Affilorama Review – Is Affilorama Legit or a Scam?

Is Affilorama a scam or legit? And if it was legit, then is it worth the price?Affilorama Scam Review


This Affilorama review will answer these questions for you and will let you know if this program is for you or not.

I know that you might be a bit confused about what this platform offers as they have many products and features inside the members’ area, and the have different plans and upsells.


I will breakdown below the main plans and products and the features you get in each one with the price you pay for it so that you know if it was for you or not.

And if Affilorama wasn’t for you, then I will let you know in the last section of this review about a more affordable alternative that I recommend as the #1 program to learn affiliate marketing.


Affilorama Review Summary

  • Name: Affilorama
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mark Ling
  • Training or Components: 94 of 100
  • Support: 92 of 100
  • Tools: 80 of 100
  • Web Hosting: 85 of 100
  • Community: 85 of 100
  • Price: Free for the Starter Membership, $67/month Premium Membership. Optional upsells available for $37, $197 & $997 one-time fee
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 87 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation 97 of 100)

Summary: Affilorama is a platform for those who want to become affiliate marketers where they can find the training, tools, and web hosting in one place, similar to Wealthy Affiliate. Affilorama is a legit program, however, the major downfall of Affilorama is the high cost for the premium membership and the upsells.


What Is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an all-in-one platform where you can learn affiliate marketing through building a website and optimizing the content on your website for getting the free traffic from search engines.


What Is Affilorama


And if you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, then in brief: it is a model where you promote others’ products through a unique link (affiliate link) to people who might need these products. And when someone purchases through your link, you get a commission.

And there are multiple plans and products inside the Affilorama platform that I will explain in the next section:


Affilorama Plans, Pricing & Up-sells

The core membership plans of Affilorama include one free membership plan, one monthly premium plan, one upsell with monthly payment plan and three upsells on one-time payment basis for each.

Following are the Affilorama Plans:

1 – Affilorama Free Membership (Zero Cost)

This is in my opinion the best part of the Affilorama platform as you get here around 90 lessons, both text and video tutorials, that are supposed to help you understand how affiliate marketing works, and how you can create your first website.

Affilorama Training


Following are the main modules provided in this membership:

  • Introduction: This part consists of 10 lessons that will help you to understand what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how you can find affiliate programs, and how to get traffic to your website and offers.
  • Market Research: You will learn here how to find profitable niches for affiliate marketing, finding the best affiliate programs, researching the competition before you start creating content on your website.
  • Content Creation: This section is designed to help you understand how to create different kinds of written and video content in order to maximize conversions from the prospects.
  • Site Building: This is the longest section that goes into the technical part of creating content a website and optimizing it for search engines and for good navigation and user experience.
  • Marketing Ideas: This section covers the different methods that you can use in order to get people see your offers such as: blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, Web 2.0, YouTube, Email Marketing, …etc.
  • SEO: This section explains the basics of getting your content optimized for search engines such as the on-page and off-page SEO skills, and it explains the terminology when it comes to ranking your content on the search engine results page.
  • PPC: This module teaches you how the Pay-Per-Click advertising method works and how you can get the best results from using this method.
  • Affiliate Outsourcing: This section includes tip on how you can get others work for you in creating your content, banners, …etc.

The training in general is decent and explains the main terms and tactics. However, some lessons only give a presentation about some topics without over-the-shoulder walk-through’s.

2 – Affilorama Premium Membership ($67/Month)

This membership provides you mainly with tools that can help your business to some extent. You get the following with this membership:

  • Monthly training magazine
  • Affiliate Blog Bootcamp
  • AffiloTools access
  • Web hosting for 15 domains
  • 30 Quality PLR articles every month

This might seem good, but it is a bit expensive in my opinion.

For example, at Wealthy Affiliate Platform, and for a much lower monthly cost ($49/month), you get a comprehensive up-to-date training course, web hosting for 25 domains with SSL & site speed and top-notch support, in addition to many other tools and weekly live webinars.

3 – AffiloTools (Free for Premium Members, Paid for Non-Premium Members)

These are a punch of tools that you can use to track the performance on your website on search engines.

For example, like it is with Jaaxy Keyword Tool, you can track the rankings of a specific post on your website against the targeted keyword of that post.

Also, you can get data about the social shares you got for your website’s pages.

You can also connect these tools to some online tools such as Google Analytics, ClickBank, SEMrush, and many other tools in order to have a bird-eye view on your websites overall status, statistics and performance.



The Premium membership includes these tools for free, however, the free members’ of Affilorama can join any of the following plans based on their needs.

