Is Prime Time Profits A Scam? [Review] – Ugly Truth Revealed!

Welcome my friend to my Prime Time Profits Review where I expose this PURE SCAM!

Prime Time Profits Scam Review


I will show you everything from the fake founder, to the fake testimonials by PAID actors, to the BS about making money with a push of a button, to the unavailable information about what you are buying, to the fake scarcity, to everything that is pure BS.


Unfortunately, these scammers use such lies about making so much money with little or no effort just to sell their scams and crappy programs and systems to people who are looking for ways of making money online and don’t know where to start.


And I’m sure that you already recognized that there’s something wrong with this Prime Time Profits’ “Black Box”, and that’s why you started looking for Prime Time Profits Reviews in order to know what this system is all about.


I will show you everything you need to know about the “black box” in this review.


And don’t worry, at the end of my review, I will guide you to a 100% LEGIT alternative program that will help you learn and start your online business with the best way of making money online, which is the same place where I learned this method.


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Prime Time Profits Review Summary

  • Name: Prime Time Profits System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Charles McAllister
  • Price: $47 + Continuous promotions to buy other scams and crappy programs
  • Legit/Scam: Scam


Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100!)


What Is Prime Time Profits?

Prime Time Profits is a program that promises to give you a “Black Box” that will allow you to make up to $500 per day doing nothing! All with a “Push of a button”.

What Is Prime Time Profits


This the same BS that is used to sell scams and low quality programs that I reviewed before such as:


And they all share the same lies and BS about a completely done-for-you magical system, push button, switch, loophole, secret, …..etc.

Prime Time Profits Push Button


And they are all an absolute crap. It’s really painful to watch their sales videos that are full of lies.


But what is interesting about this Prime Time Profits program is that they are using the same layout of the sales page that is used to sell another scam that I reviewed recently, which is called Money Sucking Websites – MSW System.


Even some of the FAKE testimonials and screenshots you saw in the video are being also used in the sales video of the MSW System!


There’s no such a thing that you activate and it starts making you money on autopilot from day one without you touching anything.


If you want to make money online, like offline, you have to put in the time and effort into doing something useful and add value in order to get paid for it.


If there was a way to make money without doing anything, then where’s that money coming from?!


How Does Prime Time Profits Exactly Work?

The Prime Time Profits works by taking your money, collecting your email address, and then, blasting you with emails, one after another, promoting to you other scams and crappy programs in order to make them money of you.

How Prime Time Profits Work

You don’t make money with it like they say, without doing any work!


They mentioned Amazon as a source of money that you can “tap into”, and there are many ways of making money with Amazon, such as:


And many other methods.


And all of these methods require work to be put in advance and on continuous basis for not a short period of time before you make any money.


There’s now one method that allows you to make money on autopilot with “one push of a button” thanks to some weird trick.

Prime Time Profits Claims


And in the sales video on the Prime Time Profits website, they don’t specify which method of these is being followed in order to make money.


I actually doubt that there’s anyway of making money for you. It is the UNKNOWN founders of this scam that are making money from selling you their program.


How would you buy something that you don’t know in advance what it is?!


If you go to Walmart and they offer to sell you something in a box without telling you what it is, would you buy it?!


Sure you wouldn’t.


Then how would you buy something online, from a fake founder and with no clear refund policy?!


And if you think that you can believe the guys giving testimonials, then wait until you read the next couple of sections below.


What I Like About Prime Time Profits System

Absolutely NOTHING.


What I Don’t Like About Prime Time Profits System

No sure where to start from, but let’s go with:


1 – Doesn’t Make Sense At ALL

They tell you that you can make money on autopilot without doing anything, because “The App Does It All”!.

Done For You Prime Time Profits

What freaking app?!


As I explained above, there’s nothing that can make you money without you doing some work in advance and add value.


Of course, you can use some tools in order to automate parts of the work and you can delegate some tasks to others, but there’s no way that you can make money without doing anything at all, especially when you start.


