Commission Hero Vs. Savage Affiliates: 10-Point Comparison Table

Commission Hero Vs. Savage Affiliates Comparison

Commission Hero Vs. Savage Affiliates Comparison: Which training course is better to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing in this year and beyond?

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I will give you here an honest, 10-points comparison between the two courses and will tell you which one I recommend based on the value you will get inside the course and will not just recommend the one with the higher price like some others do in order to get a high commission from the course owner.

So, without further ado, let’s start:

Commission Hero Vs. Savage Affiliates Comparison Table

Savage Affiliates

Commission Hero

Training Material



Variety of Offers to Promote


Not Really Good

Traffic Methods



Done-For-You Stuff



Comprehensiveness & Flexibility






Course Price



Additional Costs

Depends on Your Strategy

You Need More Money







Best for

Beginners & Advanced who want to get their hands dirty with some technical stuff, and people looking to use paid traffic methods

People with budget who are looking for a more focused approach

Overall Rating

94 of 100

90 of 100

Full Review

Both training courses are great when it comes to teaching affiliate marketing, and both have common points and topics that they include and teach, and each one has unique points and topics that it talks about:

1 – The Course Outline

I have included a full list of all the lessons in both courses in my detailed Savage Affiliates review and Commission Hero review, but I will include here the names of the modules of each of the courses:

Commission Hero Course Modules:

  1. Start Here (Introduction)
  2. Getting Started
  3. Choosing The Right Offers
  4. Finding Your Ad Image
  5. Setting Up A Landing Page
  6. Setting Up Facebook
  7. Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  8. Tracking Your Campaign
  9. Scaling
  10. Ninja Tactic

Savage Affiliates & Commission Hero Course

Savage Affiliates Course Modules (The Super Package):

  1. Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  2. Affiliate Products To Promote
  3. Building Your Website Asset
  4. Email Marketing & Funnels
  5. ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
  6. ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing
  7. ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing (Part 2)
  8. SEO Google Traffic Training
  9. Free Traffic Training
  10. Paid Traffic Training
  11. Launch Jacking & Web Hosting
  12. Extra Gifts

The Standard package of the Savage Affiliate course doesn’t include the “Part 2 of ClickFunnels Affilliate Marketing” and it doesn’t include the “Launch Jacking & Web Hosting” module and the done-for-you landing pages.


2 – Variety of Affiliate Offers to Promote

Both teach you how to find different products to promote from different affiliate networks and merchants.

Commission Hero focuses mainly on promoting products from the following affiliate networks:

  • ClickBank (Online video courses and ebooks mainly)
  • (Digital products and software as a service – SaaS products)
  • MaxWeb (Cost Per Acquisition – CPA Offers)
  • A4D (Cost Per Acquisition – CPA Offers)Products To Promote With Commission Hero

And these offers could be in any market or niche such as: health and fitness, self-help and survival, nutrition and supplements, software as a service, …etc.

However, With Franklin’s Savage Affiliates course, although he doesn’t go towards the CPA offers, but you will learn how promote a wider variety of products, including:

  • ClickBank products
  • SaaS programs
  • Expensive physical products from Amazon
  • And even he shows you a trick on how to make lots of money with low-priced products from Amazon.
  • New products that are being launched (courses and software programs)
  • And he has some module about promoting specific products such as marketing and sales funnel builders through ClickFunnels affiliate program, email automation through the GetResponse affiliate program and web hosting services through Bluehost’s affiliate program, and you can use what you learn here to promote either the same products, or other alternatives in the same industries or even products in different industries as you can use different ways to find affiliate programs and offers.

Products To Promote With Savage Affiliates

Overall, Savage Affiliates teaches you how to promote a much wider range of products with affiliate marketing from many marketplaces and affiliate programs.

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3 – More Traffic Methods to Bring Customers to Your Affiliate Promotions

There are many ways to bring people to see your affiliate offers, some of these methods include creating a website, and some allow you to do affiliate marketing without a website, such as using YouTube for affiliate marketing.

And the main advertising method taught by Robby Blanchard in Commission Hero is using Facebook ads to get people visit your article-based landing pages that are designed to educate people about something they are interested in, and then, lead them to the affiliate product you are promoting.

And Robby teaches you how to track your campaigns, optimize them and then scale to get more commissions.

However, like it is with the 1K A Day Fast Track System by Merlin Holmes, I find it the main downfall of the Commission Hero course to focus on one traffic method as this might not work in every niche or for every product, and it also might limit you from targeting certain countries with your ad where Facebook isn’t that popular.

