Kindle Cash Flow Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Ty Cohen Kindle Cash Flow Review

Welcome to my Kindle Cash Flow Review!

Is it realistic that Ty Cohen makes $30k a month selling 25-pages word documents, and can you replicate the 3-step system in order to make up to $100k a year in passive income? Or is the Kindle Cash Flow just another scam that is being sold online?

Join me in this review where I will give you a complete explanation about this business model and whether you can make money with it or not.


Kindle Cash Flow Review Summary

  • Name: Kindle Cash Flow
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ty Cohen
  • Price: $697 One-time fee or $277 three payments. Optional upsells of $147 one-time and another upsell of monthly $197 payment.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 92 of 100

Summary: Kindle Cash Flow (KCF) by Ty Cohen is a legit program that can teach you how to make a $100k a year passive income selling short ebooks (up to 25 pages) on kindle that don’t require you to have a website, email list, traffic sources, ads, …etc.

The program is legit and Ty Cohen has some good stuff to teach you about this model, but the price of the KCF program might be high for some people.


What Is Kindle Cash Flow?

What Is Kindle Cash Flow

Kindle Cash Flow is a training program that teaches people how to make a passive income online (up to $100k/year) through selling useful eBooks on Amazon, by following a 3-step process that has already proven to work for Ty Cohen and many of his existing students.

The aim of the KCF program is to help you create a passive income without the need to create a website, have an audience, build an email list or look for traffic sources, as you will rely on the existing audience of Amazon and on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Also, the program helps you learn how to outsource most of the work in order to be able to scale it into a $100k/year passive income source even by publishing eBooks on topics that you have no experience with and you don’t even have to learn about them, and how to find the right people to hire for every task.


How Does Kindle Cash Flow Work?

How Does Kindle Cash Flow Work

Following are the main three steps that you will learn in the Kindle Cash Flow training program by Ty Cohen:

Step #1 – Research The Market & Find Something In-Demand

This is an important step that most people fail to do when starting any online business.

Most people just start a business or create a product in a certain niche without researching whether people want that product or not and without studying the competition in order to create something better than what they offer.

And this is why most of the online businesses fail.

And Ty Cohen has prepared a clear step-by-step process and criteria in order to help you find the ideas for your books that are more likely to work and make you passive income on the short and long run.

This is how Ty Cohen researches the market to find ideas for his kindle books:

  1. Go to and start digging into topics and sub-topics and look for courses about specific topics that have at least a thousand students per topic.
  2. Go to Amazon Kindle marketplace and look for books on the same topic, and see if you can find even one of them with the best-seller rank of 20,000 or less.

Ty Cohen's Market Research For Kindle Publishing

If you can find a topic that fulfills both conditions, or if you find a topic with more than a thousand students on Udemy buy there are no books at all on Amazon kindle, then you can go after that topic.

You can then see the description and the reviews on the existing Udemy courses and kindle books in order to know what to include in the book you want to write in order to increase your chances to succeed.

Step #2 – Create The Complete eBook Without Writing Anything By Yourself

Here you will learn how to outsource the work by finding people who can write the 25-page word report (book) for you for less than $150.

There’re criteria that Ty Cohen will teach you in order to find the best candidate to write the document for you, such as being a native English speaker for example.

And Ty will show you the top recommended freelancing platforms to find the writers for your kindle books such as and

Freelance Writers For Kindle eBooks

Most important, is that the book will be helpful and practical and avoid the fluff, as people want something that gives them clear steps or tips and that can be best done with short books.

And after the word document is ready, you need to transform it into an ebook and add a cover that you can hire someone else to do it for you.

Step #3 – Upload The eBook To Amazon Kindle Platform & Collect The Money For Years

This is where you upload the eBook to Amazon Kindle Singles (short books on Kindle), and put the price you want to sell it at ($2.99-$9.99), how to write the title and description and do the listing.

Upload Books To Kindle

This is important in order to make your book show up when someone looks for book on the same topic or when they explore or buy other books on the same topic.

After that, Amazon will start selling the book and send you your share.


Now after you have succeeded with a certain book, you need to scale with other books on similar topics or on different topics following the same steps mentioned above.

The goal is to finally reach around 15 books that make you in total $100k/year in passive income.


