Ecom Cash Crusher Review – A Scam Or $2,000/Day?

Ecom Cash Crusher Review

Can you start making $2k per day right from day one working only few minutes a day? Or is this just another lie that is designed to take your hard-earned money? Join me in this Ecom Cash Crusher Review in order to find out if this is your chance to achieve the financial freedom you dream of or is it just another hyped up program.


David Anderson claims that after he was poor and unable to pay the bills, one of his friends told him about this website called shopify and taught him how to make money with it. And in the first day, he made over $1,400 in profit and within a year, he made over million dollars in profit.

David Anderson Results With Dropshipping

And then, he created a system based on his experience in order to help others achieve the results he achieved easily.


And he claims that many of his students are now making thousands of dollars a day working only few minutes thanks to this Ecom Cash Crusher System.


I have already reviewed many of these programs and systems that promised to be able to easily generate thousands of dollars per day with so little effort or working only few minutes or hours a day right from day one of joining them!


And I know how tempting it feels to want to believe these claims and “give it a try, it might work!”. And as much as I would want to believe them myself and as much as I would love to tell you that this is possible,

But …
Unfortunately, as you will see below, I have to tell you that these claims are far from the truth.


Although I agree that you can really make lots of money with the method taught in Ecom Cash Crusher program, but not from the first day, week or month as they claim.


And more important, you can’t make this amount of money working only few minutes a day!


Not to mention that these numbers you so are not all profits. Actually they might be barely breaking even in some cases as there are lots of costs associated with making such a revenue.


And absolutely, minutes a day can never be enough for you to accomplish any success with this method.


I will show you below, with evidences, why I say that this guy who calls himself David is not showing you the full picture and that he is over-promising you just in order to make you join his program, which means that if you believe them, you will be starting with the wrong mindset, which will eventually cause you a big disappointment.


And I will guide you in the last section of this review of Ecom Cash Crusher into two better alternatives to this program:

  1. First Alternative: Another training course on the same method mentioned in the Ecom Cash Crusher Program, but a much better and comprehensive training by a real person that is 100% Legit and successful himself. Or,
  2. Second Alternative: A platform where you can learn a different method of making money online that even more newbie-friendly than the method taught in the Ecom Cash Crusher Training Course, which is also a 100% LEGIT method and many other internet entrepreneurs are using to generate online income with, including myself.


Note: You Can Go Directly To The Second Alternative Mentioned Above And Learn About The #1 Method Of Making Money Online Through The Following Button:

David Anderson's System Alternative


Ecom Cash Crusher Review Summary

  • Name: Ecom Cash Crusher System
  • Website:
  • Founders: David Anderson.
  • Price: $37 + Different Upsells + You need $1,000-$2,000 to spend on paid traffic.
  • Recommended? No (Alternatives in the last section of this review)


Overall Rating: 50 of 100


What Is Ecom Cash Crusher?

What Is Ecom Cash Crusher

In brief: Ecom Cash Crusher is a training course that is supposed to teach you how to make up to $2,000 a day in profit though dropshipping with Shopify working only few minutes a day!


The guy (calls himself David Anderson), who claims to be the founder of the Ecom Cash Crusher system, says that after he mastered the method of dropshipping, he crafted a system based on his experience with all the tricks and secrets that he learned that will help the students to learn and apply this method faster.


And he claims that you can make up to $500,000 in profit in a year following what is taught in this system and make $2,000 a day right from day one of joining the Ecom Cash Crusher program.


And I can tell that these are all lies.


I have tried different methods of making money online and I have reviewed many of such programs and systems, and I can tell you that there’s nothing such a system or a program that allows you to make such an amount of money working so little right from day one as.


Making money online, like it is offline, takes lots of time and work in the beginning in order to learn and continuously apply the method you will be doing before you start generating any profit.


But the main advantage with having an online business is that you can start it with a much lower cost than it would be with an offline business, even as low as $500 as you will see in the last section for the alternatives below.


Another advantage is that you can work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop and you have an internet connection.


But you still need to put the time and effort consistently.




How Does Ecom Cash Crusher Work?

As you heard in the video, David Anderson talks about a website called Shopify, which is a platform that allows you to create an ecommerce website in order to sell either your own products, or to source stuff from others at low prices and sell them on your store for higher prices.

How Does Ecom Cash Crusher Work


But the main method that is taught in Ecom Cash Crusher program is the Dropshipping with Shopify.


And if you don’t know what dropshipping is, then in brief:


It is a retail fulfillment method in which the dropshipper/retailer (you), doesn’t keep inventory of the products they sell in a physical location of their own, and doesn’t even pay for these products in advance.


Instead, the products remain stored in the warehouses of original vendor (some merchant in China for example), and the dropshipper pays to the original vendor only after a customer buys from the dropshipper’s online store.


