How To Make Money Gaming Online Even When You Are Asleep?

How To Make Money Gaming Online


Looking for a real method to make money gaming online? I’m talking about real money that comes in even when you are asleep. This is your opportunity to start your own online business in the Gaming world and start making passive income doing something you love.


Forget about the gaming applications you make pennies with (you will lose these pennies on the internet bill!), forget about playing games live that gets you money only when you keep playing. Forget about testing games that you can make few bucks with in your free time.


Let’s go to passive income (Making money even when you are asleep).


Just think about it, how much can you make money with live streaming yourself while playing online? and how much you would make while you are not playing. (e.g. sleeping, having dinner, taking a shower, chilling with your friends, …etc.)

Even if you record yourself playing some video game and you upload it to YouTube, how long would it take to get enough views in order to be able to apply for showing ads on your videos, and how much would you make per month after that.


These all are unsustainable methods to make money online with gaming or any other niche. Only people who don’t know how to make real money online go after these methods.

While the best method to make money for gamers isn’t any of these. It’s a method that generates you an income even when you are asleep.


So, What Is This Method That Makes Money With Online Gaming Even When You Are Not Playing?


Remember when you liked a game a lot that you recommended it to your friends in person or on your Facebook feed?

Did anyone buy it? I’m sure someone did!

Did the company that created the game make money with it? Absolutely!

Did they give you any of that money as a reward for bringing them new customers? NO!

Did you know that you could get paid for recommending their game? I bet you didn’t!


And the same applies for game consoles, controllers, gaming PC parts such as keyboards, motherboards, screen cards, speakers, screens, …etc. You can make money recommending anything that is related to the gaming world through something called Affiliate Marketing, which is the best way to create passive income.


So How Does That Work?


Affiliate Marketing is a concept in marketing where you get paid for recommending products to others and get them to purchase stuff through your own link (Affiliate Link).

An Affiliate Link is a unique link you take from the seller of the Game or the Gaming Console or from a marketplace that sells these items like Amazon. And when you share this link on your FB page, your website or your YouTube channel and someone clicks on it and buys the game or any other product, you get a commission for that.


This commission goes from 1% to 50%, or it might be a flat number like $3 for a free game download, which is easier. It all depends on the product, the manufacturer and the platform where hey are being sold.


Here is a screenshot from which shows that you can make commissions of 1-10% on the purchases that come through your link based on the purchased products.


Make Money With Gearbest


Now you might think that these are not big numbers. But this is not the right way to think about it. Because, different from live streaming where you get paid only when you play, here you make money continuously from any article you write or from any link you share in the description of your YouTube video.


This way, even though you are building a marketing business, you are doing it in a niche that you like. It’s exactly like if you were recommending a game that you like to a friend, except that you will get paid for doing so!


In addition, once you learn affiliate marketing from the source I will guide you to (you can start for free), you can do affiliate marketing in any other niche you like such as: Basketball, Baseball, Guitar, Drawing, Singing, Woodwork, …etc. literally anything you can think of! Affiliate Marketing is really a great way to generate stable income with the gaming world and any other world.


So, How Do You Do Affiliate Marketing In The Gaming World?


In order to start promoting games and gaming devices or accessories as an affiliate, you need some skills and tools in order to make it work.

Don’t worry! I will provide you with the training and tools for free in order to start.

But for now, let me explain the basic elements of affiliate marketing:


1 – You need the products or games that you can promote as an affiliate: Companies who sell stuff online, have something called affiliate program, which you can join for free and then get your affiliate link and start promoting their products.


In order to find the gaming companies that have affiliate programs, you simply go to Google search, type in “Games + Affiliate Program” or “Gaming Devices + Affiliate Program” or simply “Gaming + Affiliate Programs”, and Google will give thousands of results for affiliate programs in the gaming niche that you can start making money with!


Find Gaming Affiliate Program

Gaming Affiliate Programs


Not only that, also, Amazon has an affiliate program (aka Amazon Associates) that allows you to promote anything that is sold on and get commission if someone buys through your affiliate link. When it comes to the gaming niche, you can find anything related to this niche on Amazon and promote it from Games, Consoles, Controllers, Keyboards, Screens, Video Cards, CPU’s, …etc.


You can write reviews about products that you used yourself, or write Top-Ten lists of these products like: top 10 gaming keyboards, top 10 fighting games in 2019 and so on. And when someone reads your article and clicks the link to the products page on Amazon or any other platform and buys it, you get the commission.


Amazon Gaming Gear Affiliate


Also, there are other affiliate programs like PlayStation’s affiliate program that gives you credit vouchers if you bring subscribers through you referral link.


Make Money With PlayStation


Also, Twitch has an affiliate program that you can join under some conditions.


2 – You need a simple WordPress Website, even if a free one: (don’t freak out! No coding and no prior experience is needed). You can build one in 30 seconds! no joke. I will give you the tools and training.


3 – You need to write SEO friendly articles: Also I will give you a free training on that.


And when you write your articles, you will be targeting keywords that people use to search on Google such as: What is the best gaming graphic card, top-10 gaming keyboards, PlayStation 5 Review, New Fighting Games, …etc. And inside your article, you place your affiliate links to those products, and when someone finds your article on Google, they read it and buy something through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.


