GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review

Honest GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review started as a domain registrar, but then started to offer lots of different services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer, but honestly, is it worth it to join their affiliate program?

In this honest and unbiased GoDaddy affiliate program review, I will tell you what I like and what I dislike about this program, and whether there are other domain registration and web hosting affiliate programs that you can join instead.


Without further ado, let’s begin!

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review Summary

  • Name: GoDaddy Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bob Parsons
  • Price: Free to join, but you need a website in place, which costs money.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but comes with many disadvantages. Alternatives below.

Overall Rating: 75 of 100

Summary: GoDaddy’s affiliate program is a legit one, but there are many issues with it such as the low affiliate commission rate, the many negative customer reviews, the difficulty in joining it, and the limitations in the affiliate payment methods.


What Is The GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

The GoDaddy Affiliate Program is a program that allows affiliate marketers and web developers earn commissions from GoDaddy if they bring the company new customers to purchase a domain name or a web hosting package.GoDaddy Affiliate ProgramThis is how affiliate marketing works, the affiliate marketer promotes a product or a service provided by a certain company, and the company would be the affiliate commissions based on his/her performance and referrals.



How Does GoDaddy Affiliate Program Work?


1 – Apply to Join The GoDaddy Affiliate Program

This is a normal step in joining any affiliate program, whether in the hosting and domain registration industry or any other industry.

And each affiliate program has its own conditions to approve your request.

GoDaddy’s affiliate program is hosted and managed by an affiliate network that is called Commission Junction.

GoDaddy Affiliate Sign Up

When you apply to join the GoDaddy affiliate program, you will be asked to provide information about your business, your website, and how you plan to promote GoDaddy.

The review process might take few days before GoDaddy approves or declines your request to join their affiliate program.

But if you want to increase your chances of getting your application approved, you better have a niche website or blog that shows trust, has good content that is relevant to what services you want to promote, and receives good amount of traffic before applying for joining the GoDaddy affiliate program.

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2 – Place Your GoDaddy Affiliate Links & Banners on Your Site

If GoDaddy approved your request to join their affiliate program, you will get a set of tools that you can use in your promotions, such as affiliate links & banner ads.

Since you have a website that already has relevant content on it, you can add affiliate links that take your site’s visitors to GoDaddy’s services you are promoting.

Or you can choose any of the available 100+ banner ads and place them on your site strategically.

GoDaddy Affiliate Banner Ads


3 – Promote Your Site to Get Affiliate Commissions from GoDaddy

In addition to the existing content, you need to create more helpful content to your site that targets long-tail keywords in order to rank on Google and get organic search traffic.

You can also use other ways to bring people to your site and show them your GoDaddy affiliate promotions, such as:

  1. Starting a niche YouTube channel where you record and upload video tutorials showing people how to buy GoDaddy’s services to purchase a domain name or a web hosting package and build a website.
  2. If you work as a web developer, you can promote GoDaddy to your existing clients through your affiliate links.
  3. Create and offer GoDaddy discount codes that have your affiliate ID and promote them to people looking for domain registration and web hosting deals.
  4. By answering questions on forums and Q&A platforms like Quora that are related to web hosting and domain names, and link to your website where you promote GoDaddy.

And in many other ways.

But you need a website in place before you take any of these steps as it is the place where you will add the GoDaddy affiliate links and banners.

And having a website has an added value as it shows trust, and helps in making people take by your recommendations.

If you no nothing about building websites, then don’t worry!

In the last section of this GoDaddy affiliate program review, I will guide you to this platform and community that helped me start affiliate sites without technical knowledge or experience, and provided me with a step-by-step process to succeed as an affiliate along with all of the necessary tools.

And the commission you get as a GoDaddy affiliate depends on the products you promote, but in general, it is a 10% of the order value on domain registration and web hosting orders, and might be a bounty of up to $100 on annual hosting plans.

And that’s how the GoDaddy affiliate program works and how you can make money as a affiliate.


GoDaddy Affiliate Program Facts

Products You Can Promote with GoDaddy As an Affiliate

GoDaddy offers many products that they sell on their website, but the main products you can promote are domain registration and web hosting.

And for the second, they have many different types of hosting services that you can promote as an affiliate, such as:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Ecommerce Hosting
  • WP Premium Support
  • Site Management Tools
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

GoDaddy Products to Promote As an Affiliate

These options offer you more opportunities in order to promote GoDaddy through affiliate marketing for a bigger audience than the one looking for domain names only.

GoDaddy Affiliate Commission Rate

GoDaddy pays affiliates a 10% commission on the products that they can promote through the affiliate program.

This is really low, as for domain names, you get 10% of the $12, which is $1.2, and for the hosting, some people might take the monthly plan of few dollars on some services, and mostly you will get the 10% on the first month only and not as a recurring commission.

There might be a good bounty for up to $100 if your referral purchases an annual hosting plan.

GoDaddy Affiliate Payment Method

Another downfall regarding the GoDaddy affiliate program is that it is hosted only on Commission Junction, which offers limited payment options for affiliate payouts.

The main payment methods are direct deposit and check for US residents, and for the non-US residents, you can use Payoneer in order to get your money.

You can’t get your GoDaddy affiliate commissions through PayPal or International Wire Transfer, which is bad for some affiliates.

