How To Choose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing, And Why Is It Important?

How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing Website


If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, then probably you already heard that it is important to pick a profitable niche in order to find success in this field. But how to choose a niche in Affiliate Marketing? And why is it so important? I will explain to you in this guide why and how to find a profitable niche for your online business.

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But first of all, let’s discuss the most important term here:



What Is A Niche?


In simple words, a Niche in marketing refers to a group of people the have something common between them. This common thing might be something out of their control such as, gender, age group, country of origin, a health situation, a problem …etc. It could be a status such as, parenting, marital status, …etc. Or it might be a job, hobby, interest, passion or an activity that they share.

This means that this group of people, might be interested in the specific products, programs, activities, …etc. Which leads us to answer the next question:



Why Is Picking A Niche Important InThe Online Business World?


In Affiliate Marketing, and in the Online Business World in general, it is important to build trust with your audience, so that they become repeat customers on the long run. In order to build this trust, they need to look at you as an authority in what you are providing them with.

If you, for example, build an online business that is general and touches every possible niche or sub-niche thinking that this way you would acquire a larger audience, and get more clients as a result, then you probably have to change your mindset, because this won’t work.

If you want your business to be about everything and to serve everyone, then your business will end up about nothing and will serve no one!

When people in a certain niche look for some information, advice, or a product online, they are looking for the answer from someone who is perceived as an expert in that subject. Not from someone who is trying to be everything and everywhere.

By building a general business you will not be building a loyal audience, people might read your content, but it is highly unlikely that they would buy from you or from the products you promote as an affiliate marketer.

While if you prove yourself to be an expert in a specific niche, or even a sub-niche, then the audience of that niche will start to look at you as someone they can trust and someone they can look at when they need answers to questions in your field of expertise.


In addition, when you specify your niche, it becomes easier for you to learn faster about it and keep growing in that niche, build content, create your own products or find related products to promote through your reviews as an affiliate marketer.

In addition, it becomes much easier to build your E-mail list from your audience, which is a very important and powerful tool in the online business world.


But more important than everything, is that having a specific niche helps Google and other search engines to know what your website is about and helps to get your website content rank faster and higher on the search engine results pages.


But now we have another decision to make:




Go A Broad Niche Or A Sub-Niche?


We explained why a niche is important, but the question to answer now is: should you go for a broad niche or for a sub-niche? For example, if you want to promote affiliate programs related to Basketball, should you make a general website and promote anything related to Basketball, or should you niche-down and make your website about only Basketball Shoes and apparel or Basketball training programs, or even niche further into Basketball training programs for kids, youth, college, …etc.

The answer to some extent depends on your niche in terms of how wide it is, how large the related audience is, on your experience in that niche, the time and resources you afford to put building your online business and on the level of income you intend to eventually make depending on your online business.

You might be afraid about going too narrow in your niche and eventually not finding enough affiliate programs to promote, but the reality is, their’s hardly a small niche. In every niche or sub-niche you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of products that you can promote. If not convinced, just go to Google and search for the statement “Niche + Affiliate Program” and you will be surprised to how many products or programs you will find to promote as an affiliate.

As an example, if we search for affiliate programs in the Basketball niche, we will find hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs in this niche, as in the following image


Finding Affiliate Programs in a Niche


And if you go for the sub-niche Basketball Apparel, you will also find a lot of programs that you can promote. As in the following image:


Finding Affiliate Programs in a Sub-Niche


And some if you look for the sub-niche “Basketball Shoes”, “Basketball Training Program”, “Basketball Drills”, “Basketball Drills for Kids”, …etc.


Same applies to other niches such as the health niche for example. There are many sub-niches related to every problem, illness, disease, …etc. There are many sub-niches related to the Beauty Medicine, and many can be divided for men, women, kids, and so on.


In my opinion, even if you have a lot of time and want to go broad, at the beginning start with one sub-niche, build a good amount of content related to it, become an authority in that sub-niche, and then you can expand to other niches in that are related to the some broad niche.


Now that we know the importance of choosing a niche and the options we have, let’s answer the main question:



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How To Choose A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing Websites?


When it comes to choosing a niche, most important in my opinion is that you choose a niche that you would like working on. Don’t just go for a niche because you read that their’s a good amount of money in it. The last thing you want is to feel as if you have a second job that you don’t like.

The niche could be a bout a hobby that you have, something you are passionate about (even comic books 😉 ), a problem you are good at solving, something you practiced at your job (but still like to do), and so on.

In addition, it is better to choose a niche that is evergreen. By Evergreen, I mean a niche that is not trending for few years, and not seasonal for few days or months around the year. For example, most of the health niches are evergreen because their will always be someone looking for a solution for a specific problem. The kids niche and its sub-niches are evergreen, the pregnancy, first time mothers, motherhood in general, engagement, marriage, are all evergreen niches and sub-niches.

While on the other hand, the Football Snack Helmets is a seasonal niche, and so are the Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, New Year, Football World Cup Championship and so on. Even though they come frequently, but they come in specific times of the year or every few years.

But even the seasonal niches can be very profitable if they have a passionate audience or if they have a low competition.

If you still can’t think of something, then let me help you find one through the following methods:


1 – E-commerce Platforms:

Platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Clickbank (for digital products) are great places to start your search for finding a profitable niche.

