How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing? (Step-By-Step)

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing, step-by-step with all the knowledge, training and tools you will need in your journey and start your Amazon Affiliate Business even from today.

And while learning the affiliate marketing steps is almost the same whether you want to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program (Amazon Associates) or any other program, there are some specifics about the Amazon affiliate program itself that you need to know before you start, and I will tell you about them in this guide.

And most important, in the last section of this article, I will tell you about how you can start your affiliate marketing business to promote Amazon products in five minutes from now with all the necessary training and tools.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing , Step-By-Step?

1 – Choose a Topic or a Group of Targeted Audience

In order to make money with whether affiliate marketing or any other model, you need to choose a group of people whom you can help achieve a desired result or solve a problem.
Amazon Affiliate Niche

That’s how all successful businesses work.

You need to choose one audience and understand their needs, problems and desired results.

And this is what we call a “niche”.

And that’s not difficult, you need to choose a topic that interests you and you want to learn it, or something you already know about, and see how you can help a group of people with what you know or even with what you will learn.

For example:

  • People want to learn how to jump higher or shoot better in basketball, that’s a niche.
  • People want to know how to reduce the electric bill, that’s a niche.
  • People want to know how to improve their credit score, that’s a niche.
  • People want to learn a certain style or pose of Yoga, that’s a niche.
  • People want to learn how to play guitar or how to paint, that’s a niche.

And so on.

There’s almost no limit on what niche you can choose.

There are many tips that would help you find a niche for affiliate marketing, but to make it as simple as possible, you can go to the Amazon marketplace and check all the available categories and sub-categories and see what is of interest to you and you can help people by recommending it, and move from there.

Find Niches In Amazon Marketplace

2 – Choose a “Home” for Your Business

This is a must.

Before Amazon approves you as an affiliate, you need to show them that you are serious about helping people and providing value.

And when you apply to their affiliate program (step 4 below), you will need to enter the name of your business’s “home”, which could be either a simple website (better chances to get approved), a Facebook page, a Pinterest account or a YouTube channel.

But still, the best and the most long-term method is by building a simple WordPress website (no coding) with a blog where you add relevant and helpful content for your audience and monetize it with affiliate links.

And then, you can drive traffic to your website or blog in different ways.

Amazon Affiliate Site Traffic

This shows Amazon that you are serious, and shows the people who visit your website that you are helping them and that’s how they trust you and buy what you recommend to them.

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon without a Website?

Yes, but it comes with lots of limitations and risk!

Think about it, if someone shares an affiliate link on Facebook or Pinterest and tells you to buy a certain device without telling you why you need it, would you buy it?

Add to that, building your affiliate marketing business without a website is risky because you don’t own these platforms (FB, YouTube, IG, Pinterest, …etc.) and they might decide to shut your account or page on any day if they change their terms and don’t want anyone to place affiliate links on their platforms.

That means losing everything overnight.

While a website on a domain that you own is something no one can take from you, because you own it, and then, you can drive visitors to your website using all the other mediums, including the best, Google’s organic traffic from search engines.

Isn’t creating a website difficult?

Not at all. You don’t need any technical knowledge, experience or coding nowadays thanks to WordPress.

Actually, you can create a free affiliate marketing website in 30 seconds as I show in this guide thanks to the powerful website builder at Wealthy Affiliate.

3 – Start Giving Answers & Help That Your Niche Needs

Here’s what really matters and how affiliate marketing really works.

An affiliate amazon website or any business that doesn’t provide value cannot succeed.

And that means provide others with what they need to either improve their lives, solve their problems or achieve a desired result.

And you can find what people need help with using certain keyword tools like Jaaxy (offers a free plan) by entering the name of your niche and seeing what suggestions it offers you.

Now that you know what questions people ask on Google, you can research and create a helpful content that helps them, and you can recommend products from Amazon to buy through your affiliate link.

Opportunities To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

For example, people looking for the best basketball shoes to wear, you can write an article about the “10 best basketball shoes for 2020” and promote the best 10 pairs of shoes that you found on Amazon from the available reviews.