This is a great method that will get you money even when you are not playing games or not working. You write the content, rank it high on Google, and people will keep coming to your website and buy through your links even when you are asleep. Isn’t that awesome?!


And in order to start taking these steps, you will need to use some tools that will help you in becoming a successful marketer and start making money in the gaming world. And also you will need a basic training on the tools themselves and on the whole process.


But don’t worry, I will provide you with all the tools and training and get you start your affiliate marketing business for free!



So, Where To Start Learning This Method?


You can do this at


Wealthy Affiliate is a complete platform that provides you with the best affiliate marketing tools and gives you the most comprehensive training on these tools and on the whole process.


You can join for the free plan and update for the premium plan whenever you want. Or you can stay at the free membership as long as you would like. The free membership gives you the free tools, including 2 free websites for affiliate marketing, an advanced keyword research tool, a content editing platform, and it gives you the basic training in order to start finding affiliate programs to join and start creating SEO friendly content that makes you money.


Following are the modules of the first course, 10 FREE Lessons from the best in the industry!


Training To Make Money With Gaming


Click on this link in order to read my review for wealthy affiliate, and you can join for the free membership through the blue button. No need for the paid membership unless you decide to do so. You can stick to the free training and tools as long as you wish.


Go now and start with the free training and start your own journey in making money with the gaming world through affiliate marketing


Conclusion, Can You Really Make Money With Gaming Online?


Absolutely! There are many ways to generate income with Online & Video Games, but none of them is as passive and as sustainable as affiliate marketing.


And again, once you learn affiliate marketing, you can use it to generate income in any other niche.

As I mentioned earlier, no prior experience or technical knowledge is needed but you need some tools and a basic training in order to get started.


Also, as I mentioned, at Wealthy Affiliate you can find all what you need in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business. And even though they offer a free and a paid plan, you can start with the free membership and you can stick to it as long as you want.

Check my Wealthy Affiliate Review here and go through the blue button and begin learning and applying immediately. Start taking action TODAY!


Join Wealthy Affiliate


If you have any concerns or comments, please, leave them in the comment section below and I will be coming back to you as soon as possible!



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10 thoughts on “How To Make Money Gaming Online Even When You Are Asleep?”

  1. Thanks you Amjad,What a great perspective on earning money from a hobby that so many enjoy.

    I like how you show how to easily find affiliate programs for all the gear, games, accessories etc.

    From your research, what the best affiliate program in the gaming niche?

    Thank you for such an informative article!

    • Hello John and thank you for the question!

      Many programs are great, but Amazon is still one of the best because if you recommend anything related to gaming and someone clicks on your link to Amazon and buy something else within the same 24 hours, you get a commission for that as well. And most people trust Amazon and they buy easily from there.

      I hope that answers your question! Please, let me know if you need any help.


  2. So what you are saying is that I can play when I want, and by having a website that is promoting games, gaming equipment and consoles, I can make money when people buy from my website, while I play and even while I sleep.  It sounds almost too easy.  

    I am looking into this very seriously but I do have a question. How am I going to get people to my website?  You talk about SEO friendly articles, I think I understand the concept, but, if I decide to start my own website, how long do you think it will take for people to find me?

    • Hello Denis and thank you for the question!

      SEO takes anytime between 3-6 months to start getting you traffic, depending on how competitive your niche or the keyword itself is and how regularly you publish posts. 

      For one of this website which is in a very competitive niche compared to the Gaming niche, one of the articles made it Google results page 1 in less than two months, while others didn’t make it even after six months.

      As you go through the process and as you analyze the results after few months, you will become better at creating content that ranks faster and higher and gets more traffic. You just have to trust the process and be patient for the first three months.

      Please, let me know if you have any other questions!


  3. I really liked this post! as I was reading I was dying to see how you could make money while you sleep through gaming! 

    You really showed how this can be done through affiliate marketing and you are so right, I have recommended games that my friends have bought and not earned anything from the company so this is a great method of earning some money.

    Affiliate marketing sounds like the perfect home business and doing it through Wealthy Affiliate looks the ideal way with all the training they provide.

    • Hello Darren and thank you for the comment!

      Indeed, affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income if you are used to online games and gaming consoles and their accessories.

      Just start applying the training at wealthy affiliate and you will be ready to make money doing something you like.

      All the best!


  4. Very informative presentation.

    I’m m new to affiliate marketing platforms and interested to learn more. So impressed with WA platform and it’s set up. I wish I can get my skills improved quickly using Wealthy Affiliate platform so I can start earning with gaming online.


    • Hello Richard and thank you for passing by!

      Indeed, WA is a great place to learn how to generate online income with games or any other niche. Just try the free membership and I’m sure you will like it.

      Let me know if you need any help at any time!

  5. Nice plug to WA!

    Had I not went the route I did with my niche, I would have definitely went the gaming route. I have always been a big PC gamer and the gaming world, in general, is a huge market! As you stated, there is a plethora of gaming products to share and it is only growing. WA is the right path to take for sure!

    • I agree Brandon,

      Even if you already have another website, you can later start another one in the game niche and make money with it.

      But of course, don’t do that until your current website has already got consistent organic traffic and you have more time to focus on building a new website.

      All the best!



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