Is Retired Millionaire A Scam? [Review] – The Truth Revealed!

Is Retired Millionaire A Scam Or A Legitimate Program?The Retired Millionaire Scam Review


This is the question I will be answering in this Retired Millionaire Review where I show you all the lies that have been told in the video and on the sales page on their website.


I know that when you have no clue about how to make money online, you want to believe anyone that tells you that there’s such a done-for-you system or website that allows you to make money so easy and so fast with little or no effort.


I have been in your place.


But I also know that you felt that there’s something wrong in the claims you heard in the video about making $70,000 in one month or $9,000 on the first three days, and that’s why you started looking for the Retired Millionaire Reviews.


Congrats! You have made the right decision.


I will show you here why you shouldn’t join this system, and don’t worry, I will help you learn about how to make money online the right way from the same place I learned how to do it.


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The Retired Millionaire Review Summary

  • Name: The Retired Millionaire System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Greg Larson
  • Price: $47 Front-End. You will need also to pay for the monthly hosting payment for different tools
  • Scam/Legit: Scam


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is The Retired Millionaire System?

The Retired Millionaire System is a program that claims to be able to give you a done-for-you website that will bring you up to $4,000 a day working only one hour per day, right from day 1.

What Is The Retired Millionaire Program


And worse, they tell you that it is completely automated.

The Retired Millionaire System


As someone who already tried many different ways for making money online, I can tell you that there’s no method of making money online or offline that is completely automated, and there’s no method that will bring you $3,000+ from day 1.


These lies are just used to sell crappy programs that don’t deliver to people who know nothing about how making money works.


Making money online is like offline; It requires work.


However, the advantage with making money online is that you can work from virtually anywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, and you can start a business for as a little investment as $500.


And of course you can use different tools in order to automate some of the tasks and make your life much easier.


But you still need to pit the time and consistent effort in advance for not a short time before you expect to make real money, and not as they claim in the sales video on the website.

There are no done-for-you automated money making websites that would make you $1k/day right from day one.


How Does The Retired Millionaire Work?

The Retired Millionaire system works by giving you a simple done-for-you website that either has no content on it, which means that you can’t make money with it.


Or even it has content, which is the same content they give to everybody else who joins their program, which means that you will NOT make any money with it.


And the reason for that is that nobody will see your website, because Google will not send any traffic to it because the content you have on that website is considered a duplicate content and it won’t rank on the search engines and won’t get any traffic.


Which means that they lie to you about the “Free Traffic”

How The Retired Millionaire Works


And while the main idea behind monetizing your website is doing affiliate marketing (promoting others’ products on your website and getting a commission whenever a sale come through one of your website’s visitors), which is a completely legitimate way of making money online, but you can’t expect to make money with it through the website they give you if you join the Retired Millionaire system by Greg Larson.


There’s no done-for-you thing that makes you money on autopilot. If there was one, then everybody will start using it and it will stop working eventually.


Learn To Fish, Don’t Ask For A Fish!


If you want to learn this method the right way and make money with it, then go directly to my alternative to the Retired Millionaire program in the last section of this review.


What I Like About The Retired Millionaire System

  • There’s a refund policy, but I don’t recommend wasting your time in the first place.
  • It is about my favorite way of making money, affiliate marketing, but not as they tell you to do it.


What I Don’t Like About The Retired Millionaire System

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with:


1 – Hyped-up Claims That Don’t Make Since

They tell you that this lady has made over $9,000 during the first three days.

Retired Millionaire Unrealistic Claims


And as much as I would love to believe these claims by myself, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that these are just lies that are completely far from the truth.


Every method of making money online has a learning curve and requires you to put the consistent time and effort before you make any money, then how about thousands in a day?!


And if you still believe these claims, then check out the next point.


2 – Fake Testimonials By Paid Actors



This lady and all the other guys are just actors that you can hire through Fiverr ( a freelancing platform) for a few dollars in order to record such a video for you.


Following screenshot is from here profile on

The Retired Millionaire Testimonials


Unfortunately, most of the scams and the crappy programs and “systems” that don’t deliver.


Actually, this same lady has provided such testimonials to other programs that I exposed in my Explode My Payday Review and Millionaire Biz Pro Review and many other programs.


3 – Making Lots Of Money With Little Or No Effort

As I told you, making money online is like making money offline, you still need to put the time and effort on consistent basis in order to make a consistent income.


You can’t make thousands of dollars per day working so little.

Time Needed For Retired Millionaire

If you start with this mindset, you will never achieve any success in the online world, because you will be jumping from one program to another looking for that magical push-button solution that everyone promises you like the “Switch” I exposed in the Profit 365 Review, or the “Money Loopholes” I exposed in the Money Looper Review.


Make Money With No Effort With Retired Millionaire

If you want to succeed in making money online, then start the right way from the beginning with a LEGIT program like the one in the last section of this review.


