Bulletproof Profits Review – A Scam Or Make $3,750 Today?

Bulletproof Profits Review - A Scam Or Legit

Is it possible to make $2,000 per day working only 15 minutes from your mobile or laptop as “Justin Tyler” claims that he has done, or is this new system just another scam? Join me in this detailed Bulletproof Profits Review in order to know if this guy is lying to you or is this your opportunity for real freedom.


I know how it feels when you hear such claims of making so much money working few minutes a day thanks to these “system” and “secret loopholes”, especially when you have no idea of how making money online works.


And the guy who calls himself “Justin Tyler” claims that he made $390,000 in sales in six months working only 15 minutes a day.

Time Needed For Bulletproof Profits Method

And as much I would love to tell you that these claims are true, and as much as I want to believe them myself, but I’m sorry to tell you that these claims in the video and on the sales page of the Bulletproof Profits System are full of hype and exaggeration.


I don’t think that you will be able to make any money with this outdated training program.


I will tell you what this program includes and I will show you the red flags that prevent me from believing this guy and not recommending his program, which will just set you up for a big disappointment if you purchase and don’t get these results as they “guarantee”.


And don’t worry! I will help you learn about a real and legitimate way of making money online that you can learn from a legitimate program, where the people behind it a real people who show their faces and a program that have a big community of over than 1.4 million like-minded online entrepreneurs like you would love to become if you put the time to learn and work diligently and consistently.


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Justin Tyler's System Alternative


Bulletproof Profits Review Summary

  • Name: Bulletproof Profits System
  • Website: www.yourbulletproofprofits.com
  • Founders: Justin Tyler (That’s how he calls himself)
  • Price: $9 for the front end, and optional upsells for a more than $300
  • Recommended: NO!


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 30 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In This Guide!)


What Is Bulletproof Profits?

What Is Bulletproof Profits System

Bulletproof Profits is an outdated training program that promises you to make up to $3,750 dollars a day starting from day one, and working only 15-30 minutes every day on your laptop or mobile phone.


The guy who speaks in the video claims that after being broke and getting fired from the company he worked for, a friend of him told him about a “legal loophole” that allows him to tap into a little known gold mine, which is Amazon, and make more than $2,000 a day working only 20-30 minutes.

Bulletproof Profits Method Loophole


Justin Tyler claims that he made over $45,000 with just 21 days working only 20 minutes a day using this secret loophole.

Income Statement By Bulletproof Profits Founder


And he continues to say that he refined a complete system using the secrets he learned from his friend, and that he is sharing his system with students to help them get results faster than they would do if there were alone.


How Does Bulletproof Profits Exactly Work?

How Does Bulletproof Profits Work

Bulletproof Profits works by letting you in for $9 in order to get outdated & unorganised material and then, offer you upsells and probably other programs to buy and make “Justin” more money.


It is not like it is in the image you see above. Sorry!


There are many ways of making money with Amazon, including, but not limited to:

  • Amazon FBA.
  • Kindle Publishing.
  • Dropshipping and POD.
  • Merch By Amazon.
  • Amazon Associates. (My favorite! Check the last section below on a guide on how to do it!)


And many other ways.


And these are not loopholes. They are all well-known and almost everybody can start doing any of them in order to make money online.


And with each one of these methods, there’s a great potential for making a real income if you put the time and effort in order to learn and work consistently on building a real business.


There are no loopholes. Sorry!


Often times, program owners use these words such as: loophole, secret method, untapped goldmine, shortcut, …etc. in order to convince people who know nothing about how making money online works in order to convince them buy their programs.


It’s because they know that everyone out there wants to make money doing nothing.


If it was that easy to make thousands working only few minutes, then everyone would jump into it and it would stop working.


Making money online, like it is offline, requires consistent effort and requires you to keep learning in order to improve your skills and become more efficient and professional at what you do.


However, the advantage is that you can start an online business from almost any place as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.