In addition to that, relying on one traffic source is risky as you might get your business completely shut down if Facebook decides to suspend or close your ads account due to many reports and complaints from FB users, or because of something considered as a violation to their terms and conditions, and it becomes a hassle to recover your account or create a new one and repeat all the campaigns.

Add to that, not everyone have the budget to start with Facebook ads as you need at least $500-$1,000 as a start to test different campaigns before you become profitable.

Starting with Facebook paid ads is not for beginners in my opinion.

While with Savage Affiliates, you will learn many different ways to promote your affiliate products in many ways, depending on your time, skill, budget and most important, depending on the product itself and the audience that need that specific product.

Savage Affiliates Vs. Commission Hero Traffic Methods

For example, you can’t use Facebook ads to promote a physical product that costs $50 and gives you a commission of $5. It would be difficult to make any profit or break-even with FB ads.

And Franklin will teach you many ways to promote affiliate offers, both free and paid advertising methods such as:

  • Creating an affiliate website and ranking your articles on Google through SEO.
  • Using Google search ads to get people to your website.
  • Using Facebook ads.
  • Using Instagram viral, organic traffic without ads.
  • Email automation and broadcast messages.
  • YouTube free and paid advertising.
  • Simple landing pages with paid ads from different sources.
  • Forum marketing and blog commenting.
  • And more.

And Frank will also teach you how to track, optimize and scale your successful campaigns with many advertising platforms and not only with Facebook ads.

The winner here is Savage Affiliates, again.


4 – Done-For-You Resources & Tools

Both training programs, Savage Affiliates and Commission Hero offer you some done for you tools such as landing pages and ad images that you can use to promote specific offers that Robby and Franklin succeed with in the past.

Savage Affiliates & Commission Hero Done-For-You Tools

And you can also modify on those templates and landing pages in order to promote other offers that you choose.

However, note that in order to use these done-for-you templates, you will mostly need to use a landing page software called ClickFunnels, which costs around $97/month.

But this is only an option, you can create landing pages on a WordPress with free plugins such as Elementor.


5 – Level of Comprehensiveness, Detail & Updates

Both courses are comprehensive enough for the methods they teach you to do affiliate marketing.

But since Franklin Hatchett’s course, Savage Affiliates, teaches many more methods to drive traffic to your promotions to many different kinds of affiliate offers, this makes his course much more comprehensive as a result and one of the most detailed and diversified affiliate training courses alongside Wealthy Affiliate.

Savage Affiliates course modules are insanely detailed and contain many step-by-step tutorials that teach you everything from scratch.

Once again, Frank’s Savage Affiliates is the winner.

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6 – The Course Founders

Both Franklin Hatchett, Savage Affiliates founder, and Robby Blanchard, Commission Hero’s founder, are legit guys who already made millions of dollars online, mainly with affiliate marketing.

Franklin Hatchett Vs. Robby Blanchard

One thing I don’t like about both founders is that because I’m on both of their email lists, from time to time, both promote to their list subscribers high-ticket programs that are sold by some “gurus” that are supposed to teach people how to make money online with different methods including affiliate marketing, and many of these are expensive courses such as ClickBank Breaks The Internet that costs $2,497, all of that through their affiliate links so that they get a commission if you buy these extremely overpriced programs.

Sometimes, Franklin promotes low ticket programs and tools that are actually useful, which is great.

But one thing in particular that I don’t like is that Franklin promotes using ClickFunnels, which is overpriced and has better alternatives in my opinion.

But in general, both are great teachers and different from many other course owners.

7 – The Course Price

Robby’s Commission Hero is a bit expensive in my opinion. It costs either a one time payment of $997, or two payments of $597 each.

While for the more comprehensive training by Franklin Hatchett, Savage Affiliates costs only $297 for the Super package that includes everything and teaches many more traffic methods and affiliate monetization opportunities than it is with the Commission Hero program.

Commission Hero Vs. Savage Affiliates Price

That is less than one-third of the Commission Hero that teaches mainly Facebook ads with landing pages.

And for the refund policy, Savage Affiliates offers a conditional 30-day refund policy that requires you to bring evidences that you have gone through the course and tried what it teaches and didn’t succeed.

While Commission Hero also offers a conditional refund policy, but it is not possible to request a refund with it until a complete year have passed since you purchased the program, and the window will be open for seven days only to submit your request and maybe quality for a refund.

Once again, Savage Affiliates beats Commission Hero here.

