Shopify Booster Theme Review & Discount Coupon

Shopify Booster Theme Review & Discount


Thinking of upgrading your store theme with a premium one and wondering if Booster is worth the price? Join me here in this Shopify Booster Theme Review in order to know more about this particular theme and to know if it deserves your money. Also, you will find if the Booster Theme Discount related to this year.

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Please, make sure that you read the “Beware of Booster’s Money-Back Guarantee” section before risking your money.

But as I always mention, before you upgrade to a premium theme, you should already be making money and profitable with a free theme before you invest in the Booster theme.

The job of the premium theme is to help save you more time and increase your revenue and profit after you already made money with a free theme. However, if you have a good budget to start with, then you can start with a premium theme since the beginning. I go more into details on this in my article for the highest converting Shopify themes, where I also explain how to decide which one is the best for you to invest in.


So now let’s get into the details about the Shopify Booster Theme.

Shopify Booster Theme Review – Rankings

  • Name: Booster Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mark
  • Support: 84 of 100
  • Features/Adds: 92 of 100
  • Customization: 90 of 100
  • Pricing & Guarantees: 88 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 92 of 100
  • Price: Original Prices – check the discounted prices below ($249 for one license, $497 for two licenses, $1299 for five licenses) one time fees, one year support & updates. NO refunds are allowed.
  • Booster Theme Discount: $179/year for one license, $297/year for two licenses, $497/year for five licenses. Get Booster Theme at this discounted price by clicking here!
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 89 of 100  (Check #1 Shopify Theme 96 of 100 – 14-Day Money Back Guarantee)

Summary: Booster is a good Shopify theme, but it is a bit expensive, and not so honest money back guarantee as you will see below.

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Booster Shopify Theme Overview

Booster theme was created by Mark, who started his journey with the dropshipping industry selling lights for bottles, and in two years his store became the biggest online store that sells LED Bottle Lights.

This theme has many features that are not available in most free themes and you can only have them through apps if you use a free theme. It also has some level of customizability that would allow you to make it fit better to your brand, niche, audience, products, …etc.

You can for example customize the footer and header, the CTA button in order to offer FREE+Shipping, …etc. However, it is not as customizable as the Shopify Turbo Theme by Out Of The Sandbox.

The features available in this theme are designed to increase the trust in your Shopify store, increase the conversion ratio and increase the AOV (Average Order Value), and these features are built-in inside the theme and included in the price.

Otherwise, you would buy many of these features by adding apps with monthly fees. This means that you will save money with the Booster theme.


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Shopify Booster Theme Features

Following are some of the features of the Booster Theme:

  1. One-Click-Update for the theme through a dedicated App developed by Booster, without the need to redesign the theme look. (New Feature).
  2. Sales Notifications that shows to the store’s visitor that others are buying now. Can show sales in live mode. (New Feature).
  3. Upsell Pup-Up in order to increase the average order value (AOV).
  4. Collection Cross Sell. Collection Cross Sell with Booster
  5. Currency Converter that will automatically show the prices in your visitor’s country’s currency. Makes the store visitors more comfortable with your store and increases the trust. Booster Theme Currency Converter
  6. Exit Pop-Up that predicts when your customer is leaving the store and offers them a discount that would encourage taking action and making a purchase and helps you collect their email addresses.
  7. Related product suggestions.
  8. Available in 10 languages.
  9. Automatic Mega Menu for easier navigation and better user experience.
  10. Customized CTA that is optimized for offering FREE+Shipping items.
  11. Countdown Timer in order to invoke urgency and encourage taking action. Booster Built-in Scarcity Countdown Timer
  12. Number Of Stock left in order to give the feel of scarcity.
  13. Estimated Delivery Time.
  14. Payment Gateway Security Badge. Booster Theme Features
  15. Promotion Strip in the header.
  16. Social Buttons to direct customers to your social media accounts.
  17. Direct to Checkout button in order to reduce the number of steps before converting your store’s visitor into a customer, as each additional step they have to take might cause them leave your store before buying.
  18. Optimized Cart Page that is optimized to create the sense of urgency and encourage completing the purchase now.
  19. Ability to FAQ.
  20. Ability to add Testimonials.
  21. Ability to add a Map.

Also, having these features built in the theme means that you will save time and headache instead of installing and continuously updating many apps on your store that might have bugs sometimes.



Shopify Booster Theme Pros & Cons


  • Developed by someone who has been already successful with his own store, which means that he knows what works and what doesn’t.
  • Has some positive reviews on the web and video testimonials on the sales page.
  • One time fees and you can keep using it for lifetime. However, the updates and support are available for free only for the first year. While with the recommended alternative in the section below, you get lifetime free updates and support.
  • Easy updating through a dedicated app.
  • Good level of flexibility for customizing the theme in order to fit your store, niche and audience.
  • Many built-in features that will save you money that otherwise, you would need to pay for apps, and it will save you time in managing the different tasks.
  • Optimized for increasing conversions on your store.



  • Although the price is a one-time-fee and you can keep using the Booster theme for life, buy the support and updates are free for only one year.
  • Misleading refund policy as they promise 14-day money back guarantee on the sales page, but on the refund policy page, it is 7 days only, and it is requires you to prove that the theme doesn’t function properly.
  • The support doesn’t have a live chat, you submit your request and they will get back to you through email.



Who Is The Booster Theme for?

Booster theme is for those looking for increasing conversion on their store with the features that will help increase the conversion ratio and AOV, improve the user experience and save time and money that otherwise would be spent installing and managing many apps.

People who want to make sure to easily update their store’s them with one-click through a dedicated app.


