List Launch Pro Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

List Launch Pro Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit

List Launch Pro Review


You probably heard about this program that promises you to make money fast by leveraging E-mail lists from others in order to promote products and make affiliate commissions. Join me in this detailed List Launch Pro Review in order to find out if it is possible that Winter Vee made $5.3M in 16 months or is this just another scam.


I know what it feels like to look into all these options of online training programs that promise you to make money fast and easily.


But I also know that in this category on the online business world, there are lots of scams, or sometimes mediocre programs that bring some results, but not as great results as they claim.


This is why I’m writing this review in order to help you know what the List Launch Pro system is and how it works.


And I know that you could make some money with what this system teaches, but don’t get too excited and think only about the $5.3M that Winter Vee made in 16 months as these might not be all profit since you are relying on Paid traffic. And in general, the game changes continuously, and what worked well for Winter Vee many years ago, might not be today as easy as it was then.


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List Launch Pro Alternative


What Is List Launch Pro?


What Is List Launch Pro


  • Name: List Launch Pro
  • Website: www.listlaunchpro.com
  • Founders: Winter Vee & Tim Tarango
  • Price: $1497 One Payment Or $565 Three Payments. Get It Here!
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommended program for the reasons described below.


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 82 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


In a nutshell: The List Launch Pro training program is a program that is supposed to teach you how to make money by promoting others’ products through E-mail and get paid commissions on every sale you bring.

But how do you get people’s E-mails?! More about this in the “How Does The List Launch Pro Work?” section below. Make sure you read it.


The main man behind this program is Winter Vee, who is promoted to have made $5.3M in 16 months when he started doing the method he teaches in this program.


How Does The List Launch Pro Work?


But how do you build your E-mail list?

The method followed in the training teaches you to build your E-mail list by mainly leveraging the already existing E-mail lists from others by paying those list owners! That’s one of the main downfalls of the List Launch Pro in my opinion as those lists are usually exhausted through promoting them to other people than you and finally they won’t be profitable. I will explain more in the next sections.


The concept of getting paid for promoting others’ products is a completely legitimate business model that is called Affiliate Marketing, and it is the one that I found to be the best way to make a passive income online.

But, there are lots of strategies that you can follow in order to show those products to people depending on the traffic methods that you follow.


Mainly, there are two broad categories of traffic, Free (The Best to start online) & Paid. And the List Launch Pro teaches you how to do affiliate marketing following one of the PAID traffic methods through paying other list owners.


I have already reviewed other programs similar to the List Launch Pro that teach you to do affiliate marketing with paid traffic methods such as:


But I prefer to start doing affiliate marketing through the free traffic by building your online presence and AUTHORITY, which will allow you later to build a strong E-mail list without additional cost, and this list will trust you and makes you more money! More on this in the last section of this article, or you can read my guide here (FREE Training & Tools included).


The List Launch Pro Program Components


The components in the List Launch Pro Program are three main components (Platform, Training, Bonuses).


Following are the details of each of them:

1 – List Launch Pro Platform: A “Done-For-You” Solution that is supposed to instantly launch your E-mail List-Driven Lifestyle Business!


List Launch Pro Platform


This platform contains the following tools & services:

  • 15+ High-Converting and Vetted Product Campaigns: These are supposed to be ready to operate campaigns that include an already tested and high converting opt-in forms, landing pages, VSL’s, …etc. that you can use to promote ClickBank products in particular.
  • Pre-Loaded Auto Responder with Professionally-Written Copy: This is a E-mail automated sequence that will send email messages to everyone who joins your list for 30 days in row in order to offer them products to purchase.
  • Tracking Custom Dashboard: The tracking system is a system that will measure the performance of each campaign and help you know which campaigns are profitable and which are not, and then, optimize and scale.
  • Access to The Traffic Referral Partner Database: This is an access you are promised to those who already have E-mail lists that will help you grow your own list. (i.e. this is your primary traffic source).


2 – Comprehensive Video Training Program: This is supposed to teach you how to use the “system” efficiently in order to make money.


How Does List Launch Pro Work


This training includes the following:

  • Look Over My Shoulder “Click By Click” Video Training Series: That is supposed to teach you the “secrets” that the program owners used to grow their lists into over than 1.3 Million subscribers.
  • Start-From-Scratch Step-By-Step 7-Part Video Training Series to Getting Your First 5,000 Subscribers: This training is to show you how to do the process of collecting e-mails to grow your lists in a step-by-step process using the already done-for-you ready campaigns mentioned above.
  • The “Next Level” Video Training Series – Fully Customizing Your List Launch Pro Experience: This is to teach you how to setup your own campaigns and lead capture forms and customizing them without relying on the ready-made campaigns and templates and forms. This is supposed to help you grow your business and scale it in order to avoid the competition that you will find by using the same forms as everyone else.
  • Millionaire Mindset Video Series: This training is created to help you acquire the right mindset of building a real business and take it towards success, especially that many people in online businesses because of the lack of the necessary mindset.


3 – Bonuses: (NOTE: Not guaranteed, they are limited to a limited number of students!)

