Debutify Review 2022 – Pricing & Alternatives

Debutify Theme Review

Is Debutify the best free and paid Shopify theme? Or is it just another hype?

How is it different from other store themes?

These questions and more I will be answering in this Debutify review, so that you know if it is worth it to get Debutify for your online store.

Debutify Review

  • Name: Debutify Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Raphael Bergeron
  • Features & Add-ons: 9.5 of 10
  • Ease of Use: 9.5 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9.7 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9.4 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9.5 of 10
  • Price: Free Plan Available. Paid Plans as Follows:
    • Starter: $17/Month or $114/Year (Save 50%).
    • Hustler: $47/Month or $282/Year (Save 50%).
    • Master: $97/Month or $582/Year (Save 50%).
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.5 of 100

Summary: Debutify is one of the top Shopify themes out there as it offers lots of flexibility in design, and it offers free and paid plans with many features and add-ons that help build a brand and increase conversions and revenue and the short and long run.

What Is Debutify Theme?

Debutify theme is a template that you can use on your Shopify store in order to customize it based on your brand, industry, customers, and with many features and add-ons that you can use in order to increase conversions and revenue.

What Is Debutify

The Shopify Debutify theme differs from other Shopify themes in many ways, as you will see in the following sections of this Debutify review.


5 Ways The Debutify Shopify Theme Is Different

Here are five ways in which Debutify is different from other Shopify themes, free and paid:

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1 – Free & Paid Theme Plans for One Theme

While almost all other Shopify themes are either free or paid, and some most of the paid don’t have a free trial or a money back guarantee, Debutify offers both, free and paid plans for its users.

And the free Debutify plan offers lots of important features that other free Shopify themes, and even many paid themes, don’t offer.

And the paid Debutify plans offer lots of useful add-ons that can help you increase your store’s conversions and revenue, as you will see later.

And the nice thing is that you can start with the free Debutify plan, and later upgrade to a paid plan, and you can always upgrade or downgrade between the different plans.

This reason alone is enough to make it safe to try Debutify starting with free plan, which is already much better than other free Shopify themes, and even better than many paid themes.

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2 – Debutify Is Very Customizable

In general, Shopify themes, paid and free, are limited when it comes to customizing the layout of the store, the storefront and product page.

One superior theme in this point is the Flex Shopify theme, but it offers only a paid plan, and the price is not the lowest.

However, the Debutify theme offers a wide range of flexibility when it comes to customizing your Shopify store when it comes to customizing the navigation, header, footer, general layout, product page, …etc.

For example, you can customize the header’s appearance and the location of the navigation elements and relocate them to the center, right, or left side of the screen.

Debutify Theme Customization

And for the footer, you can customize the text, menus, social media buttons, payment icons, email & phone links.

And so on.

Note that this flexibility is given even with the free Debutify theme plan, at a time when most paid and expensive Shopify themes don’t offer one-tenth of that flexibility.


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3 – The Paid Plans Differ in Features

Other paid Shopify themes offer different plans based on how many stores you can use the theme on, but all their paid plans are the same when it comes to features.

However, Debutify’s paid plans differ in both, the number of features/add-ons that you can use, and the number of stores, as you will see below.

4 – Very Useful Built-in Features

Each Shopify theme has its own features, but usually, some of the most important features that increase conversions, are available only through expensive themes, or sometimes only through apps.

However, Debutify theme offers many useful built-in features that help increase conversions, even in its free plans, like the currency converter that detects the customer’s location and automatically shows the price in the customer’s own currency.

This feature alone helps in giving more comfort and trust, which helps in increasing the conversion rate.

And there are many other features that help in increasing conversion rates such as the product testimonials feature.

Debutify Product Reviews Feature

5 – 30+ Add-On’s to Add Useful Functionalities

Beside the many unique built-in features that are available for all Debutify plans, free and paid, Debutify’s paid plans allow you to choose from 30+ add-on’s that will add more features that help in further branding your Shopify store, converting more customers, increasing AOV and customer LTV.

