Gemini Software System Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Gemini Software System Review

Can you really make thousands of dollars per day or hour, or even $97,253 a month on auto-pilot doing nothing with this Gemini System, or is it just another scam?! Join me in this Gemini Software System Review in order to find out the ugly truth about this software.

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The guy in the video, who claims to be an ex-Google engineer says that he developed this software that is able to grant you freedom just by depositing $250, sit and relax while the software does its “magic” and makes you thousands of dollars per day or even per hour winning up to 100% of the trades.


I know how tempting it feels to want to believe these guys and to want to “give it a try, it may work”. But you are also a smart person, and that’s why you felt that there’s something wrong and started looking for the Gemini Software Reviews.


I will show you below my honest opinion about this software/system and I will show from their own sales page and video on it why you shouldn’t trust these guys as they might get you lose your money forever.


And I will guide you into a 100% LEGITIMATE & REAL way of making money online through creating a real business and brand online that would make you a consistent income IF you put the time and effort to learn and apply what you learn. NO Magical Push-Button Solutions! These DON’T EXIST.



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Gemini Software System Review Summary

  • Name: Gemini Software System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Brandon Lewis (That’s what he calls himself)
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit).
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my alternative method of making money online 97 of 100)


What Is Gemini Software System?

What Is Gemini Software System

In brief: Other than being a joke, the Gemini Software is nothing other than a software that is developed to take at least $250 from you, and then, ask you for more.


The guy in the sales video calls himself Brandon Lewis and claims to be one of Google’s top engineers in the past, and now that he is the CEO of Gemini Holdings, which owns and operates the software under review.

But here’s the first lie: if you google “Gemini Holdings”, you will come across a company that holds this name, but it has nothing to do with such a software or system, and there’s no mention of this “Brandon Lewis” guy.


Isn’t that illegal?!!


Anyways, the guy claims that he made a discovery that allowed him to become a multi-millionaire and retire at the age of 28.

And then he developed a trading software that makes no losses on any trades!!


More of that BS, he says that 200-800 dollars is the average PROFIT PER TRADE for an initial deposit of $250 that they have been getting on every single trade for two years now, without a single loss!!


You know, I have reviewed many scams that promise you to make money with different systems or methods with almost no effort, including Quantum Ad Code & the Smart Money System that claims that it can help you make money on the bubbles in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world by leveraging their “smart signals”.


But these guys from the Gemini Software have taken it to another level by claiming that you can just deposit the $250, and the software will start making you thousands of dollars per hour or per day without any effort from your side!


I will show you with the screenshots below why I say that these people are just lying to you!



So, How Does The Gemini Software System Really Work?

How Does The Gemini Software System Work

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay the first $250 deposit and start using their “always winning trading software”?!


In order to show you a proof, they act as if the founder of the software runs into a “random guy” in the street and promise him that he can get an exotic car by the end of the month if he sits with Brandon for an hour or so.


And then, they show you the guy pretending that he is installing the Gemini app on his phone, deposits $250, turns on the “auto-trading algorithm”, they wait two minutes and BOOM, the guy has made $245 profit on top of the deposit for doing nothing!

Seriously, who believes such a crap!!!


And then, they wait another 15 minutes while drinking beer, and they check the app again, and they find $1075 in profit!! Some of the silliest BS I have ever seen reviewing scams. I can’t believe people are falling into these scams, I feel the pain just watching the video!!

Gemini Software Unrealistic Claims


And then they meet again a month later, and the “random guy” says that he has been making $100,000 in profit every week thanks to the Gemini System!

I know that people who desperately want to make money online want to believe that there’s such a thing, but sorry to disappoint you, there’s no system or software that makes you any money without doing anything from your side or adding any value.


And more important, there’s no software, system or person, no matter how professional, experienced or sophisticated, can win 100% of the trades that they participate in. And never will be!

And I can tell you that there has never been something like that software and will never ever be!


The markets (stocks, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, ..etc.) change due to many factors that cannot all be anticipated no matter what.

Bottom line: the Gemini Software System works by taking your hard-earned money, and then, asking you for more money. And I will show you below a proof of that.


Unbelievable Speed 2023

What I Like About Gemini Software System

Absolutely nothing!



What I Don’t Like About Gemini Software System

Not sure where to start from. But let’s go with the video on their sales page:



1. Fake Made-up Testimonials

The testimonials on the video are fake! They show screenshots of accounts with no names on them, and these can be photoshopped anyway.