And the following five steps happen in order to make money with dropshipping:

  1. The original merchant holds inventory of a certain product in bulk quantities.
  2. The dropshipper/retailer lists the product on his own online store (built with Shopify) for a price that is higher than the one of the original merchant.
  3. The dropshipper drives targeted web traffic into his online store using different traffic methods (mainly PAID Facebook ads).
  4. Someone from the visitors buys a product and pays to the store owner.
  5. The store owner then pays the original merchant, and asks the merchant to ship the product on his behalf to the customer’s address.


And this is really one of many great methods of making money online, and for sure, you can make lots of money with it.



Unfortunately, the video on the sales page of the Ecom Cash Crusher System is overpromising you and is misleading you with the information they tell you as they don’t deliver the full image in order to push you to join their program on you by selling you on the dream of making money online quickly and with so little effort.


I will explain what I mean by that in the “What I Don’t Like About Ecom Cash Crusher System” section below.


Unfortunately, it is a usual pattern to see such hyped-up results in order to sell you low quality programs that don’t really provide you with what you need in order to achieve these results.


I have reviewed many other programs that use these same techniques such as::


And many others.


And regarding the testimonials you saw in the video, make sure you check the next section!


What I Like About Ecom Cash Crusher System

  • It is about a legitimate way of making money, Dropshipping.
  • There’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, I bet you will need it after you don’t make $2,000 on day one.


What I Don’t Like About Ecom Cash Crusher System

Not sure where to start from. But let’s start with the sales page and the video there:


1. Unrealistic Results Claims That Don’t Make Sense

They tell you that you can make up to $2,000 a day in profit right from day one of joining the program.

And that you can continue making thousands of dollars a day working only few minutes.

Ecom Cash Crusher Results

Sorry my friend, but that’s total BS!


I have tried different methods of making money online, including dropshipping with Shopify, and what I found was that for every method you try, there’s a learning curve that takes time and effort to go through before you make any income with that method.


And this applies to dropshipping with Shopify.


And more important, even after becoming profitable with this method that you will learn in Ecom Cash Crusher, you still need to spend many hours every single day doing many different tasks including the following:

  • Looking for products to add to your store.
  • Testing the newly added products though PAID Facebook ads.
  • Monitoring Facebook ads: analyzing the campaigns’ performance, cutting the losing campaigns, optimizing and scaling up the winners.
  • Fulfilling orders once they come in.
  • Dealing with customer support and replying to the emails from customers.
  • Dealing with refunds, disputes and returns.
  • …etc.


And even if you outsource some of these tasks and delegate them to employees or virtual assistants, you still need to run the PAID Facebook ads by yourself, and these take lots of time and effort on daily basis, they can’t be handled in few minutes a day!


Not to mention that you still need to manage the team you hired, which again, cannot be done by working few minutes a day!


And this doesn’t mean that you can’t make lots of money with dropshipping, sure you can! But it will take working for long hours, every day, over a long period of time until you see the numbers you have seen in the screenshots.


And that will happen only if you learn from a legit program and from an already successful dropshipper like the alternative I will recommend to you in the last section of this review.


2. Fake Testimonials By PAID Actors!

The testimonials you saw in the video of the Ecom Cash Crusher were recorded by PAID actors that you can hire for few dollars from website called in order to record what you want them to say.


This guy for example, I found his profile (bottom image) on Fiverr, and the same applies to the other guys.

Ecom Cash Crusher Testimonials

And the same applies to the other guys.


No Real Testimonials or real, legitimate proof of results.


If this Ecom Cash Crusher System really works as they claim, then why don’t they just show real testimonials by real successful students of David Anderson instead of buying them from these actors?!


I think that’s an enough reason NOT to trust this program.


But let’s continue…


3. Misleading Information On The Earnings

They show you screenshots and tell you that these are all profits, which is not true!

Ecom Cash Crusher Misleading Information

Assuming that these screenshots are legit, they are lying to you by telling you that these are profits.


And I’m telling you here, these numbers you see are the sales volume and not the profit!


This is the amount of money you get from customers, but you still need to:

  • Pay to the original merchant the price of the product and the shipping cost. (around 25-40% of the price you sell at).
  • Pay for the expensive Facebook ads in order to get targeted traffic to your store. (around 30-45% of the price you sell at).
  • Pay the processing fees for the payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, …etc.).
  • Pay the team you will hire in order to outsource some tasks and finally deliver such results.
  • And some other expenses.


That means that you might end up with 15-30% as profit, which is still great, but not as they make you think it will be.


4. Who Is David Anderson

The guy who claims to be David Anderson doesn’t show his face, how can you know that he is a real person.


5. Hidden Up-sells

I have nothing against Up-sells, but I don’t like the fact that they don’t tell you that in advance!


They offer you a low quality or mediocre program that doesn’t deliver in order to get you inside, and then blast you with up-sells by telling you that you need those in order to make money.


Then why do they charge the first $37?!


Who Is Ecom Cash Crusher For?

For anyone who has some extra money and want to give it to David just to get disappointed from day one when they don’t make $2,000 in profit, and then, ask for a refund.


Ecom Cash Crusher Price

The price of the front-end program of Ecom Cash Crusher is $37.

