Bluehost Affiliate Program Review – My 3 Recommended Alternatives

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

Looking for good web hosting affiliate programs to make money with and searching for an honest Bluehost affiliate program review in order to know if this program is worth it to join and if you can make good money promoting Bluehost as an affiliate?

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You are in the right place!

I will show you in my review all what you need to know about this program before you join this program and start promoting Bluehost to your audience in terms of what and how you get paid, how can you promote Bluehost, what are the pro’s and con’s of this program, and more.

And at the end of this Bluehost affiliate review, I will guide you about the best alternatives to this affiliate program that might help you make more money with affiliate marketing for web hosting services.


Bluehost Affiliate Program Review Summary

  • Name: Bluehost Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Matt Heaton
  • Price: Free to join
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but it has some disadvantages

Overall Rating: 80 of 100

Summary: Bluehost affiliate program is legit, and you can make money with it due to the low prices of their plans, however, their reputation among customers is not all that good and they have many complaints online, which might make it difficult to make money with them.

You can check the end of this review to learn about better alternatives to Bluehost affiliate program.


What Is Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Bluehost Affiliate Program is a program that you can join in order to promote Bluehost through a unique link (affiliate link), and get a commission every time someone goes through your link and buys a service from Bluehost.

And the more customers you bring, the more commissions you get.



How Does Bluehost Affiliate Program Work?

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1 – Sign Up For Bluehost Affiliate Program & Grab Your Affiliate Link

This is the first step in joining any affiliate program in the web hosting industry or in any other industry.

You will be asked to fill in the form in order to apply to Bluehost’s affiliate program and provide the main information such as your name and address, email address, phone number, your PayPal email, your website(s), …etc.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

You might need to wait until you get your application reviewed and approved in order to get your Bluehost affiliate link and start promoting them.

This might take 1-2 days, and it might depend on your website to decide whether to approve your request or not.


2 – Start Promoting Bluehost Through Your Affiliate Link

After you get approved, you can now access your affiliate dashboard and get your Bluehost affiliate link and start promoting Bluehost as an affiliate in order to make money.

There are many ways of doing affiliate marketing with the Bluehost affiliate program, and here are some of them:

  1. You can create websites for others and use your affiliate link to signup for Bluehost.
  2. Start a website with a blog where you write guides on how to create websites and how to move websites from one host to another, and share your affiliate link inside them.
  3. Create a “Resources & Tools” page on your website where you include Bluehost as a recommended service to use.
  4. Strategically placing promotional banners on your website.
  5. Create videos and upload them to YouTube showing others how to use Bluehost to create a website.
  6. Recommending Bluehost to others who need web hosting through email marketing.
  7. Helping people by answering their questions on forums and Q&A platforms that are related to creating websites with ease, and then, promote Bluehost using your affiliate link.

And many other ways.

But the number one method for promoting Bluehost as an affiliate in my opinion is the one using a website with a blog where you can create helpful content with images and screenshots and optimize your articles for search engines in order to show up on Google when someone is searching for the info you provide.

This is how you get the free traffic, which is the one that converts the best, and this is the most evergreen method of doing affiliate marketing.

And if you still don’t have a website, then no worries, you don’t need prior experience in order to start an affiliate marketing website as you can create a WordPress website in seconds thanks to the availability of easy website builders like the one at Wealthy Affiliate, the platform that provides affiliates with all what they need.

And you can still utilize other methods such as YouTube affiliate marketing, or other ways of doing affiliate marketing without a blog in order to promote Bluehost, but still, having your own website is the best way by far.

More on that in the last section of this review of Bluehost affiliate program.


3 – Earn A Commission Every Time One Of Your Referrals Purchases A Bluehost Plan

After you have created the helpful content about using Bluehost to build websites, and after that you did the necessary marketing in order to put it in front of people who need it, someone might click on your Bluehost affiliate link and buy one of their hosting plans, and you will get credited a commission every time that happens.

The commission will be held for sometime (minimum 30 days), and then it will be paid during the next payout schedule.

And that’s how Bluehost affiliate program works and how you can make money with Bluehost as an affiliate marketer.

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Bluehost Affiliate Program Features

Here are some of the basic components of the Bluehost affiliate program that you should be aware of before you join them:

1 – Bluehost Affiliate Program Commission

Bluehost affiliate commission is a fixed commission of $65 for every paying user that you bring to Bluehost, which is not the highest in the web hosting industry, but it is a good one.

