CB Passive Income Elite 2.0 Review – Can You Really Make Money with it?

CB Passive Income Elite Review

Welcome to my detailed CB Passive Income Elite 2.0 Review!

You probably have been promoted to in order to join this program that promises you to make ClickBank commissions (almost) on autopilot without touching the campaigns, without writing emails, without building landing pages by yourself, …etc. and you are wondering if it is possible to do so.

This might seem an unrealistic pitch for you and that’s why you started looking for unbiased CB Passive Income Reviews before purchasing the license of Patric Chan’s program.

Congrats, You have made the right decision!

I will help you in this review in order to find out if it is possible to make money on autopilot by  or is this just another scam.

I know how to feels to look into all these done-for-you programs that promise you to make money online with the least possible effort and wondering if they are worth the investment or not, especially if you have been already tricked in the past by some of the scams out there.

This why I’m writing this review in order to help you know what the CB Passive Income Elite system is about and how it works.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


CB Passive Income 2.0 Review Summary

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Summary: CB Passive Income Elite is a legit program that helps you to make money with affiliate marketing promoting different products, mainly from ClickBank, by providing you with an already done-for-you landing pages, email sweeps, PDF lead magnets, …etc. and teaching you how to drive targeted traffic (through ads mainly) to your offers.

The program relies mainly on Paid traffic methods. If you have the time to invest, then this is a good program, but if you don’t have the money for paid ads, then the last section in this CB Passive Income Elite review shows you a more affordable alternative.


What Is CB Passive Income Elite?

What Is CB Passive Income Elite


The CB Passive Income Elite is a program that allows you to make affiliate marketing commissions (promoting others’ products and making commissions on the sales you bring) by promoting digital products from ClickBank mainly through e-mail marketing campaigns, and using the paid traffic methods in order to collect build your email list.

But this system takes it one step further, and helps you by giving you the already proven-to-convert landing pages that will capture the e-mails of the visitors, and then, it will send them an already established sequence of emails that are supposed to promote relevant digital products to them.

And when someone buys something, you get the full commission as an affiliate.

So the way this program makes you do affiliate marketing, is that it does big part of the work on your behalf and makes your responsibility to only bring the traffic (mostly paid traffic through FB and Bing Ads), and once you bring people, their e-mails will be collected and they will receive a pre-set sequence of e-mails which will recommend products to them from ClickBank (a marketplace for digital products).

And when they buy any of these products, you make a commission of 50-75% of each sale, depending on the products.


Seems easy, right? But…

But how do you bring people in order to let them submit their E-mails?! More about this in the “How Does The CB Passive Income Elite Work?” section below.

The main man behind the CB Passive Income Elite program is Patric Chan, who has been a successful marketer for many years now.

And this is the SIXth version of the CB Passive Income, which started with the first version back in 2013, and in which he resolves all the main flaws in the previous version of the program as I will explain later.


How Does The CB Passive Income Elite Work?

As I mentioned earlier, and as you see in the following flowchart from the CB Passive Income Elite, this system helps you in doing affiliate marketing by allowing you to leverage the ready-to-use funnels: (landing pages, opt-in forms and e-mail sequences that Patric Chan has already tested and refined and found them to be converting by selling people digital products from ClickBank).

In 3 steps:

  1. After you join the program, you choose one of the different ready-to-use funnels in a specific niche (mainly in the internet marketing niche), and you clone (get a copy) of that funnel.
  2. You find people who might be interested in that niche, and send them to this funnel (You send targeted traffic), which will collect their e-mails.
  3. Once people submit their e-mails, they will receive automated messages that will promote different related products to them, and you will make a commission on every purchase those people make.

How CB Passive Income Elite Works

If the whole funnel is already done for you, then what is your role here?

It is to send targeted traffic to those funnels.

What do you get from that?

The e-mail sequence people will receive will recommend products to people, and when they buy any of those products, you make the commission.


But how do get people (targeted traffic) to the landing pages in order to submit their E-mail?

In order to bring targeted traffic to those funnels, you need to use some traffic generation methods.