AffiloTools Plans:

  • Basic – Free
  • Bronze – $17/Month
  • Silver – $47/Month
  • Gold – $97/Month

Once again, although these tools are useful, but in my opinion, they are a bit expensive compared to the received value.

4 – Pathway to Passive – Path2Passive ($37 One-Time)

Compared to the training provided in the free plan, This is supposed to be a more actionable guide when it comes to the overall structure of the website and its content.

Pathway To Passive


Pathway To Passive is an ebook that works as a guide for those who are struggling with affiliate marketing and it covers the following topics:

  1. Choose the right products and niche to promote
  2. Target the right people — the ones who will buy
  3. Build a solid funnel that moves people towards a sale
  4. (And if you want free traffic) Create a website that people will want to share

This guide is supposed to help you draw a more clear roadmap for your site structure.

This guide costs $37 one-time fee and comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.

5 – AffiloBlueprint ($197 One-Time)

Here starts the confusing part!

After the free membership training modules, and after the Path2Passive ebook, what is AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBlueprint is a more step-by-step training that includes 90 video lessons with homework to do, and with downloadable material, that are supposed to show you a “tried and tested” system to follow in building your website.

Also, with this upsell, you get the following:

  • Private members” forum
  • 1-Year hosting for one website
  • AffiloTheme website builder
  • 1-Month trial of Affilorama Premium




This upsell also comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.

I’m not sure why is this training not included in the premium membership anyway.

As I mentioned, at my top recommended affiliate marketing training program, you get the comprehensive step-by-step training, tools, weekly live webinars, web hosting for up to 25 domains, and private community and private messaging feature, all of that for less than the Affilorama Premium monthly cost and without having to pay for upsells.

6 – AffiloJetpack 2.0 ($997 One-Time)

Now this is another step-by-step system that is supposed to help you build a business faster with some done for you email marketing campaigns, niche ideas, content ideas for some niches, 5 built for you websites with AffiloTheme.

This is supposed to be for those who don’t have the time to do everything by themselves, and have the money to invest in some done-for-you content research and website building activities.



You get with AffiloJetpack the following:

  • 90 Written emails to use in your email marketing campaign that include affiliate promotions for some products.
  • 3 Free reports.
  • 3 eBook graphics.
  • AffiloTheme.
  • Setup for 5 websites with one year of web hosting.
  • Ideas for 18 profitable niches with ideas for content in each one.

This might be useful for those who want to save the time and effort, but like it is with all the done-for-you stuff, if many people jump into it, these done-for-you niche and content ideas will become competitive eventually.

Important Note: This upsell also comes with a 60-days “Total System Failure” guarantee. However, this seems to be a conditional guarantee because they mention that they will refund you if you try the system and don’t make money in the first 60-days.

Maybe they will ask for a proof that you tried what they teach and you didn’t make any money. The “Terms” page is a bit vague about this issue.


What I Like about Affilorama

  • It is about my favorite way of making money online, affiliate marketing.
  • Mark Ling is a successful and respectful affiliate marketer and trainer.
  • SEO and content marketing is the dominant, which is the best way to do affiliate marketing.
  • The free membership offers lots of content.
  • Private members forum.
  • The AffiloTools Basic membership is useful.
  • There’s a 60-days money back guarantee on the one-time payment upsells.


What I Don’t Like about Affilorama

1 – A Bit Confusing

As I explained above, the free membership offers around 90 lessons, and then there’s the Path2Passive upsell that gives you a guide about creating a successful affiliate website, and then there’s the AffiloBlueprint that teaches you the same!!

Not sure why the confusing process.

2 – Expensive

The free membership is good, but many lessons lack the over-the-shoulder walk-throughs, and the premium membership of $67/month includes the tools mainly the tools and some resources, which make it necessary to buy some of the other upsells.

And in my opinion, other than the Path2Passive, the upsells are a bit expensive when compared to this program that offers you all what you need in order to learn and build your affiliate marketing website within the same premium membership that costs less than the Affilorama premium membership and without additional upsells.

3 – Some Lessons Are Outdated

There are some lessons that are a bit old and need to be updated. For example, Mark tells you about some methods of getting backlinks for your website that don’t work anymore, and maybe they will lead to harm more than good in the future.

4 – The Support

Although there’s a community area, but it is not as active as Wealthy Affiliate forum, and for the founder, Mark Ling, I have seen some complaints about not being active most of the time inside the members” area.


Who Is Affilorama for?

The AffiloJetpack might be good for those with little experience but want to save the time on themselves and have some stuff done-for-them.

The free membership might be good for those who don’t no anything about affiliate marketing in order to get an idea about his this model works.

