How To Create A Free Affiliate Marketing Website In 30 Seconds

How To Create A Free Affiliate Marketing Website in 30 Seconds

Trying to find how to create a Free website for Affiliate Marketing? No worries! I will help you do it in 30 seconds (not minutes)! In addition, you will get a free detailed training and great tools that you can use in your journey. And you will also get my personal support!

Where I recommend you to go is a place that will give you good flexibility on designing your free website, but without the need to learn much of the boring technical stuff.


Also, you will get a great step-by-step training that will lead you into creating your free website in less than 30 seconds, help you decide on the niche you want to work on, help you modify on the front look of your website to match the niche you have chosen, find topics to write about, find keywords to target, and most important, will teach you how to write quality content that ranks well on the search engines and that helps you get commissions when people read it.


Simply all what you need to start your affiliate business for no cost!


Note: This is a guide to create a free website for doing affiliate marketing through blogging, a not for CPA Marketing that requires a dedicated VPS Hosting that handles the PPV Traffic.


What Kind Of Free Website Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing?


A WordPress based website is the best website you need to use for your business.

WP websites are very easy to work with, there are thousands of free themes that you can choose from, some are already customized for a specific niche, some are not, but you can always customize any theme you would like to use easily. No need to learn any coding.


Also, WordPress Websites are really SEO friendly, this means it easier to get a WP website to rank high on the search engine results pages than it is with other websites. Google stated clearly that WordPress websites are already good for SEO.

Why do you need an SEO friendly website? Because this is what will get you best traffic: the free traffic from search engines.


There are many ways to drive traffic to your website such as social media, email, PPC ads, Display ads, ..etc. But it has been proved over and over again that this kind of traffic (free search engine traffic) is that most profitable & sustainable.

It is the most targeted kind of traffic as people are looking for solutions for problems, products to buy or programs to get involved in. These people are willing to take action and buy now, while this might not be the case in with the people coming to your website through other traffic sources.

In addition, SEO traffic is FREE, which makes it the most feasible source of traffic.


There Are Many Platforms That Provide Free WordPress Websites, Which One To Choose?


With a simple search, you can find many free WP website service providers. Which one to use depends on the goal of building the website, which is in our case Affiliate Marketing.


Now in this case, you need a platform that gives you the maximum possible flexibility in order to change the look of the website based on the niche you are in. Which is also available at different service providers, but not all.

You need a platform that allows you to add plugins, which is also available at some providers, and again, not all of them.

Your website should have an SSL certificate (security stuff, don’t worry!) which will make your website more trusted.

You need a basic training on how to work on your website. Provided by some.


As you can see from the above requirements, not all free website providers are equal, especially when it comes to using them for Building Affiliate Marketing Websites.


For this reason, you need to be careful before you start building your website, even if it was a free one. The cost of choosing the wrong place in this case isn’t in money, you can always start a new free website on another platform.


The real cost of choosing the wrong platform is in the time and effort you spend creating content on your website. That is your most valuable asset.


This is why I’m going to recommend the platform that grants you the most flexibility, reliability and security even with a free website.

In addition to all the above mentioned features, the platform I’m recommending is a complete platform that is designed for affiliate marketers to provide them with the necessary training (beginners & advanced), keyword research tool, content editing platform and many other stuff that you can benefit from.


So What Is This Platform That Gives All Of These Benefits For Free?


It’s Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete platform that is built to help internet entrepreneurs in general, and affiliate marketers in particular in building and maintaining their businesses.


The tools and training material can be very useful for anyone who wants to build an online business. The skills taught there can be really applied for any online business, even if they were originally tailored towards affiliate marketers. You can get full details about this platform by reading this article.


So, How To Start The First Free Website?


First of all, you need to create your free account at wealthy affiliate. You can do it through the big blue button in my review here. Or you can join directly through this link. (Do it now so that you follow me during the process!)


Step 1 – Insert your email and click the “Get Started” button, and on the next page enter your username and password, and login.


Free Sign Up



Step 2 – Then you will see the following screen, click on the tab called “Websites” in the left bar in the screenshot below.


WA Beginning


Step 3 – A pop up will open, click on the second option called “Site Builder”.

Website Manager Access


Step 4 – After that, you will be directed to a page where you choose your domain. For the free website choose the first option called “On A Free Domain”.


Register Free Domain Name


Step 5 – Another box will open as below, Fill in the first bar under the item “2. Choose a domain name for your website” (Screenshot after step no. 6 below).

Let’s assume you choose the name of your website “Best Digital Cameras”, then the domain name to fill in the bar should be “bestdigitalcameras” and the complete domain name will be “”

SiteRubix is the platform inside Wealthy Affiliate that is dedicated to building and managing WordPress websites.


Step 6 – After that, in the bar under item “3. Enter a title for your website” you will enter the name you have chosen for your website, in our example here it’s ” Best Digital Cameras”.


Choose Domain & Site Name


Step 7 – Now from item “4. Choose a design for your website” you choose the theme you want to use for your website. This is the general look you will give to your website.

There are a lot of themes that you can choose from. Keep scrolling down and you will find many.

Under each theme you can click on the option “Demo” to see how the theme looks like in details. And when you decide on a one of the themes, you hover over it with the cursor and click where it says “choose this theme”.


Choose The Theme

Don’t worry about choosing the right theme. You can always change it easily and you can customize almost any theme in the way you like.


Step 8 – You will get the following screen. Now click on the button “Click Here to Build This Website”


Build This Free Website

Congrats! Now you have your first free affiliate marketing website.


