Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys? [5 Problems To Know!]

Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys
Can you make money doing online surveys?

Or is this method just a waste of time and effort?

Are all the paid survey websites and survey phone apps scams that do nothing other than getting you work for pennies? Or are there legit ones that really pay you good money?

And most important, can you make a full time income or a living taking surveys online?

And is there a better way to make money online without doing surveys all the day long.

These questions and more I will be answering in this article, and stay with me until the end where I tell you about my favorite method of making money online that I personally follow.


Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys?

Yes, you can make money with online surveys that you can take on your computer or on your smartphone.

There are many apps and websites that allow you to make money by doing surveys online, such as: SwagBucks, Toluna, OnePoll, PopulusLive, Branded Surveys and others.

And many of these websites actually allow you to make money with them with different methods including taking online surveys.

How To Make Money From Online Surveys?

How To Make Money Doing Surveys Online

1 – Join One Or More Of The Dedicated Online Survey Websites

In order to make money doing surveys online, you need to join one or more of the websites mentioned earlier and verify your account.

Notice that some of them accept applicants from specific countries, some accept applicants only through invitations from other members, and some might accept you regardless of the above.

2 – Complete Your Profile

And after you join one of these survey websites, you sometimes need to fill in a form about you, your language, your interests, how many hours can you work per day, …etc. and wait for getting accepted where you might get an email confirmation.

Some of them might accept your application automatically.

3 – Start Completing Surveys To Earn Money & Rewards

After you have been accepted, you might either explore the available surveys, or you might receive by email what surveys you can take in order to get paid.

Each survey pays a different payout depending on the website you are member at, the company that has published the survey, the length of the survey, …etc.

Rewards for doing online surveys are usually measured in money such as US Dollars or Sterling Pounds, or in points that translate eventually into an equivalent amount of money.

For example, you might get paid $1-$4 or more to complete a certain survey that might take anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour to complete.

Or you might get paid 20 points to finish a certain survey, and after collecting a certain number of points, let’s say 100, that translates into $5 or whatever the value was at that website.

4 – Withdraw Your Rewards

Most survey websites require you to reach a certain threshold in order to be able to withdraw the money or other rewards you have earned from doing surveys.

And after you collect a certain amount of money earned with surveys you have completed and reached the minimum payout threshold of that website, you can get paid the money you have earned in one of the available ways offered by the website.

5 – Rinse & Repeat Everyday (The First Problem!)

Now that you have made money for today, you need to come back tomorrow and spend another day or certain number of hours doing more surveys in order to make money again.

And this is one of the problems that I will explain more in detail in “The Problem With Making Money Online With Online Surveys” below in this article.


How To Get Paid For Online Surveys?

After you have reached the minimum payout specified by any online survey website, you can choose one of the available methods on that website in order to withdraw you money, such as:

  • Cash or money transferred into your PayPal account.
  • Gift card for shopping at a retail store such as: Amazon, Walmart, Target, …etc.
  • Discount vouchers.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Prize draws.
  • …etc.

How To Get Paid For Online Surveys

That is how you can get paid from surveys that you do online.


How Much Money Can You Make Doing Online Surveys?

How much money you can make with online surveys depends on many factors such as:

  • The website you are using to find surveys.
  • The type of surveys you do and how long does it take to finish every survey.
  • The payout of each survey you complete.
  • The amount of time you can dedicate everyday.
  • The number of available surveys that you can do at the website you joined as they might not have available survey jobs all the time.
  • The type of the reward offered whether it was cash money, PayPal money that will deduct PayPal fees, gift card that will mean that you have to spend the money on certain products from a certain retailer which might be more expensive than the same products from other places.
  • How many survey websites you joined in order to have jobs available to complete at any time that you can take surveys.

The payout for each survey is different from one website to another, and from one survey to another on the same website.

For example, a survey at Swagbucks might take 10 minutes to complete and might pay you $1.

That’s $6/hour.

Which mean that working 8 hours a day doing surveys might make you up to $48 a day, assuming that there will always be surveys available to complete.

That would be the best case scenario.

While at other websites, you might spend up to four hours in order to get a $20 voucher or reward.

