Cash Sniper Review ( – A Scam Or $3,500 In 5 Minutes?

Welcome my friend to my Cash Sniper Review!Cash Sniper Review


“Ray Pickard” tells you that you can make up to $3,500 with his system starting today.


And more, you can make the same amount of money everyday working only five minutes a day!


I know how overwhelming it feels to hear such claims of making so much money so easily and so quickly, and wanting to believe these claims and “give it a try, this might be different!”


Especially when you are still trying to make your first dime online.


I have been in your place.


But I also know that you felt that there’s something wrong about these claims, and that’s why you started searching for Cash Sniper Reviews in order to see what this program is about and how it works.


Congrats! You have made the right decision.


I will show you below, with evidences, why you shouldn’t trust such claims as you will end up wasting your money and time.


And don’t worry! I will help you learn about a better alternative program, which is the same place where I personally learned how to make money online with the same method, Affiliate Marketing.


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Ray Pickard's System Alternative


Cash Sniper Review Summary

  • Name: Cash Sniper System
  • Website:
  • Founders: “Ray Pickard”
  • Price: $9 for the front-end. Multiple Upsells. Also, you need to spend on tools and maybe traffic.
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 40 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation 97 of 100)


What Is Cash Sniper?

Cash Sniper is a system that is supposed to help you make money with affiliate marketing leveraging the affiliate programs of the big online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, …etc.

What Is Cash Sniper


And they tell you that thanks to their system, you can make up to $3,500 per day working only five minutes each day.


The guy who calls himself “Ray Pickard” claims that after having a car accident that prevented him from working in his old career, one of his regular clients came to his house in order to help him make money online through online marketing.


And that guy shared with him the Cash Sniper System, which Ray activated within thirty minutes and started making money right away.


And after he made over $100,000 per month for more than a year, he decided to share the Cash Sniper system with others in order to help them make money online.


He even claims that in the past thirty days, 57 people have made $100,000 in quick and easy profits.

Cash Sniper System Results


Unfortunately, these are completely unrealistic claims, and I will show you the evidences in the “What I Don’t Like About Cash Sniper System” below in this review.


These claims are just used to sell the scams and low quality programs that don’t really deliver the mentioned results.


I have reviewed many of these programs in the past, such as:


And many others.


And almost all of them promise you to be able to make thousands from day one and every day, working only five or ten minutes a day.


Then How Does Cash Sniper Work?

Cash Sniper works by letting you in for the $9 “one-time” payment, and then, blast you with the upsells in order to teach you how to do affiliate marketing.

How Cash Sniper Works


As in the screenshot above, affiliate marketing works by you, the affiliate, recommending useful products to people who need them through a unique link that is called Affiliate Link.


And when someone buys through your link, you get a commission from the merchant.


And it is a legit way for making money online, and my preferred method.


But the problem is that these programs don’t tell you what it really takes in order to start making money with this method, then how about making thousands in a day!


And worse, he tells you that you “setup the system” in thirty minutes and start making money on the same day.

Cash Sniper System Setup


But that’s completely untrue!


This is not how affiliate marketing works.


This is not how any method of making money, online or offline, works!


Making money online, like offline, takes time in order to create something of value in order to get paid, and that cannot be done by setting up some system in 30 minutes, and then, working only five minutes a day, and expect to make thousands of dollars everyday starting from day one.


And this includes affiliate marketing, which is again, my favorite method of making money online.


Then How Does This Method Exactly Work?

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, the following four steps must take effect:

  • Research the market and select a niche.
  • Research what people in that niche want help with, and find the products they might benefit from.
  • Create useful content that helps these people, and recommend the products you found inside it through your link.
  • Publish your content properly, and when someone finds it, they might purchase through your link and you will make a commission.


Or as in the following chart:

Affiliate Marketing With Cash Sniper


And everyone of the four steps takes time to be put in on consistent basis before you start making money with this great method.


And I encourage you to learn this method, but the right way and with the right mindset from the beginning, and not from someone who lies to you and tells you that you can make $3,500 from day one!


If you want to learn how to do this the right way, then check my alternative here or in the last section below in this Cash Sniper Scam Review.


Cash Sniper System Cost & Up-sells

The cost of the front end of the Cash Sniper System is $9 dollars. But there are some optional upsells for more “advanced training” that will not bring you the mentioned results!

Cash Sniper Cost


And expect to pay on tools, web hosting and maybe paid traffic method.


There’s a 60-Days money back guarantee if you join through this link, which makes it safe to try, but I don’t recommend wasting your time as they won’t compensate you for that!


What I Like About Cash Sniper System

  • It is about affiliate marketing, which is my favorite method of making money online.
  • There’s a 60-days money back guarantee. You will need it after you discover the lies and the disappointment.


What I Don’t Like About Cash Sniper System

Not sure where should I start from, but let’s go with:


1 – FAKE Made-up Testimonials



The testimonials you saw in the sales video on the Sniper Cash website were actually recorded by actors that you can hire through a freelancing platform called Fiverr.


I have seen this man in particular giving similar testimonials to other programs, and the screenshot below shows you his profile on Fiverr .com.


Cash Sniper Testimonials

And the same applies to the other guys.