Here’s Anik Singal’s interview with Ty Cohen where he explains the model in detail:

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The Simple Math Of Kindle Cash Flow Program

As in the previous section, the goal of the KCF program by Ty Cohen is to create 15 successful Kindle books that will make you the total $100k a year.

If we want to know how many sales we need to make from each book, then:

$100,000 divided by 15 books = $6,666/year for each book

$6,666 divided by 12 months = $555/month for each book

Assuming that you get from each sold book $5.5, then you need to sell 100 copies per month from each one of the 15 books in order to finally make $100k per year in passive income.

And, following the right process and criteria, these numbers are not impossible or far from reality.

These numbers are doable but you need to take action on what you will learn in the Kindle Cash Flow program from Ty Cohen.


What You Get Inside The Kindle Cash Flow Program

The Kindle Cash Flow training course is has not been published yet, but it will be released soon, and you can enjoy the free, mini course for which you can register through one of the links in this Kindle Cash Flow review.

However, Ty Cohen has already hosted many Kindle Cash Flow live workshops and here are the main modules for these, which would be similar to what you will get in the Kindle Cash Flow online course:

Module 1 – Entrepreneurial Mindset

This section is dedicated for helping you to stop the procrastination from ha penning to you, which is one of the main reasons why people fail to start or complete any business they are trying to build, and not only an Amazon Kindle publishing business.

This module will help you realize the importance of delegating and outsourcing as a way to scale your business and to do things and achieve the desired results faster.

Most online businesses fail because of such issues, therefore, this module is really important to attend.

Module 2 – Research & Preparation

In this module, you will learn how to research and come with ideas for books that have higher chances to sell on Amazon Kindle and make you money with the steps I mentioned earlier through researching on Udemy and Amazon Kindle marketplace.

You will learn what level of competition to look for and when to know whether to tackle a certain topic or not.

Also, you will learn about the free and low-cost tools that can help you know what is selling and what is not.

Module 3 – Writing & Outsourcing

Here, you will learn how to find people to write the books for you instead of spending the time doing it by yourself, especially if you were not a native English speaker, or if you have no experience in the topic you want the Kindle book to be about.

As I mentioned earlier, you will learn about the best freelancing platform such as Upwork and Guru in order to find freelance writers and how to pick the right ones for you that would right the best possible piece of content for your Kindle book at a low cost and withing a short period of time.

Module 4 – Publishing & Marketing

Here, you will learn how to find someone who can create a high-quality book cover that is fully-customized and eye-catching for UNDER 15 USD a piece.

Kindle eBook Cover Design

Then you will learn how to write a compelling book description that’s not only appealing and persuasive to readers, but also complete with certain phrases that would make your book more likely to be promoted by Amazon.

After that, you will learn the step-by-step process of publishing your Kindle book on Amazon, how to get your book approved, and how to maximize your sales in the long-term.

You will also see what you need to do if your Kindle book is somehow rejected by Amazon.

Lastly, your new book might quickly gather dust (and make no sales) if you don’t market it the right way, and this is why you will learn how to find new readers, buyers, and even reviewers who will engage with your new Kindle book and how to earn positive reviews in order to establish credibility.

Kindle Cash Flow Bonus #1: Learn how to take advantage of a free Amazon promotion tool to help you become an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in your category.

Kindle Cash Flow Bonus #2: Learn how you can promote your Kindle books automatically in a way that won’t come off as ‘spammy’, but rather, your existing readers will happily buy when you do this.

Module 5 – Growing, Automating & Scaling

After publishing your first Kindle book on Amazon and making your first sale, you now have more trust in the process and you can start scaling by re-investing your current sales revenue in creating other Kindle books that have potential of making good money.

You will find here step-by-step instruction on:

  • How to continue adding new books to the KDP marketplace.
  • How to become a top-seller.
  • How to use the marketing tools intelligently, which will allow you to step away from your business and still continue to earn sales, profits, and high-ratings, which leads to passive income.
  • How to automate your business process in order to earn freedom and independence and keep growing your Kindle business from anywhere in the world with an adequate internet connection, and as a result, get more time to spend with your family and travel if you like.


Kindle Cash Flow Pricing Plans & Up-sells

Kindle Cash Flow costs a one-time payment of $697, or you can join it for three payments of $277 each (total of $831) in order to get the core training of the KCF program.

However, there are optional upsells as follows:

KCF Upsell #1 – One-time payment of $147.

