How to Make Money with ClickFunnels? 9 Different Ways for Different People

How To Make Money With ClickFunnels

Trying to learn how to make money with ClickFunnels? Don’t worry! I will show you here nine different methods that would suit different people with different skills and characters.

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I’m pretty sure that most of the videos you watched and the articles your read tell you that you can easily create something people desperately want, package it, create a funnel using CF and uploaded it, create a membership plan for recurring subscription fees, drive laser targeted FB traffic and make money.

And although this is a great way for making money with ClickFunnels, but it is not the only way. And it might not suit everyone. Remember that you still need to create the amazing product in the first place, provide support for your customers, update your product continuously and so on. And this all might not suit your skills, knowledge and character.


Many people, unfortunately, are actively promoting ClickFunnels as an easy and guaranteed way to make you millionaire with terms such as: “you are just one funnel away”. lol. Sorry my friend, but that’s not true!

Funnels are only a part of the process and CF is great at helping you build and test them efficiently and quickly. But you still need to have the great product in the first place, you need to learn marketing through different traffic sources, follow up with your customers and so on, and you need to test your funnels continuously until you find the right combination.

The reason behind people trying to throw ClickFunnels on you is that they get 40% commission on anything you pay to CF, now and in the future. And even though that commission is good for affiliate marketers, it still is not an acceptable reason to trying to convince people that this is an easy way to make money just so that you get the commission. Selling your own products with ClickFunnels is not an easy thing and is not the only way you can generate income with ClickFunnels.


This is why I wrote this article. I want to show you here the nine different methods that you can use in order to generate money with this great Tool. I bet you only heard about one or two of them. While you actually can work on one of the many other ways and you can also combine some of them together as I will show you here.

So, without further due, let’s get started:


9 Ways to Make Money with ClickFunnels in 2020

1 – Make Money With ClickFunnels As An Affiliate

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s a marketing concept where the vendor or the product owner pays the marketer a commission only on the generated sales. This commission might be a fixed number ($10, $25, …etc.) or a percentage (1% up to 75%).

It could be a one time commission on the front end sale, or it could include commissions on the upsells, cross-sells, and downsells. It could also include commissions on monthly recurring fees as long as the customer is paying the product owner.

In the case of ClickFunnels affiliate program, there’s something called sticky cookies. And what that basically means, is that you get paid for everything anyone buys after they first join through your affiliate link, all the upsells, downsells, and all monthly recurring subscription fees.

This makes CF’s affiliate program one of the best and most promoted affiliate programs out there.

When you promote ClickFunnels, you can promote it from different angles, for example:

1 – You can promote the funnel builder itself, with both plans ($97 & $297) where you get paid 40% of the recurring monthly subscription ($38.8 & $118.8).

2 – You can promote Funnel Hacking Autowebinar, which is designed towards getting people join the funnel hacking master class, which costs $997, and you get 40% of that ($398.8).


ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Values

3 – You can promote one of the “free + shipping” books that CF offers, and get only $1 when someone orders the book. But that is only the start. Once someone orders the book, they will start getting follow-up e-mails that offers them other items in a certain sequence as you can see in the following images. And you get a commission of 40% on whatever that person buys.

Here are the potential earnings ($967) from promoting the “free + shipping” Dotcom Secrets book, that you would earn after you drive people to buy the book and then they buy the following upsells:


Dotcom Secrets Funnel Earnings


And here are the potential earnings ($927) from promoting the “free + shipping” Expert Secrets book, that you would earn after you drive people to buy the book and then they buy the following upsells:


Expert Secrets Funnel Earnings

Following are the potential earnings ($816.4) from promoting the “free + shipping” Software Secrets book, that you would earn after you drive people to buy the book and then they buy the following upsells:


Software Secrets Funnel Earnings


4 – You can promote any of the other products that they offer, such as: books, courses and coaching programs, as you can see below:


Make Money With ClickFunnels Products


And as I mentioned, whenever someone buys anything after they first product the purchased, you get commission on that as well.


How to do Affiliate Marketing with ClickFunnels?

Now when it comes to how to do affiliate marketing, there are two primary methods: through free traffic like search engine traffic and YouTube traffic, and through paid traffic such as FB traffic, YouTube ads, PPC ads on search engines, …etc.