How To Promote Amazon Affiliate Links

Or, if your niche is related to credit score and refinance, you can choose one of the available books on Amazon and write a review about it, and use your affiliate link in order to take people to buy it on Amazon, because people usually look for reviews before they buy something.

Another example, if your niche is related to pencil drawing, you can recommend the best tools that can help them in learning how to draw, such as pencil drawing sets, boards or books.

Find Products On Amazon To Promote As An Affiliate

And so on.

The point is, you need to provide help and tell people why they need to buy something before you expect to make any money.

Otherwise, why would anyone click on your affiliate link and buy anything you recommend.

And when you create content on your website, you need to optimize your blog posts for search engines in order to start getting traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo, which is something that doesn’t require technical knowledge and you can learn it at Wealthy Affiliate if you don’t know how to do it.

4 – Signup for The Amazon Associates

Now after you have created some helpful content and you started getting visitors, you can now signup for the Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates) and fill out the form with your personal details and how you intend to promote products (preferably through a website/blog) and you need to mention the name of your website or social account that you will use in your promotions.

Join Amazon Associates To Make Money

You need to abide by the general rules of affiliate programs such as having an affiliate disclosure on your website or any promotion that you do on any platform, in addition to Amazon Associates own terms and conditions.

There are some limitations with the Amazon Associates program that I will mention in a dedicated section below.

5 – Monetize Your Content with Amazon Affiliate Links

After you have joined the Amazon affiliate program, you can now go to any product you want to promote on Amazon, and from the top banner, you can create an Amazon affiliate link to take people to that product in particular, and if they buy it through your affiliate link within 24 hours, you will get a commission depending on the category of the product.

Create Amazon Affiliate Link


What is Unique about Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

What is unique and nice about Amazon Associates is that you can find millions of products in almost any niche you can imagine, and you can manage all of your promotions in one dashboard instead of joining ten’s of affiliate programs to promote different products in one niche.

Also, if someone clicks on your affiliate link for a smartphone and they added to the cart, and then they add other products to the cart and then checkout, you get a commission on the other products even though you didn’t promote them in the first place.

On top of that, it is easier to tell someone to buy something from Amazon than to convince them in buying the same product from another marketplace, for many reasons, but mainly, the trust in Amazon and the fast and cheap/free shipping.


Limitations with The Amazon Affiliate Program

Although Amazon’s affiliate program is beginner-friendly and easier to join and manage your promotions, but there are some limitations that you need to be aware of, such as:

1 – Cookie Duration is only 24 Hours.

This means that you only get a commission on something you promoted if people buy it within 24 hours from clicking on your affiliate link.

One minute after the first 24 hours and you don’t get a commission.

2 – Amazon Associates Low Commission Rates.

Because of the nature of most of the products sold on Amazon, which are physical products, the margins for the sellers themselves are slim, and that means, they can only afford a certain commission to give the affiliates.

The commission is usually a percentage (1%-10%) of the price based on the product category.

Here’s a table of Amazon’s affiliate commission rates.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates

(Update: During the lock-down in 2020, Amazon has cut its commissions mentioned above into more than half of what they were in many categories, and even into 0% for many categories, which is a really bad move towards their affilitaes)

This means that if you promote a physical book that is sold for $20, you will only get $0.9 as a commission.

However, the commission might be high if someone buys an expensive item through your link like a digital camera, TV, emergency generator, …etc.

3 – Continuous Changes on The Commission Rates.

This is annoying for most of the affiliate marketers who depend solely on Amazon Associates.

It happens from time to time that Amazon decides overnight to cut the affiliate commission rates for certain product categories to a lower percentage, sometimes even from 10% to 5%.

And while this might happen with any affiliate program, but it happens more frequently with Amazon’s affiliate program.

And worse, during the lockdown in 2020, Amazon made things worse to it’s affiliates by cutting the commissions more than ever and changing the rates for some times to 1% and to complete categories to 0%!