And with some other websites, you might make only few bucks a day.


5 Problems With Making Money Online With Surveys

There are many issues that I found with doing surveys online such as:

1 – You Might Not Get Accepted

This is a problem I personally faced when I tried to make money online with paid surveys as I’m not a native English speaker and I don’t live in US, Canada, UK nor in any of the first world countries, which limited my chances in getting approved by these websites.

For example, Swagbucks accepts applicants from around ten countries.

Online Surveys Problems

2 – There’s Not Always Tasks To Complete

Depending on the survey website you have joined, you might not always find surveys available to complete and make money with.

This depends on the website and how many companies are using that website in order to perform surveys for their own purposes.

3 – You Have To Accept Whatever Is Thrown To You!

You don’t control what surveys you will work on or in which industry or niche you will do the surveys.

This, combined with working lots of hours in order to make few bucks a day will make it like a really boring under-paying part-time job.

4 – You Don’t Make That Much

As explained in a previous section, you might spend an hour to make 1-4 dollars, and you might not find surveys to complete all the time, in addition to the fact that you might get paid in gift cards and free subscription, which doesn’t count as real money because you will have to spend it on purchases.

5 – You Need To Keep Working In Order To Make Money – It Is Not A Scalable Business

This is the most important problem with making money by doing surveys online.

You need to keep working for hours in order to make little money.

Trade Time For Money With Surveys

And the moment you stop working, you stop making money, which mean that you can’t make money while you are asleep.

Which mean that you don’t have a business when you try to make money by taking surveys online.

While if you want to make good money on the internet, then you need to build a real business and have a system in place that makes you money even when you are a sleep and not only when you work a certain number of hours every single day.

Check the last section for an alternative method away from doing surveys to make money online on the long run!


Conclusion – Can You Really Make Money Doing Surveys Online?

Yes, you can really make money from taking online surveys, but don’t expect to make lots of money and this is not a long-term solution if you want to attract more money through the internet as you will keep trading hours for pennies.

Which takes us to the next question:

How To Make Money Online Without Surveys? The Best Alternative!

There are many ways to make money online without doing surveys that allow you to make more money.

And these fall into two main categories:

1 – Doing freelancing jobs that pay more money than doing surveys such as: writing content for others, doing graphic design jobs, completing transcription tasks, …etc.

But the problem with all of these is that, like with paid surveys, you need to keep trading hours for money, and the moment you stop working, you stop getting paid.

In addition, you have only so many hours available in your day, which mean that there’s a limit to what you can earn as a freelancer.

2 – Building a real online business that takes time to start and run, but with time, it can make you money even when you are asleep or when you are on a vacation that you can decide when and for how long to take!

Make Money While Sleeping Without Surveys

And this is my preferred alternative to doing surveys and any other freelancing work that requires you to put in the hours on daily basis in order to make money online.

By building a real online business that works while you are asleep, you can create a long-term income source and a more stable and sustainable income.

Notice that this mean that you need to put in an investment and some work in advance before you start making money, but that is the case if you want a long-term rewarding business to work for you.

What is nice about creating an online business is there are many ways and models that you can choose from, and each

one of those models requires a certain amount of investment and effort to be put in advance before you make money with it.

And my favorite way to start an online business is the one that requires the lowest possible investment and it comes with the lowest level of risk.

I have written about this method in my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide that you can get today.

In this guide, you will learn what this method is, how it works, and why I consider it to be the best method of making money online.

And in my guide, you will also learn about the same place where I first learned this method, and where I continue to learn it everyday.

This place will provide you with all what you need in order to start your online business from scratch with the provided training, tools and support that you will find there.

Even better, this place I’m recommending offers a FREE Starter Membership in order to learn more about the model and how it works before you invest any money in it.

So, if you are ready to start an online business that makes you money on the long run and while you are asleep rather than trading hours for pennies on completing surveys or by doing any freelancing work, then head now to my FREE guide through the following button in order to start today:
Alternative Of Making Money With Online Surveys

And if you have any questions on this article about how to make money doing online surveys, or you have some experience with one of the survey websites that you want to share with us, then leave it below in the comments’ section and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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