For example, if you go to, hover with your mouse over the word “Departments” in the main menu, a dropdown menu will appear with all the main categories of products that you can promote as an affiliate. And if you hover over any of those categories, another menu will show up with the sub-categories of each main category. You can choose any category or sub-category to be the niche you want to build your affiliate marketing business around.


Finding Niches for Affiliate Marketing through Amazon


In the some way you can use Ebay and Etsy to find niches to promote as an affiliate marketer.

And in the some way you can utilize Clickbank, but what is different here is that Clickbank is an E-commerce platform for selling Digital Products such as Training courses, E-books, Websites/Programs Subscriptions, …etc.

The following screen shots shows you the main categories listed in Clickbank, and of course, each category has its own sub-categories and each one of those has a number of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer.


Using Clickbank to Find a Niche


Go to these market places and check the products available in the categories or sub-categories you know about and you would like to work on, see how popular and selling these products, check the commissions for each purchase, and then you might decide which niche you want to work on.


2 – Magazines:

Magazines are another great place you can leverage to find niches. There are of course general magazines, but also their are a lot of niche-based magazines that you can go through to find niches or sub-niches. Another great way is to check the advertisements in those magazines. These are indicators that these niches has products to promote as an affiliate.

You can either check the magazines at a local store in your neighborhood, or you can visit dedicated websites such as, Check the “Categories” tab in the main menu and go to one of the categories and see the available magazines in that main category.

Using Magazines to Search for Niches for Affiliate Marketing



3 – Google Instant:

Another great way that you can leverage to find niches for affiliate marketing is Google Instant. If you go to Google Search Engine and start typing the name of a broad niche, e.g. Yoga, then Google will start giving you suggestions for different search terms people often use in order to search for products, answers, solutions to problems related to that niche as in the following image


Using Google Instant for Finding sub-niches for websites



4 – My Best Resource, Wealthy Affiliate:

If you are still confused and still don’t know which niche to pick for your affiliate marketing business, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing, then let me help you by introducing you to the best platform to learn affiliate marketing from the scratch. Not only that, but it’s a platform where you can also find many tools to utilize through your journey as an internet marketer, such as the keyword research tool, Web Hosting, Content Editing Platform and many other useful tools.

But most important, is that Wealthy Affiliate has a very comprehensive training developed by some of the most experienced affiliate marketers out there. This will help you in further investigating and the studying the competition in the niche you would like to target. And the community there will help you in whatever you ask for.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership here, and while going through the free training, you will have a better idea about how to choose your niche and how to start building your website and start promoting products through reviews as an affiliate. You can remain in the free membership or you can upgrade to the paid membership if you want to get the advanced training. But as a start, the free membership is enough. Check my review here and you will find a link that will take you to the sign up page.





As we have seen, choosing a niche for an online business, especially in the affiliate marketing industry is really important in order to build a loyal audience that will take your recommendations into consideration.

Going after a broad or a narrow niche is up to you and depends on many factors such as the niche itself, the targeted audience, the time you are willing to put into building your website and your plans. But better is to start with a sub-niche and then expand if you have the time.

There are many criteria that you can utilize in order to find a profitable niche. Better to pick an evergreen niche that you will enjoy working on, has an audience that are passionate about it, or solves a painful problem.

Some ways to finding a profitable niche is to look through niche based magazines, E-commerce platforms, Google Search and above all, Wealthy Affiliate Training.


I hope that you found this article helpful and that you now know how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing. If you still have any problem or any questions, please, let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out. And if you found this article helpful, please, share it with someone who might be interested in.

And most important, don’t forget to join Wealthy Affiliate in order to learn more about affiliate marketing.


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4 thoughts on “How To Choose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing, And Why Is It Important?”

  1. Thanks for the explanation of what a niche is. I have this question in mind that keeps me bothering for days after reading this article of yours…

    In the offline, I own several businesses, and I do good in all of them. I can manage all of them at the same time. Do you think I can do the same with doing business online? I mean, I plan to start several niche websites for multiple streams of income. Is that plan okay?

    • Hello Gomer and thank you for your important question!

      Actually, many affiliate marketers own and manage more than one website, and they are making money with all of them, and that’s great.

      However, if you decide to do so, then I would recommend to focus at one niche website at the beginning, create a good amount of content and start ranking on search engines and start getting traffic. And after you start to generate revenue with that website, you might think of starting the next website. But keep in mind that you have to keep publishing content frequently to the first website so that you keep the rankings on search engines.

      In general, the more frequent you create quality content to a single website, the faster you that content will get ranked by the search engines. 

      I hope you find my answer helpful. Please, let me know if you still have concerns.

      All the best!


  2. Dear Amjad
    Thanks for the great article about choosing a niche. I would like to comment also that you can find profitable niche idea on social networks like Quora , Facebook, google groups and so on . The ideas are in the question and answers to people problems .
    An other thing to eyeball the SERPS for competition around the niche or the sub-niche subjects that you would like to go for.
    After many trials and errors , i found that your recommendation regarding Wealthy Affiliates platform is the best way to learn how to choose a profitable niche step by step .

    • Dear Sam,

      Many thanks for the valuable and helpful comment!

      Indeed, looking for people’s problems and questions on social media is a great way to find opportunities when it comes to niches. 

      And I fully agree, it is always better to check out the competition in the niche you are targeting, and this is why I highly recommend everyone trying to learn Affiliate Marketing to join Wealthy Affiliate as they teach a lot of skills and provide many useful tools that will help affiliate marketers learn and grow. In addition, the great community is always there to offer free help and support.




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