Keystone Investors Club Review 2021

Keystone Investors Club Review

In this HONEST & UNBIASED Keystone Investors Club Review of 2021, you will know what this program is all about, whether you can make money with it or not, and if this is the best opportunity for you to make money or not.

And if this is not for you, then I will tell you what better alternatives are out there that you can join today at a much lower cost and less risk than it is with Iman Shaferi’s training course and membership program.


So, without further ado, let’s start!

Keystone Investors Club Review Summary

  • Name: Keystone Investors Club
  • Website:
  • Founders: Iman Shaferi
  • Price: $997 One Payment or $566 Two Payments. No Free Membership. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 65 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation in my free guide 97 of 100)

Summary: Keystone Investors Club is a legit cryptocurrency training course community that is supposed to help you protect yourself against the dollar collapse by trading CC’s & buying gold with the profit.

The course might be legit, but the claims given in the sales pitch are exaggerated in my opinion and they make it look easier than it actually is.


What Is Keystone Investors Club?

What Is Keystone Investors Club

Keystone Investors Club is a membership program and training course that teaches you how to make money trading cryptocurrencies in order to make profit and then invest your profit in buying gold in order to protect yourself against the dollar collapse, as predicted by Keystone Investors Club’s founder, Iman Shaferi.

Iman Shaferi Predictions

The reason you buy gold in particular is that it is a more stable asset that can keep its value overtime, unlike paper currencies like dollar that can drop in value over time.

The programs have two main components:

  1. The Keystone Investors Club Video Training Course.
  2. The Keystone Investors Club Membership Program.

The course and the membership program by Iman Shaferi are designed to help you protect yourself financially against the economic collapse by leveraging the opportunities arising everyday in the cryptocurrency world, as in the following section.


How Does Keystone Investors Club Work?

1 – Learn How to Spot Arising Opportunities in The Cryptocurrency Market & Buy CC’s Just before They Explode in Prices

Like the real stock, some cryptocurrencies are used to help fund certain projects in different markets. And by spotting the right opportunities, you may invest early in projects that might succeed in the near future and the value of the CC you bought will increase.

How Keystone Investors Club Works

2 – Sell Your Cryptocurrencies When They Rise in Price & There Is a Good Margin

After the prices of a certain CC increase, you can sell what you have at a higher price and enjoy a good margin or profit.

3 – Buy Gold with Half of Your Profit, & Re-invest The Other Half in Buying Cryptocurrencies Again as in Step no. 1

Now you have the original investment plus the profit, you can go and buy gold with some of the money you have now, and with the rest of money, you can buy another cryptocurrency that is about to explode in price like in the first step above.

Rinse and repeat.

The above three steps explain the method explained in the Keystone Investors Club membership and course.


Inside The Keystone Investors Club Members’ Area

Inside The Keystone Investors Club

Following are the main components of the Keystone Investors Club program:

1 – The Keystone Investors Club Video Course

This is a step-by-step video course that is designed to teach you, from scratch:

  • How to start studying the cryptocurrency market.
  • How to spot great opportunities with promising projects that are going to be funded through issuing a digital currency associated with it.
  • How & where to buy the cryptocurrency at the best price and how to store it in the different types of cryptocurrency wallets.
  • How to watch the market and when to decide to sell the amount you have from each CC.

The downfall might be is that it seems that they don’t teach you how to buy gold in order to store it, which although might seem easy and doesn’t need a training course to learn it, but I think it was worth having a small module that would at least tell you what type to buy (18K, 21K, 24K, …etc.) and in what shape, as these might affect how easy and fast sell it later, and without losing money on the workmanship when you buy it in the first place.

Keystone Investors Club Course

2- The Keystone Investors Club Membership Program

And this comes in two different levels:

  1. The Silver Membership, which what you get when you join the Keystone Investors Club.
  2. The Gold Membership, which is an exclusive membership that is available by invite only.

This Silver membership at the Keystone Investors Club gives you researched picks and accurate forecasts, and personal support.

Every 30 days, a research report that is sent from Iman to all of the Club’s members.

The report is called: “Silver Platter Report”.

This is what makes the Keystone Investors Club different from other training courses on cryptocurrency trading.

3 – The Weekly Q&A Live Calls

These are weekly live sessions where you can get answers about the questions you have regarding buying and selling opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

4 – The Keystone Investors Club Telegram Discussion Group

This is a private group for the Keystone Investors Club members where they can communicate and interact with one another and help each other with questions that members might have.


Keystone Investors Club Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The cost of joining The Keystone Investors Club membership program and training course is a one payment of $997.

Or you can join through two separate payments of $566, with one month between them.

Keystone Investors Club Cost

You also need a couple of thousand dollars in order to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Note that there’s a 60-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee that comes when you buy the Keystone Investors Club membership, which might make it a little bit safer, but remember that they don’t refund you for the money you might lose on cryptocurrencies if you don’t do the right investment.