I will recommend you here two training programs for these two methods, and you can start with these two for free:

1 – Through free traffic: you can learn these methods at Wealthy Affiliate, which is an all-in-one platform for affiliate marketers that provides the best affiliate marketing training courses, best affiliate tools and websites, that allows you to start with any of the two plans, free and paid.


>>Click here to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and join for the FREE membership<<


2 – Through paid traffic: there are also courses at wealthy affiliate on how to do this. But there’s a special training course created by ClickFunnels that is tailored specifically towards training affiliates on how to promote CF using paid traffic, which is designed to make you get start generating a full time income in 100 days!


Make Money With Affiliate Bootcamp

An alternative to this bootcamp, you can join Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett to learn different paid advertising methods to promote ClickFunnels.


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2 – Get Paid Building Funnels For Others

If you don’t have products to sell using Clickfunnels, then you can find people who have products to sell, but don’t know about CF, offer them building sales funnels and get paid for it.

Or sometimes, these people know already about ClickFunnels but don’t want to deal with it by themselves because they are not techie (although it is not that difficult to use it). Or maybe they don’t have the time to build the funnels themselves.


You can find these people on freelancing marketplaces such as: Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. Or you can list your skills there and wait for them to come for you.

Following is a screenshot from Upwork showing only few of the many people who are getting paid to build funnels for others. Look at their hourly rates and their lifetime earnings!

Make Money Building Funnels


If you still haven’t used it, then go and create your account now (14-days FREE trial through the link below) and experiment with it to see how it is used to build funnels. The free trial, if you use it, will be enough to give you the necessary skills in order to sell your services.



3 – Combine The Above Two Methods Together

Why not? If you were hired by someone in order to create them a funnel from the scratch, you can do that and you can use your affiliate link in order to sign them up for the software.

This way you get paid for the job you did, and for the monthly recurring subscription.

Of course, it is always recommended that you disclose this to your clients and ask for their permission to use your affiliate link.



4 – Do Affiliate Marketing For Other Products Using Landing Pages Built With CF

In affiliate marketing, you can promote anything from physical products, to PDF files, templates and checklists, audio books and video courses.

In order to promote anything, you need your own landing page or website where you can write your review or recommendation of the product, which you can do even on a free simple WordPress website for Affiliate Marketing.

But sometimes, especially when using paid traffic methods, you need some softwares in order to easily customize the landing pages and make them more able to convert visitors into customers, do split testing on different elements of the landing pages and easily update and repeat the process.

And ClickFunnels is one of the different softwares that allow you to build landing pages and split test them easily.

You can build a landing pages for the product you are promoting, send targeted traffic to it through different free and paid channels, measure the conversion ratio, split test the landing pages and choose the one with higher conversion ratio and then scale up and get commissions on the sales you make for the product owner.


NordVPN Banner

5 – Build High Converting Funnels And Sell Them

If you are able to create high converting funnels for different products (courses, E-books, physical products, …etc.) in different niches (spirituality, E-commerce, arts, …etc.), but you don’t have your own products to sell, then you can sell these funnels themselves for those who need them to sell their own products.

This is even better that the second method of creating for customers upon request as this method allows you to create the funnel once and the sell it to many people.


6 – Sell Digital Products Using Funnels

If you are good at something, you can create your own E-book about how to do it, you can create templates for procedures or checklists, create a software that helps people in that field and sell these using ClickFunnels, which allows you to receive payments from people.

You can create more than one product and sell only one of them on the front end and then offer the others as upsells and downsells using CF’s software.


7 – Sell Training Courses Using ClickFunnels

Similar to the above, you can create a video course on how to do something and sell it using Clickfunnels. You can also offer monthly subscription and get recurring fees, but in this case you have to offer something new continuously in order to keep people paying you.

Following is a screenshot from one of the video courses that are being sold using a ClickFunnels website:


Make Money Selling Courses With ClickFunnels


8 – Generate Leads For Money Using ClickFunnels

Generating leads (E-mails, phone numbers, …etc.) can be very rewarding if you know how to target people through the different channels, free & paid.

Companies, or small business owners will pay you for each lead you collect for them. For example, a dentist will pay you for collecting the phone numbers for elderly people in his town that he can market his services to, a carpenter might pay you if you can collect leads from people who are moving to his area or any person that might need his services, and the same for the mechanic, doctor, hospital, tourism company, insurance company, institutions that offer loans, …etc.

Some of these are willing to pay you $40, $50 or even more for every qualified lead you collect for them, because they know that these leads are going to pay them much more on the long run.