But after that, and because some parts of the training are a bit outdated and the free plan lacks the tools, while the premium plan is expensive, then I believe that joining Wealthy Affiliate would be better on the long term as it offers a more up-to-date training and tools for the premium membership fees that are less than the fees of the Affilorama Premium fees.


Affilorama Support

In general, as mentioned above, some parts of the training are outdated.

The support is available inside the members’ area through the members’ in the forum a phone number and through email.

The founder of the program might not be available for continuous support, but that is normal with a platform that hosts hundreds of thousands of members’.


Conclusion – Is Affilorama a Scam or Legit?

Affilorama is not a scam. Affilorama is a legit program that helps you understand how affiliate marketing works and helps you start your own affiliate website and grow it.

  • Name: Affilorama
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mark Ling
  • Training or Components: 94 of 100
  • Support: 92 of 100
  • Tools: 80 of 100
  • Web Hosting: 85 of 100
  • Community: 85 of 100
  • Price: Free for the Starter Membership, $67/month Premium Membership. Optional upsells available for $37, $197 & $997 one-time fee
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 87 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation 97 of 100)


However, the main downfall of Affilorama is that the main training is a bit outdated, and the premium membership and upsells are expensive, which doesn’t make it my first recommendation.

While my recommendation in the coming section is a more comprehensive and affordable solution than Affilorama.


A More Affordable & Comprehensive Alternative to Affilorama?


As discussed above, Affilorama is a great platform to learn from, but the core training is a bit outdated and the premium membership is expensive.

And here comes my number 1 recommended program for learning affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, which offers a more up-to-date training and more tools all in their premium membership for no additional upsells or expenses.

And the cost of joining Wealthy Affiliate is much less than the Premium membership cost at Affilorama.

Following are the main benefits of joining this Affilorama alternative:

  • A detailed, step-by-step training.
  • Weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions.
  • Web hosting for 25 websites with free SSL certificates, site speed and anti-spam protection with an amazing support.
  • Advanced SEO keyword research tool.
  • Content editing and management tool.
  • Community support of 1.4 million like-minded online entrepreneurs.
  • Private messaging.
  • And much more.

And even if you don’t want to go with the premium membership directly, you can first join the FREE starter membership and enjoy part of the training and tools mentioned above.

So, if you are interested in joining this alternative, then

==>Click Here To Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review & Join From There!


This is if you want a more affordable and long-term solution than Affilorama.

But if you want to join Affilorama or buy one of their upsells, then you can go ahead through the following link in order to get the free membership and the 60-days money back guarantee on some of the up-sells.

>>Click Here To Join Affilorama<<<


And if you have any question regarding this Affilorama review, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will come back to you asap 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Affilorama Review – Is Affilorama Legit or a Scam?”

  1. Hello Amjad,0

    This is an excellent and detailed post showing the details of Affilorama.  I agree with you that it is legit ans not a scam and I also agree with you that it has too many upsells and gets expensive.

    I like the sound of the alternative program you mention, Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds definitely more affordable and I believe you  said you pay 49/month and there are no other upsells? Also I did like the sound of how extensive the training is with Affilorama’s free membership, at first, but I can’t help but wonder how useful it will be if several of the methods shown are outdated?

    You mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate’s training is current; do they update their training to stay on top of current changes?  At the 49/month with Wealthy Affiliate membership it sounds like they offer a much better deal but also sound as if they have more updated training.

    For that price does WA offer all that Affilorama offers, including all their up sells?

    I myself have attempted many different affiliate programs and the one thing that always turns me off is the constant up sells. That would be my main reason why I wouldn’t use Affilorama.  But with your alternative to Affilorama, it sounds as if you pay the one price and i am provided with all the tools to assist in creating a successful business online.

    Thanks again for such an informative post!


    • Thank you Robert for your comment and for your valuable questions!

      Wealthy Affiliate does provide more tools and better web hosting than what Affilorama provides.

      Maybe, the only tools that Affillorama provide and WA not is the ability to integrate with Google Analytics inside your dashboard, but I don’t really think that you need that as you can already use Google Analytics through their own platform to monitor your website’s traffic.

      And yes, the core training at WA is current and up-to-date and there’s a weekly webinar that covers specific topics in details continuously.

      All the best!


  2. I’m glad I found your review. I was about to join Affilorama, as a close friend recommended it.

    He’s not making money online as far as I know, but he says he will succeed with this program. I’m just wondering, does he have anything to earn if he makes me join? I was a bit confused that he kept praising the program and he still said he was not making any money online.