8 – Additional Costs

There are additional costs associated with any online business as you need to purchase some tools and services.

With Commission Hero, in addition to the cost of the course of $997, you need to spend on the following:

  • Landing pages software such as ClickFunnels that costs $97/month for the low plan, or you can use a cheaper alternative such as a WordPress website that costs around $70/year for hosting along with a domain name.
  • An advertising budget to start with Facebook ads, not less than $500-$1,000 depending on your performance and ability to learn and adapt, until you become profitable and your business starts spending on itself.
  • Maybe a designer to do ad images for you, or you can use a paid or a free software to do them yourself.

These are the minimum costs that you will need with Commission Hero.

However, with Franklin’s course and because it teaches different ways for doing affiliate marketing, in addition to the ridiculously low cost of the Savage Affiliates course, you have many options as follows:

  • Depend completely on free tools and traffic sources such as YouTube channels, and pay nothing since you will use your laptop’s camera and a free software to record videos.
  • Pay $70/year for a WordPress website and use free methods to increase traffic to blogs such as: seo by finding long-tail keywords, forum marketing, blog commenting, …etc.
  • You can use other services such as email autoresponders that cost anywhere starting from $10/month and landing page services such as CF that costs $97/month but that is optional.
  • Keyword research tool if you want to rely on seo, and there are free and paid keyword tools like Jaaxy for example.
  • You can either rely completely on free traffic or you can use the different paid advertising platforms such as: FB, YouTube, Google, …etc.

Therefore, with Savage Affiliates you can start at a much lower cost as he teaches different ways to get free traffic to your affiliate offers while Commission Hero relies mainly on Facebook ads.

The only program that might beat Savage Affiliates in this point is Wealthy Affiliate as they include web hosting with free SSL certificates and a premium keyword tool for no additional cost, and they even have a free membership plan with part of these tools and services, but they focus mainly on search engines (SEO & PPC search ads) for getting traffic to your website.

9 – Support

Both Frank Hatchett and Robby Blanchard promise to provide support through their exclusive Facebook groups and emails/tickets.

My feeling is that Franklin is very dedicated towards his students compared to other course creators despite that fact that his courses cost much less what other courses cost, and anyway, his courses are already more detailed and helpful.

10 – Better For Beginners & Advanced Affiliate Marketers

Savage Affiliates is better than Commission Hero for both: beginner and advanced affiliates because it teaches many methods for promoting affiliate offers, free and paid, while Commission Hero teaches mainly the expensive method with Facebook ads and landing pages.


Conclusion: Which One to Join, Savage Affiliates or Commission Hero?

I want to help you decide which program to join based on your situation and personality:

If you were short on budget, and want a course that is offered at a reasonable cost, and the one that teaches different ways of getting traffic to your affiliate promotions, including free traffic methods, and want more flexibility in the offers you want to promote, then my recommendation is to join Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates course, which teaches many more methods and opportunities for both, beginners and advanced marketers, to make money with affiliate marketing.

While if you have the money to invest in a more expensive program, in addition to the money to invest in paid traffic, an additional $500-$1,000, and you want a more focused approach and one method to follow, and the ability to potentially scale faster, then my recommendation is to join Robby Blandchard’s Commission Hero course, as it talks about Facebook ads traffic in particular.

I personally recommend joining Savage Affiliates as it offers more flexibilty and comprehensive material, and it costs much less:

==>> Click Here to Read My Savage Affiliates Review & Get The Lowest Prices & Bonuses

And if you still have any question about this Savage Affiliates Vs. Commission Hero comparison, or if you have any experience that you would like to share about any of the two courses, then please, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to come back to you asap 🙂

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  1. is there any low cost but the effective trainer for beginners in Affiliate marketing, Can you suggest ? Regards

    • Thank you for your question!
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great option as it has a monthly membership plan, and it gives you web hosting and a keyword tool as part of the membership.

      And best of all, they offer a free membership where you can learn the basics of affiliate marketing.
      Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review in order to learn more and join them with the free membership today!

      I hope that helps!

    • Hello Polly,
      Savage Affiliates is a training course and they have a support group to help students and it is not a network.

      As mentioned in this Savage Affiliates review, the course has a complete and detailed module about how to promote ClickBank products properly with real examples.
      It also teaches you how to promote other products from other marketplaces, not only ClickBank.

      I hope that helps!

    • Hello and thank you for your question!

      Commission Hero has an affiliate program and you can promote it if you have a ClickBank account.
      And Savage Affiliates has an affiliate program, but only for its members.

      I hope my answer helps!


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