And it doesn’t matter how many referrals you bring, your commission will remain $65/referral.

While with other programs such as the A2 Hosting affiliate program for example, you can get higher commissions if you bring more referrals. The more referrals you bring, the higher your commission will be.

2 – Bluehost Affiliate Payment Method

Currently, the only way to get your Bluehost affiliate commissions is through PayPal.

No check or bank transfers are available.

3 – Bluehost Marketing Resources

Bluehost provides you with a guide on affiliate marketing with some ideas on how you can promote them, along with promotional banners that you can use.

Bluehost Affiliate Resources

4 – Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard

Bluehost affiliate program provides their affiliates with a clean, easy to navigate through dashboard where they show you all of your stats in terms of clicks on your affiliate links, tracking stats, sales, payouts, …etc.

Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard

And you can create tracking links through your dashboard in order to better track your different campaigns.

5 – Bluehost Affiliate Cookie Duration

30 Days is the duration of the affiliate cookie for Bluehost, which means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link today, and ends up purchasing one of Bluehost plans 29 days later, you still get a commission for that.

6 – Bluehost Affiliate Porgram Cost To Join

Bluehost affiliate program doesn’t cost you anything in order to join it.

However, their are some other costs for starting any affiliate marketing business such as the ones related to starting your own website where you will be promoting Bluehost, or the cost for the proper affiliate marketing training that you will need, an advanced seo keyword research tool, …etc.

But don’t worry! because you can get all of that in one place at a very affordable cost at the platform I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate, which also offers a free membership plan and tools to start with.


What I Like About The Bluehost Affiliate Program

  • Good affiliate commission, although not the highest in the industry.
  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard.
  • A good range of services to promote and at a reasonable cost.


What I Don’t Like About Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost’s affiliate program is good, and you can make money with it. However, there are some negative points that you might need to be aware of as these might reduce the possibility of making good money with it, such as:

1 – Bluehost Customers Complaints

Unfortunately, if you search on Google for customer reviews on Trustpilot for example, you will find out that their overall rating is less than 2 of 5, which is really bad.

Bluehost Referral Complaints

Many of their users complain about their services and worse, about the customer support.

Imagine that after you promote them, someone will go and see these reviews.

This will mean that many people that you invite to use Bluehost will start looking for another alternative, and that’s a waste of your time and energy.

That’s why I recommend that you only join promote reputable web hosting service providers such as A2 Hosting affiliate program and SiteGround affiliate program that have high overall ratings from users.

2 – Bluehost Commission Structure

$65 Per paying referral is good, but it could be better.

For example, A2 Hosting affiliate program offers a multi-tier affiliate commission structure where you can get a higher commissions per referral if you bring more referral in a calendar month. The more referrals you bring, the higher your commission will become.

3 – The Payment Method

As mentioned earlier, Bluehost pays affiliates only with PayPal, and that might not be suitable for every affiliate out there.


Who Is Bluehost Affiliate Program For?

You can make some money promoting Bluehost as an affiliate by teaching people how to create websites using their hosting services, but the fact that they have many negative reviews from customers, that would dramatically affect your earnings potential, and that’s why I recommend joining an affiliate program from a company with a better reputation like the ones in the coming section.


Best Bluehost Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Bluehost that you can promote and make money with as an affiliate such as:

1 – A2 Hosting Affiliate Program: My top recommended web hosting affiliate program as this company offers a wide variety of products related to web hosting from shared hosting, to VPS, to cloud hosting, to managed hosting, ….etc. at a very reasonable prices and great guru support, and they have many positive reviews from customers, and their payout structure is one of the best in the industry.

You can check out my A2 Hosting affiliate review to learn more about this program.

2 – SiteGround Affiliate Program: Another great affiliate program to join and they are similar to the first alternative above when it comes to their services and customer support, except that their commissions are a little bit lower.

Learn more through my SiteGround affiliate review.

3 – Shopify Affiliate Program: This one suitable if you want to teach people how to build online stores using a great platform such as Shopify.

And they have lots of resources for affiliates that you can utilize in order to succeed with promoting them as I explained in my Shopify affiliate review.

