The Profit Shortcut Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam or Legit?

This question and more I’ll be answering in this Profit Shortcut Review for 2020 in order to help you protect your money and time.

The Profit Shortcut Scam Review


I know that this was the first question that came in to your mind when you first watched the sales video of this program which claims that you can make $1,000 a day with the completely done-for-you system they have created, and that’s why you started looking for The Profit Shortcut Reviews.


I know how overwhelming it feels to hear such promises of making money doing nothing and wanting to believe them and “give it a try, this one looks different!”.


I have been in your place.


But you have made the smart decision in not joining this system and risking your money before you learn about it.


I will share with you here the ugly truth about The Profit Shortcut program, the lies they tell you in the video, how it REALLY works, if there’s any potential to make money with it, and the danger that comes from joining such a program.


And don’t worry, I will help you learn about a 100% legitimate program that teaches you how to build up your first online business and create a sustainable income through a 100% legit method that I personally follow.


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The Profit Shortcut Review Summary

  • Name: The Profit Shortcut
  • Website:
  • Founders: Keysha (Probably Fake Name!)
  • Price: $37/Month Front End + Upsells for up to $24,497! + Thousands of Dollars in PAID ads.
  • Recommended? Hell NO!


Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is The Profit Shortcut?

The Profit Shortcut is just another name that is used to promote a different program that I exposed earlier in The Super Affiliate Network Review. There’s no actual program that is called The Profit Shortcut.

What Is The Profit Shortcut


And to explain the Super Affiliate Network in short, it is a network that you pay to join in order to promote the network itself for other people “as an affiliate”, and the purpose of these new members that you bring is also to promote the network.


So, to some extent, what you will be doing is like a multi-level-marketing since you join in order to promote the program itself to people who will join also to promote the program itself.


The only difference between this and a Pyramid Scheme is that The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) will provide you with some training lessons on how to do internet marketing using the email marketing campaigns.


Now although this might seem like a legitimate Affiliate Marketing based business, but..


There’s a major problem..

If you join The Profit Shortcut (Super Affiliate Network), then you are limited to promote the network itself.


And worse, you have to pay for every product they offer before you can promote it and make commissions from your referrals’ purchases.


This means that you have to spend lots of money, typically thousands of dollars, before you start making any money (assuming that you were able to make any money!).


And worse, there are many limitations if you choose to do affiliate marketing in a different niche that you select as you won’t learn how to research the market, research the products and make relevant promotions to your audience.


This is in addition to the many limitations that are associated with the method of using email marketing campaigns as I will explain later.


While if you build an affiliate marketing business the right way like it is taught at my top recommended platform, Wealthy Affiliate, then you get to promote almost any product in any niche that you want.


And better, you don’t have to purchase any product so that you promote it.


How Does The Profit Shortcut Exactly Work?

The Profit Shortcut works as follows:

  • Join The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) as a paying member.
  • Watch the training about how to promote the SAN itself to other people.
  • Start applying the training by paying for ads in order to collect emails.
  • Start inviting people through the email in order to join the SAN and do the same.

How The Profit Shortcut Works

There’s nothing unique about what they teach you!


Email Marketing has been around for over a decade.


And MLM has been around for a longer period.


So, what is unique?!


And what is the “secret”?

The Profit Shortcut System


Actually, this method means that you have a very limited potential to make any money, as you will see in the Earnings Disclaimer point in the “What I Don’t Like About The Profit Shortcut” section below.


The Cost Of The Profit Shortcut Program

As I mentioned earlier, The Profit Shortcut is just a different name that is used to promote the SAN.


And there are multiple plans and products that are provided by them, and you need to pay for each plan in order to be able to promote it and make commissions from your referrals’ purchases.


The first plan costs $37/month, and the highest upsell costs $24,497 one-time fee.


So, if you just join the $37/month plan and don’t buy anything else, and then, one of the referrals that you brought to the SAN pays for any of the upsells or upgrades including the $24,497 upsell, you don’t get credit for that!!


What a bad deal to make!


And worse, you need to spend thousands of dollars in paid traffic and tools before you make any commission!


While if you learn how to do affiliate marketing at my alternative in the last section of this Profit Shortcut Review, then you can promote almost any product in the niche you follow, and this includes the high ticket products that cost thousands of dollars.


Can You Really Make Money With The Profit Shortcut?

I don’t think so!


Actually this screenshot from their Income Disclosure page for a statement where they tell you that only 2% of their members cover the cost of joining this system!

