5 Best Converting Shopify Themes 2022 That Help Increase Your Sales

Highest Converting Shopify Themes


You probably are trying to increase your store’s revenue and you believe that a better theme would make this happen. Here is a list of the best converting Shopify themes that would help you create and manage your store faster and boost your sales and profits.

Unbelievable Speed 2023

But first,


Do You Really Need a Premium Theme in Order to Succeed with Shopify?

The answer to this question could be yes or no. It depends on what does the word “succeed” means to you.

If you are suffering from making any sales or breaking even and getting a neutral cash flow, and wondering if you need a premium theme in order to change that and become profitable, then the answer is a big NO.

You don’t need the premium theme if you can’t make profit yet.

In case that you are still not profitable with your Shopify store, then I recommend that you check this eCom Elites training course review for the best training on dropshipping with Shopify.


Becoming profitable depends more on the selection of the products and merchants, how you organize your store regardless of the theme, what you write in your product page, how you market your store, your ad copy, your marketing strategy in general, how you target your audience, …etc.

If you do all the above in the right way, whether with a free Shopify theme or a premium one, then you can succeed and make profit.

And if you aren’t making any profit, then the problem is what you are doing with one or more of the above. And purchasing a premium Shopify theme won’t really solve the problem.


But if you are already making profit but you want to scale up your business and increase your revenue and profit, build a stronger brand, save time and minimize the operational expenses, then the answer is YES.

A premium theme can help you in that.


The Premium Shopify Theme Helps You With The Following:

1 – More professional look for your store that would help convert people who are overly suspicious into customers.

2 – More updates and support from the developer.

3 – More customizability in order to help fit to the niche or the general brand you are building.

4 – Faster loading times, which gives a better user experience and helps make it more SEO friendly.

5 – Saves money and time as it has many of the features that otherwise you would buy through the different Apps that cost monthly subscription fees.



How To Find The Right Shopify Paid Theme Before You Buy It?

Premium themes aren’t cheap. They cost anywhere between $50 – $500 depending on many factors, which will help you decide which one to choose.

Following are the things to take into consideration before you invest in a Premium Shopify Theme:

1 – Your Store’s Needs: Premium Shopify Themes offer lots of features, customization abilities, licenses for multi stores, …etc. And that is great.

But more is not always better. Pay for only what you need.

For example, if you don’t have the budget, and you don’t have plans for creating more than one store, then don’t buy a license for three or unlimited number of stores.

If you don’t need many of the features that exist in a $450 theme, then don’t make that theme your first choice.

See what options are there, which are the ones that offer all what you need, and eliminate those with more options but higher prices.


2 – Who the developer is and what marketplace it is being sold through: Naturally, a theme that is being sold on Shopify Theme Store has gone under more strict testing and quality control than the one that is listed only on Theme Forest.

But Keep note that also some themes that are being sold outside the Shopify Theme Store are also tested and updated regularly.


3 – Reviews: Marketplaces such as Shopify Theme Store and Out Of The Sandbox offer the theme users the ability to write reviews on the themes they have purchased.

While for other themes that are being sold on their own platforms, you can find reviews and testimonials from people who have examined them if you search on Google .

Try to look in detail at many reviews for each theme and don’t let one vague, not so detailed negative review or one overly positive review drive you into making your final decision.


4 – Is it Responsive? and how does it look on different devices: Many people, if not most of them will be visiting your store from mobile devices or tablets. Make sure that the theme you will purchase looks good on these devices.


5 – Fast Loading: This is important in order to provide a better user experience as many people won’t wait one second until the product page loads. Also, speed will help in optimizing your store for search engines which will get you the free traffic, which is the best for conversions as it usually has the highest intention of buying.


Unbelievable Speed 2023

List of The 5 Best Converting Shopify Themes

So now you have understood when do you need a premium theme for your online store, how to research and find the one that suits your store the most, let’s get into the list of the best Converting Shopify themes to buy:


1 – Flex Theme

Flex is a nrelatively ew theme that has been recently developed by Out of the Sandbox, which is the same Shopify company that developed the Turbo theme in the second spot below.

This theme came with many features that you can learn about in my Out of the Sandbox Flex theme review.