KCF Upsell #2 – Monthly payment of $197.

Also, if you want to outsource writing the book and designing the cover, then you might need another $180 in order to start with the first book at least, otherwise you have to do everything by yourself.

Important to note that the Kindle Cash Flow course is sold through the Lurn platform, which means that there is no refund for the course you will buy.

However, on their website, Lurn explains that for programs that cost more than $25, there’s a 3-days cancellation policy where you can contact them within the first three days of purchasing the program and cancel your purchase, and they will credit the money back to your account.

Kindle Cash Flow Discount

Currently, there’s no discount on the KCF program, and it will only be available to join until the 24th of February 2020.

Kindle Cash Flow Free Download

Kindle Cash Flow training is not available for free, but you can get the 100% FREE training sessions during the launch period.

Join Kindle Cash Flow Free Course


Pro’s & Con’s Of The Kindle Cash Flow Course


  • Amazon Kindle Publishing is a great business model that actually creates passive income along with affiliate marketing.
  • The model is still not as saturated as other ways of making money online, and education is an evergreen world.
  • A step-by-step clear process that is easy to follow with clear criteria for selecting topics and outsourcing.
  • Ty Cohen seems to know what he will teach you in the KCF program.
  • You don’t need a website, an email list, a funnel or traffic source in order to start, although these can help if you have them, but not mandatory.
  • The model doesn’t cost lots of money to start with, even with outsourcing everything.
  • The model can be really scalable thanks to the wide range of topics to write kindle books about, and thanks to the ability of outsourcing the vast majority of the work for a low cost.
  • Free training available.


  • Although you build a brand with your name on the books, but you also build a complete business on a platform that you don’t own (Amazon KDP marketplace), and you don’t build an email list from your books buyers because you don’t have your own website.
  • The cost of joining the Kindle Cash Flow course might not be for everyone ($697).
  • There’s no refund for joining the program, however, there’s a 3-day cancellation policy where you can cancel your purchase and get your money back.


Who Is Kindle Cash Flow For?

Kindle Cash Flow is for those who are willing to invest the money and time now, and put in the work in order to create a scalable business that would create a passive income later.

This is one of the very few programs that I liked and I recommend joining.

If you are still not sure about joining Ty Cohen’s KCF program, then the last section in this review is for you.


Kindle Cash Flow Support

The program is still new and there’s no feedback about the support, but it is being published on Lurn platform, which is a respectful platform that sells many other courses on online business and entrepreneurship.

But in general, there’s no feedback yet about the support for the Kindle Cash Flow program by Ty Cohen.

I believe there’s a Facebook group for the course members.

Kindle Cash Flow Support


Conclusion – Is Kindle Cash Flow A Scam Or Legit?

Kindle Cash Flow is NOT a scam. KCF is a legit program that really teaches a way of making passive income online that is really scalable and big part of it can be outsourced.

This is one of the few programs that I liked in the making money online industry and one of the very few that I recommend.

  • Name: Kindle Cash Flow
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ty Cohen
  • Price: $697 One-time fee or $277 three payments. Optional upsells of $147 one-time and another upsell of monthly $197 payment.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 92 of 100

The only downfall of the Kindle Cash Flow course by Ty Cohen is that the cost of joining the program might not suit everyone, and there’s no refund policy, but there’s a 3-day cancellation policy.

However, there’s a free training during the launch period that you can join if you enter your email on this page.

>>> Click Here To Join Kindle Cash Flow By Ty Cohen – Free Training Available<<<

This is my conclusion to Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow review.

However, if you don’t have the money to invest in the KCF program, then you might check the following section for a more affordable alternative for creating a passive income online.


A More Affordable Alternative To Kindle Cash Flow Course?

To be very clear, Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow is one of the programs that teaches one of the best methods of creating a passive income, and I recommend this method if you have the budget to join the KCF program.

However, if you don’t have the $697 to join Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow course, then maybe you can find another way that can create you a passive income with a lower investment.

You can even start with a free training about this model I’m recommending that will teach you the basics of this alternative model.

I have created a 100% FREE Make Money Online Guide that you can check in order to learn about this alternative model and join the free training from there.

This is in case that you don’t have the money to invest in Kindle Cash Flow.

And if you have any question about this Kindle Cash Flow review or if you have any experience to share, please, leave it below in the comments’ section and I would be happy to come back to you 🙂

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