Another advantage is that starting an online business can be done at a much lower cost than starting an offline one.


You can start building your online business with Amazon through my favorite method for as little as $359! (Check the last section for my alternative!)


You can’t do that with an offline business.


And each one of the many methods of making money with Amazon requires a certain set of skills to learn, money to invest in advance, and time to put on almost daily basis in order to build a real business and make money with it.


Inside The Bulletproof Profits Program

The Bulletproof Profits program includes a set of video training courses and PDF documents (mostly PLR useless and outdated) that are supposed to teach you how to make money with Amazon through different methods, mainly Amazon FBA and Amazon Associates.




Many, if not all of the videos were recorded back in 2015 (4 years ago!) and many of the regulations, laws, fees, …etc. have changed since that time.


Following this material might not only cause you to lose time, but lots of money in the process.


And worse, many of the training lessons seem to be short and not enough to know what to do.


And for the PDF documents, these are PLR products that are either empty of value or include stuff that doesn’t work any more.


Following are the modules of the Bulletproof Profits:

1 – Introduction

Useless stuff.


2 – Level 1 Course

Video lessons from 2015 that are supposed to teach you how to make money with Amazon FBA in 2019!!!! Don’t do this!


3 – Level 2 Course

More video lessons from 2015 about how to do Amazon FBA in 2019!! Run Away!


4 – 10X Sales Profit

Some more “resources” that are available if you purchase one of the upsells!!


5 – Bonus Strategies

Tips on finding local sources for products to sell on Amazon.


6 – 10K Affiliate Plan

An outdated PDF guide on making money with affiliate marketing through Amazon Associates program, which is a PLR ebook.


And video course that leaves you nowhere close to create a real affiliate marketing business. (Check the last section below for the right place to learn it!)


7 – 5 Passive Income Methods

Not enough resources on five methods of making money online, which can be found for free easily.


8 – Income Maximizer

Some outdated resources on how to do things the WRONG way!


9 – Wealth Hypnosis

Something that doesn’t work if you don’t take action the right way!!


10 – Contact & Support



What I Like About Bulletproof Profits System

  • There’s a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee. You will need it after you get the disappointment of not making $3,750 on the first day with their “loophole”, which is actually an outdated material that doesn’t work.


What I Don’t Like About Bulletproof Profits System

There are many signs on the sales page and in the video that I consider them to be red flags that prevent me from recommending the Bulletproof Profits program, such as:


1 – Fabricated Testimonials

Yep, if you scroll down on the sales page, you will see written testimonials as if they were Facebook comments, but the fact is that these are all fabricated.


This girl for example, if you make a simple google image search, you will find that this is a stock image that you can purchase online and use on any website you want.Bulletproof Profits Fake Testimonials


I think this is an enough reason not to trust “Justin”, but let’s continue.


2 – Unrealistic, Hyped-up Claims Of Income

They tell you that you can make up to $3,750 TODAY with 7 simple clicks thanks to their system!

Unrealistic Claims By Bulletproof Profits


And I’m telling you, there’ nothing like that, and will never be any.


The only one who is making $3,750 today with Bulletproof Profits is Justin himself (assuming that this is his real name) by selling his program to many people who would believe these claims.


3 – There’s A Guarantee, And Then, There’s No Guarantee!

The sales page says that we can make $3,750 a day. GUARANTEED!


While the Earnings Disclaimer says that there’s no guarantee of making any money!!!


Which page should we believe?!Bulletproof Profits Make Money Guarantee


4 – Who Is Justin Tyler?

The guy doesn’t show his face while talking, and if you look for him online, I don’t think you will find him. This is probably a pen name, but I’m not sure.


The one you see in the video is probably an actor like others.


5 – Successful Students?

He claims that his system has created over 7,350 successful people. although it is still being launched and he wants a limited number of students. LOL!


6 – Misleading Information

He tells you the Amazon is a little-known goldmine.

Misleading Information From Bulletproof Profits

But the fact that almost everyone knows that you can make money with Amazon determines that this was a lie!