And mainly, there are two categories for bringing traffic:

First: Free Traffic such as: SEO (By having your own website or blog), YouTube, Free Social Media Traffic, Forums, …etc.

Second: Paid Traffic such as: SEM (Search Engine Paid Ads), Social Media Ads, Display Ads, Solo Ads (getting people from the e-mail lists that belong to others).

You can use any of those methods to bring traffic to the ready-to-use funnels established by Patric Chan, but the main methods the CB Passive Income Elite program teaches you in the training are the paid methods such as the Facebook Ads & Bing Ads.

This means that in addition to the investment on the program itself, you still need to pay for the traffic and additional tools such as an email autoresponder until you get profitable from one campaign at least.

And that’s fine, and it can work and make you money.


However, the major downfall of this method is that you do it without a website that builds a trust between you and your target audience, and sending the paid traffic directly to an e-mail sequence makes it more difficult for people to trust you and buy what you recommend, and this could mean that you need to spend more money before becoming profitable.

While if you do affiliate marketing by first building your own website and BRAND, as you can learn at wealthy affiliate, then you will start by getting FREE traffic from the search engine, and those will trust you more because they know you, and will be able to convert into buyers easier than getting them through the paid traffic directly into the email sequence. And there are many other benefits as you will see in the last section in this review.

I have already reviewed other programs similar to the CB Passive Income Elite that teach you how to do affiliate marketing with paid traffic methods, some of these are:

And these methods work, and sometimes, you can scale your business fast with them.

But as I mentioned earlier, the way I prefer to do affiliate marketing with is through the free traffic by building your online presence, BRAND and AUTHORITY, which then, will allow you later to build a strong E-mail list without an additional cost. And the list you build through your own brand will trust you more and will make you more money on the long run!

More on this in the last section of this review below.


Inside The CB Passive Income Elite Program

Inside CB Passive Income Elite

Here’s what you get when you join the CB Passive Income Elite program:

1 – 4 X 4 Training And Coaching

These are four modules of training  on the following:

  1. Module #1: Elite System Walkthrough: This is a training on how to use the tools provided to you when you join the CB Passive Income program in order to promote products through your own affiliate links and make money.
  2. Module #2: Monetization Strategies: This module is about teaching you how you can make money through promoting ClickBank offers as an affiliate and through promoting other offers.
  3. Module #3: Proven Traffic Formulas: This training module will teach you how to use the paid traffic methods, mainly Facebook and Bind Ads, in order to drive targeted traffic into your landing pages and funnels.
  4. Module #4: Next Level Affiliate Strategies: This module is about teaching you three advanced strategies to make money with affiliate marketing through:
  •  Competing in affiliate product launches to win contest prizes.
  • Secret methods to build your mailing list by using Facebook.
  • An advance strategy to generate bigger affiliate paychecks without working harder.

CB Passive Income Elite Training Modules

This part of the CBPI Elite also includes four coaching sessions where you get the chance to get your business reviewed by Patric Chan and ask questions live.


2 – Your Instant Turnkey Webpages

These are the done-for-you, proven to convert landing pages that you can use in order to collect emails and market affiliate products to your audience.

These are the same web pages used by Patric Chan and you can clone them and add your logo or brand into them, add your details and your ClickBank affiliate ID, and you will be ready to start sending the targeted traffic to these pages.

The hosting of these pages will be provided for no extra cost.

After you finish the setup and start sending traffic, the rest will be almost automated by the software that will automate the email messages to the list you have built.


3 – The Content Engine Software

Content Engine Software

This is a software that will help you to easily create over 50 ebooks and reports on certain topics related mainly to internet marketing without you writing the content by yourself.

You just need to add your branding and affiliate ID, and the ebooks will be created in order to use them as free giveaways in the emails sent to your list.

This way, you build more trust, and since these ebooks are loaded with your affiliate links to some ClickBank products, you might make money as well through these free ebooks.


4 – Email Swipe Files Library

These are email scripts that Patric uses with his own audience and you now can use them in order to promote relevant products.