Gemini Software Testimonials


NordVPN Banner

2. Who Is Brandon Lewis?!

The guy claims to be a previous Google Top Engineer!! Yet I bet that no one heard of him before this software!

Is Gemini Software A Scam

Actually, there’s a British politician that is called Brandon Lewis, but of course he has nothing to do with this rubbish.


3. Unrealistic Claims That Don’t Make Sense At All!

The “founder” claims that he made $25M with the Gemini Software in two years, and then they show him helping a “random guy” to make more than a thousand dollars in fifteen minutes doing nothing other than depositing $250 and drinking beer!

Gemini Software Results

As I mentioned earlier, as someone who reviewed many of those “done-for-you” system and “magical-push-button” solutions, and as someone who tried many methods of making money online, I can tell you that there’s no system, method or software that will be able to make you money without a real effort from your side and without adding any value.


And more important, there’s no expert, system or software that can trade with profit 100% of the time, and there will never be anything like that.


4. The Disclaimer On Their Website

Oops, I couldn’t find that on their website!!


5. The Refund Policy

Sorry, but that doesn’t exist either!!


6. If You Deposit Only $250 & Start Making Profit, Then How …

If your investment was only $250, then why do they pay the affiliates that bring them new customers more than that amount.


Following is a screenshot from MaxBounty, the affiliate network where the Gemini System is available for affiliate marketers in order to promote it and make $300 commission from every person they bring.

Gemini System Affiliate Commission

How can they afford to pay affiliates more than what they get from you in the first place, unless there are other deposits waiting for you to pay.


7. What About The Other System That Is Using The Same Video?!

Believe it or not, there’s another “system” that is called “Commission Crusher” that is using the same video on sales page. What does that tell you?!!

Gemini Software Similar Programs


Who Is The Gemini Software System For?

  • For people who have lots of money and want to give it away to the owner of this “software” and get NOTHING in return.
  • For whoever believes that there’s such a software that can automatically trade and win 100% of the time.


Conclusion – Is Gemini Software System A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Gemini Software System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Brandon Lewis (That’s what he calls himself)
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit).
  • Recommended? No.

Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my alternative method of making money online 97 of 100)


Absolutely, it is a Scam!

Run away from such programs or systems that claim that you can make any money with them without putting real effort or adding any value. Whether it was in the trading industry or any other industry.


There’s literally no “done-for-you” system, software or program that can grant you any results without you doing real work or adding any value, and there will never be.


An EVERGREEN 100% Legit Alternative To The Gemini Software System

As I explained above, the promises in the sales video are unrealistic, the testimonials are fake, and the founder of the Gemini Software who call himself Brandon Lewis is not real.


And on top of that, there’s no privacy policy, no disclaimer, no refund policy, …etc.

These reasons are enough for you to realize that these people are just after taking your money, they are the only ones who make money from this “software” by selling it to you, and not by trading or any of that BS.


In general, you can make money through trading, but that needs to put the time and effort to learn, follow-up with the news, start trading with a demo account, and then, take the risk in investing your money. And even with that, you still can’t guarantee to make profit 100% of the time.


Trading is NOT an easy way to make money! It comes with a high risk of losing everything if you don’t know what you are doing.


And the crap about making thousands per day doing nothing is completely untrue. There’s no software or system that can make you money without doing anything by yourself.

If that was true, then everyone would start using it, and then, it would stop working at all.


Making money online requires real work and effort, just like making money offline.

And that is true about all methods of making money online, including trading.


But at least, when it comes to making money online, at least you have some flexibility in terms of the place and the time you choose to work in.


But still, you need to put in the effort and time in order to learn and apply what you learn about any method before you start making any profit. And there’s always some kind of risk.

And again, you can make money trading if you put the time and effort in order to learn and apply what you learn.


But even after that, it’s still a really risky method of making money, and there are some things that no one can predict, even Warren Buffet, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you risk losing everything overnight.


Luckily, there are many alternative ways of making money online that have less risk associated with them, and each one of them requires a specific amount of money and time in order to start with it.


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I know it might turn you off to say that it requires some time and effort before you make any profit, but that is the reality with every method of making money, online and offline.


And it is the same with trading! Unfortunately, most people think that it’s easy to learn and make money with this method, but that’s NOT true at all! It is very risky, and it has a learning curve, and it needs a continuous follow-up with the market and the news.


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And if you have any question about this Gemini Software System Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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