Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review – A Scam or Legit?

Welcome my friend to my honest Commission Hero Review!Commission Hero Review

You are probably asking yourself if this $997 course is going to really help you achieve success and make money with affiliate marketing using Facebook ads or is this just another over-hyped program like many others in this industry.

And the screenshots for the commissions that Robby Blanchard has made with ClickBank look unrealistic, which made you feel suspicious and that’s why you started looking for unbiased Commission Hero reviews before you join the program.

Congrats! You have made the right decision.

I will show you here my honest opinion about this program and whether it is for you or not based on you financial situation and on your budget.

And if it wasn’t for you, then I will guide you in the last section in this review into a more suitable and affordable alternative to learn affiliate marketing.


Commission Hero Review Summary

  • Name: Commission Hero
  • Website:
  • Founders: Robby Blanchard
  • Price: One-time payment of $977, or two payments of $597. You also need to spend on tools and ads. You also need another $1,000 to invest in tools and ads before becoming profitable.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation to learn Affiliate Marketing 97 of 100)

Summary: Commission Hero is a legit training course that will teach you how to make money promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate using Facebook ads and landing pages. The program by Robby Blanchard is good but a little bit expensive and requires another $500-$1k to spend on ads and tools before you become profitable.

More details below.


What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a comprehensive video training course that teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing by promoting digital products that are listed on ClickBank marketplace using the paid traffic ads from Facebook.

What Is Commission Hero


The course is set up in way that suits beginners and advanced marketers where Robby teaches you from scratch what affiliate marketing is, what are ad accounts, what is ClickBank and what is ClickFunnels which you will be using to build the landing pages.

The course is divided into many modules where each consists of several videos lessons that I will detail in the “Inside The Commission Hero Members’ Area” section below.


Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard, founder of Commission Hero program, is a successful affiliate marketer who has been recently announced to be the #1 affiliate marketer on ClickBank.

Robby Blanchard Founder Of Commission Hero

Before becoming an affiliate, Robby worked as a fitness trainer and a gym owner where he created an info product and used to sell it on ClickBank.

Through the process, Robby learned how to use Facebook ads properly to promote his product to people and after that, he started selling others’ digital products that are listed on the ClickBank marketplace as an affiliate marketer, and he became so successful that he has finally been announced to be the top affiliate on ClickBank.


How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero works by teaching you, in a step-by-step method, how to leverage the power of Facebook ads and landing pages in order to promote digital products as an affiliate marketer to people who might be interested in them.

How Commission Hero Works

And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then in brief: it is a business model where you, the affiliate, promote others’ products through a unique link that is called affiliate link, to people who might benefit form these products.

And when someone purchases through your link, you make a commission that the merchant pays you.

The Commission Hero consists of video lessons that you can watch at your own pace and apply this method of making money online as you go through the training.


How Does This Method of Making Money Online Exactly Work?

The following chart and the 4 steps below show exactly how the process of how affiliate marketing works:

Commission Hero Affiliate Marketing Method

  1. Research the market and pick a niche to work on.
  2. Find what products help people in this niche to solve their problems or improve their lives.
  3. Offer the solutions and products you found through a content you create and share your unique link to the products (Affiliate Link).
  4. When someone purchases through your link, you get a commission from the merchant.

That is how affiliate marketing works in brief, and this is how you can make money with it.

And each one of the steps above has its own process and different methods of doing it.

And when it comes to step number 3 above, there are many methods that you can utilize in order to create and publish quality content that helps people and makes you money through the promotions you offer.

And in order to get people visit your content and see your promotions, you need to learn at least one of the many web traffic methods that are available under the two main categories:

  • Organic Free Traffic Methods (SEO & Social Media).
  • Paid Traffic Methods.

And each one of these two main categories has many methods included in it.

And when it comes to the Paid Traffic Methods, here are some examples of some of the main methods:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Search Ads on Search Engines.
  • Banner Display Ads on different websites.
  • Native Ads.
  • LinkedIn Ads.
  • Email Ads
  • And many other methods.