But one of the main new features in this theme is that the ability to do advanced CSS customization right from the theme editor.


CSS Customization Premium Shopify Theme

Also, you can choose between different layout for the home page, and the Flex theme comes with 13 done-for-you pre-designed shops in different niches that can help you start faster with your Shopify store.

My main takes on this theme is that it is still new and didn’t acquire as many reviews as the Turbo theme, but it is safe to buy it as it comes from a Shopify owned company and it is backed with their support.

The theme costs $450 one-time payment for a lifetime license and free updates for the first year, but it is backed with 14-day money back guarantee and you might get up to 15% discount through the method explained in my review through the following link.


>>Click Here to Learn More about Shopify Flex theme & Check The Discount Availability<<



NordVPN Banner

2 – Turbo Theme / Portland:

This is also one of the best and most recommended Premium Shopify Themes that is being sold on Out Of The Sandbox, an e-commerce Software by Shopify that develops and sells many other themes.


Top Shopify Paid Theme


That being said, it means that this premium theme has already gone under lots of testing and quality control activities in order to ensure the best possible compatibility with Shopify platform requirements and avoid any possible bugs that would cause obstacles in the way of converting your store’s visitors into customers.

You can read more about this theme in my full Shopify Turbo Theme Review.

This Theme is also a highly customizable, fast theme that has been optimized in order to enhance the mobile experience.

Some of the features available in this theme are:

  1. Product row sliders.
  2. Mega menus.
  3. Logo list.
  4. Testimonials.
  5. FAQ.
  6. Customizable page templates.
  7. Interactive mini cart.
  8. Ability to do infinite scrolling.
  9. Instantaneous page transitions that gives the user ultra-fast navigation.
  10. Dismissable promotional banner.
  11. Different product templates including full-width banner sections.
  12. Newsletter signup with advanced styling options.
  13. Video banner section that supports embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and native MP4 videos.
  14. Predictive (live) search.

And many other features that would help you increase the conversion ratio, AOV and customer lifetime value. Following is a list of the features available in the theme. It’s a long list.


Shopify Premium Theme Features


The Turbo Premium Shopify Theme is available for one Shopify store for $350. Licenses for additional stores would cost the same.

There is an App for updating the theme. The App is free for the first year, and paid for the following years if you want to get the updates.

Also, Out Of The Sandbox offers a 14-days money back guarantee for this theme following their terms and conditions, unlike Shoptimized and Booster.

This paid theme has 175+ reviews on the Out Of The Sandbox marketplace with 5-Stars overall rating. This tells you how popular and trusted the theme is.

The above reviews are for Turbo – Portland Theme, which is one of the different Turbo themes available. Other themes are: Florence, Dubai, Seoul & Chicago which are all good and they are all sold at the same price. But they are relatively new compared to the Portland theme and they don’t have as many reviews as the Portland Theme on Out Of The Sandbox.


Also, there are many other great themes from Out Of The Sandbox, such as: Flex, Artisan, Parallax, Retina, Mobilia & Responsive. And each one of them have different versions.

Turbo is sold at $350, Flex is sold at $450, and all other Out Of The Sandbox themes are being sold at the same price of $180. But these themes are also being sold on Shopify Theme Store and they have +800 reviews in total on the Shopify Theme Store with the rating around 5 stars!

As stated on the Support Policy page on Out Of The Sandbox, the support team works during the normal working hours of the Canadian and US Eastern Time. When you need support, you submit a request and the support team will try to respond during a 24-hours. But depending on the submitted requests volume, it might take 1-2 days to respond.

You can also examine the demo version before you buy it on their marketplace.

>>Click Here to Learn More about The Shopify Portland Turbo Theme & Check The Discount Availability<<


3 – eCom Turbo Theme

This is different from the original Turbo Theme mentioned above, despite the similar name.


Cheap Shopify Premium Theme


This theme has been developed by Franklin Hatchett, who has been already successful in the dropshipping world and offers his own training course, in addition to his free YouTube videos and FB groups.

Frank built this premium Shopify theme in order to overcome the issues he found in the other themes he already used, provide flexibility in customizing the theme, support and relatively low price.

You can read my full eCom Turbo Review here.

