Is Bank Ramp A Scam? [Review] – The Stuff They Don’t Tell You!

Bank Ramp Scam Review

You probably are wondering if these guys in the red Ferrari are legit or they are using the same cheesy tactics in order to sell you their low quality programs and make money from you. Congrats! This Bank Ramp Review is going to show you if this program is a scam or not, and will help you know what better alternatives you can join in order to succeed online.


Jamie claims that his student “the Whiz Kid” has made $83k in the first month with Shopify, and that you can learn from him how to easily double your money with dropshipping.


And as I already know that you can make serious money through dropshipping with Shopify, but I want to also let you know that these guys are not being completely honest with you when it comes to how quickly you can make money with this method and how much profit you keep at the end, as I will show you below.


And therefore, they might not be able to offer you the best training in the industry.


And don’t worry, I will help you in the last section of this review learn how to make money online with the two alternatives that I will provide you with:

1 – First Alternative: The best training program on the same method of Dropshipping with Shopify from a 100% Legit Mentor.



2 – Second Alternative: The best training program on another method of making money online that is more newbie-friendly and requires a lower investment than dropshipping.


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Jamie Lewis & Matthew Sabia Program's Alternative


Bank Ramp Review Summary

  • Name: Bank Ramp Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Jamie Lewis & Matthew Sabia
  • Price:
    • $37 One-Time Payment For The Front End.
    • Optional Upsells Of $197 & $174 One-Time Payment.
    • You Need Also $1,000-$2,000 To start with Shopify until you make profit.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my first recommendation. (Keep reading to know why!)

Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 65 of 100 (Check The Last Section For Alternatives!)


What Is Bank Ramp?

Bank Ramp is a program that is supposed to teach you how to make money with Dropshipping through e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and eBay.

What Is Bank Ramp


If you still don’t know what Dropshipping is, then in brief: It is a business model where the retailer/dropshipper doesn’t buy anything in advance. Instead:

  • They find a source for the products they want to sell and get a low price for these items.
  • They list the items on their online store for a higher price.
  • They drive targeted web traffic to their store.
  • And when someone buys anything and pays them, they pay the original source and ask him to ship the items to the end customer directly without them touching anything.


That’s the method of dropshipping that is taught in the Bank Ramp program.


And although you can really make a lot of money with this method, but I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t make $83k on the first month as they claim that the “Whiz Kid” has done, or easily scale up your business as they promise you.



More on these lies in the next section.


How Does Bank Ramp Exactly Work?

After you buy the program for the “One Easy Payment of $37”, you will get bumped with the first upsell of $194 in order to get the “done-for-you” campaigns that they claim to have made money with them already, (and now they won’t work anymore!!)


And then the second upsell for $174 in order to get the “Dropshipping Elite Power Training” that includes weekly live webinars, with Jamie, Matthew and their “Guru” friends that love to help you make money.


The training in the front end program of $37 includes some lessons on how to do dropshipping with eBay and Shopify.


I believe they are enough for you to understand one or few parts of business model and not how to setup a complete business from the scratch to the scaling.


As I mentioned earlier, the video and the sales page of Bank Ramp are full with hype and misleading information.


They make it look much easier than it actually is in order to get you buy their program.


Dropshipping is a great way of making money online, but it requires lots of work on daily basis before you make any profit, and then, you need to work more in order to scale your business.


Following are some of the basic skills that you need to learn in order to make income with dropshipping:

  • Research the market.
  • Select good products with potential of making money.
  • Setup your store properly in a way that creates a good user experience and trust.
  • Test the products you selected through paid traffic (mainly Facebook ads).
  • Monitor your advertising campaigns and optimize them.
  • Scale up the winning products and cut the losing ones.
  • Test more products continuously.
  • Fulfill the orders once they come in.
  • Do customer support and respond to emails, refund requests and returns.
  • Rinse and repeat.


And these can all be learned, I’m not saying that you should not do dropshipping.


All what I’m saying is that these people are not transparent with you in advance, which makes me question if they are after helping you make money with dropshipping, or they are after making money from you!


If you want to make money with dropshipping, then learn from someone genuine and legit like my recommended alternative in the last section on this review of Bank Ramp.


And you need to spend a lot of money on the paid ads, and on paying the original supplier that will ship the product on your behalf.


So, the screenshots you saw are not all profits as they claim, these are the sales!


Actually, if you still haven’t learned how to drive the right web traffic efficiently, you might end up losing money even after the thousands you made in sales.


Inside The Members’ Area Of Bank Ramp

The members’ area contains some training lessons on how to do dropshipping with eBay that are taught by Jamie Lewis, and some lessons on how to do dropshipping with Shopify that are taught by Matthew Sabia.

Bank Ramp Training Lessons


As I mentioned earlier, this is not a comprehensive course, and don’t expect to make lots of money with it, if at all.