And the Commission Hero program is supposed to teach you how to get the targeted traffic to your affiliate promotions by leveraging Facebook Ads, which has the following advantages:

  • Ability to laser target the potential customers in almost any niche.
  • You can show ads all the time and target people who might be interested in the products you offer even if they are not actively searching for those products.
  • Almost everybody is on Facebook.
  • You can get cheap clicks compared to other methods if you master the game of Facebook ads.
  • Facebook ads are very efficient if you do scaling properly.

Commission Hero Traffic Method


Inside The Commission Hero Members’ Area

The members’ area of the Commission Hero program, you get the following main items:

1 – Commission Hero Course, a Detailed, Step-By-Step Training by Robby Blanchard

This is a detailed course that includes many video lessons and checklists divided into different modules that will teach you affiliate marketing with Facebook ads and ClickBank products from scratch.

Commission Hero Modules

Following are the main modules and the lessons include in each one:

1 – Start Here:

This module consists of one video that is an introduction about the course itself and how to go through it.

2 – Getting Started:

Here you learn the main terms, concepts and tools that you will be utilizing in order to make money with.

Following are the lessons in this section:

  • Getting started
  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Ad accounts
  • Clickfunnels
  • ClickBank
  • MaxWeb affiliate network

3 – Choosing The Right Offers:

This section is about finding the offers that might make you good profit over a long period of time from ClickBank and other affiliate networks. Also, you get some insights on some successful products.

Following are the lessons included in this section of Commission Hero course:

  • Choosing offers
  • Finding the right offers on ClickBank
  • Finding the right offers on Software Projects
  • Finding the right offers on A4D
  • Offer spotlight: Flat Belly Fix
  • Offer spotlight: Lean Belly Breakthrough

4 – Finding Your Ad Image:

This section teaches you how to find images that evoke curiosity and make people go from your ad to your landing page.

Following are the lessons in this module:

  • Ad images
  • What an image should contain
  • Finding the right designer for your image

5 – Setting Up A Landing Page:

Here, you will learn about creating the landing pages where you will be promoting the products to people who click on your ads.

This includes teaching you how to use a software that is called Clickfunnels in order to do this.

Also, Robby Blanchard teaches you how to setup PHP landing pages so that you use them on WordPress websites instead of using Clickfunnels that costs around $97 per month.

Following are the lessons included here:

  • Landing pages
  • Register for Clickfunnels
  • Setting up your domain
  • Setting up your affiliate links
  • Setting up your PHP landing page

6 – Setting Up Facebook:

This is about teaching you how to setup your fan page on Facebook and how to create an Ad Account and start setting up ads.

Following are the lessons included in this module:

  • Setting up Facebook
  • Setting up business manager
  • Setting up your fan page
  • Setting up campaign & adset
  • Setting up ads
  • Creating a custom audience
  • Bonus: Inside look at a successful campaign

7 – Setting Up Facebook Pixel:

This is about teaching you how to use a code that Facebook gives you in order to track people who visit your offers and send them retargeting ads later in order to maximize your conversions.

It includes the following lessons:

  • Facebook pixel
  • How to install pixel
  • Placing your ad pixel in your Clickbank account
  • Understanding your pixel analytics

8 – Tracking Your Campaign:

This is about teaching you how to use special links to track which ad campaigns are making you money and which are not, so that you optimize for better returns.

Two lessons are included here:

  • Tracking
  • How to install tracking links

9 – Scaling:

This is about how to scales the profitable campaigns and make more money faster.

Following lessons are included in this section:

  • How to scale up a winning offer
  • Scaling your campaigns

10 – Ninja Tactic:

This section is going to teach you some ninja tactics that advanced marketers use in order to maximize your profits.

Following are the lessons included in this section:

  • Ninja
  • Reaching out to affiliates
  • AMEX Card
  • Spying on Facebook Ads
  • Dealing with account issues and shut-downs

2 – Bonus

In this section, you get some resources and training that can save you some time instead of doing some tasks from the scratch.

