Clicks Valley & Click 4 Profit Review – What A Scam?!

Clicks Valley Click4Profit Review


Can you really make $9,600 in 24 Hours from buying ads and getting clicks with this system?! Or is it just another scam that is after your money? Join me in this Clicks Valley – Click4Profit Review in order to expose these guys and learn how you can you really make money online through a 100% legit way that would help you build a real business and not through scammers.


I have reviewed many of these “get-rich-quick” & “done-for-you” systems that promise you to make thousands of dollars overnight with them working only few minutes a day or clicking only few clicks, and I know how tempting it feels to wanting to try them.


But you have made a smart decision in looking for reviews for these programs and systems because there is always something that doesn’t look right or realistic.


Congrats! You are in the right place.


I will show below the ugly truth behind these “systems” and, as you well see below, the video on their sales page is more than enough for you to realize that these are just after making money from you and not give you anything in return.


And I will guide you into a 100% Legit & Real method to create a real online business and brand that would make you a consistent income IF you put the time and effort to learn and apply what you learn consistently. NO Magical Push-Button Solutions!


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Clicks Valley Alternative


Clicks Valley – Click4Profit Review Summary

  • Name: Clicks Valley – Click4Profit (Click 4 Profit)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Gareth Woodburn. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit To Start!).
  • Recommended? Run Away!


Overall Rating: 0 of 100


What Is Click4Profit From Clicks Valley?

What Is Click4Profit From Clicks Valley

In short, Clicks 4 Profit from Clicks Valley is nothing other than a program that is designed to take your money and then, ask you for more money and give you nothing in return.


The guy who speaks in the video and calls himself “Gareth Woodburn” (LOL!) tells you that you can use the Click4Profit platform in order to “buy banner ads“, and then the ads will automatically be published to be shown on a network of publishers that include: Google, YouTube, Facebook and some other major advertising platforms and their publishing partners.

And the joke continues to say that whenever someone clicks on your ads, you get paid!!


That’s some of the weirdest crap that is being used to promote a scam that is designed to steal your money.

This is the same lie that is being used to sell another scam that I reviewed recently, which is called Free Ad Cash System.


And more, they try to convince you that you can even sell the ads you bought for 5X their original price, LOL!.

And I can tell you that there’s nothing like that and will never ever be.


If these promises were true, then who is paying the money to you whenever someone clicks on an ad?!

And more, what about the publisher networks and their partners? What do they get from showing your ads?!


That just doesn’t make sense at all!

Seriously, who believes such a BS?!


I have come across many of the programs and systems that are supposed to make you money online, and I have tried many of the ways until I found the one I consider to be the best and the one that I recommend in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, and I can tell you that these claims are completely far from the truth, and one of the most stupid crap I hear that doesn’t make sense in any way!


Such claims are made only to take the money from people who are so desperate and know nothing about how the internet works or about business in general.

It’s good that you are one of the smart people who look for reviews and not just hand over their money to such scammers.


I will show you with the screenshots below why I say that these are just lies!


So, How Does Click 4 Profit Really Work?

How Does Clicks Valley Click4Profit Work

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay the first deposit of $250?!


As I mentioned earlier, they say that you can buy ads and they will be automatically published on different platforms and you will get paid whenever someone clicks on them.

But that is completely untrue! That’s not how banner ads work.


First of all, banner ads are not something that you can buy and sell. Who is selling them to you? Where did they originate from?!

Secondly, and more important, why would you get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad?! Who would pay you? And why would they pay you? What value did you add to the process?!

And thirdly, what about the website owners where the ads will be published? What do they benefit from showing your ads?!


The way this is described in the video is a complete lie!


The REAL way how banner ads work is that a big company such as Nike for example, create their own banner ads and publish them on advertising networks such as Google and Facebook, and whenever someone clicks on those ads, the company who created the ad pays to the advertising network.


That’s how banner ads work in a nutshell!

Can someone tell you where is your place here?!


Please, don’t let such scammers fool you into taking your money!


And again, there has never been something like flipping ads and will never ever be!

Banner ads are not assets to buy and sell. Do you really believe that a company such as Nike or Gucci would offer ads for sale?


What I Like About Clicks Valley – Click4Profit

Absolutely nothing!


