How Does Brad’s Deals Make Money?

How Brad's Deals Makes Money

Brad’s Deals estimated revenue is around $17M per year, and they make this money without selling any products and services by the company itself! More surprisingly, they actually offer you a cash back if you buy some stuff from other merchants and online marketplaces if you go first through! How does Brad’s Deals make … Read more

how Does Ibotta Make Money?

Ibotta App makes around $88M per year in revenue, and it was valued at around $1B in 2019. And all of that without selling any products and services by the company itself! Even more surprising, the company actually pays you in the form of a cash back reward if you buy stuff from other companies … Read more

How Does Groupon Make Money?

How Groupon Makes Money

Groupon’s net revenue for 2019 exceeded $2.2B, and all without selling any products or providing any services by the company itself! What might be more surprising to you, is that the coupon’s site actually pays you a cash back reward on some products and services if you buy them through the website! How does … Read more

How Does RetailMeNot Make Money?

How RetailMeNot Makes Money

RetailMeNot was acquired in 2020 for around $420M, and it generates an annual revenue of around $250M, all without selling any products or services by itself! Even more, they actually bring to people discount coupon codes for millions of products from different merchants and brands. And they even sometimes pay shoppers a cash back on … Read more

How Does Rakuten Make Money?

How Rakuten Makes Money

Rakuten’s revenue for 2019 was estimated to be around $12.5B, and they don’t sell any products or services by themselves! Even more, they actually pay you a cash back if you buy from other brands or big sites through the website! How does Rakuten make money? This is the logical question that you should … Read more

How Does GoodRx Make Money?

How GoodRx Makes Money

GoodRx was valued for around $2.8B back in 2018, although they don’t sell any drugs, and don’t have doctors or pharmacists working for them as employees! How does GoodRx make money? This is an important question that thousands of people ask all the time. Getting the answer to this question might help open for you … Read more

Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Webinar 2021

Robby Blanchard Webinar for Commission Hero

What is in the Robby Blanchard Webinar of Commission Hero? What is the 3-Step System and what is the Open Loop Trick? Can you learn anything from this webinar? Is it even worth it to spend two hours watching it? If no, then what to do? If yes, then how to watch it? These questions … Read more

700 Profit Club Review 2021

Honest 700 Profit Club Review

Can you really make $700/day on autopilot with this program that requires you to work only 10 minutes and everything will be done-for-you in order to get you commissions? Or is 700 Profit Club a big scam? These are probably the first questions you asked yourself when you watched the sales video on the … Read more

Website Profits Pro Review 2020

Honest Website Profits Pro Review

Can you really make up to $500/day automatically with this program? Or is the Website Profits Pro a scam that you should runaway from? What is the actual cost of this program? What is inside it? And what business model does it follow? What about the testimonials? Are they real or fake? These questions and … Read more