Income Elite Team Review – [Exposed] The $4.95 Is Just The Start!

Income Elite Team Review


Welcome my friend to my Income Elite Team Review!


Can you really make up to $80,000 per month with these income streams, or is this just another scam that is after your hard-earned money?


I will show you here the truth about what you get if you join this outdated program, the actual cost of joining them and why you should be cautious before you get in.


And don’t worry, I will help you know about a better alternative that is 100% LEGIT and offers more value at a lower cost than this program, and it is the same program where I learned how to make money online with the best method.


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Income Elite Team Review Summary

  • Name: Income Elite Team
  • Website:
  • Founders: Steve Peirce, Rob Wass & David Sharpe
  • Price:
    • Monthly subscription $39.95/month (First month $4.95) for the access to the outdated training.
    • Upsell #1: $57/month for the websites
    • Upsell #2: $39.95-$69.95 For traffic
    • Upsell #3: $197/month for mentoring
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is Income Elite Team?

Income Elite Team is a training and mentoring program that promises to teach you the methods that helped the founders of this program to generate up to $5.2 Millions in 4 years.


The sales video and the sales page on the Income Elite Team website doesn’t say much about the components of the training or the methods of making money online that you will learn.


However, after researching, I found out that the training consists of many of the training videos, ebooks and PLR content that are OUTDATED and not only don’t work anymore, but they might do harm more than good if you follow them as many of the tactics rely on manipulating the search engines based on the old algorithms, which if you follow now will cost you your website to be banned by Google.

What Is Income Elite Team


Some of the monetization methods that are taught in the Income Elite Team program are:

  • Digital product creation.
  • PLR product reselling.
  • CPA marketing.
  • Local marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Flipping websites.
  • Copywriting.
  • Property investment.
  • YouTube marketing.


And some other methods.


They make you join for the $4.95 trial, which will become a monthly subscription of $39.95/month just for the access of the outdated training videos and ebooks.


And they promise you access to the mentors, but they don’t tell you that this mentoring is an upgrade that will cost you a monthly subscription of up to $197/month.


There’s another upsell for the websites that will cost you another monthly subscription fee of up to $57/month.


How Does Income Elite Team Exactly Work?

It doesn’t work!


As I mentioned earlier, the training inside the Income Elite Team members’ area is a compilation of different training material that is supposed to teach you different methods of making money online.


But many of the training videos and ebooks are dated back to 2008, 2010 and 2011, and these don’t really help you.


Outdated PLR Content

For example, some of what you will receive are PLR documents with resell rights (Private Label Rights documents that you didn’t write buy you can sell as they were yours).


But the problem is not only that PLR documents are usually of low quality, but also, the ones that you will receive from the Income Elite Team are outdated and the content in them doesn’t help anyone anymore, and if you manage to sell them to anyone, they will ask for a refund immediately.


Outdated Methods Of Driving Web Traffic That Will Harm Your Website

When you create a website, you need to drive web traffic to it so that people will see what you offer and probably you will make money.


And there are many ways of driving traffic, but the best method is still through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


And there are some skills that you need to learn in order to get this source of traffic.


However, the Income Elite Team training includes some of the outdated methods that Google now consider to be spammy methods and will probably negatively affect your website’s rankings in search engines.


One of these methods is called Article Marketing, which is basically submitting articles in Article Directories such as Ezine Articles, in exchange of getting a backlink from these websites to your own website.


This method has become abused long time ago that Google started considering this method as a spammy one and started to devalue, if not punish, the websites that use this method in order to get backlinks.


Following is a video from Google’s Ex-Spam Team head, Matt Cutts, explaining why this is not a good method of building backlinks:



Outdated Resources & Broken Links

Many of the training “lessons” and the ebooks you will receive had been written around 10 years or more a go. And many of the tools, websites and references mentioned in them aren’t there anymore.


Many of the screenshots used to illustrate some stuff are also outdated and are not relevant or useful anymore.


So, basically you are paying $39.95/month in order to get access to a training material that has no value in essence, while you can find for free more up to date material that you can use.


What I Like About Income Elite Team Program

  • There’s a money back guarantee. But I don’t recommend wasting your time at all as they don’t compensate you for that.


What I Don’t Like About Income Elite Team Program


1 – Outdated Stuff That Doesn’t Work Anymore

As I mentioned earlier, the videos, ebooks, PLR product, screenshots inside the training and even the screenshots on the sales page belong to 2008-2011, and the internet is almost completely different today from what it was like ten years ago.


Outdated Methods Income Elite Team

Which means that you are paying your money for stuff that has no actual value and don’t help you bring any results or make any money online.


2 – Confusing

The content is a punch of videos and ebooks about many ways of making money online.


Assuming that these are not outdated, still, you can’t benefit from using them as these are different books and videos that were created by different people teaching different methods.


You don’t need many methods with unorganized material, that won’t help you make any money.


