arbiMate Review – Find Walmart-Amazon Arbitrage Products Faster?

arbiMate Software Review

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Honest Viddx Review 2020 – Here’s The Problem!

Viddx Software Review

Viddx Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit


Do you think of purchasing this new software called Viddx in order to make money with it through leveraging others’ videos in order to promote products as an affiliate? Read this detailed Viddx Review in order to know if this software alone is enough for you or not.

I know that when you start trying to make money online, you always look for the tools that would help make your life easier and help you skip or automate some tasks, and that’s fine.

And as I already know that you can find Viddx Software by Mosh Bari useful, but I also want to tell you that this, to some extent, it might not be enough for you, especially if you still haven’t started your business yet and don’t know how to drive any traffic to the offers you want to promote, and you don’t have an email list since the beginning.

I will explain below what I mean by that, and will let you know if this software is for you or not.


And don’t worry, if this is not for you, then I will help you learn how to start your own online business through my FREE guide.

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Viddx Review Summary

  • Name: Viddx Software
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mosh Bari & Zeehan Ahmed
  • Price:
    • Lite Edition – Original Price is $197/month, Discounted¬†for $21 One-Time Fee.
    • Unlimited Edition – Original Price is $297/month, Discounted¬†for $22 One-Time Fee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation For Affiliate Marketing 97 of 100)

Summary: Viddx is a tool that allows you to utilize others’ YouTube videos in order to combine them together and use them legally to promote your product or for affiliate promotions.

The tool is good but it’s not a long-term strategy to use it for affiliate marketing like what you can learn at this alternative.


What Is Viddx Software?

What Is Viddx SoftwareViddx is a software program that allows you to leverage others’ FREE YouTube videos and embed them to a special web page that you own, and provide a relevant description on that page and offer products or programs as an affiliate marketers.

This way, you don’t have to create your own videos or right long articles describing the benefits of the products you are promoting.


The Viddx software by Mosh Bari is a cloud-based software, meaning that you don’t have to install anything on your computer or on your servers.




How Does Viddx Work?

  1. Setup a new campaign and select the YouTube videos you want to use based on the products you are promoting.
  2. Add a description text and add your affiliate links for the products you promote.
  3. Drive targeted traffic to the page you have just created.
  4. When someone buys anything, you get paid.

How Does Viddx Work


And that’s great, instead of having to create your own videos, you can leverage others’ videos if they are relevant and write a short description with a call-to-action text leading them to the product you promote as an affiliate.

And if you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, then in brief: it’s a performance-based marketing method where you promote others’ products and services and get paid for each sale you bring to them.


So, How Is Viddx Different From Embedding A YouTube Video On A WordPress Page?

You can of course use the same concept on a WordPress website by creating pages and embedding videos on them and then, sharing your affiliate links on the same products, but in that case, you mostly need a domain name and a hosting, unless you do it using a free website.

This is a bit similar to another software called Viral Cash App that I reviewed before, but Viddx is much better!


The main difference and the main advantage of using Viddx, is that you can incorporate more than one YouTube video and combined them together as a one video, and you can crop each video to start and end at a specific time instead of making people watch the whole video.

Crop Videos With Viddx

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