Resources such as done-for-you landing pages and ad images, contacts for merchants that might increase your commissions, training on the mindset that you need in your business.

Done-For-You Images Commission Hero


Included here:

  • Million dollar swipe file
  • Million dollar landing page swipes
  • Mindset
  • Ad accounts
  • Images
  • CPA
  • Contacts

3 – How To Tech Area

This section teaches you how to upload the landing pages to a VPS server such as Beyond Hosting. and connect it to a domain name.

4 – Help Me Robby

This is for requesting the support.

5 – Commission Hero Private Coaching Group:

This is a 24/7 support group where all the members of the Commission Hero program can help each other at any time.


Commission Hero Cost

The lifetime access to Commission Hero course is offered through one of the two options:

  1. As a one-time payment of $997, or
  2. Two payments of $597 each with one month between the two payments.

There are additional costs to expect such as the software you need to use for your landing pages, either you choose Clickfunnels that costs $97/month, or you use a WordPress hosting service that costs less than that amount.

Also, you need a domain name for each niche you work on, $15/year.

In addition to that, you need a budget to start with Facebook ads before you become profitable. I would say $500-$1,500 depending on your performance.

The course offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to request a full refund at least one year after purchasing the system and trying it without success.

Commission Hero Cost


Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Free Download

Lots of people are searching for a free version of the Commission program, but it is not available.

But there’s a free ebook available through the above link above for a limited time during today.


What I Like about Commission Hero

  • Robby Blanchard is genuine and successful person, and is going to teach you how become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • A clear, detailed, step-by-step training.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced marketers.
  • Facebook ads can be very scalable if you learn it well.
  • Done-for-you resources are available to help you start faster.
  • There’s a free webinar that will teach you the basics of the method.
  • 12 Months satisfaction guarantee.
  • Support and coaching group is available.
  • It is about affiliate marketing, which is my favorite way of making money online.
  • Robby is honest about the effort it takes to make any money online, unlike other program owners who tell you that you can make money from day one doing almost nothing.
  • You can pay with PayPal Credit if you don’t have the money now.
  • You can pay in two installments if you can’t pay the full amount at once.


What I Don’t Like about Commission Hero

  • The price is a bit high, and you need also around $500-$1,500 to start with ads until you become profitable, which might not be affordable by  everyone.
  • Like the Quit 9 To 5 Academy, paid Facebook traffic is the main method taught in the program, and it is not my favorite strategy as it requires continuous monitoring, and this method in particular might restrict you to a certain kind of offers and niches.
  • The method that is taught doesn’t seem to include collecting emails, which makes it less efficient.
  • No free trial is available, but that’s ok since this is a digital product and there’s already a 12 months satisfaction guarantee.


Who Is Commission Hero for?

Commission Hero is for those who are serious and can afford it and want to put the consistent work and effort in order to become successful in affiliate marketing.


Commission Hero Support

The support for the Commission Hero members is provided through a private Facebook group for the program members only.


Commission Hero Testimonials

The commission Hero course has been around for year and now the second launch is taking place.

There are testimonials inside the FB group and Robby shares some testimonials from the private coaching group of Commission Hero members.

Commission Hero Testimonials


Conclusion – Is Commission Hero a Scam or Legit?

Commission Hero is not a scam. Commission Hero is a legit program that teaches you how you can make money with affiliate marketing using the paid Facebook traffic.

  • Name: Commission Hero
  • Website:
  • Founders: Robby Blanchard
  • Price: One-time payment of $977, or two payments of $597. You also need to spend on tools and ads.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation to learn Affiliate Marketing 97 of 100)

Robby Blanchard is a legit person and can teach you the mentioned method.

Remember that you need additional investment to start with the paid ads until you become profitable.