You need to pick one method with one step-by-step training that is kept up-to-date and you need to stick to that method until it works.


Most of the people fail online because they keep jumping from one method to another and they get themselves too thin and never learn anything useful.


3 – David Sharpe?!

David Sharpe is now the founder of a program that is called “Legendary Marketer”, which looks like a legitimate program to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing, but many accuse it of being another MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program as the only way to make money with it is to promote the program itself to others who will also have to promote it.
Income Elite Team Founders


4 – Many Upsells

Not only that the front end training is NOT worth the monthly $39.95, or even the $4.95 trial, but also they offer very expensive upsells like the monthly payment of $57 for the “websites”, and the monthly payment of $197 for the mentoring!!


So that’s 39.95+57+197= $293.95 PER MONTH!!


Income Elite Team Cost & Upsells

While at my recommended alternative in the last section of this Income Elite Team review, if you commit to one year in advance, you get the best step-by-step training on the best method of making money online, weekly live webinars, advanced tools, managed web hosting for up to 25 websites, mentoring, and 1 on 1 coaching all of that for less than the $39.95/month that you will be paying for the outdated training of the Income Elite Team.


And even better, my recommended alternative offers a FREE Starter Plan so that you can try it for free before you commit to the monthly payment.


You can go to the last section now, or you can click on the following link in order to read my FREE guide that will take you to my alternative.

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Who Is Income Elite Team For?

For nobody!


Unless you want to confuse yourself with lots of outdated material about different methods that won’t really help you make money online, then I don’t recommend joining Income Elite Team program.


Actual Cost Of Income Elite Team Membership

The actual cost of Income Elite Team is not $4.95, this is only for the trial.


While the actual cost is $39.95/month in order to keep accessing the outdated material that doesn’t work anymore!


And there’s an upsell for the websites $57/month!!! Not sure what they provide you with this upsell.


And for the promised “mentoring”, you need to pay more $197/month.


So that’s the total of $293.95/month for the access to outdated material and “mentoring”.

That’s really insane.


As I mentioned earlier, at my recommended alternative in the last section below you can get a continuously updated step-by-step training, weekly live webinars, web hosting for up to 25 websites with full technical support and you can get 1 on 1 coaching with ME for much less than this cost.


And if you commit to the annual membership at my alternative, you will end up paying even less that the front end cost of the Income Elite Team system.


Conclusion – Is Income Elite Team A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Income Elite Team
  • Website:
  • Founders: Steve Peirce, Rob Wass & David Sharpe
  • Price:
    • Monthly subscription $39.95/month (First month $4.95) for the training.
    • Upsell #1: $57/month for the websites
    • Upsell #2: $39.95-$69.95 For traffic
    • Upsell #3: $197/month for mentoring
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


It depends on how you define a scam.


Since you actually get something in return of the money, then technically it can’t be called a scam.


However, since the training material is unorganized, outdated and useless, and due to the fact that the “mentoring” they promise you in the sales video is actually a very expensive upsell of $197/month, I don’t recommend joining the Income Elite Team program at ALL!


That ‘s my final conclusion of this review of the Income Elite Team.


However, I still recommend that you learn how to start your online business, but from a completely legitimate program that provides you with all of what you need in order to succeed TODAY, and not by providing you a completely outdated material that worked 10 years ago and don’t work now.


Which takes us to the next question:


A 100% Legitimate Alternative To Income Elite Team?


Of course.


My #1 recommended alternative to the Income Elite Team program is the same program where I learned the best method of creating an online income.


You can learn about what this method is, how it works, why it is the best way of making money online, and my recommended alternative to the Income Elite Team program where you can learn this method in my Free Ultimate Guide For Making Money Online.


There are many legitimate methods of making money online, and this is only one of them.


And of course, like all other methods of making money, this method requires you to put the time and effort consistently in order to build your business before you start making any money.


But the method that you will learn at my recommended platform is in my opinion the best method and the most newbie-friendly one.


Also, this method requires the lowest initial investment in money, and it is associated with the lowest possible risk level.


And as I explained earlier, the platform I’m recommending provides you with all the necessary training, advanced tools and web hosting with technical support, and the mentoring, all for much lower cost than the $293.95 that you will pay every month to the Income Elite Team.


And if you commit to one year in advance, you end up paying per month less than what you would pay for the $39.95 monthly subscription of the front end of Income Elite Team program that will give you access to outdated material.


Even better, you can try my recommended alternative for free before you commit to paying anything. No Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!


And if you join this platform, you can also get a direct coaching by ME.


This is a 100% LEGIT platform with real founders, real members, and real training on a real method works. No More useless programs and unnecessary upsells!


Go to my guide now through the following button and you will get everything your need to know, and you will be eventually guided to this program that will provide you with the necessary step-by-step training, tools, technical support and community support.


Click on the following button and give yourself five minutes to read my FREE guide now in order to start building your business today:

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And if you have any question about this Income Elite Team Review, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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