Is Digital Business Kickstarted Legit? Review of 2022

Honest Digital Business Kickstarted Review

What is this program all about? Is it a scam or legit? How does it work? And can you really make money with it?

These are the first questions that you have probably asked yourself when you saw the sales videos on the website.

And that’s why you started researching this program and you landed on this unbiased and honest Digital Business Kickstarted review.

Congrats! You have done the right thing my friend.

I will tell you here whether you should trust this program and join it or not, and what to do if this was not for you.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Digital Business Kickstarted Review Summary

  • Name: Digital Business Kickstarted
  • Website:
  • Founders: Unknown (Sometimes disclosed as “Jeff”)
  • Price: $47 Just to get in. Optional upsells might be offered and external paid tools and services might be required.
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Summary: Digital Business Kickstarted is just a website that is used to promote other products, every few weeks they change the sales video and lead you to a different low quality program related to making money online with some magical push button.

Many shady tactics, as exposed below, are being used on this website, which is why I don’t recommend that you join it and risk your money.


What Is Digital Business Kickstarted?

What Is Digital Business Kickstarted

Digital Business Kickstarted is being promoted as a program that will help you copy someone else’s blueprint to becoming millionaire with different methods of making money online.

They keep changing the sales video every once in a while, and at the time of writing this review, they are using some sales video that is used to promote a program called (Entre Blueprint) for Jeff Lerner, founder of Copy The Millionaire – 6 Steps to Freedom.

The Entre Blueprint

But the weird thing is that if you click the “Reserve My Position” button, and enter your details, you will get redirected to the sales page of a different low quality program that I exposed earlier in my Stay Home Profits review.

Re-hashed Digital Business Kickstarted

Which is really confusing!!


How Does Digital Business Kickstarted Exactly Work?

How Digital Business Kickstarted Works

As I explained earlier, Digital Business Kickstarted is a website that tries to promote a different program every few weeks, and mainly programs that promise you to make lots of money online with a minimal to no effort.

The first video you watch on the website of belongs to a program for Jeff Lerner that says it will teach you three methods of making money online, which could be:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Promoting others’ products for a commission).
  2. Selling Digital Products like courses and ebooks.
  3. Dropshipping (An e-com business model where you sell products that are stored at other merchants’ stores, and after you get a paying customer, you pay the original merchant their low price to ship the product on your behalf).

However, when you enter your details to join it, they redirect you to the sales page of a different program that teaches only affiliate marketing, and one that provides hyped-up claims of making $500 a day through copying and pasting links online to generate this income.

And while affiliate marketing is a legitimate method of making money online, but it takes more than just copying and pasting links somewhere and expecting to make $500 a day for one hour of work.

If you want to learn this legitimate model, then check out my alternative at the end of this Digital Business Kickstarted review.

And sometimes, they will redirect you to a different program that is called Website ATM, which gives you some easy-to-build affiliate sites where you add products from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress with your affiliate links, but you still need to drive targeted traffic by yourself, which requires skills and knowledge.


What Is Inside Digital Business Kickstarted?

You will get what is inside whatever program is being promoted through the website.

They use the sales video of a program that promises to teach you three methods of making money online.

Inside Digital Business Kickstarted

But currently, they actually promote the Stay Home Profits program, which gives you some training on doing affiliate marketing by copying and pasting links, and I personally DON’T recommend doing so as this method is spammy and it is ineffective anyway.


Digital Business Kickstarted Price & Upsells

The cost of joining what Digital Business Kickstarted is promoting is $47 for getting in, and you would receive some training about the spammy method of doing affiliate marketing.

Digital Business Kickstarted Cost

You might also be offered to purchase optional upgrades and maybe you would need external paid tools and services like web hosting.

What is weird is that the above screenshot says that there’s a 90-day money back guarantee, while the first sales video says 30-day guarantee.

And worse, on the sales page of the itself there are no links to the important pages like the Terms of Service page, which should include the refund policy clearly.

