How To Make Money With Blogging?

Learn How to Make Money with Blogging


How to make Money with Blogging? This is one of the most important questions to have in mind when you are starting a blog. In order to make this happen, there are several criteria that you have to follow before you think about the ways to start generating an income with your blog, and there are many ways to do so.



And if you are wondering how much money you can make with a blog, then the answer depends on how much money you want to make and how much time and effort you are willing to put in order to make this happen. Some bloggers are getting six figures while others are not getting three figures. It all depends on you.


I will divide this article into two sections: First Section, is related to the criteria you need to take into consideration in order to make your website or blog a money making website. And Second Section, is related to the ways you can use to monetize your blog.


Section One, How to Make Money with Blogging? The Criteria You Should Follow While Creating Your Blog Content


There are major points that you should take into consideration in order to make your blog outstanding and then, being able to making money with it. If you can’t create an engaged audience that comes to your blog regularly and becoming an authority website, then it is highly unlikely to be able to monetize it. But how do we build an authority website or blog?


Here are the main criteria for creating an Authority Website or Blog:

1 – Choose A Niche For Your Blog:


This is probably the most important criterion in building an authority website. Why? Because if you specialize in a specific niche or sub-niche, you will have the ability to create more valuable, in-depth content on regular basis. And this way, you will be able to attract a specific segment of audience that will keep coming back to your website in order to learn more about that niche.


This way, you will have a brand that can be remembered by the visitors of your website and can be shared through the social networks or even through the word of mouth between your audience and the people of the same interest in their community.

Not only the audience, but other bloggers in the same or close niches might start sharing links to your blog posts on their blogs, and increase the traffic to yours.


This way, you will minimize the advertising cost and effort you need to create a strong brand and an engaged audience. And then, this audience will start marketing your brand for you for free!


In addition, you need to make the most benefit of the main traffic source, which is a free one. It is the Search Engine Traffic. As the main goal of the search engines is to provide the most valuable information to the readers with the least number of clicks, Google and other search engines tend to rank the authority websites which provide valuable unique content to the readers at higher positions.


Once the search engines recognize that your website or blog specializes in a certain niche, and provides useful content to the readers, they will start to give your website higher ranks in the search results page. This is the best source of traffic, as it is free and can increase exponentially over time if you keep the high quality content of your website.


2 – Create Regular, Unique, Organized And Informing Content:


In order to get high ranks on Google and other search engines, and to be able to make money with your blog, you have to create a unique content that adds value to your readers. Do not copy and paste anything from anywhere, you will be punished and will never appear on the search engine results page. The idea behind an authority website is to create value to the readers, and not to create duplicates that would flood the web with the same content.


In order to increase the authority of your blog, your content must be informing and must be organized in a way that makes captivating and informative. The more relevant details in an organized manner you provide, the more people will like to spend time on your website, and the higher authority you get.


If people come in to your website and are unable to understand what you are talking about, or they find little added value, they will leave and look for the information they need somewhere else. And they will not bother sharing your content with others.


This is why you need to create long, organized posts. In general, Posts with more than 2000 words tend to rank on the first few positions on the search results pages of the search engines, as these tend to provide more information to the visitors. However, the numbers may vary depending on the niche/industry you specialize at. Read this article from Neil Patel in order to know more details on this.


If you think that writing 2000 words in one article is difficult, don’t worry! I used to think the same, and English is not even my first language, but when I started writing my first post on this website, I finished 500 words while still in the introduction, and finally, I finished that post with more than 2600 words!


It’s really strange how easy it gets to write when you know what you are writing about. This is another benefit of having a specific niche, the information you have will make you easier to write detailed content, and will make it even easier to learn more about the same niche and write more in-depth content that your readers won’t find anywhere else. Just start, and be natural as if you are talking to a friend. This is the kind of content that is more likely to engage people and then, make you money.


If you still think that it is difficult to write articles and you might be not sure about level at the language you have, then don’t worry, I will provide you with the tools you need in my recommendation # 1 into learning how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.


3 – Make Your Content SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly:


The term SEO might be scary for non-techie people, like it used to be for me, Until I learned the basics following the systematic training program that is mentioned in my recommendation # 1 into learning Affiliate Marketing. I found the tools and the techniques I need to use in order to make my content strong in terms of SEO. This is mainly a combination of choosing the Right Keywords for SEO, Writing a Unique and Detailed Content as mentioned earlier, having your content shared on other relevant places (Websites, Social Media Platforms, ..etc.) & having a simple, clear and easy to navigate through website.