You can either contact these businesses by yourself and offer them your services, or you might find there requests on different media channels, or through the CPA networks as in the following example from MaxBounty CPA Network:


Get Paid Generating Leads With ClickFunnels


How does ClickFunnels help in lead generation?

Well, in order to collect people’s details, you need a landing page where you can send these people to fill in a form with their contact details, which is something you can do with ClickFunnels.

Although this is possible to do with different other softwares that cost much less than what CF costs, but ClickFunnels has a great advantage on many of them as not all of them offer the same ability of split-testing different landing pages with different structures, parameters, …etc. at the same time.

This will make it easier and faster for you to get to the point where you have a high converting landing page in order to maximize your earning from the traffic you are driving to that form, which makes you more profit eventually.


9 – Maximize Your Dropshipping / E-commerce Revenue Using ClickFunnels

Although you might be using a great platform for your online store such as Shopify, and you might be already profiting, but sometimes having a customized landing page can get you higher conversion ratio than using the default landing page (aka product page) that is offered by Shopify.

Also, with ClickFunnels, you can easily offer upsells and downsells in order to increase the AOV (Average Order Value) of the customers.

You can use ClickFunnels for your online store or you can build them for other people’s stores, or you can create one and sell it to many people.

This is a proven technique in boosting sales on E-commerce stores that successful people in that niche such as: Nate Andres and Michael Shih has pointed out in their courses.

Following is an E-commerce Landing Pages that is created with CF in order to boost conversions:


Using ClickFunnels To Boost Sales In E-commerce


Conclusion – Can You Really Make Money With ClickFunnels?

Sure, I have shown you nine different methods for making money with ClickFunnels, choose which one suits your personality, skills and knowledge, and start with it.

If you are still confused, then I recommend you to start with the first method I mentioned, Affiliate Marketing, which once you learn, you can apply to promote any other product (digital or physical) in any niche.

In addition, this is the most way that is considered a way to make a passive income, whether it was with ClickFunnels or any other program.

As I mentioned, you can start learning this method by one of the two option I mentioned earlier:

1 – Through Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to join WA for free!


2 – Through Savage Affiliates. Click here to learn about it!

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money with ClickFunnels? 9 Different Ways for Different People”

  1. Wow,what a great list! I like the way you explain everything and in understandable way. 

    Trying to affiliate with CF, I found it difficult to make money with ClickFunnels because their books are a bit expensive even though they are “free + shipping”, I found a hard time finding the person who can buy those books. It is a great affiliate program but difficult and competitive to promote.

    I will explore the other methods.

    Thank you for your detailed article!


    • Thanks to you Julienne for passing by!

      I agree that it has become competitive to make money with CF as an affiliate, but here comes where you can innovate in the way you promote it. 

      Try to find a way that people can use ClickFunnels to increase their income, and explain it in a step-by-step method. Show them the real potential.

      And of course, it is also great that there are many other ways to make money with it even without doing affiliate marketing.

      Let me know if you need any help!


  2. Hi Amjad! Thank you for this awesome list of ways to make money with ClickFunnels. You have really opened up my mind with a world of possibilities. 

    I really thought of ClickFunnels as just a way to bring in new people to your website, or a way to show them a product you have to offer. I didn’t realize there were all these other opportunities. 

    I am an affiliate marketer, so of course I love that idea! But the other one that I think is really interesting is helping people set up ClickFunnels for something they have to promote. I bet there are plenty of people out there who don’t have the time or patience to figure it out. 

    I’m going to explore this new world of opportunities. Thank you again! 

    • Hello Christina and thank you for your comment!

      I’m glad that you liked the list I shared with you for possibilities of making money with CF.

      True, Affiliate Marketing is a really rewarding method, but also helping others on selling their products, skills and knowledge through the use of ClickFunnels is invaluable.

      Please, let me know if you need any help in anything!


  3. As an affiliate marketer I have heard so much about Clickfunnels but really haven’t paid much attention to them.  

    Of course as a marketer I have so much on my plate but it looks like I shouldn’t be ignoring this method of earning revenue.

    I am saving this page for sure and for sure I am going to make some time to learn more about them.  Thank you for taking the time to write such an in depth article.



    • Hello Dale and thank you for the comment!

      I’m glad that you liked my article about ClickFunnels Monetization methods.

      All the best!



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