There’s a software that helps you find products in a specific range of price through searching by the product name or keyword, which is something you can do anyway without this software!


All in all, the training is not that much and you can probably find much better on YouTube.


However, if you want to take things seriously and learn dropshipping the right way, then join another comprehensive training since the start and don’t waste your money and time on training that I don’t think will give much value. (check the last section for the recommended alternative!)


What I Like About Bank Ramp Program

  • It is about a legitimate business model, Dropshipping.
  • There is a 60-Days money back guarantee.


What I Don’t Like About Bank Ramp Program


1 – Hyped-up Results That Don’t Make Sense

As I mentioned earlier, dropshipping is not as easy or a fast way to make money as they make it look.


They tell you that the “Whiz Kid” has made $83,000 in the first month. And I can tell you that this is completely unrealistic.

Bank Ramp Results


If you want to make this number in one month (in sales and not profit yet), you can’t do it on the first month.


You need to start with testing few products while you learn, find winners, optimize and scale them, and stop the losers.


And then, you need to test more products and work on many advertising campaigns simultaneously until you reach the point where you make $83k in sales per month, and that cannot be done in the first month.


2 – Misleading Information

In the video, Matthew shows you this screen from the dashboard of a Shopify based store and says that his student made this $2,810 ALL IN PROFIT in one day.

Bank Ramp Misleading Information

And I’m telling you that this is a COMPLETE LIE.


These are the sales volume and not the profit.


Actually, they might be even losing money even with this number in sales.


The still need to pay for the original vendor the cost of the product and the shipping (25-40% of the sales volume), they need to pay for FB Ads (25-60% of the sales volume if they were lucky), transaction fee for the payment processor (3-5% of the sales volume).


So, depending on the performance of their advertising campaigns, they might be making 30% of the number you saw in profit if they were very lucky, or they might be even losing money if the campaigns were not profitable.


Unfortunately, many of those who sell crappy training courses on dropshipping use this misleading method of hiding the real cost of producing this amount in sales in order to convince newbies to buy their programs.


I have reviewed many of these programs such as:


And almost all of them give you hyped-up results and misleading information in order to convince you buy their programs.


They also tell you that you can easily scale when you make profit, but that’s completely untrue!


Scaling in this kind of business is not just by throwing more money on ads as they tell you.


Scaling alone is a difficult and exhaustive task by itself, and you might lose all your money if you don’t know what you are doing.


And again, you need to work hours on daily basis, and not twenty minutes as they say.


3 – Hidden Upsells And Costs

They tell you that the cost is only $37 one-time fee, but then they will pump you with two upsells: one for $194 (for winning done-for-you campaigns that won’t work because everybody else will get them) & another upsell for $174 (for live classes from different people that aren’t systematic and don’t lead towards building a complete business.


So, the actual cost will be 37+194+174= $405 for not enough training to build a real business.


While at the last section, you can get a much better training at around half this price.


But in any case, remember that you still need to spend around $1,000-$2,000 in ads before you become profitable.


4 – Pay For What?

As I explained earlier, the training is not enough to build a real business and make the money they mentioned while being profitable.


You probably can find a better training on YouTube easily.


And the upsells are not worth it in my opinion.


5 – Jamie Lewis Is Involved:

Jamie Lewis in a training program is not something that makes me feel comfortable to recommend as he is known to sell low quality, hyped-up programs that don’t deliver in the past couple of years such as Income League and Profit365.


Who Is Bank Ramp For?

For anyone who doesn’t know anything about dropshipping and wants to pay money in order to learn some stuff that aren’t  enough to make big results with, and the stuff that probably is available on YouTube.


Bank Ramp Price & Up-sells

The cost of joining Bank Ramp for the front end product is $37 one-time fee, but don’t expect to build a real business with this training.


And there’s a 60-Days money back guarantee, which makes it safe if you want to try it through this link, but you will just waste your time. You can go to the alternative in the last section.


There are two upsells for Bank Ramp:

  • Upsell #1: Elite High Converting Campaigns For $194 One-Time Fee
  • Upsell #2: Unlimited Bank Ramp Reinforcement Classes For $174 One-Time Fee


So, the actual cost is 37+194+174= $405, and that won’t be enough to make money with the training.


While at the recommended alternative at the end of this review, you get one of the best training programs from someone 100% legit at almost half this price.


And remember that you still need an investment on the FB ads before you become profitable, around $1,000-$2,000.


Bank Ramp Support

Since the program is still new, there’s not enough feedback about the support.


Conclusion – Is Bank Ramp A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Bank Ramp Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Jamie Lewis & Matthew Sabia
  • Price:
    • $37 One-Time Payment For The Front End.
    • Optional Upsells Of $197 & $174 One-Time Payment.
    • You Need Also $1,000-$2,000 To start with Shopify until you make profit.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my first recommendation.


