How Does Kayak Make Money?

How Does Make Money

Ever wondered how this online booking platform is worth probably over a billion dollars without owning properties, cars or airplanes, and now you are asking how does Kayak make money?

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And most important, can you personally make money with the business model?

These are legit questions that many people ask, especially the ambitious ones who are looking for ways to make money with online businesses but don’t know where to go.

Don’t worry, because in five minutes from now you will understand very well how the website makes money and profit.

And most important, at the end of this short article, I will tell you where to go if you want to make money with the same model that Kayak follows.


How Does Kayak Make Money?

Kayak makes money by connecting referring potential customers who are looking for hotel rooms, flights, trips, guides, and rental cars to the companies who provide these services, in exchange for a commission that gets from these companies for every reservation that happens through their website.

And this business model that the Kayak website follows is called affiliate marketing, and it is a legit business model for making money online, and this is how I personally make money. Business Model

And the commission that Kayak gets on every booking that happens through them depends on the services itself, the provider, the country and the season.

This is the same way how Skyscanner makes money online, and how makes money in addition to many other online booking websites.


Can You Personally Make Money with The Business Model?


Actually, I currently make the most of my income with the same model followed by

And the nice thing about this business model is that you don’t need to start as big as and spend millions on branding in order to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can create an affiliate marketing business at any scale you want.

Even better, your affiliate business doesn’t have to be related to booking hotels, flights and similar services. It could be about almost any topic that you can imagine.

For example, I have a website about teaching people to jump higher for dunking in basketball where I promote online training courses as an affiliate and get commissions for the sales I bring.

Make Money With The Kayak Model

You can make an affiliate business related to a hobby that you have like soccer, drawing, singing, playing piano, …etc.

Or it could be about a passion or a cause like cooking, veganism, Yoga, green energy, …etc.

And it could be about something you are knowledgeable about or a skill you have like graphic design, web hosting, home maintenance, …etc.

I have different affiliate businesses in different topics that make me money like Kayak makes money with reservations.


Can You Make Money with itself?


Actually you can create a mini-website that is related to travel and tourism, and you can join Kayak’s affiliate program and place ads for them on your site, and when someone clicks on those ads and books something through, Kayak will then give you 50% of the commission they themselves get from the service provider.

Or you can place the search widget that belongs to Kayak on your website, and when people use it to look for a hotel, a trip, a guide, a flight, or a car and book it, you will get a commission on that sale.

Make Money with The Kayak Affiliate Program

That’s how you can make money with, it’s by working as their affiliate, exactly like they work as affiliates to the service providers.


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Create a Website That Makes Money Like in 3 Steps


1 – Decide Who Your Audience Is

This is what we call a niche in affiliate marketing.

This is the group of people you want to show your promotions to in order to make them buy what you recommend on your website so that you get a commission.

For example, your audience could be people looking to travel to a certain country like Malaysia.

Or maybe, your audience could be people who like to do yoga retreats or cruising trips.

You need to cater to a certain audience.


2 – Create a Simple Website

It doesn’t to be as big as

And most important, you don’t need any prior experience or technical knowledge in order to create a website that makes you money with the same method that makes money with.

Thanks to WordPress, you can create a website in few minutes without technical expertise. You just need a reputable hosting company and a domain name, and I will tell you in the following section where to find these at a really low cost.

I personally have many affiliate sites and I can’t write a single line of code, and I don’t to know how to do so.

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3 – Create Content & Monetize it Like

Here’s the important part.

In order to bring people to your site and make money with them through the business model, you need to start creating content on your website that answers your audience questions that they ask on Google such as:

  • The Best restaurants in Malaysia.
  • Best hotels in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Yoga retreats in Malaysia.
  • Cruising trips to Malaysia.

And so on.

Create a Website Like Kayak

And inside each of these articles you recommend the best services you found through a unique link (affiliate link), which tracks all the referrals you send from your website to those service provider in order to credit you for the sales and give you commissions like they give to when Kayak refers customers to them.


Another option, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to make things easier for yourself, you can join Kayak’s affiliate program and place their search widget on your site, and when someone uses it to look for hotels or other services that are listed on Kayak, and they book that service, will get a commission from that hotel or service provider, and they will give you 50% of what they get.

And with these three simple steps, you can make money with the same model that follows to make money online.

And if you are interested in starting a business that generates you income like Kayak, but you don’t know where to go or how to start, then don’t worry, because in the next section I will reveal the same place where I personally went when I started making money with affiliate marketing.


Where to Go to Start Your Money Making Website?

I promised to tell you where I personally learned how to make money with Kayak’s business model.

And this place is an online platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform provided me (and will provide you) with all what I needed in order to start from scratch and grow several affiliate businesses that make money like the Kayak website.

And my websites are not only related to travel and tourism, but I have websites related to jumping for sports, Mediterranean diet, magic tricks, lucid dreaming, and some other topics.

This is the nice thing about this method of making money online, you can choose whatever topic you want to work on and promote any products or services in any market.

You don’t have to work on topics related to travel and booking like it is with, it’s just an option.

And at this platform that I recommend you to join today you will find all what you need in order to start your Kayak-like business today without any previous knowledge, including:

  • The detailed, step-by-step affiliate marketing training course.
  • The advanced affiliate marketing tools.
  • The premium web hosting with the amazing support so that you don’t worry about handling technical issues.
  • And most important, the amazing support of more than 2 million internet entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you need any assistance or have any question.

This platform offers all what you need in order to start an online business that makes you money like with the same method that Kayak follows to make money and profit.

And the nice thing is that this platform provides you with everything I mentioned above for a very affordable cost. No upsells and no hidden fees.

Even better, this platform offers a Starter membership (100% FREE) to try it before paying any money.

And the free plan gives you access to the first full level of the training (10 lessons) that will teach you the basics of the business model.

Learn to Make Money Like

If you are really interested and serious about making money like, check out my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review in order to see how to get the free plan and start before you decide whether you want to upgrade to the paid membership or not.



I hope that my short article was helpful in letting you understand how Kayak makes money and generates profit online.

If you want to start your business that makes you money with the same model of, then go ahead with the platform I recommended in the previous section, and start building your website today.

Remember that you can start at a very low scale, you don’t need to start as big as Kayak.

And better, you don’t need to work in the industries related to booking, travel and tourism, that’s just an option.

If you still have any question or you need any help with anything I mentioned in this article, please, leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

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