How Does NerdWallet Make Money?

How Does Make Money

Interested in creating a website that works like NerdWallet but you don’t know how to profit with it, and no, you are asking how does NerdWallet make money?

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Don’t worry! I will explain to you in less than five minutes how this huge finance-related website makes money and how you can start a website that makes you money with the same NerdWallet business model.

And I will tell you about the place where you get all the training, tools and support to learn and start your NerdWallet-like business without any prior experience or technical knowledge.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.

How Does NerdWallet Make Money?

NerdWallet makes money by referring credit card, mortgage, refinance, and loan companies and services to people who need them, in exchange for a commission on every prospect or client they bring to those companies.

And this model that NerdWallet follows in their money is called affiliate marketing, or referral marketing.

And this is a legit model of making money online, and it is my favorite way of generating income personally.

And to make it easy to understand, look at this example:

On NerdWallet’s website, you will find thousands of articles like:

  • Best credit cards for 2020
  • Best car insurance companies
  • Best brokers for stocks
  • Reviews of loan companies
  • … Etc.

Let’s take this example from the article called “Best Credit Cards of August 2020”, where you will find a list of the best credit cards to get in US at the mentioned month, with buttons that you can click on them in order to visit the credit card issuer and apply for one:

NerdWallet Business Model

If you click on the button that says “Apply Now”, you will get directed to the website of the card issuer through a unique link that the card company has given only to NerdWallet (affiliate link).

NerdWallet Affiliate Links

And if anyone who clicks on that button, goes to the credit card company and fills in the application to get the card, NerdWallet (the affiliate) will get a commission for that prospect or lead.

And this commission might range anywhere from $20 to $50 or even more depending on the card itself, the issuing company, the country, …etc.

And this is how the website makes money and how NerdWallet’s business model works in a nutshell.

And many other financial websites make money with this model.

For example, this is one of three ways how Investopedia makes money.


Can You Make Money with NerdWallet’s Business Model?


Millions of people make money with the same way that NerdWallet uses to make money online.

I personally am an affiliate marketer and I make money with this method.

And the nice thing about this method is that you don’t have to create a website that is as big as NerdWallet in order to make money with the same method they make money with.

Affiliate marketing sites come at all sizes and scales.

Even better, your affiliate website doesn’t have to talk about the same topics like NerdWallet does. It doesn’t have to be about financial services, credit cards, loans, …etc.

You can make an affiliate business about any niche you choose, like basketball, yoga, woodworking, singing, piano learning, drawing, bicycles, cooking, dieting, magic tricks, gardening, plumbing, …etc.

I have several affiliate websites in different niches that utilize the NerdWallet way of making money in order to generate income for myself.



Make Money Like in 3 Steps

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1 – Choose Your Topic

This called the “Niche”, which means that segment of people or the audience that might be interested or in need in whatever you promote on your website.

For example, NerdWallet’s niche is financing for individuals and companies, but this is a very big niche under which falls mini-niches or sub-niches like student loans, car insurance, small business loans, travel credit cards, …etc.

If you want to build a website in the financing marketing, then you might tackle only one of these small niches at the beginning, and as you grow your business later, you can scale up into other niches.

And the same applies to other markets.

For example, if you want to make your affiliate business about basketball, you can focus on basketball for kids, for high school students, for adults, or you can make your niche about increasing vertical jump like I do with one of my websites.

Websites That Make Money Like NerdWallet

And so on.

You need to choose a niche in order to be able to do relevant promotions and to connect properly with your audience and make money with the NerdWallet’s business model.


2 – Start a Simple Website Like NerdWallet

Creating a website from scratch has never been easier.

All what you need is a WordPress website that doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience.

This is the same way I create all my affiliate websites, including the one you are on now.

You just need a domain name, a respectful hosting company, and the desire to put in the work.

And in case that you need help in finding everything you need in order to start your affiliate website, then don’t worry, I will guide you in the next section to the same place where I personally went when I was just starting.


3 – Start Creating Content & Monetize it with Offers Like NerdWallet Does

You can find these offers in order to monetize your website everywhere.

I have written an article about the 7 free methods and tools to find affiliate programs in any niche.

And if you want offers like the ones that NerdWallet promotes, then using OfferVault, I can type in the search bar “credit card” and it would give me a list of the available offers that I can promote as an affiliate if I had a website that is related to financing and credit cards like NerdWallet.

Offers to Promote Like NerdWallet

Notice that each offer has a different payout (commission), and some of them require that the referral you bring to fill a form, and some requires the referral to make a phone call with the company, in order for you to deserve the commission.

And the best way to bring visitors to your website where you show them your promotions is by writing reviews each one of these offers or companies, or by writing list-based posts where you promote several offers at the same time like NerdWallet does.


That’s how you personally can start making money with the method that NerdWallet uses in order to make money.

And if you are interested in starting a business that makes you money with this method, but you don’t know where to start from, then the next section is for you.


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The Best Place to Start Your NerdWallet-Like Website

The best place to start an affiliate business and make money with the same way that NerdWallet makes money is the place where I personally learned this model.

And this place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This place provides you with everything you need in order to start from scratch and build a long-term business that makes money like how NerdWallet makes money.

They provide you with the step-by-step affiliate marketing training, best tools, best web hosting with premium support, and the amazing community support of 2 million internet entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you need any assistance.

And the great thing is that this platform I recommend provides you with everything I mentioned for the cost of the training without any upsells or hidden fees, and it is very affordable when compared to other programs that teach you how to do affiliate marketing.

Even better, this program offers a free membership plan in order to try it before paying any money.

And the free membership grants you an access to the first level of the training that consists of 10 lessons that will give you the basics of how affiliate marketing works.

Learn to Make Money Like NerdWallet

You can check out my complete Wealthy Affiliate review here and join them from there for the free membership at the beginning before you decide whether you want to upgrade to the paid membership or not.



I hope that you found my article helpful and that you now understand how NerdWallet makes money.

If you are interested in starting a website that makes you money with the same model, then you can go ahead with my recommended program in the previous section, and start building your business today.

Remember that you don’t need your website to be as big as, and you don’t need to work in the financing related market. You can make money with the NerdWallet business model in any niche.

If you still have any question, or in case that you need help with anything mentioned here, then drop me a comment below and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible 🙂

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