GoDaddy Affiliate Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of the GoDaddy affiliate program is 45 days, which means that if your referral clicked on your affiliate link, and purchased a product from GoDaddy 44 days later, you still get a commission, provided that they didn’t click on another GoDaddy affiliate link from another affiliate.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Tools & Support

GoDaddy offers three main tools for affiliates to promote its products:

  • Affiliate Links: GoDaddy allows affiliates to create deep affiliate links to any product’s page they want to promote.
  • Display Banner Ads: 100+ Banner ads of different sizes that you can embed onto your website to promote GoDaddy.
  • Discount Codes: GoDaddy allows you to create a discount coupon code for a certain service in order to promote it as an affiliate, which might help increase the conversion rate.

GoDaddy Affiliate Coupon Codes

Since the GoDaddy affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction, then most of the tools and the support, in addition to the payout management, are provided by the CJ network.

Cost to Join The GoDaddy Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is free to join, however, you need to have a website that is already getting traffic, and it should have quality content that is relevant to promoting GoDaddy’s services, before you apply to join their affiliate program.

And this costs money and time.

that, in order to research the market and know how to promote HostGator products efficiently, you need other research tools, which usually cost money and time to build.

But don’t worry, as at the end of this review of the GoDaddy affiliate program, I will tell you where you can find all what you need to start and grow a successful affiliate website at one place for a very reasonable and affordable cost.


Pros & Cons of The Affiliate Program


  • A well-known company that has been there for a long period of time.
  • Relatively long cookie duration of 45 days.
  • Ability to create discount codes.
  • Many products you can promote as a GoDaddy affiliate.


  • Low commission rates, especially when compared to other web hosting providers.
  • The commission seems to be only on the domain registration, web hosting services, and email accounts, and not on other services that GoDaddy sells like marketing and seo.
  • Limited affiliate payout payment methods as it is managed by CJ, which might not be suitable for many affiliates.
  • There are many negative customers’ complaints on GoDaddy regarding their tricky pricing tactics, support, and quality of service, which might hurt your conversions when you promote them because most people will look for reviews online before buying a service from GoDaddy through your link.

GoDaddy Customer Complaints

Who Is GoDaddy Affiliate Program for?

Honestly, I don’t recommend that you join the GoDaddy affiliate program unless you couldn’t join any other hosting or domain registration affiliate program.

This is mainly because of the low commission rates and the negative reviews from customers.

It is better to join any of the three alternatives to the GoDaddy affiliate program mentioned in the following section of this review.


Best GoDaddy Affiliate Program Alternatives

Here are three of the top recommended alternatives to the GoDaddy affiliate program that you can join in order to make money with web hosting and domain registration as an affiliate:

1 – A2 Hosting Affiliate Program: A reputable web hosting company that offers a tiered commission structure for affiliates based on their performance, which starts from $55 per paying referral, all the way up to $125 or more per paying referral.

2 – SiteGround Affiliate Program: Like the first option above, is a well managed and reliable web hosting company that you would be proud to promote as an affiliate, and they pay affiliates $50 to $100 or more per paying referral based on their performance.

3 – Namecheap Affiliate Program: Namecheap is a domain registrar that also sells web hosting and SSL certificates. They might not have lots of positive customer reviews, but I found them good with domain names. However, they also pay affiliates commissions on other products that they provide, and the commission rates are a little bit better than GoDaddy’s, starting from 20% on domain names, to $35 on hosting packages and SSL certificates.

These three alternatives, in my opinion, are better than the GoDaddy affiliate program if you want to make money with web hosting and domain names as an affiliate, thanks to their commission rates, payment methods, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Conclusion – Is The GoDaddy Affiliate Program Legit & Worth it?

The GoDaddy affiliate program is legit, but it is not worth joining for the reasons mentioned earlier in this GoDaddy affiliate review, and mainly: the low commissions, the negative customer reviews, and the limitation in payment methods. The alternatives in the previous section are better to consider joining.

  • Name: GoDaddy Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bob Parsons
  • Price: Free to join, but you need a website in place, which costs money.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but comes with many disadvantages. Alternatives above.

Overall Rating: 75 of 100


That’s my final conclusion to this GoDaddy affiliate program review.


One Last Thing: The Best Domain Name & Hosting Affiliate Program Can’t Make You Money, Unless…

Unless you have the skills and tools that are necessary to succeed with affiliate marketing, you can’t make real money with any affiliate program no matter how good it pays.

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But this all has changed after I joined this amazing platform and community that provided me with all what I needed in order to start and grow and affiliate marketing business the right way, such as:

  • The step-by-step, proven to work affiliate business plan.
  • The detailed video training.
  • The affiliate research tools in order to find opportunities for making money as an affiliate to any company like GoDaddy.
  • The premium web hosting with a support so that I don’t worry about the technical stuff.
  • And best of all, the supportive community of more than 2 million entrepreneurs and affiliate marketing experts that are willing to help me whenever I need.

And much more.

And all of that is provided at this platform for an affordable monthly fee that includes everything without hidden fees and surprises.

Even better, this platform offers a free Starter plan for you to try it before paying anything, which will give you access to the first level of the training (10 step-by-step lessons) for free.

Learn to Become a GoDaddy Affiliate

This is the right place to go if you are serious about making money with web hosting and domain registration affiliate programs like GoDaddy’s affiliate program, as it has been there for 15+ years now, and it keeps growing and improving.

Check it out through my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate in order to see what it can offer you, and how to see how you can get started with the free plan at the start.

It’s completely up to you.


I hope that you found this honest GoDaddy affiliate program review helpful and insightful.

If you still have any question regarding anything I mentioned in this review, please, tell me in the comments’ section below and I will try to help you asap 🙂

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