Following are some of the features of the theme:

  1. Full Custom Homepage.
  2. Conversion Boosters.
  3. Fast Loading.
  4. Free eCom Course & Support .
  5. E-mail Collector.
  6. Built In Scarcity Timer.
  7. Upsell offers.
  8. Urgency Sales Ticker .
  9. Trust Badges.

And many other features that would make your life easier and would save you time and money and help you increase your revenue and sales.

The theme has three plans, you pay once and get lifetime updates and support for free. Following are the plans:

  • 1 Store license: $97
  • 3 Stores license: $127
  • Unlimited stores license: $147

Cheap Shopify Theme Plans


Notice that each of the plans grant you a training on the theme and gets you an access to a free eCom training as a bonus.

There’s also a 14-Day money back guarantee.

>>Click here to learn more about the eCom Turbo Theme<<



4 – Shoptimized Theme


Mobile Optimised Paid Theme for Shopify


One of the best converting Shopify themes out there.

This theme was built with the main focus on Mobile-First criteria that would help you get better rankings on the search engines and get better reach numbers on Facebook, and then, lower CPM, CPC, CPP, and better conversion rates.

The mobile-based design gives your store a faster loading speed and grant its visitors a better experience and helps you get more conversions.

You can read my full Shoptimized Theme Review for more details, but I will mention the most important stuff here.

Also, this theme gives you the flexibility to customize almost everything in order to match your brand, niche, customers expectations, …etc.

The lightning speed and the 30+ conversion boosting features will help you save $2000+ that otherwise you would spend on recurring fees on different apps that you would install and keep updating when necessary.

In short, the great Shopify theme is an all-in-one Shopify theme that would save you also the time and headache coming from utilizing and maintaining many Shopify apps, free and paid.

Following are the features that are included with your theme purchase that will help increase conversion rates, increase AOV (Average Order Value), collect more of visitors’ e-mail addresses for free marketing later, enhance the user experience and get your customers visit your store again, thus, increasing the Lifetime Value of the customers, save you money, time and headache instead of dealing with many apps:

  1. Countdown timer.
  2. Scarcity remaining stock count.
  3. GEO-IP Recognition.
  4. Currency converter.
  5. Shipping Time Estimator.
  6. Email Pop-Up.
  7. Sold in last 24-hours.
  8. Marketing Integrations.
  9. Risk-Reversal.
  10. Value Proposition.
  11. Video Embedding ability.
  12. Sell Personalized Products Without The Need For Costly Apps.
  13. Mega-Menu option.
  14. Conversion-Optimized Header Area.
  15. Social-Proof Pop-Up.
  16. Simulated live Traffic Count.
  17. Free Shipping Bar.
  18. Upsell Pop-Up.
  19. Fully Customizable CTA Button.
  20. Cart Page Urgency.
  21. Cross-sell Pop-up.
  22. Skip the Cart.
  23. Product Badging.
  24. Free + Shipping Offers.
  25. Product Filter.
  26. Site Search Auto-Completion.
  27. Volume Purchase Social-Proof.
  28. Exit Pop-Up.
  29. Sticky Add-to-Cart Button.
  30. “Dynamic Day” Cart Coupon.
  31. Instant Coupon Code Delivery.


It also offers other paid services such as training courses, one-to-one mentoring, and apps. But you don’t need these unless you already have grown your store and you want to scale further.

You pay for the license of the premium theme once and you can use it for lifetime, but the 24/7 support and upgrades are available for free for the first year. After that, you can keep using the theme, but if you want the support and upgrades to continue, then you have to renew the license.

The pricing plans of this paid theme are based on the number of stores to be used on as follows, notice that the Pro & Ultimate plans give you the training course “7-Figure Store Blueprint” which is usually sold alone for $997 & the “FB Ascension Formula Facebook Training” as a bonus for no additional cost.

  • 1 Store License: $167
  • 3 Stores License $197
  • 10 Stores License $597


Mobile Responsive Shopfiy Theme Plans


The sales page is full with testimonials from those who noticed the difference when they switched into using Shoptimized on the different stores in different niches and markets, which is possible thanks to the level of flexibility in customizing it.