5 – Done-For-You Funnels

Marketing Funnels are sequences that take people from one page to another, or through a mix of web pages and email messages in order to continuously connect with and promote to the same audience that have joined your email list.

And here, you get the already proven to convert funnels that Patric uses in order to make money promoting affiliate offers in the internet marketing industry.


CB Passive Income Elite 2.0 Bonus

These are given to those who join the CB Passive Income Elite during the launch. They are useful and can help accelerate your success, but you can work without them with the main components above.

1 – Additional 30 Reports and eBooks Inside The Content Engine Software

These are in addition to the original 50 reports mentioned earlier, but these will be offered as an upsell after the launch period.


2 – Additional Turnkey Webpages And Funnels

Four additional webpages and funnels that you get for free during the launch.


3 – The Social Strategic 2.0 Online Class

This is a class that Patric conducts each year where his coaching clients get to attend his advance live workshop (offline) about social media strategies mainly.


4 – My Personal Email Advertising Rolodex

This is mainly about how to utilize others’ email lists in order to promote your own funnels to them, aka, solo ads.


5 – Free Account to the AutomationCart Responder With 10,000 Email Broadcast Credit

This is an in-house email automation software that belongs to the CB Passive Income Elite program that you can use for free in order to send the promotional emails (up to 10,000 emails sent) to your list.
Other wise, you would need to use an external email autorespnder that would cost you a monthly subscription right from the start.
This software comes with full fledge advance features like Smart Segments, A/B Split Test, advance reports, etc, for effective email marketing.

6 – 2 Years Free Upgrade

This means that your current account will automatically get 2 years of upgrades that are worth $197 for free.

This means that whenever there’s an improvement on the software or they add more training, including bonuses, you’ll be getting all of it for free.


7 – The CB Super Affiliate Coaching

This is a training that is being sold separately for $997, but you get it for free during the launch of CB Passive Income Elite.

Here you will learn more about how to make more commissions and become  a super affiliate with ClickBank through building a strong brand and getting better and more fresh traffic.


CB Passive Income Elite Vs. CB Passive Income 5.0: What Is New?

CB Passive Income Elite comes after a previous program from Patric that was called CB Passive Income 5.0, and it solves four main flaws compared to the older one:

  1. With the new program you can add your brand to your funnels, which wasn’t possible earlier.
  2. You can also promote other products from outside ClickBank, which wasn’t possible earlier.
  3. The funnels in the new program can be customized as you wish, different from the funnels in the previous program.
  4. The previous editions of CB Passive Income included video training modules but not coaching, which is resolved now in this CB Passive Income Elite edition.


CB Passive Income Elite Pro’s & Con’s


  • The program has ready-to-use tools and tested funnels that can save you time.
  • Your main task is to drive targeted traffic to the funnel, most of the remaining work is handled by the CB Passive Income Elite. This is supposed to make you money faster.
  • A training on the paid traffic methods is included.
  • The emails you collect will remain yours, you can also promote to them other than what Patric is already promoting and you can retrieve the list anytime.
  • You Can modify on the funnels and add your brand and logo, which wasn’t possible in the past.
  • You can also promote products from outside ClickBank, different from the previous version of the program.



  • The whole done-for-you system is NOT my preferred method to do affiliate marketing. If everyone is driving traffic to the same few funnels and sending the same promotion for the same products, then the market will become saturated, which makes it unsustainable. Learn how to fish, don’t ask for a fish!
  • The system seems to be designed to mainly promote other products that are related to the internet marketing niche, what if you want to do affiliate marketing in a different niche?! (Basketball, for example!).
  • You are almost totally reliant on the CB Passive Income Elite Platform as you don’t learn how to research products and how to develop email sequences by yourself. If they decide to close it, you have to start almost from the beginning!!
  • The main method for the traffic is the paid traffic. And although, it can work, but the paid traffic is getting more expensive everyday.
  • You don’t build your AUTHORITY or your BRAND by sending people directly to a squeeze page and an email sequence! This makes it more difficult for visitors to trust you and to buy what you promote to them. While if you follow my recommended method (as in the last section below), then you can you build a sustainable business and you can make money from the FREE traffic itself, and you can also use that traffic in order to build a highly responsive email list that will make you more money.
  • The method relies mainly on paid traffic, which might not be suitable for everyone like the alternative in the last section.
  • The bonuses are not for everyone, there are limited spots!


