How To Write Blog Posts Quickly? My Secret Formula

how to write blog posts or articles quickly


Whether you are a freelance copywriter, a content creator for a blog or for a group of blogs, or if you are a blogger or an online business owner yourself, you need to learn how to write blog posts or articles quickly and efficiently so that you can save the time and energy to accomplish other tasks that are necessary for your business. And you need to create more time for yourself that you can do whatever you want with in your personal life.

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I will teach you here the steps I use in order to create more quality content in less time and energy. Not only that, but I will also provide you with the place I learned this technique from, which also has the necessary tools that you will use in order to make your life easier, and to better manage your time and track your progress. Stick with me till the end!



But First of all,



Why Do You Need To Learn How To Create More Content Quickly?


some people achieve more than others within the same amount of time, whether in personal life, career, hobbies or any specific activity. And this is not because they originally had more time to accomplish more things.


No, we all have the same limited amount of time, which is 24 hours a day.


Then how can some people achieve more than others in the same amount of time?


It is by the correct management of their time and their activities, by using more efficient tools, by hiring people for specific tasks (outsourcing), by the focus they put in doing what they are doing, and many other techniques.


If they are requested to do different tasks in their jobs or lives, they will need to find the way to do things quickly, but with keeping the high level of quality in order to be able to achieve more quality results in less time.


And this applies to everyone in every area, career, age, ..etc.


And the same applies to you as a content creator. You have other things to do in your life and in your job or business if you own one. And you need to free up some time to do these stuff.


And as writing articles or blog posts is one of the activities you do on regular basis, this activity will cost you time and most important, it might drain your mental energy if you don’t find the way into writing content more efficiently.
If you are a freelance writer, then writing faster with the same or higher quality will grant you more free time that you would use to do whatever you want with it, and it will increase the quality of your life. Or you will have the time to handle more projects and receive more money as a return!


And if you are a blogger or an online business owner, writing faster will help you free up more time in order to focus on other activities, such as: exploring other ways to drive traffic to your blog or website, acquiring more customers, exploring new areas from which you can generate income, or you can simply add more free time to your personal life and do what you enjoy do it!



This is why you should learn how to write quality content quickly.



How To Write More Blog Posts Quickly And Efficiently?


Now that you understand the reason why you need to write more quality articles quickly, you will need to learn how to do that so that you can apply it and achieve better results in your career and free up more time for your personal life, family, hobbies or whatever you like to spend your time on.



The way I found to be the best for writing quickly and efficiently, and for achieving more results in less time in almost all different areas of life and career, is Batching!



Yes, batching is a key in achieving more results in less time. This is something I tried and it worked well for me. Not only in writing, but in many things that I have tried to do this way, and I’m sure that it will work with many other things I will try it with. This could be checking your e-mail, checking and replying to comments on your blog or your social media accounts, following up with current clients, arranging meetings to take place in more defined time slots or in specific days of the week, ..etc.


The reason why batching works well in helping you to achieve more results in less time is that it helps you to focus!


If you, for example, are used to check every email the moment it arrives, take an action by making a phone call or by replying to it immediately, then this will consume a lot of your time that you could save if you do similar things through batching.


Imagine you are in the middle of doing calculations that are related to your finances, and you immersed yourself in the task so that you don’t make any mistake, and then you receive a notification from your email application on your PC or mobile phone, you go and check it, and then you spend some time taking a related action, or simply by replying to the email itself. This will make you lose your focus on the task you were initially doing. And then, when you come back to your finances, you will lose some time trying to go back to the same point you had been at before you received that email.


This will make you lose a lot of time and mental energy that you could save if you scheduled a specific time slot during the day at which you check all your emails, so that they don’t keep interrupting you while performing other tasks. Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with replying to emails few hours later to their receipt. The world is not gonna end as a result of it!


And the same applies to writing articles, If you go through all the steps of writing one article in the same day, you will spend a lot of time and will feel tired at the end of the day that you won’t be able to do more.


But of you batch the activities related to writing articles as I will explain below, you will be able to create more and better content in less time!



Enough talking and let’s go to step-by-step method I follow for writing more blog posts quickly and efficiently.




1 – Define Your Target


Without knowing what you want to achieve, you are never going to achieve it!


Successful people in any field have defined goals and a clear vision of what they want to achieve. And this is what you have to do in order to become more successful at what you do as a content writer.



This starts by defining your target for short and relatively long terms. Set a specific number of articles that you want to write each month, and then per week or day.


The best way to improve your current speed at writing articles, is to measure your current rate of writing and set a bigger goal for the next month. Or keep the same number of articles that you are currently writing per month, but define fewer number of hours to accomplish it.


Let’s say that you are currently writing 10 articles per month, set your target to write 15 articles during the next month, This means one article every two days.


Don’t worry if you think you would not be able to achieve the new target, the following steps will make your life easier and will help you improve your writing level from the current one, even if you don’t achieve the new target. In any case, you will improve month by month as you keep using this method.



