Experian Affiliate Program Review

Honest Experian Affiliate Program Review

Experian.com and Experian.co.uk are two different websites that sell different services and each has its own affiliate program(s), which might get confusing when you are researching the possibility of making money with Experian.

In this Experian affiliate program review, I will try my best to clear the confusion and help you understand how each of the Experian.com and Experian.co.uk affiliate programs works so that you join the one that fits your business the most.

What can you promote as an Experian affiliate? How much can you make? And what are the requirements in order to get approved? These and other questions I will be answering today for you.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Experian Affiliate Program Review Summary

  • Name: Experian Affiliate Program
  • Website: www.Experian.com & www.Experian.co.uk
  • Founders: Experian
  • Price: Free to join, but you need tools and resources in order to be able to promote it (Details below).
  • Recommended? For certain website and business owners

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 90 of 100

Summary: Experian offers 3 different affiliate programs, depending on the country and the services they provide. The commission is publicly disclosed for only one of the three programs.

The program is good as you can promote different tools in the financial industry, and some of them offer a free trial.


What Is Experian Affiliate Program?

Experian affiliate program is a program that allows you to promote some of Experian’s credit score and reporting services and tools for your audience or customers, in exchange of a commission on every paying customer that you bring to Experian.

And Experian offers three different affiliate programs, as follows:

1 – Experian.com – Experian Connect Affiliate Program

Experian Connect Affiliate Program

This affiliate program allows you to promote the services that are sold on Experian.com.

With this program, you can offer personal credit reports and scores to your business customers or website visitors, which would help them understand their current credit situation.

It is not clear how much the commission for this program, but it’s a percentage of what your referrals pay to Experian.com.

And affiliate cookie duration is not disclosed.

Important to mentioned is that Experian.com offers different paid tools, which are:

  • Experian CreditLock: $4.99 for the first month, then $24.99/month after that.
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO® Scores: $39.99 one time payment.
  • Identity Theft Protection: $19.99/month.

And for this affiliate program, you need to apply as per the instructions on the Experian.com affiliate page, which requires you to submit your existing website in order to be able to integrate the Experian Affiliate Partner system.

2 – Experian’s Business Credit Report (SmartBusinessReports.com) Affiliate Program

SmartBusinessReports.com Affiliate Program

This program allows you to promote any of the products that are sold on the SmartBusinessReports.com website that belongs to Experian.

The commission you get through this program is 20% on the revenue generated through what your referrals pay to www.SmartBusinessReports.com.

The cookie duration for this program is also unclear.

Following are the main products that you can promote as an affiliate to SmartBusinessReports.com:

  • Business Credit Advantage℠: $189/year.
  • Business CreditScore Pro℠: $249/month.
  • Business CreditScore Pro℠: $49.95 per report.
  • CreditScore℠ Report: $39.95 per report.
  • International Business Credit Reports: $59.95 per report.
  • Business Valuation Report : $99 per report.

Products to Promote As Experian Affiliate


The commissions you generate with this program get held for 60 days, and then they will be released on the following month.

For example, if you generate a commission on April 10th, it will be held until June 10th, and then it will be sent to you through a check on the beginning of July.

In order to apply for this program, you also need a website in place in an industry that is related to what products this program allows you to promote.

3 – Experian.co.uk Affiliate Programme

This program allows you to promote the services listed on the UK website of Experian.

Mainly, there are two services that you can promote as an affiliate for Experian UK:

  • Free Experian Account: $0/month. This account allows your referrals to get Experian Credit Score, which is a reflection of the information in their Experian Credit Report, and it helps them as it indicates how likely they are to repay credit. It also helps the customers search and compare credit deals from a number of the UK’s leading lenders. (Not clear if you get a commission if a referral upgrades from this account to the paid one below).
  • CreditExpert: 30-Day trial, then £14.99/month. This account allows your referrals to get the customer’s Experian Credit Report that details their credit history, including information about credit cards, overdrafts, loans, mortgages, mobile phone contracts and even some utilities.

The cookie duration of this program is 30 days.

There are other products that are available on Experian.co.uk website such as:

  • Identity Plus: 30-Day trial then £6.99/month.
  • Statutory Credit Report: Cost is not disclosed.