4 – Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides affiliate marketers with all of what they need from training courses, to affiliate marketing tools, to community support, and they also offer web hosting services (Mainly managed WordPress hosting with premium technical support) for up to 25 websites with free SSL certificate for every premium member they have.

And you can join them for the free plan and in order to get access to their affiliate program and start promoting their web hosting services to people who need them.

These three are all better alternatives in my opinion to making money with Bluehost affiliate program, especially is that they offer a much better service for the paying customers and better support and resources for their affiliates.


Conclusion – Is Bluehost Affiliate Program Worth It To Join?

Bluehost affiliate program is fine, but it is not the best in my opinion.

The fact that there are other companies that offer the same services (such as the first two alternative in the previous section), but at a better quality and a better customer support, then you might be making better money with those companies instead of wasting your time promoting Bluehost that has many angry customers online that complain about their services and support.

  • Name: Bluehost Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Matt Heaton
  • Price: Free to join
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but it has some disadvantages

Overall Rating: 80 of 100

I would recommend that you join one of the better alternatives to the Bluehost affiliate program that I mentioned in the previous section above.

That’s my final conclusion to this Bluehost affiliate program review.


But wait, before you go…

An Affiliate Program Without Traffic & Skills Won’t Really Work No Matter How Great It Is

And that’s what happened with me when I first started looking for good affiliate programs to make money with.

I joined many high-paying affiliate programs but couldn’t make a dime because I didn’t know how to drive traffic to my promotions.

I didn’t understand that affiliate marketing is a real business and that I needed certain skills and tools in order to succeed with it.

However, this all changed when I joined this amazing platform and community where I learned how to do affiliate marketing the right way and started making money by following what they teach and using the tools they provide.

This platform has provided me with all of what I need in one place for a really reasonable cost compared to other programs in the industry, such as:

  • The detailed, step-by-step affiliate marketing training course.
  • The weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions.
  • The advanced keyword research tools and many other affiliate marketing tools.
  • A premium, top-notch web hosting with an amazing expert support.
  • An insanely supportive community of more than 2 million internet entrepreneurs that are willing to help me whenever I need help in my journey.

And much more.

And all of this only for the cost of the training course that is already very affordable to join.

Want more? This platform offers a FREE starter plan for you to try it before you pay anything, and you can stick with it to get an access to part of the training and the tools that would help you in building your affiliate business even if you don’t go for the premium plan.

Take five minutes to learn more about them by reading my review about this platform and community and maybe, join for the free membership in order to get whatever you can get from them that would help you in your journey as an affiliate marketer, exactly as it helped in the beginning of my journey.

It’s completely up to you.

And if you have any questions or you want to add anything to this Bluehost affiliate program review, please, feel free to do so in the comments’ section below, and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Bluehost Affiliate Program Review – My 3 Recommended Alternatives”

  1. That’s really good information. I already searched for many blogs, and they were promoting blue host affiliate so after extensive research i found that they are giving 60 bucks per sale by default, which is pretty high as compared to other hosting affiliate programs. So will surely give it a try and check how it goes 😉

    • Thanks for passing by and for your comment Nomi!

      Sure, it’s a good commission, but I’d prefer to promote a higher quality hosting service by joining a program like A2 Hosting affiliate program for example, as I want a long term relationship with my audience, and I want them to be happy with whatever I promote.

      All the best!

  2. Congratulations on a very thorough review.
    I don’t think any offer as good as it will get everyone’s approval.
    I must say that your presentation of the four programs is convincing and if I was not already convinced that Wealthy Affiliate offers everything I need I would probably study in more depth the other programs that you offer.

    • Many thanks Claude for your comment!
      True, every program has its pros and cons, and no affiliate program or web hosting service provider is complete, but some are more reputable than others, which is why I included the mentioned alternatives to Bluehost’s affiliate program.

  3. This article was really informative , thanks for sharing and for the recommended alternatives!
    It is good that I came through this review before I started promoting Bluehost to referrals, I will check out the other options.

    • Thanks for your comment Joseph! I really appreciate it.
      Other alternatives to Bluehost’s affiliate program are much better for your audience and for your brand, always recommend the best and never look at the highest commission.
      All the best!

  4. I saw many affiliates promoting Bluehost as the best web hosting service provider, but since you found that there are many complaints from their customers, I would rather find other web hosting companies to promote that provide a better service and support.
    Thanks for this review Amjad!


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