This is an important point in order to get the free traffic to your website, instead of paying for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns on Facebook, Google and Bing, which will take a lot of money, time and effort to do.

You can read my article on How To Do SEO For Articles Guide for more information


4 – Leverage Other Traffic Sources, Free & Paid:


Although I always emphasize that bloggers should give the first priority for the free traffic from the search engines, by regularly creating useful content and optimizing it for the search engines as in the previous two points, however, you could also leverage the free traffic from the social media platforms and build an engaged audience there in order to help you get free quick traffic to your posts when you share them with your followers, which will help eventually in increasing your rankings on Google and other search engines.


Also, you could utilize the forums or the platforms where people are used to ask for help or for solutions for their problems and give them a brief answer and then share a relevant post from your blog.


Also, you could utilize the paid ads on the Social Networks and from the Search Engine PPC Campaigns in order to drive traffic to hot product you are promoting, or to a post on a hot topic you have just created.


But mainly, my advice is not to spend a lot of time on getting followers on social media platforms while having a little or no content on your blog. Build the content and the followers will come to you.


Now that you have the niche, quality content and the traffic (Community), you need to know the best ways to make money with blogging.


So, let’s go to the second section:


Second Section, How To Make Money Online With A Blog? The Monetization Methods


There are tens of ways with which you can make money with blogging. However, I don’t want to overwhelm you and get you confused with wanting to utilize as many ways as you can all at once.


It is better to choose few methods that work best for you and focus on them. And even better, start with one way and put some energy in it, and see how you can improve it before you add the next one.


And make sure that the ways you are using are improving the user experience for your blog’s visitors. After all, your engaged audience is loyal to you because you are trying to help them by providing them with the useful content. The last thing they want to happen is to feel as if they are reading some advertising magazine or craiglist.


That being said, let’s start with the best way to make Passive Income in my opinion:


1 – Making Money With Blogging Through Affiliate Marketing:


You might think that this way is not for everyone, or not for bloggers, or not for your niche.


But let me tell you this: There is no better way for bloggers to make money with than affiliate marketing! And if you think that it is difficult to do, then you are completely wrong and you are missing the biggest opportunity for making money with your blog.


If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry! Check my # 1 recommendation on how to learn Affiliate Marketing through this link and go now and enroll at least in the free training and see how possible it is.


And let me tell you this: No matter how unpopular or small you think your niche is, there are always products and services that you can promote.


If you don’t believe me, just go to Google and type in the following: name of your niche + affiliate program and you will be surprised of how many affiliate programs are there that you can join in your niche or even sub-niche. Check the following example for the Health Products niche.


Making Money with Blogging Through Affiliate Marketing



The need for Affiliate Marketers is increasing continuously as the business owners and product manufacturers are looking for people who are able to get them more sales. And the commissions are in some cases up to 75% of the product price, especially in the digital products. Visit Clickbank and see how much you can get money through marketing the products listed there. Check my article on why I consider Affiliate Marketing to be the best way to make passive income online.

So, how do you do affiliate marketing with blogging?


As I mentioned above, you can check my # 1 recommendation on how to learn Affiliate Marketing through this link, or you can read my article about Making Money with Reviewing Products Online through this link.


You are a blogger. Who is better in writing articles about products in your niche than you? You are already creating useful content to your readers. So, why don’t you write about useful products or services and get commissions when your followers buy them.


People like to buy things they already read a positive review about. Find useful products or services and recommend them to your followers and they will get you commissions.


2 – Monetizing Your Blog Through Sponsored Posts Or Content:


If you have an engaged audience in your niche, other businesses in the same niche providing different services might reach you and ask you to promote their products or services.


Now since you are in the same niche or a related sub-niche doesn’t necessarily mean that they are your competitors. They might be providing different services or products from the ones you provide, but these products still fall under the same niche or sub-niche. They can pay you a fixed amount of money for a blog post you write about their business or product.


This way, you will help them benefit from getting new customers, and your audience will benefit from your recommendation in purchasing a specific service or product, and they will become even more loyal to you as you are trying to help them in solving their problems.


3 – Making Money With A Blog Through Sponsored Ads:


This is similar to the Sponsored Post or Content Method above, but in this case you don’t have to create content or write a post. Instead, the advertiser will pay you for placing a banner ad on your website for a specific time duration.


Make sure though, that you only should promote businesses that you know are useful to your readers. Don’t ever promote scam products or businesses no matter how much they pay you. This will make you lose the trust that your audience has put in you and will dramatically lower your audience size, which is a crucial part of your assets.