It is not clear if you can promote these two products as an affiliate, but mostly, you can only promote the Free Experian Account and teh CrediExpert.

In order to join the Experian UK affiliate program, you need to email them about your website or blog and they will review it.

Experian.co.uk Affiliate Program

And if they find that your site or blog is related to their services and meets their requirements, in addition to the fact that you add relevant content regularly, they will tell you how to apply, which is mainly through the Awin affiliate network.


How to Promote Experian As an Affiliate?

To promote Experian’s services, including SmarBusinessReports.com services, you need to have a website or blog in place, and it needs to be relevant to their services and targets people who might need to purchase Experian’s products.

In any case, you would need a website for any affiliate business in any industry.

If you still don’t have one, then you can checkout the last section of this Experian affiliate program review in order to learn about the place that offered me the tools to start an affiliate site in 30 seconds and without prior experience or technical knowledge.

Typically, you would create helpful content on your site targeting searches that people use on Google in order to find services and reports that can be provided with the Experian tools and products, such as:

  • Best way to dispute credit report
  • Best free credit report UK
  • Best place to get free credit report
  • Best free credit report
  • Best time to dispute credit report
  • Best way to get credit report
  • Best free credit report site

Promote Experian As an Affiliate

And for each of these queries, you create a list-article where you give your audience the best tools or sites to get such reports, and you would include Experian as one of the recommended option, and link to it through your affiliate link.

This is very similar to how Experian makes money through affiliate marketing.


Important Facts about The Experian Affilaite Program

Cost of Joining Experian Affiliate Program

The Experian affiliate program costs nothing to join, but you need to have a website in place before you apply to join the Experian affiliate program, which costs some money.

Experian Affiliate Commission Rates

As explained above, the Experian.com and Experian.co.uk don’t disclose clearly how much you can earn on every customer that you bring, but when it comes to the SmartBusinessReports.com affiliate program, which belongs to Experian.com, you get a 20% commission on the revenue from the customers you bring.

Experian Affiliate Cookie Duration

The Experian.com and SmartBusinessReports.com didn’t clearly disclose their affiliate commission, but the Experian.co.uk has a 30-cookie duration.

Experian Affiliate Payment Method

For the SmartBusinessReports.com affiliate program, the payment is through check.

For the Experian.com – Experian Connect Affiliate Program, the payment method is not disclosed.

For the Experian.co.uk affiliate program, the payment methods are provided based on the affiliate network where it is hosted (Awin), which are mainly: BACS, international wire transfer or ACH.


Pro’s & Con’s of The Experian Affiliate Program


  • It offers good products that are necessary for many people.
  • Reporting and analytics tools for affiliates.
  • Free to join.
  • The Experian UK affiliate program is hosted on Awin, which is a reputable affiliate network and it offers more than one payment method.
  • Tools and creatives are provided to help you promote Experian as an affiliate.


  • Confusing. For example, the Experian Connect Affiliate Program and the Experian UK Affiliate Program don’t disclose the exact value of the commission.
  • You need to apply to join the program, and you might not get approved.
  • Limited payment methods.


Who Can Make Money with Experian As an Affiliate?

Bloggers, website owners, and small business owners who specialize in the credit reporting and credit score related industry can join the Experian affiliate program and start earning money by promoting the tools that Experian and SmartBusinessReports.com sell.


Conclusion – Is The Experian Affiliate Program Worth it & Legit?

Yes. The Experian affiliate program is legit and it is worth it to join it in order to make money as an affiliate of Experian by promoting the services they provide to your audience or customers.

  • Name: Experian Affiliate Program
  • Website: www.Experian.com & www.Experian.co.uk
  • Founders: Experian
  • Price: Free to join, but you need tools and resources in order to be able to promote it (Details below).
  • Recommended? For certain website and business owners

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 90 of 100

The downfall though is that it is a bit confusing as Experian offers three different affiliate programs as explained above, and some info like the cookie duration and the commission percentage is not clear for all of them, in addition to the limitations in the affiliate payment methods.

That’s my conclusion of this Experian affiliate program review.


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I hope that this Experian Affiliate Program Review has helped clear some of the confusion about this program. I tried to get as many details as possible, but some stuff is still confusing even to me.

If you have any question about anything I mentioned in this review, or if you need any help, please, drop me a comment below and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

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