2 – Fake Founder Of Prime Time Profits System

The guy who talks in the video says that his name is Charles McAllister, and he shows a photoshopped photo for himself riding a Ferrari.

Prime Time Profits Founder Charles McAllister


You can see that the face is cropped and added to the original image.


And in any case, if you research the web for the same name mentioned above, you won’t find anyone with that name and with the same face!


How would you give your money to someone you don’t know his real identity?!


3 – Fake Made-up Testimonials By Paid Actors



All the guys giving testimonials in the video are actually PAID actors that you can hire from for few dollars in order to record such testimonials.


And worse, the testimonial of this lady in particular is the same testimonial that is used in the sales video of the other scam that I exposed in my Money Sucking Websites Scam Review.


And the screenshot below is for her profile on

Prime Time Profits Testimonials

If this system really works, then why don’t they bring real testimonials by people who actually made money with instead of buying testimonials from PAID actors?!


I think this is enough for you so that you don’t trust these scammers, but let’s continue anyway.


4 – Are They Asking You To Do Something Illegal?!

I’m just gonna leave this here!

Prime Time Profits Criminal Activity


5 – Share Your Information?!

This statement is from their Privacy Policy page:

Your Information With Prime Time Profits System


You are literally giving them the permission to sell your contact details to their fake guru friends.


Prepare your inbox to get filled with spam emails promoting to you other scams to purchase.


6 – Fake Scarcity

They tell you that they will only take 500 people, and that there are only 8 spots left.

Prime Time Profits Fake Scarcity

And if you visit the same page next month, you will find the same BS.


7 – Pay For What Exactly?!

As I explained earlier, they don’t tell you what your are buying in advance, then how you would you trust them?


8 – No Clear Refund Policy

They don’t clearly mentioned that there’s a money back guarantee, although “Charles” claims that he invented it! LOL.


And there’s no page for the Refund Policy on the website!


It is clear that this website is just designed for its founders to scam you and run away.


Who Is Prime Time Profits For?

For anyone who wants to be scammed thinking that there’s a magical push button that will make them money doing nothing.


Prime Time Profits Price

The cost of the front end is $47.


But you are actually paying them so that they collect your email address which they will use to keep promoting to you other scams to buy and make THEM money.


Conclusion – Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Prime Time Profits System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Charles McAllister
  • Price: $47 + Continuous promotions to buy other scams and crappy programs
  • Legit/Scam: Scam


Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100!)


Sure, Prime Time Profits is a PURE SCAM.


Claims about making money doing nothing, fake founder, fake testimonials, no clear refund policy, sharing your information with others, …etc. I can never consider Prime Time Profits system to be legit.


There’s no way of making money doing nothing, period.


Making money online requires time and consistent effort.



However, there are many advantages for starting an online business such as the freedom in choosing the place you want to work from, as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop.


Also, you can start a LEGIT online business for as low investment as $500 or less, like it is with the method in my recommended alternative in the next section.


A 100% LEGIT Alternative To The Prime Time Profits System?




The alternative to the Prime Time Profits system that I’m recommending to you here is the same platform that I joined in order to learn the best method of making money online.


This is only one of the many legit method of making money online.


And of course, like any other method of making money online or offline, it requires you to put the time and effort in advance before you make any money with it.


But there are many of the reasons why I say that this method in particular is the best method, such as the fact that it requires the lowest investment in money, and it is associated with the lowest possible risk level, which makes it the most newbie-friendly method.


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Go to my guide now, and you will be directed from there to the same platform that will provide you with the necessary step-by-step training, tools, technical support and community support.


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This is a 100% LEGIT platform with real founders, real members, and real training on a real method works. No More BS!


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Prime Time Profits Alternative

Go and start taking action now and stop wasting your time and money on the scams and the magical “push button, loophole, secret formula, …etc.” and all the rubbish that doesn’t work.


There are absolutely NO Magical Push Buttons or black boxes that make you without you adding any value or doing anything useful. Forget about these scams!


And if you have any question about this Prime Time Profits Review or if you still have any doubt about it is being a scam, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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