The company doesn’t issue refunds. However, its support team is available 24/7 for any necessary help.

If you are not sure about the theme, you can examine the demo version available on their website that shows you most of their features.

>>Learn More about  Shoptimized Theme Here<<


5 – Booster Theme


Top Converting Shopify Themes


Another great premium and top converting Shopify theme, and some say that this theme is the best converting Shopify theme as it is designed to give more focus on the product and on conversions.

This theme is also widely used within the E-commerce space. And it is highly recommended.

You can read in details about this paid theme in my full Shopify Booster Theme Review.

But following are the main features for this high converting Shopify theme:

  1. Urgency and countdown timer.
  2. Number left in stock items to show scarcity.
  3. Currency converter.
  4. Scarcity progress bar.
  5. Store’s current visitors counter in order to invoke your customer to take action faster.
  6. Estimated delivery time.
  7. Payment Gateway security badge.
  8. Read more button to increase interaction with your store and get visitors stay longer.
  9. Product image zoom.
  10. Directly to checkout CTA.
  11. Button shaker to invoke taking action.
  12. Mega menu.
  13. Promotion strip in the header.
  14. Improved search with product focus.
  15. Sales Notifications.
  16. Product Upsell.
  17. Collection cross sell.
  18. Exist discount.
  19. Optimized Free+Shipping button.
  20. Theme updater app in order to update the theme in one click.


Similar to Shoptimized, Booster Theme is bought through a one time fee, and the free support and updates are available for one year.

The pricing plans are higher than Shoptimized. And the speed and mobile experience isn’t as good as Shoptimized.

Following are the plans for this theme:

  • 1 Store license for $179/year.
  • 2 Stores License for $297/year.
  • 5 Stores License for $497/year.


Paid Booster Theme Plans


In the past, there used to be no money-back guarantee, but now they claim to offer a 14-day money back guarantee, but that’s not true.

They say on the sales page that there’s a 14-day money back guarantee, but if you check out the refund policy page, you’ll discover that the refund period is only 7 days, and worse, there should be a problem in installing the theme or in its functioning, and you should contact their support and if they can’t help you, then you may request a refund.

That’s really deceptive and this is why I don’t really recommend this theme.

There is a detailed user guide on their that explains how to setup the theme and customize it.

>>You Can Learn More about The Booster Theme Here<<


Conclusion – What Paid Theme Should You Buy for You Shopify Store?

It depends on the factors mentioned above in the beginning of this article and on your budget.

In general, all the themes mentioned above are among the highest converting Shopify themes.

If you are really serious about making money with Shopify through the dropshipping method, and you have the budget, then I recommend going the first and second themes mentioned above, Flex Theme & Shopify Turbo Theme – Portland, as they are the best premium Shopify themes out there with the many features, reviews, support, money back guarantee, and the fact that it was developed by a company that belongs to Shopify themselves.

However, if you are trying to build multi stores and not sure which one to keep and grow, or if you have low budget, then you might go with eCom Turbo theme as it has multi-store licenses at lower prices and it also offers lifetime support and updates.

Booster is known to be focused on the product in order to increase conversions and it is being sold at a bit higher price compared to Shoptimized.

Shoptimized is also great with the many features it offers and the pricing plans that are lower than those of Turbo. But remember that they don’t have an app for updating the theme and don’t come with a money back guarantee.


Finally, it is your decision which one of the above mentioned best converting Shopify themes to purchase. Go through the article again and read the details about each premium Shopify theme in order to decide the best one based on your needs.

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  1. Hi Amjad,

    I enjoyed your article.  It looks like you covered all the bases when a store owner needs to decide what theme and shopping portal to use.

    From my experience working for a web design company loading speeds and especially responsive design are the most important factors for consumers when purchasing a product.  Approximately 70 percent of online shopping is done using mobile devices.

    I really like the fact that you mentioned not paying for a theme if a store owner has a low budget or is already not getting many sales.  It is important for folks to know that in the beginning when selling online.

    Nice article, very good job.  


    • Hello Calvin and thank you for the feedback and for the valuable insights!