In few seconds, your website will be built and you will be redirected to the following page:


Free Website Access Credentials


This is where you can manage the main aspects of your Website Hosting.

The “Website URL” is where your website content will be accessible for people.

The “Admin Login URL” is where you go to the back end in order to manage your content. Admin details are the credentials you will use to login to your Admin Area. Don’t share these with anyone. You can also reset the password if you want.


Also, the blue button “Login Now” Will take you directly to the Admin Area without the need to type in your login credentials by yourself.


If you scroll down, you can see the box with the title “SitePlus +“. This is where you can increase your site speed through the Caching options available. And you can get a security SSL certificate for no cost. These two features are very important in order to get better rankings by Google and other search engines.


Caching & SSL For Free Affiliate Website


Also, the Spam Blocker feature is very useful and protects you from automated spam messages that are set by some people commenting on others’ websites in order to get a backlink to their own websites. This feature will save you a lot of time instead of monitoring and dealing with such comments by yourself.


Scroll down further and you will find the following box “PageSpeed Insights”. This is where you can find which content has been indexed by Google. You can also test each page or post you have on your website for the speed using Google Speed Test and you can find how fast your website is on both Mobile and Desktop devices.


Page Speed Insights For Free Website


Managing Your Website


Now going back to the login credentials section on the upper part of the same page, click on the “Login Now” button and you will be directed to the Admin Area of your website. Here is where you can manage your website, change and customize the theme, install and manage plugins, create content, edit existing content, moderate comments, add new users (admin, editor, author, …etc.).


Admin Area For Free Affiliate Website


For the part of creating content, there is also a great tool inside your Wealthy Affiliate membership area called “SiteContent” that is very clean and user-friendly. It has a lot of options that allows you increase your efficiency while writing content, allows you to set monthly goals and track them, create templates that you can use for different types of articles, and many other benefits. You can explore it through the free training as explained in the next section.


Congrats! Now you are ready to go your free affiliate marketing website.


So, What Are The Next Steps For Making Money With The Free Affiliate Marketing Website?


Now you need to start creating content that is SEO friendly so that Google and other search engines will find it and show it to the people looking for it.

For that you need to learn the basics of SEO, Web Content Writing, Reviews Writing, Usage of Images inside blog posts and some other skills. But don’t worry! You are covered.


Go back to your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, and from the left side bar, click on the button called “Training” and the following pop-up will show you the different categories of training material.


Training For Free Websites For Affiliates


As a free member you get an access to the basic training that allows you to start creating quality content for your website.

Click on the tab that says “Online Entrepreneur Certification”, and will find different levels of the training, each with 10 lessons.


As a free member, you get an access to the first level (10 lessons). Each of these lessons contains a number of tasks your will apply on your website in order to build it through the process, a Hands-On Training.

Click on Level 1 “Getting Started” and you will be directed to following page where you can see the 10 lessons associated to this level.



First Level Of Training


As you can see in the image above, you will learn in this level how you can make money online through affiliate marketing, the best passive income method, research and choose your niche, build your first website (as I showed you above), setting up your website and preparing it for search engines, start creating quality content that converts visitors into customers and many other skills. Just start with lesson 1 and you will see how amazingly organized and detailed the training is.



So now that I have provided you with the best place to create a free website for affiliate marketing purposes, and if you haven’t applied the above instructions while reading this article, then I encourage you to go and join Wealthy Affiliate for free through my article (Click the Blue Button below), and start with the first level of the training as I explained in the latest section above and you will be guided by the training in small steps that are crafted especially to help you start your journey.


Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free


And if you have any question, please let me know in the comments section below and I will be happy to help you out.


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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Free Affiliate Marketing Website In 30 Seconds”

  1. I do agree Wealthy Affiliate seems like a pretty good platform for setting up a Affiliate Marking website, it appears to be really easy to get up and running.

    It’s nice to see that Wealthy Affiliate offers more then just a website and hosting. It seems like it is your one stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about affiliate marketing.

    Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone thinking about getting into Affiliate Marketing? How easy is it? What obstacles does one face during the initial process? etc…

    • Hello Salvatore and thank you for your question!

      The most important tip regarding getting into affiliate marketing is to be consistent and patient. 

      Like any other business, affiliate marketing requires you to put the time and effort into it. But the trick here, is that because you relay on SEO, which takes some time to start showing some results, some people get full of doubts and think that this will never work.

      But this is part of process! It is completely normal not to see results in the first few months. But unfortunately, many people quit early. Those who don’t quit and keep taking action, are the one who succeed. Just trust in the process and stay patient.

      All the best!


  2. Thank you Amjad for such a thorough article!

    I have a question on hosting, how important is it to have hosting with cPanel access? I know that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have this? Has this been an issue in your experience?
    Is there anything that I am missing out on without it?

    Thank you! 


    • Hello John and thank you for your question!

      I don’t think there are other free website builders that give an access to the cPanel. I don’t think it is technically possible. 

      But in general, I use Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder in order to build my registered domain websites, and I never had an issue as long as I can create a custom domain email address and I have an FTP access to the website. Also, I can create more admin accounts for the same website, which is great. And don’t forget the SSL certificates.

      In addition, you can, from the website builder platform, crate many websites and add them to the same hosting package.

      You can even create sub-domains for your dot com websites. 

      In general, it’s actually like have the cPanel in a more user-friendly look and without the confusing look that might scare newbies who never owned a website before. 

      If you have a specific need that might need the cPanel and need me to check if it is available through the Website Builder platform, please, let me know and I will check it for you.




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