4 – Selling Ad Space To Display Networks:


This is done by joining Display Networks such as Google Adsense, and many others that will show banner ads on your website and pay you a specific amount of money whenever someone clicks on the ad.


Personally, I don’t like this method, as you don’t have much control over what ads are being shown on your website. And in case of these ads were not relevant to your audience, they won’t get many clicks and you won’t get a lot of money unless you have a huge audience.


5 – Selling Your Own Digital Products On Your Blog:


If you are good at something, teach it!


Your followers trust you. If you teach them how to do something well or how to solve a problem, they will pay you.


You can create short Ebooks, or Video Courses related to a specific subject or problem and your blog visitors will be happy to learn from you and pay for it.


This could range from a product that teaches how to solve a small problem in the niche, to a complete training program for building a business or improving a set of skills in a niche or sub-niche. The limit is only your imagination!


In order to be able to sell your digital products and receive payments through your blog or website, you will need to build a store and to integrate it with a payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe. You can do this by yourself, or you can save the time and effort and build your store on a Specialized platform such as Sellfy, and get a code which you can use in order to embed the store on your website. Read my Sellfy Review here to know more.


6 – Selling Services on your Blog:


If you are good at your niche, people will pay you to get your advice on specific items or teach them how to improve a certain skill or how to solve a specific problem.


This differs from the Selling Products method above in the way that here you will deal with individual clients and respond to more specific needs.


This method will take more of your time of course, but this way you will be able to charge hourly rates. You could communicate with your customers through emails or through Skype.


7 – Making Money With Monthly Subscription:


Here, you can create more in depth content on regular basis that not all your website visitors can access. As this content will be more helpful to the audience than any content on other blogs in the same niche, you can offer it only to those who subscribe for a paid membership. It can also include live webinars and direct access to you.


Remember that this way you need the ability to create new useful, in-depth content on regular basis. Otherwise, why should anyone pay you every month?


8 – Making Money through Flipping Website:


If you have a blog with a decent amount of traffic and an engaged audience, you can sell it for a good amount of money.


As a general rule, the price of your website is estimated by the net income for 24 months or more. So, let’s say that your blog is generating $3,000 in profit per month. You can sell it for not less than 24 * $3,000 = $72,000. Not a bad deal.


Of course, you can still charge more, depending on what rate your audience is growing, how much work it takes to build such an audience in your specific niche, how many other blogs are there in the same niche, how unique your blog is, ..etc.


You can list your website on specialized platforms such as Flippa and decide on the price and see what offers you get.


9 – Build an E-mail List and Promote Offers to your Audience:


The money is in the list!


E-mail Marketing is known to be the most efficient way to make money. If you have a list of email addresses for people in a certain niche, you can promote offers for useful products or services on regular basis directly to their inbox.


This is almost a free way of advertising that gets you directly in front of the highly targeted audience.


What you have to do, is yo utilize free (Mailchimp) or paid (Aweber) services in order to create a squeeze page and link it to your website. And when someone gets into your website, they get a pop-up asking them to enter email. This way you collect the emails for your targeted audience so that you contact them later and send them different offers for your products or for others’ products that will pay you commissions as an affiliate.


And last but not least, of course there are still many ways to make money with blogging. But I aimed to provide you with the most convenient ones in case you have a niche website with an engaged audience and loyal followers.


If you feel that it is difficult to start with any of the above methods, don’t worry! I will lead you to the right place to learn the skills and use the necessary tools to make it easy for you. As I mentioned earlier, join as a starter member and get the benefits of the free membership before you decide on going premium or staying as a starter member.


So, are you ready?


==> Click here to join my #1 Recommendation For Learning How To Make Money Online


Or, also you can read this article from on “25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress


If you found this article helpful in knowing how to make money with blogging, please, share it with others who might benefit as well! Sharing is caring 🙂


Do you think there are better ways for making money with blogging that should be in my list? Let me know in the comments section below.

If you have any comments or questions, please, put it in the comments section below and will be more than happy to help you 🙂


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  1. Thank you Amjad for your enriched knowledge baring article, your articulation of how to move forward effectively with the affiliate markets and write sound reviews was great, thank you. Also, the 8 steps on how to make money within your blog were very captivating as well, especially the piece on how to know the net worth of your website, I had no idea, as I am a new blogger. My question to you Amjad is when would be a good time to move forward with setting up an email list? Once again thank you for your very informative post, sincerely, Jack

    • Hello Jack and thank you for your feedback and for your question!

