EMProTools Review – A Useful Tool Or Just A Waste Of Time & Money?

EMProTools Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit

You have been probably invited to purchase this tool that is supposed to help you segment your email list subscribers based on the open and link-click behavior and customize the sequence to every subscriber accordingly, and you are wondering if this tool adds anything to what already exists in the main email autoresponders or is it worth buying. Join me in this EMProTools Review in order to find out if you really need to purchase this tool or you will just be wasting your time and money.


But first of all, if you don’t know what email segmentation is, then in brief: it is dividing your email list subscribers into smaller lists based on different factors such as behavior (opened/didn’t open email, clicked/didn’t click the link), location, personality, …etc. and then, treat each one of these segments differently and send them a unique sequence of email messages in order to personalize the experience of each subscriber and try to make them engage more with your email campaigns and get them take the action you want them to take.


And since there are many autoresponder email services that allow you to do such segmentation and create workflows accordingly, then why do you need to use an additional tool like EmproTools and increase the cost and time?!


This is what you will find here in this EMPro Tools review.


EMProTools Review Summary

  • Name: EMProTools (Email Pro Tools)
  • Website: www.emprotools.com
  • Founders: Oleksandr Krulik
  • Price:
    • Starter: $30.75 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $67/month after launch (Up to 5,000 Subscribers)
    • Advanced: $75One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $127/month after launch (Up to 20,000 Subscribers)
    • Pro: $166 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $297/month after launch (Up to 60,000 Subscribers)
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 70 of 100


What Is EMProTools?

EMProTools is a software that allows you to do segmentation for your email list subscribers based on their behavior towards the emails you send to them. What Is EmproTools


And after that segmentation happens, you can send customized emails or sequence of emails for each segment of your list subscribers in order to get higher click-through ration and higher conversion ratio.


Notice that EMProTools is not an alternative or replacement to the email Autoresponder software, you still need an autoresponder service such as: GetResponse, AWeber or MailChimp and integrate it with EMProTools.




So, What Types Of Segmentation Can I Get From EMProTools?

  • Email Openers But Non-Clickers: Open the email but don’t click the link inside it. Segmentation with Email Pro Tools
  • Link Clickers: Open the email and click the link inside it.
  • Non-Openers: Don’t open the email in the first place.


And based on each one of the three behavior actions mentioned above you personalize a certain followup sequence for each segment in order to try to get the non-openers and non-clickers take the action you want to let them take.


This is regarding the front-end plan of Email Pro Tools.


And one of the up-sells allows you to segment subscribers based on the interests as well.


How Does EMProTools Work?

  1. Connect your autoresponder service (GetResponse, AWeber, Mailchimp) to your EMProTools account. How Does EmproTools Work
  2. Create a broadcast campaign to a specific list of your subscribers.
  3. Setup the followup campaign for each of the three segments with different follow-up sequences in order to maximize the conversions from each segment members.











Now you might be asking yourself the next question:


What Is The Main Benefit From Segmenting Email List Subscribers With EMProTools?

The main benefit is that you can send a personalized followup email or sequence of emails to each segment in order to invoke the ones who didn’t open the first email, or the ones who opened it but didn’t click on the link and give them a second chance to take the action you want them to take. Benefits of EmproTools Segmentation


  • For Clickers: you send a follow-up email with the next step you want them to take.
  • For non-openers: you can send the follow-up email with the same text but change the title into another one that will make them open the message.
  • For Openers but non-clickers: you can change both the title and the text in order to make them click the link this time, and so on.


While if you send these two segments the same follow-up email of those who clicked the link in the first time, then they won’t be in the same phase and they won’t know what you are talking about, and eventually, they won’t be doing anything.


Here comes another question you might be asking yourself:


But These Segmentation Options Are Already Available In Autoresponder, Then Why Should I Use EMProTools?

I agree with you, this kind of segmentation based on the behavior is one of the many kinds of segmentation that you can already find in the major Autoresponder services such as GetResponse.


And since you still need to use an Autoresponder with EMProTools, this means that what will happen is increasing the cost on yourself and adding another tool to the whole process.


However, the main benefit in my opinion is that EMProTools offers a clean dashboard that is newbie-friendly and easy to use.


In addition to that, it allows you to manage different lists from different Autoresponders all from the same dashboard with the same interface.

Empro Tools Interface


Integrations Of Email Pro Tools With Autoresponders

EMProTools software can be currently integrated with only three of the main email autoresponders: GetResponse, AWeber & MailChimp.


This is one of the downfalls of this software.


EMProTools Pricing Plans & Upsells/Upgrades:

The main or front-end product of EMPro Tools is offered in three different plans with the following prices:

  • Starter: $30.75 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $67/month after launch (Up to 5,000 Subscribers)
  • Advanced: $75 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $127/month after launch (Up to 20,000 Subscribers)
  • Pro: $166 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $297/month after launch (Up to 60,000 Subscribers)


In addition to the difference in the number of your list subscribers that you can use each of the plans for, there are also some differences in the benefits and support for each of the three plans.