4 – Amazon Affiliate Payment Method.

Amazon pays affiliates with direct deposit or through wire transfers, and each method of the two is available in only few countries.

If you don’t live in a country that Amazon Associates supports with direct deposits or wire transfers, then you can create a Payoneer account that would give you a virtual US bank account to receive affiliate commissions from Amazon.

Otherwise, you can receive your Amazon commissions through a check that you will receive through mail.

PayPal is not supported to receive commissions from Amazon Associates.

5 – You Can’t Use Amazon Affiliate Links in Paid Ads

This is normal for many other affiliate programs and I don’t recommend using affiliate links directly in the ads anyway.

But some affiliate programs out there accept that you use their affiliate links directly in ads without a website or landing page, like the web hosting affiliate programs for example.


A Bigger Opportunity Outside The Amazon Small Commission & Short-Duration Cookie

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate program, but over the years, there have become ten’s of thousands of affiliate programs that together, offer a wide variety of products and brands in all industries, and in many cases, with higher commission rates (up to 75%) and longer cookie duration (up to 90 days or more).

Some affiliate programs for example might offer you a $50 commission if someone buys a certain online course that costs $75.

And some membership based software companies offer a recurring monthly commission (10%-50%) on what your referral pays as long as they are using the software you promoted as an affiliate.

I wrote an article about the 7 free methods to find affiliate programs in any niche, but one of my favorite tools is the free Affiliate Program Research Tool at Wealthy Affiliate platform (screenshot below) and Google search.

Make More Money Outside Amazon Associates

Even with physical products, some affiliate programs like Etsy affiliate program offers a 30-days cookie duration.


Conclusion & Your Next Step (Start in 5 Min. from Now!)

I have shown you here how you can make money with Amazon through affiliate marketing, what advantages it has, and what limitations it imposes on you as an Amazon affiliate marketer.

I have also shown you how big the opportunity is outside of the Amazon affiliate program and how you can find programs that you could potentially make more money with them.

And although affiliate marketing is my favorite way of making money online because it is the simplest model and the most passive one, but it is still more than just finding and joining affiliate programs based on commission rates and cookie duration.

More important is that you need to treat affiliate marketing like a business that helps a group of people solve their problems and achieve desired outcomes, and make money through that process.

Amazon Associates Make Money Secret

And for this to happen, you need:

  • A proper affiliate training that shows you how to research and find opportunities by finding what people ask about on Google and how to write content that converts readers into informed buyers and makes you Amazon affiliate commissions as a result. (Solved!)
  • You need to use the best necessary tools, and especially web hosting, that you can use without technical knowledge. (Solved!)
  • You need the support of a great community of people who have been there before you and know how to help you whenever you need help. (Solved!)

And the solution to all of that is provided at one place, which is the same place where I learned and build my first affiliate marketing website without having real experience in the field.

And this place is called Wealthy Affiliate, every affiliate marketer’s dream.

Start Making Money With Amazon Affiliate

This is an all-in-one platform for affiliates and it offers you with all of what you need in order to start your affiliate marketing business in one place in order to make building your business as efficient as possible.

And the best part is that they have a completely FREE plan to start with, which offers you a free website, tools and the step-by-step starter training that would help you choose your niche and find relevant affiliate products even outside Amazon’s affiliate program.

Here are the first ten lessons from the Starter membership:

Learn Making Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Along with these ten lessons, there are tasks that are associated with each lesson that would help you choose your own niche, research opportunities, start your first affiliate website and add the main pages.

You can stick to this membership, or you can upgrade to the paid membership for the more advanced training and tools whenever you want in case that you decide to grow your business further.

You can check my full review of Wealthy Affiliate in order to learn more about this amazing platform and community of 2 million online entrepreneurs.


I hope you have enjoyed my article and you have learned how you can make money with Amazon as an affiliate marketer through Amazon Associates in 2020.

If you still need any help or have any question, please, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to answer you back asap 🙂

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