One of these add-ons for example, is the bundle upsell, which allows you to show a complete set of relevant products on a certain product’s page, and offer them as an upsell to that product.Debutify Bundle Upsell Add-on

And you can choose the number of Debutify add-ons to use based on your paid plan.

For the Starter Debutify plan, you can choose any three add-ons you want based on your store’s needs, and you can switch between different add-ons anytime you want.

While with the Hustler and Master plans, you get all the add-ons.

All Debutify Built-in Features

These Debutify features are available for all Debutify plans, free and paid:

1 – Currency Converter

This features shows the price in the currency of your store’s visitor, after detecting their location, which makes the experience feel more relevant and helps in increasing your Shopify store’s conversion rates.

Debutify Currency Converter Features

2 – Product Sliders

These are featured products sliders that can show specific products that you want to show on your store’s home page.

You can use this feature to show your best-selling items, new-arrivals, or products on sale.

3 – Customizable Header

This feature is the most necessary one for give your store a unique look and make it brandable.

Very few paid Shopify themes give you this ability, and yet, Debutify theme offers it even in the free plan.

4 – Customizable Footer

This one allows you to also customize the footer of your Shopify store by changing the columns order, adding buttons to your brand’s social media account, showing the available payment methods, and adding email and phone links to show more trust and security.

5 – Customizable Slideshow

This slide show is used mainly on your store’s homepage to show images that express what your store is about, and what causes it stands for.

6 – Product Images

Although this feature is available on with all Shopify themes, but Debutify gives more options for this feature like zooming on hover, using a slider for the featured image, and allowing for left/right alignment.

7 – Product Details

Debutify makes it possible to customize the look of a product page by making product details and the add-to-cart button sticky when the visitor is scrolling down on the product page.

And you can make the ATC button go full-width.

8 – Guarantee Bar

This bar is where you can add different guarantees, trust badges, …etc., which help in increasing trust in your store and encourage the visitors to make a purchase.

9 – Related Products

Another feature that is hard to find even on paid Shopify theme, but Debutify offers it in its free version.

Simply, this feature allows you to show the people who are viewing a certain product, other products that are related to this product, and they might by interested in buying them as well.

This feature helps in increasing the average order value and the revenue and profit of your Shopify store, as you can sell more using the same amount of traffic driven to your store.

10 – Product Reviews

Adding customer reviews on a certain product creates social proof and helps in increasing the trust, and thus, the conversion rates.

And this feature is usually added through a separate paid app, as not all paid themes offer it.

But Debutify allows you to add product reviews even in the free plan.

So, these where the built-in unique features that come even in the free Debutify Shopify theme, which could help you increase conversions and revenue.

Debutify Add-ons for Paid Plans

For the paid Debutify theme plans, you can add more features to your store through 30+ add-ons that you can choose from.

All of these add-ons are designed to help you increase the trust and improve the user experience in a way that increases the sales on the short and long term.

For the Starter Debutify plan, you can use up to three add-ons at the same time, and you can switch between the different add-ons anytime you want.

And for the Hustler and Master Debutify plans, you can use all the add-ons available at the same time.

Here are the Debutify add-ons available at the moment:

  • Add-to-cart animation
  • Cart discount
  • Cart countdown to evoke urgency
  • Product video to be added to the product images Debutify Product Video
  • Cookie box for privacy
  • Delivery time so that you are clear from the start and don’t receive many angry emails asking for product arrival date
  • Collection add-to-cart to increase order value
  • Color swatches
  • Cart goal that offers a certain perk like free shipping or a discount after reaching a certain cart value
  • Chat box to create engagement and increase trust
  • Discount Saved
  • Linked options
  • Live view to show the number of other people viewing the same product, which invokes scarcity
  • F.A.Q page to save you time
  • Inventory quantity
  • Mega menu for better navigation
  • Newsletter pop-up to collect potential customers’ emails Debutify Pop-Up Add-on
  • Pricing table to show a comparison between different variants
  • Product tabs
  • Quantity break to offer discounts when purchasing a quantity of the same item (buy 2 get 10% off)
  • Quick view
  • Sticky add-to-cart button
  • Sales urgency countdown
  • Sales pop-up that shows notifications about others purchasing the same product the visitor is browsing
  • Shop protect to prevent other online store owners from copying the content on your store and pasting it on their stores
  • Skip the cart feature to get the visitor directly to the checkout page for faster buying experience
  • Smart predictable search
  • Upsell bundles like the “Frequently Bought Together” feature on Amazon and other big online stores
  • Upsell pop-up
  • Trust badges
  • Wish list that allows your store’s customers to bookmark products they like and pick up later where they left off

Debutify Integrations with Other Services

Debutify also offers integrations with some services and companies that can make managing your store and orders easier, and can increase your productivity.

These integrations are available mainly for the Starter, Hustler and Master Debutify plans.

Some of these integrations are related to outsourcing products and managing orders for doing dropshipping on your store, and some are related to increasing the lifetime value of the customer by offering a loyalty program.

Debutify Integrations

Debutify Tutorials

Debutify offers lots of tutorials on their website and on their YouTube channel in order to show you how to use the theme and the different add-ons.

Add to that, they offer many podcasts about ecom, dropshipping, marketing, and Shopify.

Debutify Store Example

There’s a Debutify Shopify demo store that you can visit through the top menu on the website, in order to see how the different page look and load on a Shopify store that is using Debutify theme.

Debutify Store Example

Debutify Pricing

Debutify theme cost differs based on the plan you choose, as follows:

1 – Free Plan

  • $0/Month.
  • 1 Shopify store license.
  • All the built-in features mentioned earlier in this Debutify theme review.
  • Support through a Facebook group.

>>>Download Debutify Theme for Free<<<

2 – Starter Plan

  • $17/Month or $114/year (you save 50%).
  • 1 Shopify store license.
  • All the built-in Debutify features.
  • Choose up to 3 add-ons at any moment, but you can switch to different add-ons anytime you want.
  • Access to the Integrations mentioned earlier.
  • Support through email, live chat, and a Facebook group.

3 – Hustler Plan

  • $47/Month or $282/year (you save 50%).
  • 1 Shopify store license.
  • All the built-in features.
  • Use as many as you want of all the 30+ add-ons, in addition to the future add-ons.
  • Access to the Integrations mentioned earlier.
  • Support through email, live chat, and a Facebook group.

4 – Master Plan

  • $97/Month or $582/year (you save 50%).
  • Allows you to use the theme on three Shopify stores.
  • 3 Shopify stores license.
  • All the built-in features.
  • Use as many as you want of all the 30+ add-ons, in addition to the future add-ons.
  • Access to the Integrations mentioned earlier.
  • Support through email, live chat, and a Facebook group.
  • Mentoring.
  • Access to a product research tool.
  • Advanced courses on ecom and marketing.

Debutify Cost

>>>Download Debutify Theme for Free<<<

Note that you can start with the free Debutify plan, and then upgrade to any of the paid plans later, and you can always upgrade or downgrade from one paid plan to another.

Also, you can cancel your paid Debutify subscription anytime you want, however, make sure that you first cancel it from the Debutify app before you uninstall it from your store in order to stop the billing.

Is Debutify Theme Worth it?

Sure, Debutify is worth using.

Debutify offers a wide range of flexibility, even in its free plan, that you can’t get in free Shopify themes, and even in most of the paid themes.

Not to mention that many built-in features that come with all plans, which could increase the conversion rate and the revenue of your Shopify store.

And for the paid plans, the add-ons are more than enough to make the Debutify paid plans worth buying, as these are designed towards increasing the conversions and revenue of your store.

