Connect 365 Review 2021 – Is This Email Automation Software Worth It?

Connect 365 Review

Welcome to my Connect 365 Review!

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How is this email automation software different from other autoresponders out there, what is unique about it, and can it really help your business grow? And is it worth the price?

These are the questions I will be answering today in this Connect365 review.


Connect 365 Review Summary

  • Name: Connect 365
  • Website:
  • Founders: Josh Turner from LinkedSelling
  • Connect 365 Email Autoresponder Price: Original $197 discounted to $67/month with a 14-day free trial.

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check out this better alternative – Lower cost and 30-day free trial!)

Summary: Connect 365 is an email automation software that is supposed to help you connect with warm leads that you already have, but it makes you able to automate the process and keep your emails personalized at the same time, different from using conventional autoresponders that can automate, but sometimes look mass-produced and not personalized.

If you are looking for a sophisticated email autoresponder at a much lower cost and 30-day free trial, then get this alternative!


What Is Connect 365?

What Is Connect 365

Connect 365 is a new email automation software that is supposed to help you connect with your email list and send automated emails that look personalized and not mass-produced.

This should have two advantages:

  • Automate the process and save the time as if you were to use any of the known autoresponders.
  • Keep you messages personalized as if they were sent by a person and not by a software, which helps increase the response rate from your email list.

The software works by integration with Gmail, professional or personal, and you can send an email message to up to 1,500 recipients at a time.

Connect 365 is created and is being maintained by LinkedSelling, the company that created the Appointment Generator program that helps business owners and professionals get more clients through LinkedIn.



How Does Connect 365 Exactly Work?

  1. Connect your Connect 365 to your Gmail account. (You can create a new Gmail account if you are not already using it)
  2. Upload your email list.
  3. Write your email scripts.
  4. Schedule your emails.
  5. Send.

How Does Connect 365 Work

The above is enough to send the first email of a campaign.

And based on tags that you already specify, Connect 365 will segment your list based on actions they took, such as:

  • Opening the email.
  • Reply to your email.
  • Webinar addendance.
  • Scheduling an appointment.

Segmentation Events With Connect 365

And for each segment, you will prepare in advance an automated email to be sent by Connect 365 to each segment of your list.

Email Segmentation With Connect 365


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How Is Connect 365 Different From Other Email Automation Tools?

While most other email autoresponders you can automate a campaign in advanced based on tags, but with Connect 365 email automation software, you can even automate personalized replies to the replies you already received from your list, which is the feature that Connect 365 supposed to be different at.

How Is Connect 365 Different

Personalized replies are better than generic replies that are automated, but they take time if you want to do them manually.

But with Connect 365, you can even personalize automated replies and not just broadcast emails.

Automated Replies Connect 365

Another feature of Connect 365 is that you can use it to connect it with a personal or professional Gmail account.



Connect 365 Bootcamp

This is a 5-day bootcamp that is designed to teach you how to use Connect 365 software in order to create an email-based automated sales process.

This bootcamp includes daily tasks and workbooks that you can use in order to follow up with the training.

This bootcamp is offered through the same 14-day free trial of the software.

Join Connect 365 Bootcamp



Main Connect 365 Advantages

The main advantage of Connect 365 is that you can use it in order to make the experience more personalized, which will make your emails more effective as they will look more like emails sent by a human, and might increase the response rate.

Connect 365 Features


Another great advantage is that there’s a 5-day bootcamp that will teach you about the automation for sales process using email campaigns, which usually costs $997, but it is offered for FREE for a limited time with the free trial of the software.

A third advantage is that you can test the Connect 365 software for free for 14-days.

And this in general will make email services that your recipients are using like Google and Yahoo not consider your emails as spam, and therefore, will decrease the likelihood of sending them to the promotional tab.


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Main Connect 365 Disadvantages

The main disadvantage is that you can only send emails to upto 1,500 contacts per day since you are using a Gmail account, but that’s fine if your list is still not that big, which is mostly the case when talking about warm leads for a small to medium-sized business.

Another disadvantage (at least in my opinion), is that you can send emails that don’t contain the “Unsubscribe” button.

