7 Halal Online Income Ways

Halal Online Income Ways

Looking for ways to make halal online income?

Maybe you were laid off from your last job. Maybe you are not making enough money and the opportunities are limited.

Or maybe, you just wanted to quit your job and work from home or anywhere, like what happened to me.

And you are now concerned about the legitimacy of the available methods of making money online, and you want a method that is permitted in Islam.

Don’t worry, I’m a Muslim guy who had the same concerns, and I know make halal income online through multiple methods, and I wrote this article to help you with different ways that you can choose from.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

7 Halal Online Income Ways to Start Today

Freelancing in Halal Services

With this method of making halal income online, you can use your knowledge or skills in order to sell your services to others as a freelancer.

And these services could be related to something related to your education, or to your current or previous job.

Or they could be related to something you like to do as a hobby.

Some examples of halal freelance services to make money online with are:

  • Bookkeeping.
  • Auditing.
  • Writing and editing.
  • Translation.
  • Graphic design.
  • Software development.
  • Web development.
  • Marketing and copywriting.
  • Creating customized exercise plans or diet plans for clients.
  • …etc.

The opportunities are numerous with this method.

But how can you sell these services and get paid?

You can do so in two main methods:

Either through a specialized marketplace for freelancers such as Fiverr and Upwork, which allow you to list your services, get job requests, deliver the work, and get paid.

Halal Income Freelancing Online

Or, by creating your own website, connecting it to a payment processor like PayPal or Stripe, list your services, advertise your website with free or paid traffic methods, and get customers to visit it and buy your services.

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Online Tutoring

According to GMInsights, the e-learning industry was worth more than $315 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach $1 Trillion in 2028.

This is a huge pie from which you can take a small slice and still a great halal income online.

And this comes in different forms, such as: recorded online video courses, live tutoring sessions through video call applications such as Skype and Zoom, written lessons, …etc.

And you could be teaching stuff related to work to employees, hobbies, or you could be even teaching school or college students or about some subject that they are studying, just like you would do in person.

Do not underestimate what you know and what you can teach to others.

You don’t have to be the absolute best in a certain topic, but you have to be better than the average person that wants to learn that topic.

And depending on the topic you want to make halal income teaching to others, you might and might not need to have a professional education in it.

For example, if you where to teach something related to health, fitness, yoga, nutrition, then you better have professional knowledge and expertise in that area before you teach it to others online, as insufficient knowledge or experience in these areas can lead to health issues or injuries, god forbid.

But if you were to teach drawing, a certain language, playing music, graphic design, mathematics, programming, …etc., then you might be able to do so without having a professional degree and without having a career in these fields.

Maybe you have learned to do any of these things online, and you developed your skills as a hobby.

You don’t need to be the absolute best. You need to know better than the average person who wants to learn from you.

How can you make halal income teaching online?

You can do that by creating video courses and selling them on platforms that are used to sell courses such as Udemy and Skillshare, where they list your course for free for the price you choose, they advertise their platform, and when students enroll in your course, the platform takes its cut and gives you your money.

Halal Online Work Tutoring

Or, you can create your own website and sell your courses or live tutoring sessions on it, but you need to market it by yourself through paid and free online advertising methods.

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Selling Digital Downloads

One of my favorite methods of making halal income online.

The nice thing about this method is that you can create a certain digital product for once, and then keep selling over and over and over again.

And there are many things that you can produce once and sell as digital products to many people without having to recreate them.

Some examples are:

  • Templates, forms and checklists related to certain jobs or activities, such as quality procedures for a professional work.
  • Exercise plans for getting certain results, such as: running a marathon or a 10km sprint, build abs muscles, burning belly fat, …etc.
  • Digital sketches or drawings that someone can buy to print it out and hang it on the wall, or print it on merchandise that they can sell.
  • Ebooks on a certain topic, or even short stories.
  • Software such as simple web tools or mobile apps.
  • …etc.

Halal Income Selling Digital Products

And you can sell these either by uploading them once on marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, and their existing customers can find your products, pay to the platform and download them, and then the platform pays you your halal money through PayPal or to your bank account.

Or, you can create your own website, connect it to a payment processor, upload your digital downloads to it, market it, and when someone buys it, they pay you first, and then they get the download link.

Selling Your Physical Products

This is not 100% an online method to make halal income as it requires you to do some physical work, but big part of it, finding customers and processing payments, is done online.