And there are many upsells that cost a couple of hundred dollars together.


Remember that you still need to pay $29/month for Shopify, and you need at least $1,000-$2,000 to spend on Facebook ads still you find a winning product and start making profit. This is assuming that you learned from the best.


Conclusion – Is Ecom Cash Crusher A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Ecom Cash Crusher System
  • Website:
  • Founders: David Anderson.
  • Price: $37 + Different Upsells + You need $1,000-$2,000 to spend on paid traffic.
  • Recommended? No (Alternatives in the last section of this review)


Overall Rating: 50 of 100


Saying that Ecom Cash Crusher is a scam or not depends on how you define a scam.


Since you actually get something after you pay, even if what you get was a low quality training content, then we can’t call it a scam.


But just because you will get something in return doesn’t mean that you have to go and purchase the Ecom Cash Crusher System. And it doesn’t mean that you will get the results they promised you in the sales video.


Here are some reasons why I can’t recommend buying Ecom Cash Crusher System:

  • Unrealistic promises of hyped-up results.
  • Fake testimonials recorded by PAID actors.
  • The founder doesn’t show his face and is not a well-known person.
  • They lie to you by showing you screenshots of sales and telling you that these are all profits, which is completely far from the truth.
  • …etc.


For all of the above mentioned reasons, I don’t recommend wasting your time with Ecom Cash Crusher even if they have a 60-day money-back guarantee, because you will finally waste your time and leave with a big disappointment.


That is the conclusion of this Ecom Cash Crusher Program Review.


If you want to learn Dropshipping, then learn it from the best!


Which takes us to the next question.


A 100% Legitimate Alternative To Ecom Cash Crusher Program?

I have TWO alternatives for you, you choose which one to follow based on your situation:


First Alternative:

If you have already started a dropshipping business with Shopify, but you still can’t figure out how to make profit with it, then you need the best training in the industry.


A training from someone who is well-known and was successful himself before he starts teaching others.


Someone who already taught thousands upon thousands of students and many of them ended up making great results with dropshipping after applying what he teaches consistently.


In this case, my recommended alternative to Ecom Cash Crusher is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.


Frank is a truly a genuine and a legit person and I have been following his YouTube channel and social media accounts for not a short time now.


Frank is a real person with real students giving him honest testimonials, unlike the fake ones you saw in the video of Ecom Cash Crusher by David Anderson (if that even is a real name!).


And his course, eCom Elites, is really under-priced for the value you will find in it when compared to other courses, including Ecom Cash Crusher that still has upsells to sell to you!


>> Click Here To Get Ecom Cash Crusher #1 Alternative<<<


However, if you still haven’t started a dropshipping business in the first place, and in case that you are still looking for a way to make money online, then let me introduce you to another alternative for a different method that is more newbie-friendly than dropshipping, and one that requires a lower investment to start:


Second Alternative:

Although Dropshipping is a great method and is a 100% legitimate business model for making money online.


But the thing is that, with dropshipping, you still need to invest in PAID traffic using Facebook ads, which are getting more expensive everyday.


In order to start with dropshipping, you need to be ready to spend at least $1,000-$2,000 in the ads for testing different products before you find a winning one and becoming profitable.


This is in addition to the cost of the training course.


And after that, even though you don’t need to touch the products or ship them by yourself, but you still need to put the time and effort paying the original merchant and sending him the customers’ addresses, do customer support and reply to their emails, deal with refunds and returns, …etc.


Not to mention that dealing with Facebook ads is a real headache on its own and requires hours every day.


And if you can afford this additional investment of $1,000-$2,000 (in addition to the course’s cost), and can handle the continuous stress from monitoring Facebook ads, then you can go ahead with this method with my recommended alternative mentioned above.


But in case that you don’t have this amount of money to invest, or if you can’t handle the stress or of dealing with the Facebook ads and customer support, then let me recommend the #1 method for making money online that is even more newbie-friendly than dropshipping with Shopify.


This method still needs you to put the consistent effort and time for not a short period of time, like it is with any other method, but at least you don’t have to deal with the customers by yourself and you don’t have to use the PAID Facebook ads as you will rely mainly on getting the FREE organic traffic from the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


This method is also a 100% Legit method that is more newbie-friendly than dropshipping, requires lower investment, and is associated with a lower level of risk and stress.


So, if you want to know what this method is, and where you can learn it (the same place I learned it from), then you can get my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about it.


And in this guide, you will learn about the platform where I learned this great method.


This platform that you can even try it even for FREE before you pay any money! No Credit Card required, 100% Risk Free!


In addition to that, if you join this platform I’m recommending, you can get direct coaching by ME.


So, it’s up to you now what alternative to choose.


If you still want to do dropshipping with Shopify, then click here to get the best training on dropshipping.


And if you want to learn my preferred method of making money online, then click on the following button to read my make money online guide:

Ecom Cash Crusher System Alternative

And if you have any question about this Ecom Cash Crusher Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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