Commission Crusher Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Commission Crusher Review

Is it really possible to make a hundred thousand dollars a month right from the beginning with the Commission Crusher, or is it just another scam that is after your money?! Join me in this Commission Crusher Review in order to find out the ugly truth behind this program and its founder.


They claim in the video that this system depends on a software that is called Gemini, which is able to trade on your behalf and win 100% of the time. And the guy in the video, who claims to be the founder of this “software”, also claims to be a previous top engineer at Google.


The lie starts by saying that this software can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars from the first month without doing anything other than installing the app/software, depositing $250, activating the auto-trading algorithm, sit back and relax and watch the software trading on your behalf and winning all the trades.


I know that when you are looking for ways to make money online, you feel tempted to try any method that promises you to make tons of money overnight without so much effort.

But I’m sure that you felt that there’s something wrong about this Commission Crusher and that’s why you are looking for reviews about it before you risk your money.


Congrats! You made the right decision.


I will show you below my honest opinion about this program. And you will see, with screenshots, why you should avoid going into this program just by noticing the red flags on their sales page and in the video, as these people might get you lose your money forever.


And in order to help you, I will guide you into a 100% LEGITIMATE & REAL method of making money online, that allows you to create a long-term real business and brand that would make you a consistent income over time IF you put the time and effort into learning and applying what you learn. Forget about the Magical Push-Button Solutions! These DON’T EXIST.


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Commission Crusher Review Summary


Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my #1 method of making money online 97 of 100)


What Is Commission Crusher?

What Is Commission Crusher

In short: In addition to being a joke, the Commission Crusher is nothing but a program that is designed to ask you for your hard-earned money and get the first $250 deposit, and after that, ask you for more money.


Here’s the DIRTY truth about Commission Crusher: In fact, there’s nothing called Commission Crusher. And here’s the proof:

The video on the sales page is the exact same video used to promote another SCAM that I exposed in my Gemini Software System Review.


But because that system was exposed to be a scam, now they created another name, but they are actually using the same software/app in order to take your money.

In addition, the Commission Crusher has no official website, they use the domain name (, which is a platform that money other scammers and low quality programs are using to sell their crap.


I think if you read my Gemini Software Review, it would be enough for you to know why you shouldn’t waste anytime on these jokers, buy anyway, I will expose them again here for you.


The guy in the video claims to be the founder of this system, says that he made a discovery that allowed him to make $25M in only two years, and that now he developed this software based on that software in order to help others become millionaires without much effort.


He claims that he is the CEO of a company that is called Gemini Holdings, but guess what:


Another lie: if you search on Google for “Gemini Holdings”, you will find a company with that name that works in a completely different industry, and there’s no mention of the Commission Crusher, Gemini Software or Brandon Lewis on their website!

Isn’t that illegal?!!


Anyways, this guy also claims that he retired a multimillionaire at the age of 28 thanks to his discovery! and then, he developed, with a team, this trading software that wins 100% of the trades automatically and without you touching anything.


And more, he claims that they have been testing the software for two years now and that it makes around 200-800 dollars of profit on every single trade they make and all of that starting with a $250 deposit.


This is almost the same BS I have seen in the Smart Money System that I reviewed earlier, which claims to be able to anticipate all the ups and downs in the Bitcoin market. But at least, that system/scam’s owner tells you that it sends you “smart signals” based on those anticipated events and then, you have to do the trades.


While with the Commission Crusher, the lie continues to tell you that the system will do the trades on your behalf and you don’t need to do anything other than depositing your money, sit back and relax!

I will show you with the screenshots below why I say that these people are just going after your money.


So, How Does Commission Crusher Really Work?

How Does Commission Crusher Work

Honestly, I don’t know what they will tell you after you pay the first $250 deposit in order to start using their “always winning trading software”?!


In order to convince you that they are saying the truth, they act as if the guy called Brandon is going to the streets in order to pick “random people” and offer them the software in order to use it and make money with it.


So, he finds the lucky guy, and offers him a glass of beer, and in the mean time, he guides him to install the app on his mobile phone, deposit $250, turn on the auto-trading algorithm, sit and relax.

And BOOM, in 15 minutes only, the software made him $1075 in pure profit on the $250 deposit he initially made.


Seriously, who believes such a BS?!

You know what I hate most about these scammers? It is such rubbish videos that are really painful to watch due to the huge amount of lies in them!!

Commission Crusher Unrealistic Claims


And in order to complete the lie, they meet again a month later, and the lucky guy tells Brandon that he made around $100,000 every week with the Commission Crusher! Not losing a single trade!


Unfortunately, and although it is clear that these are just scammers, but most people who desperately want to make money online, and especially those who know nothing about business, believe that you can really make money so easily and so fast online, and thus, they believe such scammers and give them their money that never comes back.


While in fact, there’s no method, whether online or offline, that can make you money without adding any value or doing any work, and will never be.


And more important, when it comes to trading, there’s no software, system or person, no matter how sophisticated or experienced can predict the market correctly all the time and win 100% of the trades.

And trust me, there will never ever be something like that!


The markets (stocks, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, ..etc.) change continuously depending on many factors that cannot all be correctly anticipated all the time by any person or software.

Bottom line: the Commission Crusher works by taking your hard-earned money, and then, asking you to put more money. And you will see a proof of that below.


What I Like About Commission Crusher

Absolutely nothing!