Here’s the question:

If the Cash Sniper system delivers the promised results, then why don’t they bring real testimonials from some of the 57 successful students who made $100,000 in the past thirty days?!


I think this is an enough reason not to trust the people behind the Cash Sniper System, but let’s continue.


2 – Who Is Ray Pickard?

The guy who clais to be the founder of the Sniper Cash training program claims that his name is Ray Pickard.

Ray Pickard Founder Of Cash Sniper


But he doesn’t show his face, and if you google his name, you might not find someone relevant with this name.


I wouldn’t invest my money in a program whose founder is afraid to show himself.


I think this is because he is used to creating hyped-up programs with unrealistic claims that don’t deliver, and then, after getting exposed, he creates another program under a new name.


Go to a well-known program with known owners like the one in the last section below.


3 – Get Rich Quick Crap That Doesn’t Make Sense

Ray tells you that you can make $3,500 within the first 24 hours of joining the system.

Fast Results With Cash Sniper System

And I can tell you that this is a complete BS.


As I explained earlier, each one of the main four steps requires time and effort before you make the first one dollar, then how about making $3,500 in one day!


And worse, working only five minutes everyday!

No Effort With Cash Sniper System

These are just claims that are used to sell the crappy programs to people who still don’t know how making money online works.


Forget about these promises!


4 – Another Done-For-You Thing

They tell you that you don’t have to worry about anything because the “done-for-you system” takes care of everything for you.

Done For You Cash Sniper System


And while it is true that you don’t need a prior experience to start with Affiliate Marketing, but you still need to put the consistent work and effort in learning and applying what you learn and provide value so that you deserve the money.


There are tools that help you save the time and effort by automating some tasks, but there’s no push button or done-for-you system that does everything on your behalf.


If there was one, then why would anyone pay you the money?!


5 – Hidden Costs & Upsells

I have nothing against upsells, but I don’t like when there are not transparent about them since the start.


They let you in for the low payment of $9 and then, blast you with the upsells to “boost your income” and some kind of that BS.


6 – Fake Scarcity Of The Cash Sniper System

They always tell you that there’s only a limited number of copies available.

Cash Sniper Fake Scarcity


But even after you login to the website, you will see the same stuff.


They are so desperate of selling you their program before you find reviews about it.


Who Is Cash Sniper For?

Cash Sniper Program is for “Ray Pickard” to make money from you by selling his program promising you to make lots of money with almost no effort.


And it is for anyone who wants to waste their time and ask for a refund after they discover the lies about the mentioned claims.


The Cash Sniper System Support

The support for the Cash Sniper System is available through the email on their website.


Since the program is still new, then there’s not enough feedback about the efficiency about it.


Conclusion – Is Cash Sniper A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Cash Sniper System
  • Website:
  • Founders: “Ray Pickard”
  • Price: $9 for the front-end. Multiple Upsells. Also, you need to spend on tools and maybe traffic.
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 40 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommenwdation 97 of 100)


Cash Sniper is NOT a scam since you actually get something in exchange of the money, and since there’s a money back guarantee.


However, just because you get something in return of the money, it doesn’t mean that you have to purchase it, as you will end up disappointed when you don’t make $3,500 on the first day.


Due to the FAKE testimonials, unrealistic claims and the unknown real owner, I Don’t Recommend Purchasing The Cash Sniper System.


Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you learn affiliate marketing and that you build your business in this field, as it is the most newbie-friendly method of making money online.


But I want you to start with the right mindset and with the right guidance, away from the “done-for-you” systems and magical push buttons that promise you to make thousands overnight working so little.


Which takes us to the next question:


Is There A 100% LEGIT Alternative To The Cash Sniper Program?


My recommended alternative for the Cash Sniper program is the same place where I learned how to do affiliate marketing the right way, and the same place where I continue to learn everyday.


My alternative here is the best program to learn and build your affiliate marketing business, which is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.


This platform will not only provide you with the detailed step-by-step training, but also with the necessary tools, web hosting with an amazing support, weekly live webinars, community support of more than 1.4 million like-minded entrepreneurs and much more all for NO Additional Cost or hidden fees or surprises.


You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here in order to learn about what this great platform is going to provide you with, and you can join it from their and start building your business today.


And don’t worry about risking your money! You can start with the FREE Starter Membership so that you try it before you put in any money.


Following is a screenshot from the first level of the detailed training that is available in the Starter Membership:

Cash Sniper Alternative


And this level is enough for you to understand how affiliate marketing works and it will allow you start building your first FREE website and start adding useful content to it.


You can upgrade to the Premium Membership anytime you want in order to unlock the advanced levels of the training, tools and support.


So, if you are ready to build a real and sustainable online business the right way, away from the push button and done-for-you systems that don’t deliver, then go ahead and join this great platform through my review via the following link:


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NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!


And if you still have no idea at all why I consider Affiliate Marketing to be the best method of making money online, then you can read my FREE Make Money Online Guide through the following button, which will eventually lead you to the same platform:

Make Money Online Best Guide


Go and start building your business today and stay away from the magical push button solutions that are designed to take money from you instead of helping you make money!


And if you have any question regarding this Cash Sniper Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer you. 🙂

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