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 65 of 100 (Check The Next Section For Alternatives!)


Bank Ramp is NOT a Scam since you actually get something in return of the money.


However, just because there’s some training lessons doesn’t mean that you should waste your time even if there’s a money back guarantee as you will end up with a disappointment when you don’t get the results you expected.


And because of the misleading information about the hyped-up results and the hidden upsells that aren’t that useful, and due to the fact that the training is not enough to build a complete business from scratch to the scaling, I Cannot recommend joining Bank Ramp by Jamie Lewis and Matthew Sabia.


Which takes us to the next question:


Is There A 100% LEGIT Alternative To Bank Ramp?

Of course!


I have TWO alternatives to Bank Ramp for you actually, and you can choose the one that suits you the best based on your situation:


The First Alternative:

If you are already involved in the dropshipping world and you already started your business with Shopify in particular, but you are still unable to become profitable, or maybe you are profitable but want to scale up your business, then the alternative I’m offering you is the best training program in the dropshipping with Shopify industry.


The training program I’m recommending here is provided by someone who is 100% legit and well-known, and someone who has already taught thousands of students over the past few years, and many of his students became successful after consistently applying what he teaches them.


In this case, my recommended alternative program is eCom Elites training Course by Franklin Hatchett.


Frank is a truly genuine and successful teacher and is proven to teach the best.


And if even though his training costs more than the front end cost of Bank Ramp, but remember that the front end of Bank Ramp will not be enough to become successful with dropshipping, which will make you buy the upsells thinking that you can make money with them.


And after you buy the upsells of Bank Ramp of $194 & $174, you will end up paying $405 in total, and still, it won’t deliver.


While Franklin’s training costs around half that amount for one of the most comprehensive and updated training programs on dropshipping.


In fact, Franklin’s course is really under-priced when it comes to the value in it, compared to other courses that are being sold even for $977 and more.


This is the way to go if you want to learn dropshipping with Shopify properly.


>> Click Here To Get Bank Ramp #1 Alternative <<


However, if you still haven’t started a dropshipping business, and you are still researching and looking for the best way to make money online, then I have another alternative for you that will help you learn a different method that is even more newbie-friendly and requires a lower initial investment than dropshipping:


The Second Alternative:

Now even though Dropshipping is a really great method of making money online, but the thing is that, you still need to invest at least $1,000-$2,000 in the PAID Facebook ads in order to drive targeted prospects into your store testing different products before you find a winning one and becoming profitable.


And even though you don’t touch the products by yourself and you don’t need to ship anything, but you still will need to put long hours everyday doing the different tasks associated with this method including, but not limited to:

  • Paying the original merchants & sending them the customers’ addresses.
  • Doing customer support and reply to their emails.
  • Dealing with refund requests and returns.
  • Monitoring the FB ads campaigns continuously, which is an exhaustive and stressful task by its own.
  • Testing new products continuously.
  • And many other tasks.


And these tasks combined together need long hours everyday, and that’s fine, every kind of online business needs you to put hours on daily basis in order to become successful with it.


And if you can afford the investment of $1,000-$2,000 for the paid traffic, and if you think that you can handle the stress that is associated with managing the Facebook ads continuously, along with the stress from providing the customer support, then you can go ahead with learning dropshipping from my recommended alternative mentioned previously.


However, if you don’t have this amount of money to invest, or in case that you don’t think that you can handle the stress coming from managing the Facebook ads from the customer support tasks, then I would like to invite you to what I consider to be the #1 method for making money online.


This method, like any other method of making money online, still needs you to make consistent effort and put the time for not a short period of time before you make any money.


But at least with this alternative, you don’t need to deal with the customers by yourself, and you won’t need to use the Facebook ads in order to drive web traffic to your business, as you will rely mainly on getting the FREE organic traffic from the search engines such as Google and others.


And this is a 100% Legit method and it is more newbie-friendly than dropshipping with Shopify.


It also requires a lower investment, and therefore, it is associated with a lower level of risk and stress.


So, if you want to know what this method I’m recommending is, how it works and where you can learn it (the same program I continue to learn from), then you can read my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about it.


In this guide, I will let you know about the place where I learned this amazing method, which is the place that will provide you with the amazing step-by-step training, tools and support all at one place for NO Extra Cost.


Even better, you can try this platform for FREE before you risk any money! No Credit Card required, 100% Risk Free!


In addition to that, if you join this recommended platform, you can get direct coaching by ME.


So, it’s up to you now what alternative to choose.


If you still want to do the dropshipping method, then click here to join the best training course on dropshipping with Shopify


And if you want to learn my #1 method of making money online, then click on the following button to get my guide:

Bank Ramp Alternative


Go now and choose one of the above two alternatives and stop wasting your time looking for the magical push-button solutions that don’t exist.


And if you have any question about this Bank Ramp Scam Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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