The Profit Shortcut Income Disclaimer


And worse, this table shows you the percentage of people who make money in every category:

The Profit Shortcut Income Potential


Notice that only the first three categories that account for (0.00235%) of the members make an income of over $1,000 PER MONTH!!


If less than 1 Percent of the members make $1k per month, then how can anyone make $1k per day?!!


Actually, they tell you that the first category of the “Influencer” make on maximum $15,874/MONTH, which means around $500 per day.


This means that literally no one is making $1,000 per day! Except for the SAN owner (Misha Wilson!).


And even the ones who make $15,874 per month, you can see in the table that only two people achieved this!


And if you look at the monthly income of the Rookie category members, they make MAXIMUM $21 PER MONTH. And these account for 9% of the members.


And for all of the above people, remember that they need to invest thousands in membership fees before they make this “profit”.


And worse, they need to spend lots of money on paid traffic and tools, which means that even most of the people above are actually losing money!


Then what about the remaining 90% of the total number of the members?!


I think this is enough to realize that you have almost no opportunity in making money with The Profit Shortcut system.


What I Like About The Profit Shortcut

  • There’s a money back guarantee. But be careful, as it doesn’t apply for all of the products and upgrades.
  • You learn some marketing skills, but not enough to build a complete business that is independent from the SAN.
  • Part of the SAN is about affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate business model, but not as they want you to do it. (Check the last section below for my alternative to learn this method the right way!)


What I Don’t Like About The Profit Shortcut

Not Sure where to start from, but let’s go with:


1 – Hyped-Up Results That Don’t Make Sense

As I explained above with evidences, only (0.00235%) of the members make more than $1k/MONTH, and no one whatsoever makes up to $1k/per day!


Well, except for the network founder!


While in the sales page and video they tell you that you can make up to $1k/DAY!

The Profit Shortcut Results Claims


Isn’t that an enough reason not to join them?!


2 – There’s Nothing Called The Profit Shortcut!

As I mentioned earlier, The Profit Shortcut is just a name that is used to promote a different program!


Why would they use a different name from the original program in order to convince people join it?!!
Is The Profit Shortcut Legit

3 – Who Is Keysha?

The lady that speaks in the video doesn’t show her face at all.


How can you make sure that she’s a real person!!


4 – It Is A Get-Rich-Quick Thing, Then It Is Not!!

This lady claims that it is an easy and quick method to make money, but the disclaimer at the bottom of the page says otherwise as you can see in the screenshot below!!


What should we believe?!

Get Rich Quick With The Profit Shortcut


5 – Another Done-For-You Crap!

They tell you that all the hardwork has been done for you already. Then what do you need to do?!!


Done For You Profit Shortcut Program

Why would they pay you any money if everything was already done for you!


These terms are used to deceive people in order to make them buy the crappy programs that don’t work.


I have reviewed many of these programs and scams such as:


And many other programs that promise you to make money easily doing nothing because they have already done the “heavy lift” so that you can make thousands of dollars by “flipping the switch” and that kind of crap.


And as someone who has been in this field for not a short period of time now, I can tell you that this is completely far from the truth.


There’s no system or push button that can make you any money without adding any value by yourself!


6 – Very Expensive

As I mentioned earlier, and as you can find in my Super Affiliate Network Review, you need to purchase each one of their products in order to make commissions when you promote it.


And some of their upsells cost 5 figures!!!!


Start with the $37/month and end up with the $24,497 upsell?!


Run Away!


7 – You Don’t Make Real Money

Since the SAN operates like a pyramid scheme, you have almost no chance to make any money.


As I showed you earlier, the disclaimer on their page states that less than 1 percent of the members make more than $1k/month in commissions!


And mostly, these people have paid thousands in paid ads!


So, even these 1% of the members, not all of them make profit!


8 – You Don’t Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Although they teach you some internet marketing skills, but these are not enough to start your own affiliate marketing business in the niche you want.


You are limited to promoting the SAN itself and nothing else.


And worse, they only teach you how to do it with email marketing and paid traffic methods, which won’t be so effective and costs thousands in ad spend before you make any money.


9 – You Don’t Actually Build A Business

Since you are limited to promoting the SAN and you don’t build a website, then what will happen if the SAN stops operating or gets shut down by the FTC like what happened with similar networks before?!


You lose almost everything overnight.


While if you build your business the right way like the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you, then you can build your business in any niche you want and promote as many products as you want.


You won’t be reliant on a single product in this case, and that’s what having your own business means!


10 – The Refund Policy

As I mentioned earlier, the refund policy doesn’t cover all the products and the expenses.