Now if you go through the same old way, and you go every other day and try to start each article from the scratch, find the topic idea, find the right keyword, come up with a captivating title, research for the content of the article, define the subheading, writing the text body of the article, and finally find, create and add images and then publishing it on the website, this whole process will drain your mental energy and will anyway take a lot of your time, which might go to a full day without finishing it. Then you will come back the next day in order to complete it and publish it.


And then you would still feel tired and would need the third day to relax, or even if you start with the next article on the third day, it will take you another two full days of exhaustion to finish it. And finally, you will not have the time to do other stuff related to your website if you are the website owner, or to handle more jobs from your clients if you are a freelance writer, or simply to do something you love to do that has is not related to work.



While if you batch things for all the monthly articles as in the following steps, you will find it much easier to accomplish more in less time and effort



Unbelievable Speed 2023

2 – Find Keywords For All Blog Posts At Once With Alphabet Soup Technique And Jaaxy Or Other Keyword Research Tools


This step goes on finding all the keywords you will use in all your articles for the month. You set one time for an hour or two and come up with the keywords for each one of the posts that will help you rank on Google and other Search Engines.


This is better than finding each article’s keyword alone, as when you go to the keyword tool that you use for SEO, you will be performing faster when you know that you have 15 keywords that you need to find. And you accomplish this task in one or two hours.


While if you go every day to find one keyword, you will be wasting 30 min – 1 hour to find one keyword only. And at the end of the month, you will be wasting up to 15 hours to come up with the 15 keywords, which you could find in only 1-2 hours in case you do all the keyword research at once.



And we will follow the same process for the next steps.



If you are familiar with finding ideas and keywords quickly, you can now go to step no. 3 below.


But if you are new to this, and in order to help you easily come up more keywords to target and even ideas for your blog posts, you can watch the following video lesson from Wealthy Affiliate Training on how to find keywords using the Alphabet Soup Technique with Google Search Tool, and finding the keywords that have low competition that will help you rank faster and higher at the search engines with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.




==> Find Blog Posts Ideas And Keywords Easily With The Alphabet Soup Technique Through Watching This Video




3- Choose Interesting Titles For Your Articles


Now that you have found the right keywords that you want to target, you have to write captivating and interesting titles that will make people click on them.



If you use the keyword phrase alone in the title, mostly people will skip it and your link won’t get many clicks. But if you write an interesting title that encourages people to get inside, this will increase the traffic to that article.


For example, if you have a website in the Health & Fitness niche, and you want to write an article targeting the keyword phrase “Vegetarian Diet”, You will find that many other websites already used this term as a title, and you won’t standout and won’t be able to rank on the search engines in the first place.



While if you make your title “benefits of vegetarian diet” or “the best vegetarian diet plan I used to stay healthy”, then you will be already targeting the right keyword phrase “vegetarian diet”, but you will have a more interesting title that encourages people to click on.



Now as you did in the previous step with finding all the 15 keyword ideas at once, set again and find a captivating title for each of the 15 articles at once. Define 1-2 hours in order to do this and commit yourself to finish this task within this time.


If, at the beginning, each task takes more time that you have already set for it, don’t worry, as you do this on regular monthly basis, you will improve your performance. This is what happened to me, practice makes perfect 🙂



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4- Do Research And Write Down The Subheadings For Each Article


Now that you have decided on the main idea of your blog posts, you have to do the initial structure for each one of them by dividing each article with subheadings or segments.


This will make it easier for your readers to be able to navigate through the article and find what they are looking at easily. Do’t make it look like a textbook! This is not what people are looking for.



Try to make the structure of each article clear and organized in a way that helps the readers to get the most benefit, out of it.


If your article includes a list of steps to do something, or a list of products that you describe, a list of reasons for a phenomenon, ..etc. Do divide the article through using the subheadings in a larger font size than the one you use for the paragraphs. Just as I’m doing here in this post.



Now as with the previous steps, do a preliminary research and write the subheadings for each blog post.


This task might take more time that what happened with the previous ones. It took me around 4 hours to prepare the structure of around 18 articles the first time I used it, but it might take you a full day, depending on the level of previous knowledge that you already have about what you are going to write.



5- Write The Article’s Content


Now that you a very clear idea on what you want to write for the whole month. It is time to start creating the text for each blog post based on what you have researched already.


Start with the first article on the list of the 15 ones you worked on, define a time slot that you are gonna need to finish depending on how many words you want to write for that article. And depending on how familiar and knowledgeable with the topic you are writing about.


For a 1000 words piece of content, it might take you 2 hours to finish if you already followed the steps mentioned earlier. For me, it takes around one hour to finish writing an article with this count of words.



Again, this is something might vary from someone to another, and the more you practice, the easier it gets to accomplish more results in less time. Trust in the process!


If it takes you more time that you specified, it’s ok! But mostly, you will find that it is now easier and faster than before.