CB Passive Income Elite Pricing Plans

You have two options to pay for the CB Passive Income Elite program:

  1. One payment of $497 for a lifetime access.
  2. Monthly payments of $47 each for 12 months.

>>Click Here To Get The CB Passive Income<<

There are some upgrades that might be offered later, but these are optional.

Remember that you still need to pay for Paid traffic in order to grow your email list, unlike the method in my guide below where you build your list for no extra cost by building your authority and presence on the web.

Approximately, you might need to invest another upto $500-$1,000 in paid traffic before you become profitable, depending on your performance.


Conclusion – Is CB Passive Income Elite a Scam or Legit?

The CB Passive Income Elite is not a scam. It is a legit program that can help you start affiliate marketing through utilising paid ads and done-for-you marketing funnels.

  • Name: CB Passive Income Elite 2.0
  • Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com
  • Founders: Patric Chan
  • Price: $47/month, or one $497 Lifetime Access One Payment. Optional upgrades available. Get It Here!
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my first recommended program for the reasons described above.

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

The program can help you make money if you learn and take consistent action and it can save you some time and effort, which makes it worth the money.

However, there are some reasons mentioned above that make me not consider it my top recommended program, such as the fact that you are almost limited to promoting products in a certain niche, you will depend mainly on paid traffic, and that you don’t build an authority makes it unsustainable way of doing affiliate marketing on the long run.


An EVERGREEN Alternative to The CB Passive Income Elite Program That I Personally Follow?

As I mentioned earlier, the method taught in the CB Passive Income Elite program works, but not as consistent and stable as is the method I recommend that depends on the FREE traffic mainly.

The best alternative and the best place to learn AND apply affiliate marketing and find all the necessary training, tools and support in one place for NO Extra Cost is called Wealthy Affiliate. And even better, they have a FREE plan that you can join and you can stick to it if you want!

This screenshot is only from the first level of the Free Training and it will allow you to understand affiliate marketing well, build two free websites easily (NO Technical Knowledge and NO Coding required), start building your brand and monetizing your website:


CB Passive Income Elite Alternative


This platform is the world’s most comprehensive and advanced platform that teaches you how to build a real and sustainable affiliate marketing business by building your BRAND and authority through your own website (Zero Coding and Zero Technical Experience required!).

And when you create the content on your website, you will learn how to optimize it in order to make it show up on the search engines such as Google and Bing when people are looking for what you are promoting, exactly like when you found this very article you are reading right now!

This is a more evergreen strategy for doing affiliate marketing, as you don’t have to pay for the traffic. People will come to your website and learn about what you are promoting and will make you commissions if they buy through the links on your website.

This is the best way to make money affiliate marketing, because when someone sees that you have a website, they will perceive you as an AUTHORITY and they will trust you more and will be more willing to purchase what you promote. Remember why you came to this review in the first place!

And after you build a website and you start getting free traffic, you can also collect the e-mails from your visitors for FREE. Instead of paying to the paid traffic sources like you will learn in the CB Passive Income Elite.

And the ones that join your email list through your website will also trust you more than those you will get to your list directly from the paid traffic sources. Which means that they could make you more money on the long run.


Also, remember that in the CB Passive Income Elite program you are almost limited to promoting products in the internet marketing niche, while if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, then you can apply it and make money in any niche that you like, even if it was one of your hobbies!

As I mentioned earlier, the CB Passive Income Elite works, but it will cost you more than the initial investment in order to get targeted traffic and it won’t build you a long-term sustainable business or brand like the method I recommend.

So, if you want to learn the method I recommend, then you can join wealthy affiliate through my WA review here.

And if you have any question about this CB Passive Income Elite 2.0 Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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