What I Don’t Like About Commission Crusher

Not sure where to start from. But let’s go with the video on their sales page:


1. Fake Testimonials

The testimonials on the video are fake! And this is a common trend that I noticed among scams and low quality programs. You can actually hire someone to record a testimonial for you through


But more, the screenshots they show can be easily photoshopped and manipulated. Add to that the screenshots they share in the video show no real names of the owners of those accounts.

Commission Crusher Testimonials


2. Who Is The Founder Of Commission Crusher, Seriously?!

The guy in the video calls himself Brandon Lewis, and claims to be a previous, top engineer at Google. Yet, If you try to find him online, he has no presence other than in this video.

How would you trust giving your money to someone who doesn’t exist.

Is Commission Crusher A Scam


3. Hyped-Up, Unrealistic Promises That Don’t Make Sense!

The guy who calls himself Brandon claims that he already made $25M with the Commission Crusher in only two years, and then, they show you in the video that he picked a “random lucky guy” from the street and helped him to make $1,075 in profit on the $250 deposit in only 15 minutes doing nothing other than drinking beer and relaxing!


Commission Crusher Results


As someone who tried different methods of making money online, and as someone who continuously reviews such “done-for-you” systems and software programs, I can tell you that there’s no method, software or system that can make you any amount of money without doing anything useful or without adding any value from your side.


And there will never be anything like that. Why would anyone pay you anything if yo don’t provide any value?!


And when it comes to trading, there’s no expert, system or system, no matter how advanced or experienced that can make profit on all the trade they participate in, and there will never be anyone or anything like that.


4. They Use A Borrowed Company Name

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a company that is called Gemini Holdings that was established since 2010, and they have nothing to do with these jokers.


5. They Have No Website

Yep, they created a software based on the discovery that made Brandon $25 Millions in two years, yet the can’t afford to develop a simple website on a dedicated domain name!!


6. Did You See The Disclaimer On Their Sales Page?

I bet you didn’t, because it DOESN’T EXIST!!


7. And What About The Refund Policy?

You guessed it. That doesn’t exist either!!


8. If You Deposit Only $250, Then How …

If your investment was only $250 as a deposit, then how can they afford to pay $300 to the affiliates who bring them the customers?!


The following screenshot is from MaxBounty, the affiliate network where the Commission Crusher is listed for affiliates to make money from promoting it and from bringing new victims.

These affiliates make $300 commission from every new person they bring, which is more than what you pay as a deposit ($250).

Commission Crusher Affiliate Commission

How can they afford to pay affiliates more than what they get from their customers?!

You guessed it again, be prepared to pay the next deposits!!!


9. The Other System That Is Using The Same Video?!

As I mentioned earlier, the same video is being used to promote another scam that is called the Gemini System on their sales page (following screenshot). What does that tell you?!!

Commission Crusher Similar Programs


Who Is The Commission Crusher For?

  • For people who don’t mind giving away their hard-earned money to scammers.
  • For anyone who believes that there’s such a system or a program that can automatically trade and win 100% of the time.


Conclusion – Is Commission Crusher A Scam Or Legit?


Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my #1 method of making money online 97 of 100)


Sure, it is a Scam!

Stay away from any software programs or systems that are being promoted as fast and easy means of making money while doing nothing, whether it was in the trading industry or any other industry.


There’s really NO “done-for-you” system or magical push-button solutions that can grant you any profit without you doing anything useful or adding any value, and there will never ever be.


An EVERGREEN 100% Legit Alternative To The Commission Crusher

As I explained above, the promises in the sales video of the Commission Crusher are completely far from the truth, the testimonials are fake, and the guy who claims to be Brandon Lewis doesn’t actually exist.

They have no official website and they are borrowing another company’s name.


And in addition to that, there’s no privacy policy on their sales page, no disclaimer, no refund policy, …etc.

The reasons above are more than enough for you in order to avoid these people and realize that they are just after your money.


In general, if you really want to make money trading, then you need to study the history and the trends, and follow-up with the market and the news continuously, start trading with a demo account and then, you might be prepared to take the risk and trade with real money.


But even with that, you still can’t guarantee to win 100% of the time. Actually, you might lose everything quickly as a result of small mistakes.


Trading is NOT a fast & easy way to make money! It is associated with high risk and needs lots of training and follow-up in order to minimize that risk and never eliminate it.


Making money online takes time and requires you to put real work and effort, just like making money offline. And this is the case to all kinds of online businesses, including trading.


Luckily, there are many other alternative methods of making money online that are associated with a lower amount of risk when compared to trading, but each one of them still requires a specific amount of money and time in order to start and succeed with it.


But the one I recommend in my guide is, in my opinion, the best way of making money online that requires the lowest possible investment and has the lowest amount of risk, and more important; it is the method I’m using myself in order to generate money online.


And in addition to that, it is really the most newbie-friendly & EVERGREEN method of making money online, which, if you apply it consistently, you can generate a sustainable income with it over time.


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I know it might not feel like what you were searching for to say that this method needs effort and time before it starts making you profit, but that is the reality with every other method of making money both, online and offline.

And that’s the same when it comes to trading! It’s neither an easy nor a fast way to make money. And it comes with a high level of risk.


At least, the method that I’m recommending in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide requires the lowest possible investment in money (even better, you can try it for FREE before you put any money, NO Credit Card required) to start a REAL Online Business and Brand.


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And if you have any question about this Commission Crusher Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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