4 – Fake Scarcity

Everytime you watch the video, they tell you that there are only few spots left, and that if you leave the site now, you might never be able to come in again.

Retired Millionaire Fake Scarcity

And the next time you visit it, they will tell you the same BS.


5 – Pay For What Exactly?

For the one-page website, or for the website with duplicate content that you can do much better by yourself for a lower cost?!


6 – Who The Heck Is Greg Larson?

The founder of the Retired Millionaire System doesn’t show his face, and if you Google his name, you will find many different people with that name, but never the “Internet Millionaire Greg Larson”.


How do you hand your money to someone you don’t know?!


Who Is The Retired Millionaire System For?

For anyone who wants to waste their money buying a simple website that won’t make them any money and then, ask for a refund after they have already lost their time.


The Retired Millionaire System Cost

The cost of joining the Retired Millionaire System is $47 on the front end.


There might be some upsells like many of the low quality programs, I didn’t check that.


However, you also need to pay the monthly cost of the hosting of the website.


Conclusion – Is The Retired Millionaire A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: The Retired Millionaire System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Greg Larson
  • Price: $47 Front-End. You will need also to pay for the monthly hosting payment for different tools
  • Scam/Legit: Scam


Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100)


The Retired Millionaire is a SCAM. I can’t say otherwise.


Fake testimonials, unknown founder, lies about the income potential and a done-for-you website that will make you NOTHING!


I can’t consider the Retired Millionaire system a legitimate one and I can’t recommend you to join it even with the money back guarantee, because you will only waste your time and you will get the big disappointment.


However, I really encourage you to build your online business in the Affiliate Marketing as it is really the best way of making money online.


But I want you to start with the right mindset from the beginning, and learn it the right way from the same place where I continue to learn everyday.


Which takes us to the next question:


A 100% LEGIT Alternative To The Retired Millionaire System?




As I said earlier, affiliate marketing is the best way for making money online, and you can know why I say that if you get my free ultimate guide for making money online.


And that’s why I encourage you to learn it and apply it in order to build a stable and sustainable online income.


But in order to do so, you need to provide value to people who come in to your website and help them solve their problems and improve their lives through the products you promote to them as an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing With The Retired Millionaire

And you can’t do that by purchasing some “done-for-you” website.


You will not get any traffic in the first place because of the duplicate content issue I explained earlier.


You need to create quality content by yourself that helps others and builds the trust in you, which will make people finally purchase what you recommend to them through your affiliate link and make you commissions.


And in order to be able to do that, you need to learn affiliate marketing from the best platform in this industry, which is my recommended alternative to the Retired Millionaire System, Wealthy Affiliate.


This platform is the right place that will teach you how to do this method the right way by walking you through the details of the following main steps:

  1. Research the market and pick a niche. (a group of people with a common interest, hobby, passion, problem, skill, …etc.)
  2. Find out what products might help these people solve their problems and improve their lives.
  3. Create quality content that helps people and builds the trust in you, and promote the products you found inside that content and publish it properly so that people will visit your websites from the search engines.
  4. When someone visits your website looking for solutions to their problems or answers to their questions, they might go through your affiliate link and purchase the products you promote, and you will get a commission from the merchant.


And don’t be scared because of the website! Today, you can create a website in only 30 SECONDS at the platform I’m recommending here without a prior technical experience or coding.


And at Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you will find all what you need from the step-by-step training, live webinars, top affiliate marketing tools, web hosting, technical support and community support. And you can get direct coaching by ME.


And all of that for the same membership fees for NO Extra Cost.


And even better, they offer a Starter Membership Plan where you can try it for FREE before you risk your money. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk Free!


Following screenshot is from the first level of the training that is provided in the FREE Starter plan:

The Retired Millionaire Alternative


This level will help you learn how affiliate marketing exactly works and it will help you choose the niche you want to follow and build your first FREE affiliate marketing website without a hassle.


And you will learn here how to research and create quality content that ranks on search engines and gets you the FREE organic traffic, and content that helps others and MAKES YOU MONEY.


This is only the free membership, and the paid one is for unlocking the advanced levels of the training, the weekly live webinars, the advanced tools, and the amazing technical support, in addition to the great and very helpful community support.


This platform is really the best place to learn affiliate marketing and this is where I continue to learn everyday, and that’s why I’m recommending it to you.


So, if you are serious about making money online, then go ahead with my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review in order to see what this platform has to offer to you, and from there, you can join it for the FREE membership.


And if you are still completely new to the world of affiliate marketing, and you still don’t know why I say it is the best way of making money online, then go to my FREE Make Money Online Guide through the following button, which will finally lead you to Wealthy Affiliate as well:

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Go now and start building your business away from the magical solutions and done-for-you push buttons that don’t work!


And if you have any question regarding this Retired Millionaire System Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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