Keystone Investors Club Guarantee

>>>Join The Keystone Investors Club<<<


Pro’s & Con’s of The Keystone Investors Club


  • A step-by-step video training course.
  • Monthly reports for the top picks and forecasts.
  • 60-Day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • There’s a weekly live Q&A session and a discussion group that connects you with the members.


  • The cost of joining the Keystone Investors Club is a bit high and not for everyone.
  • You also need a few thousand dollars to buy cryptocurrency in addition to the $997 cost of the program itself.
  • Investing and trading cryptocurrencies is associated with high risks, although Iman Shaferi makes it looks easy.
  • They don’t seem to be teaching you about the best way to buy gold, which is originally part of the plan that is supposed to help you keep a stable and strong financial situation.
  • The cancellation rate among those who purchased the program is about 21%, which is high in my opinion.
  • False and unsubstantiated claims like saying that his seven or ten-year-old nephew can do it and make money with it, which is in my opinion not possible, because investing such a risky and volatile market requires lots of studying, followup, and reading lots of news about the market, and still, it will remain highly risky.

Unrealistic Keystone Investors Club Claims


Who Is Keystone Investors Club for?

The Keystone Investors Club can be helpful for those already in the field of cryptocurrency or even for beginners, but you should be able to invest, in addition to the $997 cost of the program, another few thousand dollars, in addition to continuously studying and following up with the news.

And after all of this, it will remain highly risky to get involved in trading cryptocurrencies.

If you can’t afford the program and the investment in buying cryptocurrency, or in case that you don’t want to get involved in such a highly risky field, then my alternative in the last section of this Keystone Investors Club review is going to be fit for you.


Keystone Investors Club Support

The Keystone Investors Club promises you with a personal support, which is a must in case of expensive programs like this one.

This is in addition to the monthly “Silver Platter Report” they promise you, the weekly live Q&A sessions and the telegram discussion group.


Conclusion – Is Keystone Investors Club a Scam or Legit?

Keystone Investors Club is not a scam. It’s a legitimate program that teaches you how to buy cryptocurrencies in order to make profit when they increase in price.

However, the program is a bit expensive, and you need another few thousands of dollars to buy cryptocurrency.

And even after everything you get from the program, trading cryptocurrencies is highly risky and you might lose most of your money in a short period of time in case that you don’t know what you are doing, or if you let your emotions control your actions.

  • Name: Keystone Investors Club
  • Website:
  • Founders: Iman Shaferi
  • Price: $997 One Payment or $566 Two Payments. No Free Membership. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 65 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation in my free guide 97 of 100)

In case that you can afford joining the Keystone Investors Club program and you can take the associated risks, then you might join it with the 60-day money back guarantee.

Join Keystone Investors Club

But honestly, I personally have lost a couple of thousands in Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the past due to the fact that the CC market is highly risky and volatile, and that’s why I don’t recommend that anyone should get in such a risky field.

And because investing in cryptocurrencies is not for everyone, I have created the following section:

A 100% Legitimate, Low-Risk, & Affordable Alternative to The Keystone Investors Club?


As I explained earlier, the cryptocurrency market is a highly risky and volatile market, similar to the penny stock market, and that’s why I don’t recommend it for those who are not afraid of losing a couple of thousand dollars before learning properly how to choose the right picks to invest in.

Add to this the fact that it requires lots of studying and constant followup with the market.

Trading cryptocurrencies is not a 20-minute a day easy job!

And since it’s not for everyone, I have written my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide that would help you learn a better way of making money from anywhere by building a legitimate and sustainable online business that you own, and one that is stable and can make you an income that increases overtime if you build it the right way without having to risk thousands of dollars in a volatile market.

The alternative method I recommend is a 100% legitimate one and millions of successful internet entrepreneurs are making money with it, including my self.

In inside my guide, you will learn about this method, and you will learn about the recommended alternative to the Keystone Investors Club where you can learn this legitimate method, which is the same place I personally learned this method.

And better, the place I recommend in my guide is a very affordable one, and they provide you with all the training, support and tools you need to build your business, along with the amazing community of 2 million online entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you need.

Even more, this alternative offers a free membership to try it before putting in any money.

Check out my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about my alternative method and the recommended program to learn it:

Keystone Investors Club Alternative

Go now and stop wasting your time on get-rich-quick programs that don’t really deliver!

And in case that you have any question regarding this Keystone Investors Club review, then please, leave them in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to answer you asap.

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2 thoughts on “Keystone Investors Club Review 2021”

  1. They actually are charging $5,800 for the mentors now, and recommend starting with just $500 to trade with. Sounds even scarier than what you were describing! Also the fact that you can lose more than you started with- times.

    • Thank you Sophie for sharing this info with us!

      Unfortunately, such programs and “gurus” keep changing the prices whenever they feel there’s an opportunity to do so.
      And these days, CC prices are on the rise, which might be the reason for doing so.

      I don’t recommend trading as an option to make money as it is highly risky, especially with unregulated items like Crypto-Currencies, or even with penny stocks.



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