7 – Fake Scarcity

This bar at the top of the sales page says that the page will be removed on Feb 21, 2019, which is the date of writing this review.

Bulletproof Profits Fake Scarcity


And I bet that it now it mentioned the date you are reading this review on.


8 – Outdated & Useless Training Videos & PLR Ebooks

As I explained above, the courses and the PDF guides are old and don’t work anymore.

If any, they will make you lose more time and money if you apply them!


Who Is Bulletproof Profits For?

For anyone who believes that they can make $3,750 on the first day, and more than $2,000/day working only 15-30 minutes on there laptop or phone thanks to a loophole.


Bulletproof Profits Price & Up-sells

Bulletproof Profits costs only $9 for the front end. You can get it here! (Don’t Do it!)

Bulletproof Profits Price

And expect to be offered upsells that cost up to $300 or more.


They offer a 60-Days unconditional money back guarantee. So, it is safe to give a try through the button above, but I don’t recommend wasting your time in the first place.


Check the last section for my recommended alternative!


Conclusion – Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Bulletproof Profits System
  • Website: www.yourbulletproofprofits.com
  • Founders: Justin Tyler (That’s how he calls himself)
  • Price: $9 for the front end, and optional upsells for a more than $300
  • Recommended: NO!


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 30 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In This Guide!)


It depends on how you define a scam.

Since you actually get something in return, even though WORTHLESS and even DANGEROUS, then we can’t technically call it a scam.


However, due to the fact that the material is outdated and doesn’t work anymore, and due to the many red flags I mentioned above such as: fake testimonials, hidden upsells, unknown founder, hyped-up results and claims, ..etc. then I can’t recommend it.


It offers a 60-Days money back guarantee, which makes it safe if you want to try it.

But I recommend that you don’t waste your time with someone who gives you false hope in make so much money so quickly and easily as you will get a disappointment.


Which takes us to the next question!


A 100% Legitimate Alternative To The BulletProof Profits System?



As I mentioned earlier, there are many different methods for making money with Amazon in particular and online in general.


And one of these methods, and the best in my opinion, is something called Affiliate Marketing, which is the method that I personally do.


And if you don’t know what this is, then in brief: it is a performance-based model where you, the affiliate, recommend other people and companies’ products (Amazon products for example) and get paid commissions on every sales you bring.


This method is a great method due to many reasons, such as:

  • You don’t need to create a product or service by yourself.
  • You don’t need to ship or even touch any product.
  • You don’t deal with customer support, refunds, disputes, …etc.
  • You don’t worry about stock.
  • You don’t need a big investment.
  • Low risk.
  • And many other reasons.


And the following chart shows you how this method works:

Make Money With Amazon Associates


To simplify the process, the following steps happen for you to make a commission with this method:

  1. Research the market and select a niche to build you business around.
  2. Research the problems and the questions people in that niche has.
  3. Write SEO-friendly articles offering solutions or products (from Amazon for example) to your audience and share your unique affiliate link to those products.
  4. When someone lands on you website, and if they buy through your link, you get a commission from Amazon or any other seller.


You can learn this method at my recommended platform, Wealthy Affiliate, which is the best place to learn and build a real affiliate marketing business with all the training, tools, support and community all in one place.


And don’t worry about building a website! You don’t need technical knowledge or coding.


Your focus will be on researching and creating quality content that helps others and as a result, makes you money.


Click here to read my review of this amazing platform and start learning and building your business today!


And if you are worried about risking your money, then you can start with the FREE Starter membership in order to try the platform and see it from the inside, you will be surprised.


And if you want to know about my story, how I started with affiliate marketing, and why I consider it the best way of making money online, then you can read my Make Money Online Guide, which will eventually lead you to the same platform I’m recommending here:


Go now and take action and stop wasting your time and money looking for the magical push button solution that doesn’t exist.


And if you have any question about this Bulletproof Profits Review, then leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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