What I Don’t Like About Clicks Valley – Click4Profit

Not really sure where to start from. But let’s go with the video on their sales page:


1. Fake Made-up Testimonials! & Everything Else Is Fake

There’s always this fake counter that tells you that there are only 4 spots left. Used to invoke scarcity.


Is Click4Profit A Scam Or Legit

The testimonials on the page are fake.

This guy here appears more than once on the sales page with different names!!! So they even can’t fake this to look real!!


Is Clicks Valley A Scam Or Legit

And for the images of the other people, these are just stock photos that are used on different websites. You can find them through a simple Google-Reverse Image search.

Clicks Valley Review

This should be an enough reason NOT to trust these guys!

But let’s continue.


2. It Doesn’t Make Sense In Any Way!

As I explained earlier, there’s nothing like buying and selling banner ads. These are not assets.

And who is gonna pay you whenever someone clicks on “your” ads?!

And why would the publishers such as Google and Facebook “automatically” publish your ads on their websites?!


No one is stupid enough to believe such claims.


3. Who Is Gareth Woodburn?!

He says that he has become the “go to” guy when it comes to E-commerce! Yet I have never heard of him before watching their sales video!

Catch him if you can!

4. No Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Income Disclaimer, …etc.

Try to click on the items in the bottom menu of the sales page, you won’t be directed to any place!


Click 4 Profit Cost & Refund

Which means that you can’t get a refund after you discover that this is just another scam! So be prepared to lose your money forever!


Who Is The Click4Profit For?

  • For people who have lots of money and want to give it away and get nothing in return.
  • For whoever believes that they can make money and travel the world buying and selling banner ads!


Conclusion – Is Clicks Valley – Click4Profit A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Clicks Valley – Click4Profit (Click 4 Profit)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Gareth Woodburn. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit To Start!).
  • Recommended? Run Away!


Overall Rating: 0 of 100


Sure, Click 4 Profit from Clicks Valley is a Scam! Stay away from anyone who tries to sell you “systems” and “programs” that can make you money without adding a real value or doing something useful.


There’s literally no system, program or software that can make you any money with buying and selling ads or by doing few clicks on your laptop or mobile.

If you want to make a consistent income online, then you need to build a REAL online business.


An EVERGREEN 100% Legit Alternative To The Clicks Valley – Click 4 Profit System

As I explained earlier, the promises in the video on the sales page of the Click 4 Profit System from Clicks Valley are completely untrue and unrealistic and don’t make sense at ALL.

The fake made-up testimonials are more than enough for you in order to avoid it.


You can’t make money flipping banner ads online!

These scammers and other similar ones are taking advantage of those who don’t know anything about business or about the internet.


Making money online, just like offline, requires real work and effort. You have to add value in one way or another so that you deserve to get paid.


But the main difference between making money online and making money offline is that when it comes to the online world, at least you have more flexibility over the time and the place you choose to work at.

But you still need to put some effort and time and do the work in order to make any money.


And one of the great things about making money online is that you can start your own business, a real legitimate business with a low investment (even less than $500) when compared to making money offline.

But of course, you need to put in the effort and be consistent and patient before you start getting any results. Like any legitimate offline business.


And in order to start the right way from the beginning, you need the right training, mentoring and tools in order to lower the risk and save the time instead of going through everything from the scratch or getting confused by the many “gurus” out there, or worse, falling a victim of another scammer like the ones we exposed above.


And that’s why I created my FREE Ulimate Make Money Online Guide that you can read NOW by clicking here.


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The way I recommend in my guide is only one of the many legit and great ways of making money online. But the one I recommend here is the one the requires the lowest possible investment, and it is the one that is associated with the lowest risk, if any.


Even better, you can try it for FREE before you decide to invest any money. NO Credit Card required! Which means NO Risk!


In my guide, you will know what this method is and you will understand how it works exactly.

This is a completely LEGIT way that many people, including MYSELF, are practicing in order to make money with it, and it is a newbie-friendly one.


I will guide you also to the platform where I learned this method, and at this platform, you will find all the necessary Training, Tools, Community Support and even you can get DIRECT COACHING by ME.


So, if you are ready to take action and build a REAL legitimate online business and stop wasting your money on the scams that promise you unrealistic results with their “magical push-button solutions”, then click on the following button in order to read my guide and start taking action.

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And if you have any question about this Click4Profit – Clicks Valley Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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