      Concerning the email list, it is never early to start with, even if you have a few number of followers. There’s nothing wring with starting an email list. Most important is that when you start it, you make sure that you are able to provide value consistently.

      If you are blogging regularly, even if once per week, then that’s enough to start your email list and start sharing your articles with your audience, preferred on a specific day every week. This method is good as you remind your followers of your blog, and you start gaining traffic to your blog, which in turn will increase your authority on the search engines.

      Therefore, the answer depends on when you become consistent in publishing QUALITY blog posts, which is something you can learn through the Wealthy Affiliate training program, regardless of how many posts per week you publish, or how many followers you have in your mail list. A list of one email is still a list!

      I have you found my answer helpful! Please, don’t hesitate to come back in case of any other questions or concerns!



  2. Very interesting site and if particular the how to monetize your site. I have not worried too much about it until I started to see regular traffic, now is the time for me to do that, and your recommendations on what affiliate to start with would be a great help.
    I have affiliate links to my review pages but nothing else so would appreciate your thoughts
    Thanks Geoff

    • Hello Geoff and thank you for the feedback and the question!

      Depending on your niche, you can find the affiliate programs for related products by going to Google Search and type in niche + Affiliate Program, and it will show you the available affiliate programs.

      In case you want to find several products at one place, checkout the main market places such as: Amazon, Rakuten, Share A Sale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, ..etc. and you will find lots of products (Digital and Physical) in every single niche. Find good products related to your niche and promote them through creating thorough reviews as I explained in this article.

      I hope this answer helps! Please let me know if you have more questions or concerns.



  3. I really want to make blogging my source of income, i just started and am working to make this a reality. You have given great tips on how to go about it and i intend to implement all this. Getting a profit of $3000 is a dream for me that i intend to accomplish.
    thank you for the great information am now optimist and on the right track.

    • Thank you Anita for taking the time to read my article and for your feedback!

      If you commit to your goals and you keep learning and taking actions, you will eventually achieve your goals.

      I wish you all the success in your endeavours!



  4. Very well-written and I love your SEO!

    You have made it very simple to get a good understanding of how to do affiliate marketing and write reviews.

    I was really curious how you managed to put an affiliate link up that went straight to the video page in WA. Is it because I am logged in already, that it did that?

    If someone has not joined, would the link still go through to the video – is my question.

    • Hello Stella,

      Thank you for the feedback!

      Answering your question, yes, they get directly to the lesson I shared as long as it is part of the training available for the starter members.



  5. Hey there,

    I have this idea that I think would be a great niche for me, it is about crypto currencies trading.

    I was wondering if I established a blog within that field, how long would it take to start earning a stable salary from it?

    If at all it you consider it a good niche, then how much would it cost to set it up and how much of my time should invest in it?

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your questions!

      The Cryptocurrency niche is a hot one and will remain so for years as I believe. Starting to earn a stable salary depends on you. In order to start making money it will take 3-6 months depends on how much time and effort you give it. This time of course is required by Google in order to start ranking your blog. However, with more effort you would be able to attract visitors through social media platforms (free and paid). But to have a stable full time income, it would take not less than a year of good work. Which is normal for every niche. 

      What is good about the Cryptocurrency niche is that although it’s becoming competitive as it’s eveloving as an industry, but at the same time it’s a relatively new niche. Which means, there are not many old blogs that dominated the space as in other niches.

      If you are serious about it, it is better to start the soonest so that you don’t miss the opportunity. And of course, think of different ways to make money with it. e.g. Reviewing Cryptocurrency Exchanges, wallets, ICO’s, …etc. And when you have enough knowledge, you can create your own video course and sell it on a platform such as Udemy or on your website.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      If you have more concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask back!

      All the best,


  6. Thanks for your very informative post. I have recently set up a blog and so far I am loving the process. I have to admit I do struggle with creating content often enough. I try to post 3 times a week but most weeks its twice.
    I haven’t gotten into sponsored ads or posts yet. how big of an audience does one need for this?

    • Hi Hollie,

      Thank you for reading my article and for the questions!

      Everything seems difficult at the beginning, but with consistency in learning and acting it gets easier. Much easier.

      Answering your question, I believe that it might be different from niche to another. In a micro-niche, or in a niche for expensive products and with audience with better financial capabilities, it would need smaller audience than it would take with broader niches. However, When other businesses or website owners start seeing your content and try to approach you, it means you have reached a good position.

      I would say it in terms of consistent work for not less than a year or two and a good amount of quality content and traffic. Depending on how much energy you give it.

      Keep the consistent work and be patient. Don’t ever give up. Trust in the process and it will work.




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