Debutify is the best free Shopify theme out there.

And beside Flex and Turbo themes by Out of the Sandbox, Debutify is one of the highest converting premium Shopify themes that are worth investing in.

If you are still unsure, remember that you can get started with the free Debutify plan, try it, and decide later to upgrade to a paid plan or not.

Free Debutify Download

You can click on the following link to visit the official website and download Debutify theme for free and start using it with your Shopify store, and later, maybe you upgrade to one of the paid plans if you like it and want to use the add-ons.

>>>Free Debutify Download<<<

Debutify Pro’s & Con’s


  • Free & paid plans.
  • 50% Off when you pay yearly in advance.
  • High customizability, even with the free Debutify plan.
  • Lots of useful built-in features for all plans, which could help increase conversions, revenue and profit.
  • Many add-ons for the paid Debutify plans to add more features that are designed to increase store’s conversion rate, average order value, and customer lifetime value.
  • Many integrations for the paid plans with services and tools that can increase productivity and customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Lots of video tutorials on the theme and podcasts on ecom and marketing from Debutify.
  • Support for the paid plans is offered through different channels, such as email, live chat, and a Facebook group.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade from one paid Debutify plan to another anytime you want, and you can cancel your paid subscription.
  • Debutify gives you all the updates for free as you use the theme.
  • Thousands of positive user Debutify reviews on Trustpilot.

Debutify Trustpilot Reviews


  • There’s no refund for the paid plans, however, remember that there’s a free plan that you can use for as long as you want, which is unavailable with other paid Shopify themes that don’t offer half of what Debutify offers.

Who Is Debutify Shopify Theme for?

Debutify theme is great for Shopify store owner who want to build a long-term success through a branded and trustworthy store, and for those who want to use many features that are designed to increase conversions and revenue.

Debutify Support & Help

Debutify offers support to its theme users through email, live chat, and a Facebook group for the paid plan users.

And for the free Debutify theme users, support is provided through the Facebook group.

In addition to that, Debutify offers lots of video tutorials and podcasts on the Theme, ecom, and marketing.

Debutify Alternatives

There are many Shopify themes out there, but very few are comparable to Debutify.

For the free Debutify alternatives, I recommend that you use only free themes from the official Shopify theme store, although these don’t have as many useful features and flexibility as Debutify has.

And for the paid alternatives to Debutify, here are the three alternatives that I recommend, as they offer many good features, value for money, and a 14-day money back guarantee:

  1. Flex by Out of the Sandbox. Good flexibility, many features, created by a Shopify company.
  2. Turbo by Out of the Sandbox. Many features, most reviewed theme, created by a Shopify company.
  3. Ecom Turbo from Franklin Hatchett. Good features, low price, created by a successful dropshipper and marketer.

Debutify vs. Booster

Debutify is much better than Booster for many reasons, including:

  • Debutify offers a free plan, Booster doesn’t.
  • Debutify offers many more features for increasing conversions and revenue.
  • Debutify’s paid plans are flexible in payments (monthly or yearly).
  • Booster doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, but offers a refund if you prove that there’s a problem in the theme and you contacted them and didn’t get help.
  • Thousands of satisfied users for Debutify theme.

Conclusion – Is Debutify a Scam or The Best Shopify Theme?

Debutify is not a scam.

Debutify is the best free Shopify theme out there, and one of the best paid Shopify themes available, thanks to the design flexibility it offers, the many useful built-in features even for the free plan, and the many useful add-ons for the paid plans.

Remember that it is safe to try it out as Debutify offers a free plan.

This is my conclusion for this Debutify review.

If you still have any question about this Shopify theme, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I be happy to help you out asap 🙂

Debutify Theme


Features & Add-on's


Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Free Plan is Available
  • Flexible Paid Plans
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Lots of Useful Features
  • Store Design Flexibility


  • No Refund on Paid Plans

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