Fast Profits Online Review – A Scam Or $1,700/Day In 8 Clicks?!

Fast Profits Online Review

Welcome to my honest Fast Profits Online Review my friend!


You are probably here to know if this program by “Michael Carson” is going to help you make $1,700 a day in 8 clicks with e-commerce thanks to the simple “weird trick” or is it just another scam.


Michael claims that he worked as a business analyst and consultant, and that he helped companies to make more than $600 Millions and that helped them grow their businesses going online.


And one day, he arrived late at home and found a letter beside his sleeping daughter where she writes to her mother that she wishes to see her father more…


And that “cut through his heart like a hot knife through butter”!


OH, Give me a break!


And that this caused him quit his job and start looking for opportunities to make money online, until he found the one that works and he created and perfected a system that allowed him to make $2,821,948.16 last year!

Fast Profits Online Results


And now that his system is helping others make upto $1,700 a day!


And you are wondering now if these claims are true and if you can do the same with this “simple but weird trick”.


And although I know that you can make money with this method, but I also want to let you know that you should be careful before you join the Fast Profits Online program as the program itself might not be sufficient to make this money with this method, and there are many other red flags that you should be aware of before you join them.


And don’t worry! I will provide you in the last section of this FastProfits.Online review with two alternatives to the Fast Profits Online program based on your situation:


First Alternative: The best training program on the same method of the Fast Profits Online Program, but from a 100% Legit mentor whose training program has created many successful students over the past years when they took a consistent action.


Second Alternative: This alternative is an All-In-One platform that teaches you another method of making money online that is even more newbie-friendly and requires lower investment when compared to the method in the Fast Profits Online.


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Michael Carson's System Alternative


Fast Profits Online Review Summary

  • Name: Fast Profits Online
  • Website: www.FastProfits.Online
  • Founders: Michael Carson (Probably A Fake Name)
  • Price: $37 + Multiple Optional Upsells. You need also to use paid tools and spend around $1k-$2k on paid ads.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommendation (Keep reading to know why)


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 60 of 100 (Check the last section for alternatives!)


What Is Fast Profits Online?

Fast Profits Online is a training program that is supposed to teach you how to make money leveraging the ever-growing e-commerce industry using a “simple but weird trick”.

What Is Fast Profits Online


And if you are wondering about what this weird trick is, then let me tell you that it is something well-known and many people are leveraging in order to make money online, and it is not something that “Michael” has created.


This “weird trick” is one of the different models in the e-commerce world that is called Dropshipping.


And if you are new to this term, then in brief:


Dropshipping is an e-commerce model where the dropshipper/retailer (You) doesn’t keep the goods in stock, instead, they find sources that sell the products at low prices (from China for example) and they list the products on their online stores for higher prices.


And when someone buys from the online store and pays the dropshipper, the dropshipper then pays the original merchant and asks them to ship the product directly to the end customer without the dropshipper touching the product.


And this is a great method for making money online, but it is not as easy as they make it look in the sales video of the Fast Profits Online Program.


More about this in the next section.

How Does Fast Profits Online Work?

  1. Join the Fast Profits Online through this link.
  2. Watch the video training and read the PDF guide and try to apply what they teach you.
  3. After you don’t see the real results you expected in the first place, go and buy some of their upsells, or ask for a refund and go to find a better training (like the one I recommend in the last section below).


Sorry for being realistic my friend!


And don’t take these words as if you can’t make money with this method of dropshipping, of course you can!


But it is not as they tell you in the sales video.

How Fast Profits Online Works


That’s not how dropshipping works.


That’s not how any method of making money online works!


Making money online is like making money offline, you need to put in the time and effort consistently before you make any money with any method, whether it was dropshipping or any other method.


You don’t just do it in 8 clicks!


There are many steps that need to be taken on almost daily basis in order to make money with this method in the Fast Profits Online System, including, but not limited to:

  • Research the market.
  • Setup your online store properly with a good user experience and trustworthiness.
  • Find useful products to promote and list them on your store.
  • Use the PAID web traffic in order to send people to your online store (mainly Facebook ads).
  • Monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns in order to find profitable and the losing ones.
  • Optimize & scale up the profitable campaigns and stop the losing ones.
  • Keep researching and testing new products continuously.
  • Fulfill the orders once they come in and send the addresses of the customers to the original merchant.
  • Do the customer support and respond to emails.
  • Deal with the refund requests and returns.
  • Rinse and repeat.


And these are all tasks that require you to put the time and effort for long hours every single day, and you can’t make up to $1700 a day with 8 clicks.


Also, don’t expect to make $1182.93 on the first day like Michael claims that his father did

Fast Profits Online Unrealistic Claims


And if you want to believe the testimonials you saw in the video, then wait until you see the truth in the “What I Don’t Like About Fast Profits Online Program” below.


In addition to all of the above, the numbers they mention might not be all profits, remember that you still need to pay the cost of the original item and the shipping, the paid ads, the transaction and payment processing fees, ….etc.