However, if you don’t have the money to invest in the Commission Hero program and the paid ads, then you can choose a different strategy that depends on the relatively FREE traffic method, which is taught by my alternative below.


A More Affordable Alternative to Commission Hero?


As I explained earlier in this review, Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way of making money online, and I encourage you to build an online business in this field.

And it is how I make money with this very website you are currently on.

And Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard is legit and one of the best programs that you can find out there in order to learn how to make money with this method, but it might not be for everyone due to the high initial cost of the program cost and the Facebook ads cost.

If you can afford the cost of joining the Commission Hero program and the paid ads, then you can go ahead.

But if you can’t afford it, then you can learn affiliate marketing business through a different program that costs less than the $997 you would pay to join the Commission Hero.

Also, this alternative program will teach you a different strategy than the one where you need to use the paid Facebook ads, and alternatively, you will be relying on the FREE organic traffic from search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And my recommended alternative to the Commission Hero is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform is where I learned how to make money with affiliate marketing and where I continue to learn.

This alternative provides you with all what you need in order to start your business for no additional cost, such as:

  • The detailed, step-by-step easy to follow affiliate marketing training
  • The web hosting with full technical support so that you don’t busy yourself with this stuff
  • The advanced keyword research tool to help you find opportunities
  • The weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions
  • The ultimate content editing and management platform
  • The amazing community support of 2 million like-minded online entrepreneurs that are willing to genuinely help each other.
  • And much more.

And all of that for the original cost with no hidden upsells or surprises or costs associated with external tools.

And the annual cost of joining this platform is less than any of the two installments of the Commission Hero Training Course.

Even better, they have a monthly membership plan for less than $50 /month if you can’t afford the yearly plan.

On top of that, you can try it for FREE before you risk any money through this Wealthy Affiliate detailed review. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!

And the following screenshot shows you only the first level of the comprehensive training that you can get through the FREE membership:

Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero Alternative

This level is enough for you to learn how affiliate marketing exactly works and will allow you start building your first free website in 30 SECONDS! ZERO coding or technical experience required!

And here, you will learn how to create quality content that ranks on search engines and gets the FREE organic traffic instead of paying for expensive Facebook ads.

That’s only the first level of the training, and you can stick to the free membership  or you can upgrade to the premium membership anytime you want in order to unlock the advanced levels of the training and tools, technical support, weekly webinars and the amazing community of 2 Million like-minded online entrepreneurs.

I’m still member there and you can contact me inside this platform if you join it today.

==>Click Here to Read My Review of Wealthy Affiliate & Start with The Free Membership!

Remember that you can start with the free plan in order to try the program.

Go now and take action and start building your online business with one of the above two programs based on your situation.

And if you have any question regarding this Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Review, then leave it the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review – A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I was wondering why no one ever mentions the refunds after the sales?

    Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee for all it’s products.

    That means for 60 days you don’t know what your ROI ‘really’ is.

    That is a scary thought when you are buying traffic, facebook doesn’t offer refunds on their ads.

    You spend a lot on traffic only to get half your sales stolen from you by refunds.

    Buyers remorse is a common thing when you up sell people using a funnel.

    This works out for the merchant because you are building their email list, for free.

    And CB gets paid one way or another.

    Since no one mentions this probability, it must mean they are hiding it, or some reason.

    • Thank you Scott for the comment!

      I agree, there’s a big risk involved with promoting some ClickBank products as they are really designed to get people into the vendor’s mail list and not care about affiliates that brought them in the first place.
      That’s why, it is better to only promote high quality products with good support and stay away from niches that are full of scams like the make money niches.

      All the best!

  2. Hello Amjad,

    First of all thanks a lot for this review on the Commission Hero affiliate marketing program. In the last few days I have been watching a few video webinars available from various marketeers that are promoting this program and been intrigued. Although I never actively been involved in any online business model, I am familiar with Affiliate marketing and been contemplating it for quite sometimes.