Connect 365 Disatvantages

While this is considered by Connect 365 as an advantage since it helps your emails look more personalized and not automated, but I personally disagree with that.

The reason of my disagreement is that these are still emails that are sent to a list and the recipients have the right of unsubscribing with one click and not by sending you an email to tell you to stop sending to them.

Another disadvantage is that Connect 365 is used mainly to send emails to an already existing list (warm leads), and not to build a new list using a squeeze page like it is with other email automation tools.

Add to that, the fact that Connect 365 is expensive as it costs $67/month, while you can use other email autoresponders at a much lower cost.


What You Get If You Sign Up For

  • Monthly access to the Connect 365 email automating tool that gives you unlimited campaigns and contacts.
  • Immediate access to a special members-only training portal specifically designed to help Connect 365 users accelerate their results, and give you all the instruction you need, even if using email to generate leads and close deals is new to you. This training “Connect 365 Training Library” is actually a training that is provided for helping LinkedSelling clients in order to help them generate leads and clients with email marketing and with LinkedIn. These Include the following training courses:
    • How to Launch A 7-Figure Product With Our Connect 365 Software & Systems
    • The Social Media Email Boomerang Plan
    • How to Quickly Build a List of Hundreds of your Top Prospects
    • The LinkedSelling Automated Sales Follow Up Sequence
    • Advanced Script Writing Techniques & Best Practices
    • Developing Your Warm Email Promotional Calendar
    • Plus Other Content that is Exclusive to Members Only
  • All the updates on the training that will include the latest tactics and strategies, in addition to a cutting edge support on top of everything.
  • Email campaign analytics that help you measure how well your campaigns are performing such as giving you the reply rates and adapt accordingly.

Email Campaign Analytics


Connect 365 Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The original cost of using Connect 365 email automation software is $197/month discounted to $67/month currently through any of the links on this page for unlimited contacts and campaigns, but since you will be using Gmail as an email hosting platform, then remember that every gmail account allows you to send emails to a maximum of 1,500 contacts a day.

The price might seem high but remember that it includes an access to the library of training material mentioned in the previous section, in addition to the unique feature of send automated, yet personalized replies.

The good news is that currently, there’s a 14-day free trial.

However, if this is expensive for you, then you may want to consider a better alternative, which costs much less in monthly fees, and offers a 30-day free trial.

Click here to get the better alternative of Connect 365!

Who Is Connect 365 For?

Mainly, I would say that connect 365 is good for businesses that have warm leads in the form of small or medium-sized lists (up to 1,500 contacts) and not for someone with big lists.


Connect 365 Support

The Connect 365 software is still new and there’s not enough feedback or customers’ Connect 365 reviews about it, but they owning company promises a top-notch support, and they should if they want to stay in the market.

The good news is that you can try it for FREE for up to 14 days and decide for yourself if you want to keep using it or not.

This trial comes with a 5-day bootcamp about the whole process that is being offered for FREE for a limited time.


Conclusion – Is Connect 365 Worth It?

Connect 356 is still a new email automation software, and in addition to the unique features of personalizing automated replies, it offers a wide library of training material that can help you grow your business, and it is unfair to tell you now if it is really worth using or not since it is still new.

But remember that it offers a free trial for 14 days that you can get through any of the links on this page in order to try it by yourself.

  • Name: Connect 365
  • Website:
  • Founders: Josh Turner from LinkedSelling
  • Connect 365 Email Autoresponder Price: Original $197 discounted to $67/month with a 14-day free trial.

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check out this better alternative – Lower cost and 30-day free trial!)

Remember that Connect 365 email automation tool is good mainly for small lists of warm leads, and not for big lists of tens of thousands of subscribers and it doesn’t seem to be built in order to connect to a squeeze page.

But if you have a big list of cold subscribers that and you don’t expect replies from your recipients, but rather, you only send one way automated emails or broadcasts, then you might need to use another email automation tools like GetResponse (Get 30-day free trial here!) or Aweber that would be a good alternative to the Connect 365 tool.