      True, most online shopping these days comes from mobile devices. That’s why it is important to have a well mobile optimized and fast loading theme and hosting platform like Shopify,

      And yes, many people do the mistake of wasting their money on flashy themes and apps since the begging and they exhaust their budget. And then, they can’t test products and get sales. That’s why it is important to keep their money for testing products and later, they can upgrade their store with a premium theme.



  2. Some great tips here on how to get your store looking right with the Sopify platform – I had no idea that there were this many themes to choose out of! 

    I quite like the look of the Booster Theme – how do you feel it will stand up to showcasing golfing products? Do you think the overall look might be a bit too basic for sports items?

    • Hello Chris and thank you for the question!

      Thanks to the ability to customize the Booster Theme like many other paid Shopify themes, you can make the look fit to many different niches and different audiences.

      There are two demo stores on the theme website, you can see that one is customized for Yoga products while the other is customized to sell watches, and these are two different niches.

      This is why I believe that you can customize this theme in order to make it suitable for a Golf products store.

      I hope my answer helps!


  3. Thank you for this great article Amjad!

    Making money online is now the one of the best ways to create a profitable business these days, but in order to succeed, it takes much effort and skills so that one can’t do it alone. 

    I like this post as it is showing us the Best Premium themes to use for my Shopify store in order to increase our sales.

    Most of the time making money requires spending money to build it, and it is normal because in all kinds of business, either physical or online, the investment must be there.

    Thank you for sharing with us!


    • Hello Julienne and thank you for your feedback on my article!

      True, it takes money to make money, weather in an online business like Dropshipping with Shopify, or if it was a physical business with physical location.

      But the most important is to make the right investment in the right place.

      Spending anything between $50-$500 on a theme while you still haven’t learned Facebook ads well, or while you haven’t found any winning products on AliExpress is a big mistake in my personal opinion.

      What if you have specified the budget of only $1000 for your Shopify business, you don’t know how to run FB ads properly for eCommerce, you still don’t know how to select potentially good products to promote, you spent around $300 on a great theme and left with only $700 in order to start testing and promoting products?

      It is not that easy to find the products that will make sales, and it is not that easy to run Facebook ads with the goal of making sales. It requires to learn from someone professional and then keep testing until it works.

      And the remaining $700 might not be enough at all, and if you spend all the remaining budget without finding a wining product or without learning how to drive the right traffic properly, then you might have to stop because now you can’t afford to lose more money.

      I would rather spend that $300 dollars on a great training course from someone legit, or learning from Nate Andres’s YouTube channel, and keep the money to test more products with it.

      And only after you start getting consistent sales and generate profit, you can invest in a paid theme like Shopify Turbo theme.

      I hope this answer helps you in your journey with your eCommerce business.

      Please, don’t hesitate to come back to me in case you need any help.

      All the best!


  4. Hi Amjad,

    I am just starting to look at eCommerce so its kind of cool to come upon this article.

    Like you said, if you aren’t making money yet then you may want to hold off purchasing premium themes. The information here is priceless and I know I will get there.

    I have saved this article fore later use.

    Thanks for a great information!


    • Hi Dale and thank you for your comment!

      True, make sure that you first learn how to succeed with this method of making money with Shopify with free themes before you think of investing your money in getting a better one. 

      You may want to invest your money in getting a professional training or testing more products until you become successful and you generate profit consistently. After that, you are good to explore options with the paid Shopify themes.

      Please, let me know if you need any help as you go through your journey in the eCommerce world.

      All the best!


  5. Hi, how are you? Thank you for this detailed and well-explained guide of finding the right Shopify themes. It is very true that not only because you have bought one of their themes, that guarantees success, but there are also many other factors to consider. 

    But of course, it can be a great help if we cover the other aspects. 

    I did not know that there were so many factors when choosing a theme, luckily I did not venture to try it directly, I will investigate a little more in what suits me before making a decision.

    Thank you very much!



    • Hello Paola and thank you for taking the time to right your comment!

      True, one must first learn how to build a real E-commerce business first and succeed at it before they look for a way to scale it up with paid themes.

      and of course, they should examine multiple available options before they buy any. As all themes are not equal. And of course, buying a theme that is developed by a e Shopify company means that it has been tested and proved to me high standards.

      Please, come back to me whenever you need help in anything.

      Thanks again!



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