase the rankings ;).


Free & Paid Screen Recording Software: Screencast-O-Matic

Again, the paid version gives you more features. But as a start, you only need the free version.



10 – Traffic Analysis Tools


In order to optimize your website for better conversion ratio, you need to understand the behavior of your website’s visitors. You need to know where they are coming from, what pages they are visiting, which pages they are leaving your website from, how long they spend on your website, and then you need analyze this data and try to improve the website pages in order to lead people to take the actions you want them to take.

For this reason, you need a specialized tool that is going to give you the necessary data.


Free: Google Analytics

Paid: No need. Google Analytics is enough.

With Google Analytics you will receive lots of that data you need in order to study the behavior on your website and start looking for ways to improve it.


11 – Webmaster Tools


Webmaster Tools are great tools that will help you in studying and improving your rankings on the search engine, the best traffic source.

Such tools will tell you how your website is performing in the search engine, which keywords your website is ranking for and at what position for each keyword. You can use this information in order to track the results of your efforts and see where you need to work more in order to improve your rankings.


Connecting your website to such tools also helps the search engines to better understand your website and helps your content to get indexed faster and higher.

Also, these tools will help you find which websites are linking to your website. You can then study these websites and see if these are good websites to have backlinks from. If yes, then leave them. If no, then you can use the option “disavow link” in order to tell the search engines not to consider backlinks for those websites. As having backlinks from weak or irrelevant websites can harm your website’s rankings.


Free: Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Paid: SEMrush

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are really great and I recommend you start using them once you start creating content on your website.

Free Affiliate Tools - Google Search Console


You can find a lot of training material on these tools on how to set them up and how to use them on Wealthy Affiliate.


12 – Social Media


As I explained earlier, you can’t rely on Social Media alone to drive traffic to your website as it is not cheap and sustainable source. Yet, it can help in same cases if you have a good audience or if you create a specific paid campaign in a specific time to drive traffic to a limited time offer for a product you are promoting.

But remember, SEO is the best source for the best traffic. And that’s where you should invest the most of your time.

Free & Paid: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest.


13 – SEO Plugin


SEO WordPress Plugins is what you use to better optimize your website’s content for better rankings on the search engine. These are useful to write the Meta Title and Meta Description, which is what shows for the user on the search engine results page.

Crafting these elements so that you entice people to click through and read your content will also improve your websites rankings.


Free & Paid: All In One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack is a very easy to use and great plugin. The free features are enough to start your website ranking on the search engine. You will also find a training on Wealthy Affiliate on how to use it.





So now that I provided you with a list of free and paid best tools for affiliate marketers so that you start your affiliate business for free, you are ready to go.

If you are confused about how to utilize all these tools, don’t worry! At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn everything you need.


I recommend that you join wealthy affiliate for the free membership as this will give you an access to most of the tools in one place, which makes it easier to manage your business and focus more on creating quality content instead of dealing with technical stuff.

Also, you will get a great training from people who have been in the field for more than 15 years.


Now, it’s up to you if you want to take serious action in building a profitable business, or keep looking for information elsewhere.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit


And of course, if you have any question regarding any of the above mentioned affiliate marketing tools, please, leave your question in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer it!


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  1. Amjad,

    Thank you for the great recommendations. It happens that I am already a member with WA; and it is really a hidden treasure for what it provides for a fair cost. 

    What I like most about it is the fact you have 24/7 and 365 days a year Live Support. This includes all the technical stuff that people are unfamiliar with in the back ends of a website.

    I like the blogging part, but when it comes to video marketing, I find it a bit difficult to start as I haven’t done this before. Does it really help?


    • Hello Susan and thanks for stopping by!

      I know it is a bit overwhelming at the beginning. But like anything in life, the beginning always looks difficult until you start taking action. Just take the first step and all will come in.

      Most important, just talk naturally in your own way when recording the video and don’t worry what others might say. People like genuine content created by normal people and this is what converts best in affiliate marketing. 

      Start creating your first video and please come back to me in case you need any help!


  2. Hi Amjad,

    That’s quite a comprehensive list, and I’m surprised to see Wealthy Affiliate come up so many times, especially as a free tool. It’s obviously something you use a lot?

    I always see Google keyword planner as a recommendation for keyword research, but I find it very cumbersome and not a great help. Another free keyword tool is Answer The Public (dot com). What is your opinion on this one?

    • Hello Drew and thank you for the comment and for your question!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform the provide you with many tools that you need as an affiliate! And they provide these tools for both free and premium members.

      When it comes to the keyword tools, I didn’t find Answer The Public to be comparable to Jaaxy. Although it gives suggestions that are related to the main search term, but it doesn’t give accurate estimates on the search volume. And more important, it doesn’t give you data about the sites competing on that keyword.

      So far, Jaaxy is the most comprehensive Keyword Research tool that I found, especially with other features such as: keywords lists, SERP analysis, ranking tracking and many other features. 

      You can use it for free if you join wealthy affiliate. Do it and let me know what you think!



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