This way, even if the article takes you 3-4 hours, you would still have time to accomplish other tasks or write more articles in the same day.



6- Check Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, ..etc.


Now that you have written the first article of the month, before you publish it, you need to check it for the grammar, spelling, punctuation, ..etc.


Do it all after you finish writing the complete article and don’t waste the time after writing each paragraph.


You can do this using advanced tools such as Grammarly, but for the free version you get limited elements of checks. While if you join Wealthy Affiliate even for the free membership, you get a free unlimited access to the platform “SiteContent”, which gives you the ability to set your goals for the month, edit your content, save it, check it for all kinds of possible mistakes and many other stuff for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t need the premium membership in order to use this tool. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review in order to find more about this tool.



7 – Publish The Article On Your Website


Now after you have checked the article for possible editorial and grammatical mistakes, publish it on your website, set the permalink, Meta Title, Meta Description and other SEO and categorization stuff related to your website.



8- Add Images


Now from the content editor inside the C panel of your website, add images to the article that will make your content more beautiful and enjoyable to the readers.


This is an important step that will allow the readers to engage more with your content and increase the time spent on your website, which is something Google loves in terms of SEO.



9- Next Step


Now go to the next article on your list and repeat the steps 5-8 and then go and repeat the process for each article idea on the list, until the end of the month



10- Follow Up


Measure your performance at the end of every day and see how much you accomplished compared to the goal you set earlier. And at the end of the month, assess your performance compared to the monthly target you set at the beginning.


Try to find out what are the things that took more time that expected and think about how you can improve them.


You will notice from month to month that your speed is increasing. In this case, try to define bigger goals for the following month and keep testing your limits. Trust me, you will be surprised of how much you can achieve following this method.





Most important steps or rules that you should follow to achieve more results in less time in almost every area in work and life are the following:


1- Set Defined Goals and specify a timeline for achieving them.

2 – Batch the similar tasks as much as you can to be performed together and define time slots for each one of them.

3 – Take Action on what you have planned. Try to stick to the timeline you set in the first place.

4 – Measure your performance and notice the improvement from time to time. Define the weakness points and work upon improving or outsourcing them.



Please, apply what I have explained above and try not to skip steps. Do comeback anytime and tell me how it worked for you, or if you need any help. I would be glad to hear your feedback!



If you want to know where I learned this method for writing blog posts quickly and where I learned to start an online business, please go through my Recommendation # 1 on learning how to make money with Affiliate Marketing



And please, share this article with whom you think might need it if you found it useful!


And if you need any help or if you have any question, leave it in the comments section below and I will be happy to help you out 🙂


P.S. Here are some great tips from Neil Patel on how to become good at blogging. Check them out!

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6 thoughts on “How To Write Blog Posts Quickly? My Secret Formula”

  1. Thanks for the useful tips!

    This is definitely something I need to work on and your post will help me. The hardest thing for me is just getting started. Once I have a few hundred words down, I find that the rest seems to just flow.

    Do you have any specific tips for lengthy blog posts (3000 words plus)? Or should I just follow the same steps?

    • Hello Stephen,

      Thank you for the feedback and for your question!

      Actually most of my blog posts on are more than 3000 words. And I use this method. Most important tip in order to write lengthy posts is to try to provide as much value as possible to your readers. Think of it as if they should not go and read any other post on other websites because they found all what they are looking for in your post. Once you think this way, it gets much easier to write lengthy posts.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

      All the best!


  2. Hi Amjad,
    interesting article and useful as well.

    The batching system is a great way to save time on repetitive things. I first heard of the term form Tim Ferris and his famous book “The 4 Hour Work Week”.

    I have a question for you:
    Applying batching on blog post do you think will affect negatively the quality of the content?


    • Hello Marco,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and for your comment!

      I like that you mentioned the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. One of the best books ever!

      Regarding your question on the quality of the content, I believe that batching actually improve the quality of the content. 

      For example, when you try to find 20 ideas/keywords within one hour, you will be able to come up with 20 different keywords/ideas that won’t have duplicates as your mind will have the ability to quickly brainstorm ideas. While if you come up with ideas on intermittent basis, you are likely to shortly go out of new ideas and start looking for similar ideas to the ones you already wrote about, which is not good neither for the SEO rankings nor for your readers.

      What do you think?



  3. Hello Amjad, as I started to read your post it took me back to when I was a Middle Manager in training. Part of that training was to batch and prioritize , the content of your “In Basket.” As you said if you try to respond or manage each issue/email, your day will go by and you would not have accomplished all that you need to accomplish.

    • Hello Harvey and thanks for going through my article and for sharing your experience!

      True, I have suffered a lot from wasting my time doing redundant tasks that could be patched and done with less time. I actually learned to apply this patching method to writing content through my Affiliate Marketing Training at a great platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m applying this concept to may areas of my life and it is working great.




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