Components Of Fast Profits Online Program

The Fast Profits Online program includes both:

  • PDF documents on the e-commerce model
  • Video training lessons on e-commerce in general, and dropshipping in particular.


Following are the main modules of the Fast Profits Online Program:

  • An Introduction To Ecommerce.
  • Creating Your Online Store.
  • Ecommerce Store Platforms.
  • Designing A Killer Store.
  • How To Generate More Sales.
  • Marketing Your Store.
  • Starting Your E-Store.


And the PDF documents include:

  • An e-commerce cheatsheet.
  • An e-commerce mind map.


The training is a bit basic and mostly you can find similar and even more advanced material for free.


However, this training is not enough for you to learn how to really make a full time income with the dropshipping business model.


Also, in the resources section of the Fast Profits Online you will find a list of the paid and free tools that Michael recommends you to use, and some of these are actually his affiliate links to the tools such as Shopify and others, which means that Michael will get a commission when you join the paid tools using his link.


This is another thing that I don’t like, he sells you a training that is basic and can be found easily for free and makes you pay for it, and then, he wants you to use the paid tools through his affiliate link so that he can make more money of you.


I though he said that e-commerce is better than affiliate marketing and that he makes millions with e-commerce! Then why does he use his affiliate links!


What I Like About Fast Profits Online Program

  • It is about a legitimate business model, dropshipping.
  • You can get a 7-day trial for $1 only through this link, but after 7 days you will be automatically charged for the $37 payment.
  • There’s a 60-Days unconditional money back guarantee if you join it through the links in the previous point. But they don’t compensate you for your wasted time, the paid traffic, the paid tools and more important, they don’t compensate you for the disappointment of not making $1700 in 8 clicks!


What I Don’t Like About Fast Profits Online Program

Not sure where to start from, but Let’s go with:


1 – Fake Testimonials By Paid Actors:

This lady is actually a paid actress that you can hire from for few bucks in order to record for you what you ask her to say.


The screenshot below is from her Fiverr profile:Fast Profits Online Testimonials

And the same applies to the other guys in the video.


If this program was proven to deliver the promised results, then why wouldn’t they bring real testimonials from real successful students?!


2 – Unrealistic Results & Claims:

As I explained earlier, you can make $1700 in 8 clicks with any method of making money online, and worse, from day one like his father!


These are hyped-up claims that are usually used by low quality training programs in order to convince people who know nothing about making money online to join them.


I have reviewed many of the similar programs that overpromise and under-deliver such as:


And they all give these promises in order to convince people to join them for the front end payment, and then pump them with the upsells and telling them that they need to purchase them in order to “supercharge their income”.


3 – Who Is Michael Carson?

The guy doesn’t show his face in the video, and the image you saw on the sales page is actually a stock image that you can purchase online and use it on your website. You can find it easily if you do a simple Google reverse image search:

Michael Carson Founder Of Fast Profits Online


The founder is probably someone who is used to create low quality programs that don’t deliver, and when he gets exposed and people stop joining his program, he creates another low quality program under another fake name.


4 – Incomplete & Misleading Information:

They tell you that you can make thousands with this method of dropshipping, which is true, but they don’t tell you that these thousands are not all profits.


You still need to pay the following:

  • The merchant for the product price and the shipping cost. (around 25-40% of the price you sell at).
  • Facebook ads in order to visitors to your store. (around 30-45% of the price you sell at).
  • Processing fees to the payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, …etc.).
  • The virtual assistant that you will need to hire in case you reach a big volume in sales.
  • The cost of the e-commerce platform.
  • And some other expenses.


And if you are lucky, you might get 10-20% as profit, but don’t expect that since the beginning.


You will need at least $1,000-$2,000 in order to start with FB Ads before you find a product that sells and you start becoming profitable.


5 – Pay For What?

For the basic training that doesn’t help you really make money?!


Who Is Fast Profits Online For?

For anyone who know nothing about e-commerce and want to learn the basics without really making money, and then, go and look for another more comprehensive training.


Fast Profits Online Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The front end cost of joining Fast Profits Online Program is $37, but you can get a 7-day trial for $1 only through this link, and after that you will automatically be charged for the $37.

Fast Profits Online Cost

There are multiple upsells for a few hundred dollars.


You also need to use paid tools with one-time or monthly fees.


And you need an additional $1k-$2k in order to test products with paid ads before you find a profitable one.

There’s a 60-Day money back guarantee if you want to join it through this link, but I don’t recommend wasting your time in the first place. (Head to the last section for the best training on this method!)


Conclusion – Is Fast Profits Online A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Fast Profits Online
  • Website: www.FastProfits.Online
  • Founders: Michael Carson (Probably A Fake Name)
  • Price: $37 + Multiple Optional Upsells. You need also to use paid tools and spend around $1k-$2k on paid ads.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommendation (For the reasons mentioned above)


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 60 of 100 (Check the last section for alternatives!)