    Affilorama seemed a decent program to me, but after reading your review I understood that it’s too expensive for the tips and resources it offers

    I mean, it really does have a lot of upsells, which I surely couldn’t afford paying. I will have a look into your top recommended alternative, if it has a better price I might join this one instead.

    • Thank you Ashley for passing by and for your questions!

      Maybe he’s promoting Mark Ling’s Affilorama platform as an affiliate, and he can make money if you join through his link. And that’s fine, but he has to disclose it and he has to be sure of what he is recommending that it works.

      However, as you mentioned, the price is a bit high and the upsells are overwhelming, and that’s why I recommend my alternative over them that I mentioned in the last section in the review.

      All the best!


  3. Hi! I heard of Affilorama before and I was actually about to sign up to their free membership, but I found a better program instead and I chose it because it was cheaper.

    I’m talking about Wealthy Affiliate, which seems to be your top recommendation, which I’m glad (I strongly recommend it too).

    Back to Affilorama, I did my long research before joining it, which is why I chose something else in the end. I just hated the fact that they have lots of pack and programs for an extra cost, some of them really expensive (the Jet Pack for example, it might be a one time buy, but it’s absolutely huge at almost $1000).

    This program might be good for someone who’s making serious money online and wants to check different resources, but I don’t think it’s a wise choice for someone struggling to learn things about affiliate marketing. I’m mostly speaking in terms of money, that’s all.

    • Thank you Ashley for reading my Affilorama review and for your comment!

      I agree, the upsells are quite expensive and I believe that it is better to write your emails by yourself as using the same templates by many people invokes the spam algorithm in the mail service providers and prevents most of these email to reach the inbox of your subscribers.

      Affilorama is legit and it can work, but there are better alternatives at more reasonable prices such as WA and Savage Affiliates.

      All the best,


  4. Who wants to go through an outdated training? Definitely not me. I think afilorama is a good affiliate marketing platform but one need to look at the fact that it is confusing and as a beginner, I don’t think this is really ideal for me. Thank goodness you also said it’s expensive. I should try your recommendation then.

    • Thanks Henderson,

      True, the most thing that annoys me is that even though Affilorama is not a scam, but it is relatively expensive, especially with the many upsells they offer.

      I’m glad that you want to try my alternative to Affilorama that I mentioned in the last section in the review.


  5. Hello Amjad,

    Happy to meet your website and read about the Affilorama platform. As per your review it really seems quite expensive. I am member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months and I have to say I cannot complain. For the 49 USD monthly I get a lot of features, which Affilorama offers for much more money. I like that I do not need to pay anything else than monthly premium fee and get everything needed (do not count the website registration). 

    In case of Affilorama it is not like that, so this is the reason I would not try it, although it offers a lot of interesting trainings. 

    On the other side, as you mentioning the trainings are sometimes outdated, in Wealthy Affiliate it sometimes happens as well, however the market changes quite fast, so no wonder this could happen, even in such great platform as Wealthy Affiliate is.

    Anyway, great review you have prepared, I am looking for another one of yours! 

    All the best


    • Thanks Renata!

      It happens sometimes that some training at WA shows the old interface of some platform such as Google Analytics or other tools, but the concept still applies.

      However, when there’s a major change on a tool or in the law, such as the GDRP thing for example, it is quickly reflected through updating the training or through the tools.

      The main disadvantage about Mark’s Affilorama program is that it has many upsells for different services, which makes the students confused and makes them pay lots of money while they should get a better deal by purchasing many things from the same place.

      All the best,


  6. Thank you for this comprehensive review of Affilorama.  Although it doesn’t sound like a bad program, the cost of the upsells gets a little scary.  The outdated training would be of great concern to me.

    The biggest concern I would have about this program is the “built for you niche” idea.  I can see a lot of people jumping onto this to avoid having to write their own content and then there being too much competition and too much repetition of information.

    I must agree that Wealthy Affiliates is cheaper, more comprehensive and much more dynamic, changing with the times and constantly updating.

    I appreciate this very balanced review.

    • Thanks a lot my friend for your valuable comment!

      True, the many Affilorama upsells and the confusing different plans are a turn off for someone who is just starting to learn how to make money online and haven’t made any dime yet.

      When you offer many services at the same place, I think that it should be as if you are getting a discount compared to purchasing them from different places, and should not cost more.

      All the best,


  7. I remember Affilorama from many years ago, but I never decided to signup with them. After reading this, I’m glad I didn’t; Only because WA offers pretty much the same thing and at a set price with no upsells. Plus, WA is up-do-date with training methods and so on. But, at least Affilorama is legit and actually teaches people how to build a business too.

