Feng Shui Bracelet Review

Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet Review

Probably you have seen the outrageous claims about the results of wearing these bracelets and you felt that something is fishy.

This is why you started looking for honest and real Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet reviews in order to find out the truth before you put in any money into them.

You have done the smart thing.

I have researched this topic, and along with my experience with meditation, yoga, and crystal healing, I can tell you the truth about these claims that other tell you before pushing you to their online stores to buy these bracelets.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Feng Shui Bracelet Review Summary

The Feng Shui obsidian bracelets do not do magic in attracting wealth just by wearing them, but rather, it’s the combination of positive energy that might come from crystal stones like black obsidian, along with productive work that might help you achieve success and attract wealth.

What Is The Feng Shui Bracelet?

The Feng Shui bracelet is a bracelet that is created using a set of crystal stones, usually black obsidian combined with golden colored stones, and one big stone with the shape of two dragons facing one another.

Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet


Some call it the piyao bracelet, or the pixiu bracelet.

And some refer to it as the black obsidian wealth bracelet, because they believe that it can help anyone who wears it to attract wealth and success.

But is that true?

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How Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Work for Wealth?

Some bloggers and YouTubers promote the Feng Shui bracelet as a fast way towards getting money, like this guy who claims that “Master Xi” gave him the bracelet as a gift, and all of a sudden, his problems started to disappear and he got out of poverty.

He claims that he now owns 10,000 houses all around the world.

He even claims that some people who got this bracelet got rid of illnesses that used to run in their families, some passed the board exams that they have had failed at, and so on. Lol.

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Does The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Really Work?

Unfortunately, the Feng Shui bracelets do not work as advertised by most promoters on the internet, and cannot help you do wonders just by wearing them and without doing anything different in order to change the different aspects of your life.

Black obsidian is a crystal stone that represents the water element, one of the five elements of life, and this stone can help you raise the vibrations of your body and get rid of negative energy.

But that alone isn’t enough to get you wealthy overnight, or to get rid of an illness that caused the death of many people in your family.

Do Feng Shui Bracelets Work

Success, prosperity, and good well-being require more than positive energy if you want to improve the different aspects of your life.

Positive Energy + Productive Work

If you want to really improve any area of your life, then you need two things to work together:

  • Having positive energy to surround you.
  • Doing genuine, productive work on consistent basis related to the area you want to improve.

For example, if you want to have a healthy body, you need to provide your body with positive energy by focusing your mind on the positive thoughts and intent, and getting rid of the negative thoughts and worries.

And this could be achieved with the help of certain tools and practices like meditation, doing yoga, crystal healing with different stones like the black obsidian.

And at the same time, you need to do genuine work that helps improve your health like eating healthy food and adopting good and healthy habits like having enough sleep.

And if you want to attract wealth, you need to raise your body’s frequency and have positive energy, and you need to put in the consistent effort into creating something useful that helps others and adds value to their lives, which you can exchange for money that helps you accumulate wealth.

And if you want to advance in your career, you need the positive mindset along with the consistent effort to improve your skills and productivity in the work environment.

That’s how the Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet can work and help you improve different areas in your life.

You might ask now:

What about All of Those Positive Feng Shui Bracelet Reviews?

They tell you to buy the black obsidian bracelet and all of your problems would be gone by the next day.

Unfortunately, these reviews are fake and the claims in them cannot be verified.

They do that in order to sell you the black obsidian “wealth” bracelet for twenty dollars or more, when in fact they buy it in bulk or from a Chinese marketplace called AliExpress for a few bucks.

Is Feng Shui Bracelet a Scam

Another thing you might say:

I Know Someone Who Wears a Feng Shui Bracelet, and They Got a Promotion!

This is because their are millions of people who purchased the Feng Shui bracelet, and for sure, some of them were going to get a promotion or a pay rise anyway.

Those represent a small percentage that is there with or without the bracelet. And those are usually the ones who put the productive effort with the positive energy in order to get what they want.

The bracelet alone does not do anything.

Let me ask you something:

If there was a million people who bought lotto tickets, and the big prize is one million dollars, and each one of the million people wore the Feng Shui bracelet all the time, how many people would win the million dollar prize?

The answer is one.

It’s because one person is set to win anyway.

And since the other 999,999 people have lost despite having the “wealth” bracelet, it means that the bracelet does not have to do anything with wealth attraction.

Do not fall into the traps of those scams who promise you of instant wealth without doing anything productive or providing value through a product or a service that deserves to be exchanged for money.

Want a 100% Legit Feng Shui Bracelet Alternative to Improve Finances?


As I explained earlier, you need positive energy, but you also need real and productive work in order to create wealth.

And you can do the productive work in two main ways:

  • As an employee, by improve your skills and adding more value to the workplace you are at, and end up getting promotions when you prove yourself.
  • As a business owner where you could potentially create a higher reward on the long run, but you need to put in an investment in the beginning.

My favorite and the path I have chosen for myself is the second method.

I started my own small business for a small investment (less than $500), combined the consistent and productive work with the positive mindset, and I’m getting rewarded for it now.

And you can do the same if you would like to.

If you don’t have a big capital, or you don’t want to stay in one place or a shop all the day in order to make money, you can do like what I did.

I started an online business that allows me to work from wherever I want, and now I’m earning income from it.

Make no mistake though, you still need to put in the consistent work, but at least, unlike a brick and mortar business, with an online business, you need a very small investment that is less than $500.

And in addition to that, you have the flexibility and freedom of working from anywhere you want, at any time you want, as long as you have your laptop and an internet connection.

Combined with a positive mindset, it can work.

If you are interested in knowing about the business I started, how it works, and how you can get started the same way, even without any technical skills or experience in this field, you can check out my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, where I will reveal everything for you.

It’s your choice: to take responsibility and create the change you want for yourself and your loved ones, or keep chasing dreams and scams that sell you ideas of instant wealth that don’t make sense at all, like it is with those fake Feng Shui bracelet reviews everywhere.

Please, let me know in the comments’ section below if this review was helpful, and if you still have other questions.

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    • I am suggesting a real way to make money online that works in almost any niche. I said it takes work, nothing comes out of thin air like what the ones promoting the bracelet say.


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