  • Bonus 1: “Copywriting Secrets” Training: To teach you how to write effective sales letters or E-mails.
  • Bonus 2: “Traffic Secrets” Training: To teach you different ways to get more traffic and subscribers to your lists.
  • Bonus 3: “Product Creation Secrets”: To teach you how to create your own digital product that you can sell for money.
  • Bonus 4: “Business Automation Secrets”: To teach you how to create a system and hire others to operate it or you.
  • Bonus 5: Done For You “Rainmaker Email Campaigns”: Ready to use E-mail campaigns that are supposed to help you sell high-ticket products and to find valuable partners.


List Launch Pro – Pro’s & Con’s:



  • The program contains tools for you to use such as the tracking tool.
  • High level of automation is delivered in order to easily setup the campaigns promoting ClickBank products.
  • It contains a video training series that works on developing the right mindset for success in business, which is the missing thing that makes many people who start an online business to fail.
  • Ready done-for-you campaigns can help you get started.
  • The bonuses are good and can help you get out of the box by not relying only on the ready done for you campaigns. But



  • The cost of the program is high, and mostly, you still need to pay for the list owners before you get any traffic to your list campaigns.
  • The bonuses are not for everyone, there are limited spots!
  • Although the money is in the list, but not in any list. People coming from other lists to your list don’t know you and it is not easy to promote to them and make them buy. While if you build your list by building an authority through a blog or a YouTube channel as explained in the last section below, then you can grow a more powerful and responsive list, better on the long run.
  • Also, people on others’ lists are receiving promotions from many people that are doing what you do, which finally makes them exhausted and will stop being profitable.
  • The method of getting people from other people’s lists is called “Solo Ads”, and it works in some niches, but not in all niches. In addition, you need to find lots of high-ticket products to sell through this method to make it worth it.
  • The whole “Done-For-You” thing is not sustainable. It might give you a shortcut to use already test campaigns and opt-in forms for some campaigns and make some money, but as many people join the same program and use these same campaigns and templates to promote to the same people, the market becomes saturated with them and they will stop converting. Learn how to fish, don’t ask for a fish!
  • Works with ClickBank products only!! But in my recommended alternative below you can promote any product.
  • Once you sign up for the FREE webinar to register, you get offered to purchase the “7 Figure Switch” for $20!! I don’t like the fact that they offer you an Upsell after signing up into a free webinar that will later offer you a $1497 program.


List Launch Pro Pricing Plans


You have two options to pay for the List Launch Pro program:

  1. One payment of $1497.
  2. Three payments of $565 each.


>>Click Here To Get The List Launch Pro<<


Remember that you still need to pay for the E-mail list owners in order to grow your own list, unlike the method in my guide below where you build your list for no extra cost by building your authority and presence on the web.


While at my recommended place to learn Affiliate Marketing, you learn a more sustainable way for much less cost, even you can start for FREE! Check the last section to know more!


List Launch Pro Review Conclusion – Is It A Scam Or Legit?


  • Name: List Launch Pro
  • Website: www.listlaunchpro.com
  • Founders: Winter Vee & Tim Tarango
  • Price: $1497 One Payment Or $565 Three Payments. Get It Here!
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommended program for the reasons described above.


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 82 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


It is NOT a scam, but the high price and the fact that doing affiliate marketing through getting people from other people’s lists makes it unsustainable on the long term.


An EVERGREEN Alternative To The List Launch Pro Method?


As I mentioned earlier, the method taught in the List Launch Pro program works, but not as consistent and stable as is the method I recommend that depends on the FREE traffic mainly.


The best alternative and the best place to learn affiliate marketing and find all the training AND tools in one place for much less cost than it is with the List Launch Pro is called Wealthy Affiliate. And better, they have a FREE plan that you can join!


This screenshot is only from the first level of the Free Training and it will allow you build two free websites easily:


LLP Alternative


Wealthy Affiliate Is the world’s leading platform that teaches you how to build a real and sustainable online business by building your authority through your own website (Zero Coding and Zero Prior Experience required!).


And when you build the content on your website, you will learn how to optimize it for search engines such as Google and Bing so that it shows in the results page when someone searches for what you are promoting, exactly like when you found this very article you are reading now!


This is a more evergreen strategy, as you don’t have to pay for the traffic. People will come to your website and see what you promote and make you commissions if they buy through the links on your website.

This is the best way to start with affiliate marketing, as when people see that you have a website, they trust you more and are more inclined to buy from what you promote. Remember why you came to this review in the first place!


And after you build a website and attract visitors, you can even collect the e-mails from your visitors for FREE. Instead of paying to other list owners like in the List Launch Pro.

And the ones that join your email list through your website trust you more than those you will get from someone else’s list, and they are more willing to buy what you promote to them and make you money.


As I mentioned earlier, the List Launch Pro works, but it will cost you a lot and won’t build you a long-term sustainable business like the method I recommend.


So, if you want to learn the method I recommend, then you can join wealthy affiliate through my review here.


And if you are completely new to the Affiliate Marketing world, then you can read my ultimate guide learn about it through the following button:

Make Money Guide


So, go and take action now and stop wasting your time looking for the magical push-button solution that doesn’t exist.


And if you have any question about this List Launch Pro Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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