  8. Excellent review you have up here concerning affilorama and I surely enjoyed my read.

    Firstly, I’m glad to know that this platform is not a scam and it is very legit. This seems to be a very great site to learn the rudiments about affiliate marketing and I like that about it since affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business.

    I also like the fact that it offers free membership which gives access to allow me to decide if it’s actually meant for me or not before committing to this. Wow! It is great but then, the monthly payment is actually a little bit high if we were to consider the long term add up.

    But then, since I can always check out through the free membership, I will try to see if Affilorama is okay for me to stay on. Thanks

    • Thanks my friend for your comment!

      I agree, the main advantage in my opinion, other than that Mark Ling is a legit person, is that there’s a free membership that you can join before you go for one of the paid products of Affilorama.

      Wish you all the best!


  9. This was a fair and very clear review of the Affiliorama training platform and I came away knowing a lot more than I did. I had heard good and bad, as with many online training platforms, and I liked that you honestly pointed out the many good features as well as mentioning ones that perhaps are not so good.

    I felt that because you were objective in putting this review together, it was one that I could trust. Oftentimes I will see a pure bait and switch review, where only negative points are mentioned, and then a recommendation and link to whatever it is the author may be promoting is provided.

    Some people who have tried Affiiorama tell me that the training is somewhat dated as you mention and that the upsells are quite expensive. In looking through all the different options that you have mentioned are inside the platform, I can see that. The platform that comes close to offering what Affiliorama offers is the Wealthy Affiliate platform it sounds like.

    When I compare the total outlay for the two, I think the better value is likely the Wealthy Affiliate site. I am sure that there are success stories from marketers using each. There are other options out there too but none as complete as what you get with these type of platforms. Great review, I learned a lot. This is helpful.

    • Thank you Dave for taking the time to give me your feedback on this review!

      True, even though Affilorama is a good platform for learning affiliate marketing, but it comes with some disadvantages when compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best!


  10. Hi Amjad,

    I am one of the members of Affilorama and I must commend you for coming up with this critical but fair review of our program. The information you shared are true, members will receive so much value when they join, even at the free membership level. There’s just one thing that turned me off with Affilorama which is the price, I always wanted to get into their Affilojetpack but no matter how I try to save money, still I am not able to become a subscriber to this product and it’s more than a year now since I aimed for Affilojetpack. I wish someday Mark Ling will decide to lower the price, or if a sale is announced then let us see how much the price will drop.

    By the way, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate! Great site too, although you are to fend yourself when it comes to making your own email marketing content.

    ~ Gomer

    • Hello Gomer and thanks for sharing your insights!

      Although WA provided a good training on email marketing as part of the weekly live sessions, but it doesn’t provide “done-for-you” email content that you can just copy and paste like it is with Affilorama platform, and the reason for that, is that this kind of email content templates will cause Gmail and other email service providers to flag your email messages as spam because everyone else is using almost the same exact text.

      Also, you need to put your voice into the emails you send to your list subscribers in order to efficiently communicate with your audience and make them convert.

      All the best!


  11. I wouldn’t say that the cost is a major downfall, I mean, me personally, I don’t feel it’s not that high, it’s just higher than Wealthy Affilliate, and that’s what this is all about. Taking that into consideration, why would one ever pay more for Affiliorama anyway when Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper and equal if not better of a platform in general? 

    One thing Affiliorama has on Wealthy Affiliate is I think that you get arguably more lessons in the free membership there than you get in the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate, since the main purpose of the free Wealthy Affiliate membership is really to practically get your feet wet and see if this is for you. Other than that, I don’t think there are any advantages it could have over Wealthy Affiliate.

    • I totally agree with you.

      The thing I don’t like about Affilorama is that they offer multiple upsells that teach differently, which might cause confusion to the members.

      Also, remember that the $67/month at Affilorama doesn’t cover everything. There are other training packages that need to be purchased separately.



  12. Hello there, Amjad.

    I appreciate your most thorough review of the Affilorama program for 2019.

    I’m looking to start a business online and don’t want to get scammed or waste my time.

    Affilorama looks to have a lot of training tools for beginners to get their hands on.

    If say I want to build my own website, is this free at Affilorama and does this come with hosting?

    Is there any other free memberships online that teach affiliate marketing that includes a website, and site hosting with training?

    Thanks for your time and look forward to your reply.

    • Hello Jeff and thank you for your question!

      Yes, Affilorama does offer web hosting for up to 15 websites, but you need to join the premium membership of $67/month.

      While at Wealthy Affiliate, you can host up to 25 websites with premium support for much less than this cost. Actually, if you join WA for the yearly membership, you end up paying for less than half what you pay to Affilorama when it comes to monthly payments.

      I hope that helps!



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