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Booster Theme Pricing & Discount Coupon

The Booster theme has three different plans:

1 Store License: $179/year.

2 Stores License: $297/year.

5 Stores License: $497/year.

The discounted prices are available through the following link:

>>Click Here to Get The Booster Theme Discount Code<<


Booster Theme Price & Discount

Beware of Booster’s Money-Back Guarantee

On the sales page of the Shopify Booster theme, they claim to offer a 14-day money back guarantee, and that you can ask for a full refund if you are not happy with the theme.

But when you check out the refund policy page, you will find that the refund request window is only 7 days, and that you need to provide a proof that the theme doesn’t work, and that you requested help from their support and they couldn’t help you.

Shopify Booster Theme Refund

This is really misleading and that’s why I don’t really recommend dealing with such developers.

While at the recommended alternative for Booster in the section below you get one year of free support and updates in addition to a 14-Day money back guarantee, which makes it the best choices despite that fact that its price is higher than Booster’s.


Shopify Booster Theme V5 Free Download

Many people are looking to download the Booster theme for free, but it is unavailable. And if you find it, it would be a cracked or unauthorised distribution and won’t provide you with the necessary support and updates.

However, the current discount on the Booster theme makes it more viable to buy it now compared to the original price that will come back soon. Click here to get the discount!


Booster Theme Support & Updates

As I mentioned earlier, the support and updates are available only for the first year for free, although you can still use the theme after that without paying additional fees.

The updates are installed easily through a dedicated app without the need of technical knowledge or redesigning the store.

The support doesn’t provide a live chat, but it is available to answer your questions for seven days a week.

And the testimonials on the sales page are positive about Booster theme support.


Booster Theme Testimonials

The testimonials about the Booster theme are available on the sales page (written and videos) from successful people in the e-Commerce industry. And the reviews on the web are positive in general.

Booster Theme Testimonials


The theme is not listed to purchase on an external third party platform, which means there is no other place to see reviews elsewhere.


The Best Booster Theme Alternative

There are many good alternatives to the Booster theme, but my first two recommendations are Flex Theme &Turbo Theme by Out of The Sandbox which, despite the higher price, are better as they were created by a Shopoify owned company, offer more features and flexibility and they provide you with a 14-day money back guarantee, while Booster doesn’t.

Other Out of The Sandbox themes are also better than Booster in my opinion, and they cost less than the previous two themes in the previous paragraph.

However, another great alternative is eCom Turbo theme by Franklin Hatchett, which costs less than the Booster theme and comes with free lifetime updates and 14-day money back guarantee.


Conclusion of Booster Theme V5 Review – Is Booster Theme Worth The Money?

The Shopify Booster theme is a good theme and it can increase the conversions and profit if you are already successful but looking to grow up your business.

The price, when compared to other themes, with the support and updates limited for the first year, makes it in my opinion a bit high. However, the current Discount on Booster Theme makes it more viable than ever to buy it.

But I don’t like the misleading money back guarantee as explained earlier.

A better alternative could be eCom Turbo by Franklin Hatchett, which costs much less, and it comes with free lifetime updates and 14-money back guarantee.

  • Name: Booster Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mark
  • Price: Original Prices ($249 for one license, $547 for two licenses, $1299 for five licenses) one time fees, one year support & updates. NO refunds are allowed.
  • Booster Theme Discount: $179/year for one license, $297/year for two licenses, $497/year for five licenses. Get this price by clicking here!
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 89 of 100  (Check #1 Shopify Theme 96 of 100 – 14-Day Money Back Guarantee)

So if you liked this Shopify Booster Theme Review and you decided to buy it, then go ahead through the following link in order to get it at the prices mentioned above:

>>Click Here to Download The Booster Theme <<

And if you have any questions or you need any help, please, let me know in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer you asap!

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6 thoughts on “Shopify Booster Theme Review & Discount Coupon”

  1. Hi, 

    Thanks Amjad for the review!

    I’m not converting as much yet so I’ll wait a little.

    The discounts seem pretty good for Black Friday. That’s true you get what you paid for. 

    Thanks for giving us an honest opinion and the opportunity to check into the best so we can make our own decision. 


    • Hello Kelyee and thank you for passing by!

      I agree, if you are not profitable and you don’t make consistent sales, then it’s not the right investment to buy a premium theme. 

      Let me know if you need any help in the future!


  2. Awesome review on the Shopify Booster theme. I don’t know that much about Shopify, but that theme appears to be very user friendly with easy CTA buttons.  I really like how it shows the stock update and how many people are viewing the product right now.  That can really help your conversions, because if people can see that a product is popular, it is more likely that they will be willing to purchase it. 

    What is your preference, affiliate marketing or dropshipping? I’m only familiar with Affiliate marketing but have wondered if I should look into drop shipping as well.  Would love to know your thoughts.

    • Thank you Nicki for the comment and for your question!

      I work on both affiliate marketing and Dropshipping. Both are great, but honeslty, affiliate marketing is better for the long term as you can take a break without having your blog negatively affected. While in dropshipping, although you can upscale much faster, you still need to put regular hours into the work, which makes it a bit less passive when compared to affiliate marketing.

      In any case, you can still do affiliate marketing with Shopify, themes and apps as one of the many different methods I wrote in my article how to make money with Shopify.

      Let me know if you need any help in anything!


  3. Great theme selection.

    I’ve been researching Shopify, but I wasn’t impressed with their visuals. I like the idea that of having a better template, like in WordPress.

    I know that there are some limitations, but overall putting by putting my customers first, I want them to have an amazing experience when shopping on my site.  Maybe Booster is worth the try.



    • Hello JB and thank you for your comment!

      Booster is one of many good premium themes. It has it’s own pros and cons. But overall, it’s a good theme. 

      The thing that I don’t like is the high price compared to some other themes such as Shoptimized or eCom Turbo. But the Black Friday discount makes it a little bit reasonable.

      Let me know if you need any help!



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