I hope you liked my Connect 365 review, and if you have any question or need help, or if you have already used this tool and you want to tell us about your experience with it, please, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to come back to you.

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6 thoughts on “Connect 365 Review 2021 – Is This Email Automation Software Worth It?”

  1. I recently did the bootcamp and found Connect365 through another program I took. I read your article because I am still trying to fully understand the difference between them and other autoresponders so I can make a decision to stay or try another. The other one I was looking into was GetResponse, so I was glad to see that as your other alternative. I would say that Connect365’s customer service and extensive training is stellar, and I’m a little nervous to give that up, as I don’t know if I will receive the same kind of help elsewhere. But, from the get-go, I haven’t been able to use it because my website doesn’t integrate with it, causing me to quickly fall behind in the trainings because I still don’t know if I can use it. All the options to integrate/connect with them are complicated because they don’t have forms or landing pages that I can link to, but also because my website is already integrated with GetResponse and doesn’t let you integrate with autoresponders not on their list. So, they will require other subscriptions to other apps to make the connections, which costs more money. Unfortunately, so much of it is over my head that it makes it hard to know if it’s worth it or not.

    As far as the price goes, if you want to use tags or advanced features similar to Connect365, you would need to get a Plus or Pro account in GetResponse anyway, that ends up not costing much different than Connect365. I also wanted to say that they seem to work well with large or small lists, at least that’s how they showcased it. Where the reply emails come in handy is that they can help you reply to someone on LinkedIn and have it appear to be personalized, which is amazing for the right person or business, although I still don’t know how this works or that I would personally use this service. Understanding that, the main difference depends on whether you want to reply back to emails or not, and that it doesn’t connect to a squeeze page, is helpful for me because I am looking for simplicity in one location without too many moving parts. For me, it’s looking more and more like I will use GetResponse instead, as the connections seem more straightforward for my needs, I just hope their trainings are as thorough and easy to set up. Maybe you can answer these questions for GetResponse? I do think Connect365 is a worthwhile company though and that they are onto something with how they approach emailing in a more personal way. Hope this is helpful to others.

    • Hello Tara and thank you for your insights and question!

      For the training, since Connect 365 was created mainly for small business owners, their training is expected to be better on this matter, while the training resources at GetResponse are a bit generalized for all autoresponder users.

      However, something worth mentioning is that GetResponse offers customizable workflow templates for small businesses, which can save you some time and effort.

      For finding out what is best for you, I believe that you should assess how valuable the unique features of Connect 365 are in terms of conversions and revenue, and see if it was worth paying the the additional apps that you would need in order to make the necessary connections.
      Remember Zapier has a free plan, which is what you would use in order to integrate Connect365 with GetResponse.
      Remember that GetResponse offers a free trial for 30 days, which might help you make a fact-based assessment and decide whether it is enough for you or you need the Connect 365 tool.

      It is not always that unique features can be of real value for everyone, it differs based on each business and on the customer persona.

      I hope my answer helps you make a wise decision!

    • High Esther,

      If you have signed in for the free trial, and 14 days past without using the tool, you would be charged. That’s the case with all tools and membership sites.

      You need to contact their support and ask for a refund if possible, or maybe make a charge back through the credit card provider.


  2. I do “now” recall checking this out, don’t recall using the free 14 day account or the training. It does sound good, but I did not authorize this. I can not afford $67.00 per month.

    I have two charges on my card, dated 2/17 and 3/17, BOTH on my March/April bill too.

    1. I need the charges removed, 2 at $67.00 so $134.00
    2. I need the charges reversed, crediting the $1340.00 back onto my card.

    I went through my Card Account attempting to learn who Connect365 is, and they were not much help. Offered to cancel and reissue a new card. That is a BIG issue, as I have phone, Legal, MSFT, Chiropractic Service and a few others on there as well.

    Please reverse the charges, and cancel the imaginary account please.

    • Hello Dale,
      I’m just reviewing the software, I don’t work for the company that sells Connect 365.

      In order to deal with the billing stuff, you need to contact the support of Connect 365 that is available on their website.
      I believe their email is:

      Or you may check the email you received from them once you opted-in for the trial.


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