    I have noticed over the past couple of years that there seems to be a trend to price these type of programs high, probably to cut off a lot of people and create a natural selection…

    In any case your review was very helpful to me in gathering more information that were not made available in all the webinar I watched. I suspected that aside for the cost for FB advertising there must have been additional costs involved in order to run this online business. Even though I could afford the entry price for the course, my main worry is the potential high cost for advertising on FB and, not having any experience whatsoever in this filed I am uncomfortable with the fact that I may loose a good chunk of money while getting to grip with the all system.

    It has been said that someone can start off by investing 10-15$ x day on advertising, which for me would be the absolute max but as I have said I don’t feel comfortable in this case.

    Thanks again also for the other recommendation you made as an alternative to Commission Hero, much appreciated!

    Wisinh you all the very best and many blessings,

    Max T.

    • Hello Max and many thanks for taking the time to write your helpful comment!

      True, this opportunity might not be suitable for everyone. Using paid ads for affiliate marketing, especially FB ads like in Commission Hero can be expensive and requires lots of testing budget, especially for beginners.

      I’m glad that you came in here,I wish you all the best as well!

  3. Hello,
    Does the commission hero morbid truly work for the beginner like me ? How much people can make after having this intense training ? Any suggestion would be helpful.

    • Hello Prince and thank you for your comment!

      Affiliate marketing with paid ads, especially Facebook ads, is not a newbie-friendly method in my opinion. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, but it might be more difficult for a beginner than it is for an advanced and experienced marketer.
      For example, in addition to the cost of the course and tools, an experienced marketer might an additional $500 dollars in FB ads testing and optimizing before becoming profitable, while a beginner might need $1,000-$1,500 in ads testing and optimizing before becoming profitable.
      And of course the beginner will need more time to learn and apply.
      This is provided that both learned well and were consistent in taking action. But if someone didn’t learn properly or wasn’t following up with what Robby teaches, then they might not make a dime.
      This is the case with any online business.

      Regarding how much someone can make, it also depends on how fast everyone learns and how consistent in taking action they are. Some might make a thousand dollars per month in profit, and some might make a thousand a day (the top 1%).

      My opinion, if you don’t have the money to spend on ads ($1,000-$1,500) in addition to the cost of the course ($997), then you should not join Commission Hero, but instead, you can join a program that teaches a more beginner-friendly method like affiliate marketing with a blog, which is something you can learn at the best alternative to Commission Hero, which is called Wealthy Affiliate.
      I hope that helps!

  4. When you are learning from a top affiliate marketer like Robby then I suppose the high ticket price is to be expected after all he has been there and done it. I would be looking at his student success rate as this is the real benchmark of Commission Hero. Do they give any testimonials? 

    Getting the students to then use Clickfunnels too is a very clever tactic by Roddy as this will obviously result in more commissions through their affiliate program. I would need to see loads of proof from students if I were to commit to this product.  

    • There are some testimonials for Robby’s Commission Hero program, but the program is still relatively new.

      I, like you, don’t feel comfortable when someone mentions Clickfunnels inside his program, like it is the case with Savage Affiliates course for example.

      But in any case, if the templates are high converting and easy to use, then you can use them, and most important is that you learn how to build landing pages that covert by yourself.

      Thanks for passing by Martin!


  5. Hey Amjad, what a great post, I have enjoyed learning more about Commission Hero and although it is quite expensive I can clearly see the value this product brings, as someone who needs the extra help I can really see the benefits of participating in Commission Hero as Clickbank has never really been that favorable to me in the past when it comes to earning commissions,
    Thanks for sharing this

    • Thanks James for your comment!

      To some extent, I dislike about ClickBank that there are many low quality products in the IM & MMO niche and in some other niches, but this is also the same with physical products on Amazon.

      But what is good about both marketplaces is that it is relatively easy to get your money back in case you didn’t receive what was promised.

      All the best!


  6. This is such an interesting review of commission hero and I must say that this is very exhausting and detailed with insightful information on commission hero.