If you can create some products that you know people would buy, then you can create them and sell them online.

Examples of these products are handmade crafts or art, knitting and crochet products, wooden or metallic stuff for home like tables or stands, scented candles, gifts in different forms, …etc.

Halal Income Selling Online

It might be that you don’t have the capital to start a brick and mortar store and to spend on its rent and for the services.

Or maybe you don’t think that you have enough potential customers in your area that it would make your business profitable.

But online, you can reach customers almost anywhere, and sell them from your own place.

This is a great halal method to make money online.

It is just like selling your physical products offline, but online, you can reach more potential customers and without having to open a physical store.

But how can you reach your customers with this halal online income method?

Similar to the previous methods above, you can find customers by listing your products on marketplaces like Etsy, which is great for handmade and unique stuff and for gifts, and when someone buys one of your products, you ship it to them, and after it arrives to the customer, the platform pays you your money after taking their fee.

Or, you can build an online store on your own domain name using a simple platform like WordPress and Shopify that don’t cost a lot and can be used by almost anyone without any programming or web development abilities.

And you can connect your online store to a payment processor, list your products, and when someone buys anything and pays you, you then ship the product to them.

And you don’t have to create products and store them in bulk, but you can create them on demand after you receive an order if they need a short period of time to create.


A great alternative to the previous method above.

With dropshipping, you make halal income online by selling physical products on your online store.

However, there’s a difference between the two methods.

With dropshipping, you don’t need to create the product by yourself, or even touch it.

You don’t even have to buy it in bulk and store it.

What you do with this method is that you find a supplier that sells retail items at a low price, like suppliers on the AliExpress marketplace.

You create your own online store using a platform like Shopify for example, and connect it to payment processors.

Then you agree with those suppliers that you can list their products on your online store for the price you want (higher than their price).

Halal Income Dropshipping Online

You market your online store through free and paid traffic methods such as seo, search ads, or Facebook ads.

And when you get an order for a certain product, and you receive its price, you send the supplier their price, and ask them to ship the product directly to the customer without sending it to you first.

And you keep the margin for yourself, which should cover your advertising costs and your profit.

But make sure that before you start selling a certain product, you buy one unit at least for yourself in order to check it out and make sure that it is of a good quality and worth the money.

Your job with this method is to find good products with good quality, market them to people who need them, and follow up when the order is set until you make sure that the ordered product has arrived to the customer and that they are satisfied with it.

This is becoming a popular method of making halal income online, and many Muslim brothers are using this method nowadays, especially that you can easily set up your store to sell without inventory with Shopify through dropshipping.

Here’s a video from Mustafa Abu Zaid, a Jordanian successful dropshipper, where he shows you how to start a dropshipping store from the scratch, even without technical knowledge.

However, many Muslims who want to make halal income online ask this question:

Is dropshipping halal?

Many Muslim people ask this question because they heard of the Hadith that says:”Do not sell what is not with you”.

However, we know that at the time of the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, there was something called “Salam Selling”, which is some kind of a “paid in advance selling”, where people would sell their own production of dates two or even three years in advance.

And the prophet never seems to prohibit this kind of selling.

Then why is the contradiction between this method and the Hadith above?

I researched and found an answer that explains when dropshipping is permitted, and when it is not.

The answer can be summarized by saying that you cannot sell something that you don’t own, and you are not in control of sourcing and supplying.

For example, if you want to sell something that is rare, and you might not be able to source it later, then you can’t go and tell people that you can sell it to them, receive its price, and then try to look for it.

This is what seems that the Hadith above is prohibiting.

However, in the case of dropshipping, if there are reachable suppliers who can provide and ship the item when you receive an order, and you have a clear approval from these suppliers that they have stock of this product, or can provide it once you pay them, and they can ship it to your customer directly, then dropshipping is halal.

YouTube Videos

This is also a popular method of making halal income on the internet.

What you need to do here, is pick a topic such as tech, comedy, programming, web development, drawing, football, …etc., create a YouTube channel, and create related videos about that topic that could be educational or entertaining, and publish them on your channel on regular basis.

You need to create videos about topics that you know people would search for.

For example, if you have a YT channel about mobile phones, you can create reviews or unboxing videos for new smart phones.

Halal Income on YouTube

And if your channel was about drawing, you need to create videos about how to draw certain things.

And if it was about web development, you create videos about how to create websites or blogs, or how to make changes and maintenance for existing websites.

And so on.