These misleading and contradicting details are what make me fear this program the most.


What I Like about Digital Business Kickstarted

That they promote a program that is related to affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate model, but not the way they teach it.


What I Don’t Like about Digital Business Kickstarted

1 – There’s Nothing Called Digital Business Kickstarted

As I explained above, this website is just used to promote other low quality programs that are related to making money online.

2 – Who Is The Owner of The Website?

No one knows, and the video that shows Jeff Lerner is actually taken from a different program by that founder.

Digital Business Kickstarted Founder Jeff

3 – Shady Tactics to Promote Low Quality Programs

They promote the kind of programs that promise you to make hundreds of dollars a day working only few minutes or one hour.

And the ones that use fake testimonials recorded by paid, cheap actors that you can find on

Fake Testimonials Digital Business Kickstarted

Add to that, fake income and bank statement screenshots.

Fake Screenshots Digital Business Kickstarted

4 – No Clear Refund Policy

As I exposed them above in this review, different videos and pages say that there’s 30-day and 90-day money back guarantee. Which one is right?

5 – Missing Important Pages

They don’t have a Privacy Policy, Terms of Conditions, Affiliate Disclosure, …etc., which is illegal.

Basically, everything on this website makes me feel worried about whatever they are doing.


Who Is Digital Business Kickstarted for?

For anyone who wants to waste their time and money on stuff that doesn’t work as promised in terms of making money online.


Conclusion – Is Digital Business Kickstarted Legit or a Scam?

I don’t know what to say, but because you can actually get something in return of the money you pay, then I wouldn’t consider it a scam, but I consider it to be a complete waste of time and money.

  • Name: Digital Business Kickstarted
  • Website:
  • Founders: Unknown (Sometimes disclosed as “Jeff”)
  • Price: $47 Just to get in. Optional upsells might be offered and external paid tools and services might be required.
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Don’t trust Digital Business Kickstarted!

This is my final conclusion of my Digital Business Kickstarted review.


However, affiliate marketing, the subject being taught by what Digital Business Kickstarted is promoting to you, is a legitimate way of making money online, and the way I personally generate the most of my income, and that’s why I encourage you to learn it.

But it doesn’t work the way they teach it.

Which takes us to the next question:

A 100% Alternative to Digital Business Kickstarted That I Personally Learned from?


The program that Digital Business Kickstarted is trying to push you to join doesn’t teach you affiliate marketing properly.

I will lead you to the same place where I personally learned affiliate marketing the right way, which is a platform that provides you with all what you need to learn and start your affiliate business from scratch, such as:

  • A step-by-step plan.
  • A detailed video training course.
  • Research tools.
  • Web hosting and easy website builder so that you don’t need to learn anything technical.
  • Community support of more than 2 million entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you need.

And more.

And this platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is literally the only place you need to go in order to start and grow your affiliate marketing business from scratch like I did.

And the nice thing is that they offer all of these services and tools for a fixed monthly fee that doesn’t come with upsells and surprises.

And you get all the tools you need for that fee, without the need of using any external services and tools.

And if you are not sure, then don’t worry.

This alternative offers a Starter Plan to try it for free without paying anything in advance and without a credit card.

This plan offers you access to the tools offered to try them, and to the first level of the training (10 lessons), which is enough to understand the right way of doing affiliate marketing.

Digital Business Kickstarted Alternative

You can read this review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about it, and to find out how to get started with the free Starter plan at the beginning.


I hope that you found my honest Digital Business Kickstarted review helpful and useful for you.

If you still have any question about anything I mentioned here, please, let me know in the comments’ section below and I will do my best to answer you asap 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the review of Digital Business. The adage “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” appears to be the case here.

    • Thank you for your comment Richard!

      Unfortunately, promises of getting rich quickly and easily attract a lot of people in desperate need of money, which is why many people join such programs without looking for reviews or even thinking rationally.



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