    This seems like a very great initiative for affiliate marketers especially people that are willing to make payments for paid traffics. Though its a very legit program but I think I need a certain level of experience before I joined this.

    Also, considering the price, its kind of high for me at the moment because I run on a very low budget at the moment. 


    • Thanks my friend!

      True, at this price and at the expected cost of paid traffic and tools, Commission Hero might not be the right choice for everyone, especially for beginners on low budget.

      Best regards,


  7. Great review Amjad,

    I have to admit, I got pretty worried when I see the $997 price, I thought it was one of those high ticket scams like Big Idea Mastermind, glad to know I was wrong! I’ve been having bad chances with facebook Ads and the previous course I joined did not really teach me much so I’m still in the dark. Do you think Commission Hero’s marketing lessons will be useful for any niche?

    • Hello Riaz,

      Answering your question, it is better to think of it as Facebook ads instead of Commission Hero’s lessons.

      For example, if you think of a niche that is related to tools that people buy when they need only such as spare parts for emergency generators, normal water pumps, car replacement parts, then I don’t think FB ads is the way to go as people who buy such items look for them on Google when they need them only.

      Facebook ads is more suitable for things that people might like to purchase at any time or on frequent basis.

      Thanks for your great comment!

  8. I have not used commission hero but I have heard so much about the program. And now  your article has really picked my interest, However the subscription into the program seems on the high side…Is there a rational behind this? I understand its one of the best programs out there.

    • No, it is a new trend that has been around for years now to price courses for $997, $1,997 or even $2,497.

      However, compared to some other affiliate marketing training programs at the same price, Commission Hero seems to be of more value to me.

      All the best!


  9. Thanks for this informative review, commission hero does look like a brilliant idea in building an online business and earning passive income, but I wouldn’t say it’s a good choice for everyone especially if you do not have any experience with or excess cash for paid traffic. Nevertheless I’m happy I came across this article, you made my day knowing about commission hero. Thanks 

    • You are most welcome my friend!

      True, Commission Hero and all paid traffic based course might not suit everyone, that’s why I encourage those who don’t have this amount of money to join Wealthy Affiliate as it teaches the organic traffic methods as the basis of building an affiliate marketing business.

      All the best,


  10. No doubting the credentials of this Guy. The #1 affiliate marketer on Clickbank. Who wouldn’t pay a measly $1000 to learn from him? Good to see an opportunity with some substance and credentials behind it.

    In the real world, its hard to make money without spending money. Its business 101. Use money to buy assets to make more money!

    I wish I had the money to pay for this. i’m just starting out as an affiliate. maybe see you after I get my first paycheck? Thanks Mate!


    • Thanks Andy for your valuable comment!

      I totally agree, in order to make money, you need three main things:

      – Money

      – Time

      – Energy

      And the more you can give from any of the three, the less you need to give from the other two in orderto make a certain amount of money.

      Starting with paid traffic can bring results faster if done right, but if you don’t have the money, then you have to put more work and be more patient before making any money.

      All the best!


    • Hello!
      How long time it will take me for learn everything? And after what period (around ) will I get first good sales?
      Thank you!

      • Hello my friend and thank you for your question!

        It’s different from one person to another depending on the budget and time you put in, but I think that at least you need learn and apply for at least two months on daily basis before you become profitable.

        After you become profitable with one campaign, you can scale up based on how much money you can invest and on how big the target audience is.

        I hope that helps!

    • Thanks Andy! You took the words right out of my mouth.

      In the physical world, we have to invest to rip the rewards, right? Same principal. And this would most probably cost us more to start a business compared to the commission Hero.

      The bottom line is it’s individual choice based on individual circumstances. Also, I think it is very important to get educated about affiliate marketing before embarking on an unknown territory, so that you are better positioned to make decisions and also you have some ideas so that you re-enforce your knowledgebase when you watch the practical application when you watch Robby’s program presentation of different sections on how to make money.

      I can’t afford it so I’m saving up to have a go. No guts, no glory!