And some of these videos might not need you to show your face.

With time, your channel might start accumulating subscribers if they find your videos useful or entertaining.

And after collecting a certain number of subscribers, and having your videos watched a certain number of hours, you can apply for the YouTube Channel Monetization program, they will review your channel, and if satisfies their guidelines, they start showing ads on your videos, and you get paid for them.

And there are many other halal ways to earn money from YouTube channels, like sponsorships from brands in your niche or topic.

Blogging with Display Ads & Affiliate Marketing

This is my absolute favorite way for making halal income on the web from home.

It is similar to the YouTube halal income method, but it is less stressful as you don’t need to create videos.

With this method, you start a simple blog that doesn’t need coding or technical knowledge, you make it about a certain topic or niche, such as fitness, yoga, guitar playing, German language, accounting, web development, or anything you know or like to talk about.

It could be something related to your education, job, hobby, or about anything you might have interest in.

You create written articles about topics that people are searching on Google.

And you can do this by yourself if you know the topic well, like I do on most of my blogs, such as BillsWiz.com where I write from my own experience as an engineer, or you can hire someone else to write articles for you.

For example, I have an Arabic blog about exercises, called Darrebny.com, where I partnered with a personal trainer who can create articles for me about the different kinds of exercises from home.

Online Halal Income Blogging

I optimize these articles for search engines in simple steps, so that when someone searches for these queries, they find my blog and read my articles.

And after they come to my blog, I can make money in different halal ways such as: showing ads, or selling them exercise plans like I mentioned in the digital downloads method above.

However, my favorite way of making halal income through blogs is by doing affiliate marketing.

This method of making halal income means that I recommend relevant products to my audience, such as supplements on Amazon, online courses about exercises, gym membership offers, …etc., through a custom link that belongs to me, which takes people to the seller of those products.

And when someone clicks on that affiliate link, and goes to the product, let’s say a supplement on Amazon, and buys it, Amazon will give me a commission that is a percentage of the price.

Halal Affiliate Marketing Income

And if I recommend an online video course, I would get paid a commission when someone buys it through my link.

And so on.

The nice thing is that every article you write on your blog has the potential to get free traffic from Google, and money, for a long period of time, which makes it more of a passive income way compared to dropshipping and freelancing.

And some Muslims ask:

Is affiliate marketing halal or haram?

I have researched this question, although it is already obvious, and the answer was that it is halal, as long as you promote ethical products, and you don’t lie about the pricing or the quality of the products you promote to people, and you don’t do anything shady to increase your sales and commissions such as lying to people about products just to make them buy through your link.

Promote to your audience products that they actually need, not products that you just want them to buy in order to make money through commissions.

Also, you need to be clear to your blog’s visitors that some links on your blog are paid links, which means that you might make money from buying through them.

This is an amazing method of making halal income because I don’t have to create my own product, or to deal with suppliers like in dropshipping, and I don’t need to use paid ads at the beginning, which requires some budget.

It is similar to a marketing job, except that you only get paid on performance, you get a commission on every sale you bring, and the more sales you bring, the more money you make.

If you are interested in learning this method, you can join Wealthy Affiliate, which is a platform that gives you all the training and tools you need in order to create your own blog and monetize it with affiliate marketing and with display ads.

And they provide you with the tools to build and host your blog without any technical knowledge or experience.

Learn to Earn Halal Money Online

It is a paid platform, but they have a free plan to get you started and learn more about affiliate marketing and blogging before you pay anything.

How I Personally Make Halal Income Online

I’m a Muslim who makes halal income online through different ways.

The main two methods I create halal income with are:

  • Selling digital downloads (procedures, checklists, forms, …etc.) for electrical engineers who would need them in doing their jobs, on my own website, based on my previous experience in the field (I’m an electrical engineer originally).
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing on the multiple blogs that I own and run.

I have already tried some other methods, such as dropshipping and freelancing, but dropshipping requires a bigger capital, and freelancing requires a lot of time and active work.

While with blogging for example, every article you write might keep getting traffic and making you money for a long period of time, even if you stop writing articles for a while.

And starting a blog and running it is much cheaper than running a dropshipping business, because you don’t need to pay for ads with blogging.

That’s why I recommend that you learn affiliate marketing through blogging.

I hope my article was helpful, and that you are now aware of the seven methods of making halal income online that I explained above.

If you still need any help on understanding any of these methods, or want to know how to start with it, you can ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out. 🙂

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