Home Wealth Business Review – A Scam Or $3,000 A Day?

Home Wealth Business Review

Is it really possible to make $1,387 per day working less than 3 hours on your laptop or mobile phone? Join me in this Home Wealth Business Review in order to know if Brian Thompson is a real person or just another scam that is after your money.


They claim that this “system” can help make you become a millionaire with such a little effort. Or that you can make $3,000+ working 10 minutes a day!


I have come across many of these magical “done-for-you” programs and systems that promise you to be able to make thousands of dollars per week or day with such a little effort by clicking few times a day on your laptop’s keyboard or your smartphone’s screen or sometimes, doing nothing.


And I know how it feels to want to believe what they say and wanting to “give it a try, it may work!”.


They think that they can outsmart everyone into buying there “systems”, but you are also smarter and that’s why you are looking for reviews about this Home Wealth Business system before you buy it.

Congrats! You made the right decision.


I will show you below my honest opinion about this system just from the video on their sales page. And I will guide you to learn what is the right way to make money online through a 100% LEGIT and real method that many others use to generate money online, including myself.


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Home Wealth Business Review Summary

  • Name: Home Wealth Business
  • Website: www.homewealthbusiness.com
  • Founders: Brian Thompson. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Recommended? No


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 20 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


What Is Home Wealth Business?

What Is Home Wealth Business


In brief: Home Wealth Business is a program that promises you to be able to make thousands of dollars per day fast and with little effort through affiliate marketing.


Here’s the first surprise, the video on the sales page is the same video that was used to sell another “done-for-you system” that used to be called Internet Wealth Business!!!


Is Home Wealth Business A Scam

These people keep reproducing one system after the other by changing the domain name of the name of the product itself. And after they get exposed, they change the name of the “system” again and re-market it as a new one.


But let’s continue…


The guy speaking in the sales video claims that he crafted a “system” that you can use in order to do affiliate marketing without relying on Google or the normal paid ads that are, as he claims, “designed to make Google rich and keep you poor”.

That’s strange as if people would get poor because of Google, then they would stop using it at all!


And then comes the second surprise:

The video shows FAKE testimonials about people claiming that they make thousands per day with the Home Wealth Business system and one of them even claims that he has become an “Internet Millionaire” thanks to this system!


I know how tempting it feels to wanting to believe these claims and testimonials and to “give it a try, it may work“. But I also know that there’s nothing such as a system that can make you this amount of money with such a little effort.

I will show the proof that these are fake testimonials by paid actors below.


This is similar to many other “get rich overnight” and “done-for-you-” programs and systems that I reviewed recently like in the following posts:


They all claim that you can make thousands of dollars per week or even per day working only few minutes or hours right from the beginning.

They all are either exaggerating the possible results, or are even complete scams.


And as someone who has already come across many programs and systems that are supposed to make you money online, and someone who tried different ways of making money online, I can tell you that these claims and promises are completely far from the truth and unrealistic.


And the ones who really make thousands of dollars from these programs are the ones that are selling them to you and others!


I’m sorry, but there’s really nothing like a completely “done-for-you” system or software that can help you make thousands a day by working so little or without you making real effort in advance or adding a huge value.


I will show you with the screenshots below why this is a lie!


So, How Does Home Wealth Business Actually Work?

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay the first $47 to join the “System”?


In general, they talk about affiliate marketing, which is a great way of making money online, and it is the way that I personally do and recommend. But it is not as easy as they make it seem.


They show you fake testimonials and stolen screenshots from others, they show fancy houses, yachts and fast cars in order to brainwash people and make them believe that they can get rich easily.


Affiliate Marketing works by building a real presence online and by building your brand and authority. Which is something that takes time and effort in order to develop.


There’s nothing like what the Home Wealth Business guys claim that they have developed a system that makes you thousands of dollars a day easily without relying on Google or the main advertising platforms.


Of course, you can use tools to automate some tasks such as sending scheduled e-mails for example, but that’s only one part of the whole process or business.

You are the one who builds the affiliate marketing business and uses the tools in order to help him save the time and do some tasks more efficiently.


You have to add value by yourself in one way or another.


There’s NO complete done-for-you system or solution. If there was one, then everybody would jump to it and it wouldn’t work anymore.

That’s NOT how affiliate marketing work!


If you want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, then you need to learn it the right way, which is something you can learn at places like Wealthy Affiliate for example.


But I will give you a brief about it here. In order to make money with this method, you should follow the following main steps:

  1. Research and find a profitable niche for your Affiliate Marketing business. (a group of people with a common interest, hobby, job, problem, …etc.).
  2. Find solutions to the problems these people have, or what products they might benefit from. (products from Amazon for example).
  3. Create a website and create useful content recommending these solutions and products, and share your affiliate link (unique link) inside the content you create.
  4. Publish your content properly, and when someone comes across it and buys anything through your link, you get a commission from the seller.