      If you ask me, I would rather be mentored by THE number one in the world.

      All the best!!


  11. Hello! I hope that you are doing well, I had also heard about Commission Hero. But as you had indicated earlier, the price seems a bit too too high for a lot of users who are just starting on their journey as an affiliate marketer. The price is like 500$ for 6 months.

    But the latter that you had said. Wealthy affiliate seems to offer a bit of free training for an extended period of time, this would allow beginners such as myself to get a grasp on the subject before giving out more money. I do not know if my assumptions are correct or not.

    Thanks for the awesome review.


    • Thanks Sid!

      Actually the cost is $997 for lifetime access to the program. But you need another $500-$1,500 for tools and ads before you expect to get profitable.

      But you are right, it is more convenient for beginners to start with free traffic methods such as what is taught at the WA program.

      All the best!

  12. Apart from the worryingly high entrance fee to this training (sorry, $977 is way off the scale in my book), it does seem like a decent education module…but…

    I’ve had over 10 years experience with Paid Traffic Methods and I’m afraid over 70% of people who try out this marketing method will lose money – period! 

    I’m wondering how in-depth this training goes into the ad side of things, because this is nowhere near as easy as it first seems?

    • Thanks Chris for the important note!

      I have lost money myself on paid ads in the past trying to do dropshipping and CPA marketing, and that was because I didn’t know enough about marketing and the flow of relevance at that time.

      Now after what I learn at Wealthy Affiliate platform, I can start with the paid traffic and get better results.

      The Commission Hero training on paid ads (mainly Facebook) seem to be comprehensive, but I still think that there are things that are not related to the advertising platform itself, but rather, to understanding the audience and knowing how to talk to them.

      All the best!


  13. Your review of Commission Hero is very thorough, thank you for it!

    What I like in the program most is the money back guarantee, and even lasting for a full year. Yes, it is true that you have to invest in it, and not a small sum but if you succeed, it’s OK, if not, then you are rewarded.

    You mention that the course is good and is a step-by-step process, that’s important so that we don’t get overwhelmed.

    But are the commissions you can make here high? If so, then maybe it’s a good investment, isn’t it?

    • Thank you Agnes for reading my review and for your question regarding Commission Hero!

      The commissions for ClickBank products are normally high because of the low cost associated with replicating and selling digital products.

      If you were able to succeed with some good products, then you can make your investment back and make a significant income with it.

      All the best!


  14. In courses or programs like this, programs that are dependent on paid ads whether in Facebook or in Adwords, I wonder why are people always think of the positive and it seems like there’s no one ever thinking of “what if it didn’t work out as planned?”

    Or, perhaps I am just too fearful in trying online business strategies that require big money in ads. I always have this fear of “What if it didn’t turn out well as planned?”. What is the probability that after spending $1,000 on a funnel and another $1,000 on ads I will make profits? 

    Are there cases of people spending $2,000 and yet didn’t make it?

    • Thank you Gomer for your comment and question!

      Like any kind of business, online or offline, there’s a risk associated with using Facebook ads to promote affiliate products if you don’t follow a proper training.

      If you want to invest in Commission Hero program and in the paid FB ads, then make sure that you already have an income source before you start this method.

      Otherwise, using the organic traffic like taught in this program is the way to start.

      I hope that helps,


  15. I think Commission Hero is a great investment for those who have an income saved up and are looking to perhaps get out of their current line of work.

    As you stated, one needs to be able to afford this product and it’s not cheap, but the fact that you do have a one-time payment makes it more manageable. I would have to put money back for investment in Facebook ads, but I don’t want that money to go to waste.

    It’s something I’d look to invest in later on when the time comes to advertise on Facebook since I’ve never even tried it before.


    • Thank you Todd for your comment!

      True, the program by Robby Blanchard is a bit expensive and you need another $500-$1k to invest in ads, but it is worth it if you have the money and would like to use the paid traffic with affiliate marketing.

      All the best!



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