It depends on how you define a scam.


Since you actually get something in return of the money, even if it was a basic training, then we can say that Fast Profits Online is NOT a scam.


However, just because you get something in return, it doesn’t mean that you should join the program even if it offers a refund policy, as you will only get the disappointment, and you will lose money on the tools and the paid ads and they won’t compensate you for your time.


If you want to make money online, then go directly to the best program that can really teach you how to make money.


Which leads us to the next question:


A 100% LEGIT & Proven To Deliver Alternative To Fast Profits Online System?




I will provide you with TWO alternatives to the Fast Profits Online Program, and you get to select the one that suits you the most based on your current situation:


The First Alternative:

In case that you already started a dropshipping business, and with Shopify specifically, but you are still struggling when trying to become successful with it, then the alternative I’m offering you is the best training program in the dropshipping with Shopify industry.


This training I want to recommend is presented by a 100% legit and well-known mentor, and someone who has already taught thousands of students, and many of them have become successful after consistently applying what they learned from him.


In this case, my recommended alternative to the Fast Profits Online program is eCom Elites Training by Frank Hatchett.


Franklin is a genuine and legit teacher and is proven to teach well.


And if even though the cost of his training course is higher than the cost of the front end of the Fast Profits Online program, but remember that what you get in the Fast Profits Online training is not enough to really make money with dropshipping in the first place.


And you will still need to join another advanced program after finish the training of the Fast Profits Online and you don’t get real results, then why to waste your time and money in the first place.


And remember that Fast Profits Online will offer you many upsells that cost even more than the frond end training of Franklin.


While if you join Franklin’s training, you will get one of the most comprehensive and updated training programs on dropshipping.


In fact, eCom Elites is extremely under-priced for the value you will get with it. I have reviewed other programs that cost up to $977 and more, and Frank’s training is way better.


This is the place to go to if you want to really be successful in dropshipping with Shopify.


>> Click Here To Get Fast Profits Online #1 Alternative <<


However, if you are still not involved in the dropshipping world, and you are still in the phase of exploring the possibilities of making money online, then I have another alternative for you that will guide you to another different method for making money online that is more newbie-friendly than dropshipping, and one that requires a lower initial investment and is associated with a lower risk level:


The Second Alternative:

Although dropshipping is a legitimate and a good way of making money online, but there are many reasons that make it not suitable for everyone.


For example, you need to invest at least $1,000-$2,000 in the PAID Facebook ads in order to get highly targeted traffic to your store and test many products before you find one that sells and become profitable.


And although you don’t have to handle the shipping by yourself or even touch the product that you sell, but you still will need to put long hours on daily basis doing the following tasks:

  • Pay the merchant & send them the customers’ addresses.
  • Provide customer support and reply to the emails.
  • Deal with returns and refunds.
  • Monitor the FB ads campaigns regularly, which is a difficult and critical task by itself.
  • Research and test new products continuously.
  • And many other tasks.


And all of these activities together require you to spend long hours every single day, and that’s fine.


Every kind of online business needs you to put hours on daily basis in order to become successful and make money with it.


And if you can afford the additional cost of $1k-$2k on the paid ads, and if you can manage the stress that is associated with monitoring Facebook ads continuously, in addition to the stress that results from providing the customer support, then you can go ahead with the dropshipping method through my recommended alternative mentioned above.


But if you don’t have this amount of money to risk with this method, or in case that you don’t think that you will be able to handle the stress from monitoring the Facebook ads and doing the customer support, then I would like to invite you to learn my #1 method for making money online.


This method, like any other method of making money online and offline, still requires you to put the time and consistent effort for not a short period of time before you become successful with it and make money.


But at least with this method, you don’t have to provide customer support by yourself, and you don’t have to use the paid ads in order to get traffic to your business as you will be relying on the FREE organic traffic from Google and other search engines.


And this method is a 100% Legit method and it is more newbie-friendly than dropshipping and other e-commerce methods.


It also requires a lower investment, and therefore, it is associated with lower levels of stress and risk.


So, if you want to know what this method is, how it works, why I say it is the best method of making money online and where you can learn it (the same platform where I continue to learn from), then you can get my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about it.


In my guide, you will learn about the place where I learned this great method of making money online, which is the same place that will provide you with the detailed step-by-step training, tools and support all at one place for NO Extra Cost.


Even better, you can Join this platform for FREE in order to try it before you risk any money! No Credit Card required, 100% Risk Free!


In addition to that, if you join this recommended platform, you can get direct coaching by ME.


So, it’s up to you now what alternative to Fast Profits Online to choose:


If you still want to do the dropshipping model and you have the additional money to invest in ads, then click here to join the best training on dropshipping with Shopify!


And if you want to learn my #1 preferred method of making money online, then click on the following button to get my guide:

Fast Profits Online Alternative


Go now and choose one of the above alternatives and stop wasting your time and money on the low quality programs that don’t deliver.


And if you have any question about this Fast Profits Online Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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