How Does Home Wealth Business Work


That’s how affiliate marketing works, and that’s how you make money with it. And that’s what you learn to do at my top recommended platform.


You don’t just join a system and work few hours or minutes a day and expect thousands of dollars from day one.

You need to take the time and effort in order to research and find how you can help others with what you promote.


What I Like About Home Wealth Business

  • That the main idea they talk about is Affiliate Marketing. But of course, not as they describe it.


What I Don’t Like About Home Wealth Business

Not sure where to start from. But let’s start with the video on their sales page:


1. Fake Testimonials By Actors!

These where exposed by WorkAnywhereNow.com in this review. These guys are paid actors that you can hire from fiverr.com in order to record these testimonials for you.

Home Wealth Business Testimonials
Courtesy Of WorkAnywhereNow.com

Unfortunately, this is a common trend among many scammy and shady programs that promise you fast-easy money.

And the same applies to the other guys.

I think this is an enough reason NOT to trust these guys.

But let’s continue…


2. Unrealistic Claims That Don’t Make Sense

They say that you can easily start making $1300+ a day working only three hours, and sometimes they say $3,000+ a day working 10 minutes or on autopilot!!


Home Wealth Business Results

And all of that without putting real effort and without relying on Google or the main advertising platforms.

That’s a complete lie. There’s nothing like a complete system that starts making you thousands so easily and so quickly.


3. Who Is Brian Thompson?

He claims to be one of the top internet marketers. But I’ve never heard of him before this program and he doesn’t have any real online presence or brand.


If you google him, you will find someone’s website or LinkedIn profile with the same name, but on that website, there’s nothing about the Home Wealth Business!!


If you developed such a great “system”, wouldn’t you want to write about it on your personal website at least?!!

And more, they actually don’t show any face in the video.

Catch him if you can!


4. $47 For What?

They don’t describe what you get before you pay your money.

They only sell you on the dreams and the promised luxury lifestyle.


Don’t put your money in a place where you have no idea at all of what you get in return.


Who Is Home Wealth Business For?

For whoever believes that there’s such a complete done-for-you system that can bring them $1,300 a day working few minutes or even three hours only.


Conclusion – Is Home Wealth Business A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Home Wealth Business
  • Website: www.homewealthbusiness.com
  • Founders: Brian Thompson. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Recommended? No


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 20 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


I can’t say other than this is a scam as it claims that you make thousands per day through a done-for-you system. And especially with the fake testimonials.


If the program talks about anything, then it’s affiliate marketing, which is as I mentioned earlier, my preferred method of making money online.

But unfortunately, such programs are ruining the reputation of this method by giving such claims and promises of making money fast without much effort just so that they can sell their programs.


So, What Is The Right Way & What Alternative For The Home Wealth Business Is There?

As I mentioned earlier, what is claimed by the Home Wealth Business of making $3,000 a day on autopilot with affiliate marketing without real effort through their done-for-you system doesn’t make sense at ALL.


There are many ways of doing affiliate marketing, and each one of them requires some effort in advance before you start seeing any results.


But the best way to do it is through building an online presence through building a brand and authority that would make people trust what you recommend and buy it.

And this happens through building a blog where you can create useful content that helps people.


And don’t be scared! Building a blog these days is easier than it has ever been when it comes to the technical side. You don’t need to learn coding, and absolutely, you don’t need any previous experience in this field.


Actually, at my recommended alternative, you can get your website up and running in 30 SECONDS!! Yes, you read that right, 30 seconds and NOT minutes.


And at this alternative, you will learn how to create the quality content that can get you the FREE traffic from Google and other search engines, and the content that can help people in solving their problems through the products and programs you promote as an affiliate.


The best alternative to the Home Wealth Business is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.


At this platform you can find all the necessary training, tools and support at one place in order to learn & apply affiliate marketing.


In addition to that, you can get direct coaching by ME.

Even better, you can try it for FREE before you commit and pay anything! No Credit Card Required!


The following screenshot shows you the first level of the training, which you will get in the FREE Membership plan that would help you understand how affiliate marketing exactly works, and it will allow you to create your first free website easily (without Technical Knowledge or Coding):

Home Wealth Business Alternative


This is only the free training! Imagine what you get for the paid membership!


This platform is really the best place to learn this great method of making money online and find all the required tools, support and mentoring.

And most important, it is where I personally learned how to do affiliate marketing which made me able to create this review you are reading now and deliver it to you.


Isn’t this an enough proof that it works?!


So, if you want to learn this method and build a real online business and stop wasting your time & money on the scams that promise you magical results, then you can join this platform even for the FREE membership through my WA review here.


And if you are completely new to the Affiliate Marketing world and want to learn more about it, and why I consider it the best way to make passive income, then you can read my ultimate make money online guide through the following button:

Ultimate Make Money Online Guide


Take action now and stop wasting your Time & Money looking for that magical “push-button” solution. It doesn’t exist!

And if you have any question about this Home Wealth Business Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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