And for some of the upsells, you need to bring a proof that you applied everything they teach in order to be eligible for the upsell.


Even worse, they don’t refund you for the thousands that you will spend on ads!


11 – Other Expenses

In addition to the expensive products and upsells, you need to pay for the tools and for the PAID traffic. (Typically thousands of dollars!)


Run away!


Who Is The Profit Shortcut For?

For the founder of SAN and for “Keysha” to make money from you.


Conclusion – Is Profit Shortcut A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: The Profit Shortcut
  • Website:
  • Founders: Keysha (Probably Fake Name!)
  • Price: $37/Month Front End. + Upsells for up to $24,497! + Thousands of Dollars in PAID ads.
  • Recommended? Hell NO!


Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


The Profit Shortcut is a SCAM since they are using this name just to promote a different program that operates as a Pyramid Scheme to some extent.


In addition to that, the give you income claims that are almost impossible to achieve as I showed you from the income disclaimer.


The very expensive upsells, the thousands you need to pay for ads and the fact that you don’t own a business as you will be fully reliant on the existence of the Super Affiliate Network, all of these reasons make me NOT recommend joining The Profit Shortcut At ALL!


That’s my final conclusion of this Profit Shortcut Review.


A 100% Legitimate & Evergreen Alternative To The Profit Shortcut?




As I explained above, affiliate marketing is a great method of making money online and I encourage you to learn it and build your business with it.


But the thing with The Profit Shortcut and the SAN is that they don’t teach you how to become an independent affiliate marketer as you join them for the sole purpose of promoting them.


Also, you will be only limited to promote their network, and worse, you need to purchase each of their products in order to promote it.


This creates many limitations as I explained earlier, and makes it unsustainable on the long run, and worse, you will be unable to make any money as you will be part of a semi-Pyramid Scheme.


And what they teach you won’t be enough for you to start your own affiliate marketing business in the niche you want and to promote any product you want to promote since you won’t learn enough skills to do that.


While in order to be able to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business the right way in the niche that you choose, you need to learn and apply the following main four steps:

  1. Research the market and pick a niche to work on.
  2. Research and find useful products for your audience that will improve their lives or solve their problems.
  3. Create helpful content on your blog and promote the products you found inside it through your affiliate link.
  4. Publish your content the right way and when someone finds it, they might purchase what you promote through your link and you make a commission.


Or simply as in the following chart:

Affiliate Marketing With The Profit Shortcut


This is the way to build a long-term affiliate marketing business that will allow you to choose the niche you want to work on, and promote almost anything that is sold online instead of relying on one program like it is with The Profit Shortcut network.


And the blog where you create your content will be your asset that no one can take away from you.


If a product that you promote stops selling, you can find another alternative and promote it through your website.


Unlike The Profit Shortcut where if the network you join stop operating or gets shut down by the FTC, you lose almost everything.


And here comes my alternative to The Profit Shortcut, Wealthy Affiliate.


This is where I learned and continue to learn everyday affiliate marketing and this is why I’m recommending it to you.


This platform will teach you in a step-by-step detailed training how to build a sustainable business in the affiliate marketing world, and in addition, they will provide you with all what you need in order to build your business such as the advanced SEO keyword tool, the fully managed web hosting with the full technical support, the weekly live webinars, the amazing community support and much more.


All of these tools and services for the same membership fees with no extra cost!


Even better, my alternative offers a Starter Membership Plan that allows you to try it for FREE before paying any money.


And the following screenshot is for the first 10 lessons from the first level of the training that is included in the FREE Starter Membership:

The Profit Shortcut Alternative

This level will help you understand how affiliate marketing exactly works, and will allow you to start building your first FREE website in 30 SECONDS. No Coding or Technical Experience Required!


And you don’t have to upgrade to the paid membership. You can stick to the starter plan for as long as you want, or you can upgrade to the ridiculously under-priced Premium Membership Plan in order to unlock the advanced training, tools and support.


So, if you are serious and willing to take consistent action in order to build a REAL and SUSTAINABLE business in the niche you want, then go ahead through my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review in order to learn about this amazing platform and join it from there starting with the FREE membership.


And if you are still new to the whole world of affiliate marketing and you want to understand why it is the best method of making money online, then you can head to my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide through the following button, which will eventually lead you to the same platform:

Make Money Online Best Guide


Go now and start building a REAL & SUSTAINABLE business that pays you on the long run and stay away from such programs like The Profit Shortcut which will make you pay thousands instead of making them.


And if you have any questions regarding this Profit Shortcut Scam Review, or if you think it is a legit program, then leave them in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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