>>Get EMProTools For The One-Time- Fee Discounted Prices Here<<


In addition to the above mentioned main plans, there are three available upgrades/upsells as follows:


1. Upgrade 1 – EMProTools Ultimate: $47

This plan gives you the following features & benefits:


Features of upgrade 1:

1. Automatically remove duplicate subscribers from multiple lists

2. Automatically removal non-active subscribers

3. Automatically move non-active subscribers to separate lists

4. Automatically remove unsubscribers

5. Download list of deleted subscribers



1. Keep your lists clean, organized and optimized

2. Reduce the Autoresponder bill by deleting the unsubscribes automatically

3. Reuse deleted subscribers to create targeting pixels

2. Upgrade 2 – EMProTools Smartlinks: $47

This upgrade works mainly on the actions taken after your subscribers open your messages, which relys on the Smart Links tracking technology.


Features of upgrade 2:

1. Automatic Tagging based on subscriber opens and clicks

2. Automatic move / copy subscribers to other lists based on the link click

3. Automatically set next Legacy Follow Up message based on the link click

4. Other functions such as: Delayed Apply Tags, Set Next Legacy Follow Up, Move subscriber, Copy Subscriber

5. Segment subscribers based on their interests



1. Control which Legacy Follow Up Series is delivered to the subscriber

2. Control which Followup message will be delivered to the subscriber next

3. Mail subscribers based on their interests



3. Upgrade 3 – EMProTools Agency: $197

Gives you resell rights in order to sell the tool to other business owners and manage it for them.


Note: It is not clear if these upsells are one-time-fee upsells or monthly fees.


In any case, these are optional upgrades, you can start with the main plans with one-time-fee if you purchase during the launch through the following link:


Also, they offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


What I Like About EMProTools

  • Nice and clean interface that makes it easy for newbies to create different sequences.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • You can purchase it for the one-time fee during the launch phase. After that, it will be offered as for a monthly payment price.


What I Don’t Like About EMProTools

  • Integrates only with three of the main autoresponders: GetResponse, AWeber and Mailchimp.
  • It is NOT a replacement of the Autoresponder, you still need one.
  • The Autoresponders (GetResponse for example) offer most, if not all of the segmentation options that are provided by EMProTools. Actually, you will find many other features and options, then why would you pay for the EMProTools in addition to the Autoresponder?
  • In my opinion, the monthly fee is a bit high, this is why if you want to purchase it, then I recommend getting the One-Time-Fee, while it’s available.


Who Is EMProTools For?

As I mentioned earlier, the Autoresponders offer you most of the features in EMProTools and more, especially the segmentation feature, and you still need to pay for the Autoresponder as the EMProTools software is NOT a replacement.


However, the main benefit from using EMProTools would be to have an easy-to-use dashboard or interface if you are confused by the complexity due to the many options in the original Autoresponder you are using.


Also, you might benefit from EMProTools if you use more than one Autoresponder and you want to manage your campaigns from one dashboard.


In any case, if you are confused whether EMProTools is for you or not, then you can get it for the one-time fee during the launch phase through the following link. And in any case, even if you purchase it after the launch phase, remember that they have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


EMProTools Support

On the sales page of EMProTools, the promise 24/7 support for the three plans.


However, if you check the pricing table for each plan, you will find that for the Advanced & Pro plans they say: “Premium 24X7 Support: Response within 24 hours”.EMProTools Support


Then what about the Starter plan, how can you promise 24X7 support if you don’t guarantee the response within 24 hours for that plan?!


Conclusion – Is EMProTools A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: EMProTools (Email Pro Tools)
  • Website: www.emprotools.com
  • Founders: Oleksandr Krulik
  • Price:
    • Starter: $30.75 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $67/month after launch (Up to 5,000 Subscribers)
    • Advanced: $75 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $127/month after launch (Up to 20,000 Subscribers)
    • Pro: $166 One-Time Fee during the launch. Becomes $297/month after launch (Up to 60,000 Subscribers)
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 70 of 100


EMProTools is not a scam. It is a legit and useful software.


However, since the main Autoresponder services offer you more features and segmentation options than what EMProTools offer, then I don’t think that everyone needs to use it as it will require an addition cost for using it.


I believe it is useful if you are less tech savvy and find it difficult to use the advance dashboard of GeRespnse for example that has many options and can be a bit confusing for newbies.


Alternative To EMProTools?

I have two alternatives based on two categories of people that you might belong to:


First Alternative:

If you already have an online business, and you want to create email marketing campaigns with segmentation options in order to get the best out of each campaign, then my recommended alternative is GetResponse.


This is an email Autoresponder service provider that provides you with more segmentation options than what you get from EMProTools.


And in any case, you still need to pay for the Autoresponder even if you use EMProTools as the latter can’t work alone without an Autoresponder, then why to use both and increase the cost on yourself.


Second Alternative:

In case that you have been offered to purchase EMProTools but you don’t have any online business in place, which means that you won’t really benefit from using EMProTools.


In this case, I encourage you to read my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and find about the way I make money online through building a real online presence that will allow you to make money with the best method of making passive income.


This method doesn’t’t require a previous experience, and doesn’t cost a big investment. Actually, you can try it for FREE before you risk any money at the platform that I recommend in my guide.


So if you are willing to learn this method and start a legit online business, click on the following button that will take you to my guide:

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And if you have any question regarding this EMProTools Review, then leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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