Affiliate Tuber Review 2021 – Can You Make 6 Figures With This Method?

Affiliate Tuber Review

Is it possible to make six figures a year with affiliate marketing leveraging YouTube videos if you follow this program or is it just a waste of time? Stick with me in this Affiliate Tuber Review in order to show you if this program is for you or not.


But before we start talking about this training program, here are some important stats on the Affiliate Marketing industry from that will show you the potential of making money in this field:

  • AM is now worth $12 billion, and it is continuously growing.
  • Affiliate marketing spending is expected to keep growing by 10% in the next few years.
  • 81% of brands rely on affiliate programs (in all kinds of niches!)
  • AM accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue
  • Along with email marketing, Affiliate Marketing is one of the largest sources of online income, accounting for over 16% of all e-commerce orders in the US & Canada.

And there are many other stats that show you the potential of making money with affiliate marketing, and you can have your slice of the very big pie.


And when it comes to YouTube, then here are some stats:

  • As of today, YouTube has around 2 Billion users in more than 91 countries and 80 different languages, and you can virtually reach all of these in almost any niche or industry.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. People are looking there for all kinds of stuff all the time.
  • At the moment, YouTube, on mobile devices alone, reaches more people in USA than any TV network.
  • One billion hours of videos are being watched daily on YouTube.

And combining the TWO growing fields together is a unique opportunity of making money online!

And that’s why the Affiliate Tuber Program was created.

Affiliate Tuber Review Summary

  • Name: Affiliate Tuber Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Chris Derenberger
  • Price:$97 One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access. Paid tools are necessary as well.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)

Summary: Affiliate Tuber is a good program that teaches you how to make money with YouTube through affiliate marketing, but in my opinion, blogging for affiliate marketing is better and more long-term approach as explained in the last section below.

What Is Affiliate Tuber?

Affiliate Tuber is a step-by-step video training program that is designed to teach you how to make money online by doing affiliate marketing with YouTube videos.

What Is Affiliate Tuber


And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then in brief, it is a performance based marketing model where you, the affiliate, recommend others’ products (Amazon products for example) to people who might benefit from them through a unique link (called affiliate link).


And when someone buys what you promoted through your link, you get paid a commission from the merchant.


How Does Affiliate Tuber Work?

First, let me help you understand how affiliate marketing work in four simple steps:

  1. Select a niche to work on (any group of people with a common hobby, passion, profession, problem, …etc.)
  2. Research what these people suffer from or what questions the have, and find products that help solve there problems or improve their lives.
  3. Create and publish useful content that helps these people (YouTube videos or blog posts), and recommend the products you found inside that content through your affiliate link.
  4. When someone lands on your content, they might find what you recommend being useful to them, and if they buy it through your link, you get a commission from the merchant.


And the following chart simplifies the process for you:

Affiliate Marketing With Affiliate Tuber


And this is my favorite way of making money online, and it is an evergreen way to make money that is always growing.


And when it comes to step number 3 above, then there are many ways of creating and publishing your content such as:

  • Blogging (like I’m do with this website you are on now, go to the last section below if you want to learn this method!)
  • YouTube videos (What Affiliate Tuber teaches you)
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnels
  • and some other ways.


But the most two efficient ways in my opinion are the first two: Blogging & YouTube videos.


Why Are These Two Methods The Best?

The reason for that is that when you create content on your website or on your YouTube channel, it remains there for years to come, and when people search for the information you provide, they will come in to your content even if it was months or years old if you worked on your content properly.


While if you post something on your Facebook page or group, then not only it will not reach everyone you targeted, but worse, the next day it will be gone.


And more important, when people see that you have a real presence like a website or a YouTube channel with helpful content, then they will see you as a brand and authority, and they will be more likely to buy through your affiliate link.


And although blogging is still my favorite way to do affiliate marketing for the reason I will mention in the last section of this review of Affiliate Tuber program, but some people may feel more comfortable creating videos rather that writing long articles.


Inside The Affiliate Tuber Course

There are seven main modules inside the Affiliate Tuber training program, each consists of a different number of video lessons, as follows:

Affiliate Tuber Course Content


1. Step #1: Researching

This module is about researching the market (Target Audience & Products) and selecting a profitable niche to make videos about, and it includes the following video lessons:

  1. Using Google Trends To Determine Popularity
  2. Keyword Research Tools & Methods
  3. Types Of Videos To Make
  4. Understanding Buyers Intent Keywords
  5. “Solving A Problem” Health Videos
  6. Finding Products To Promote
  7. Launch Jacking Products
  8. Ways To Make Videos

Video Lessons Of Affiliate Tuber

2. Step #2: Setting Up YouTube Channel

These are six lessons that will help you setup your YouTube channel the right way and make it more trustworthy to the audience and to YouTube:

  1. Planning Your YouTube Channel
  2. Signing Up For YouTube
  3. Verifying Your YouTube Channel
  4. Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
  5. Default YouTube Settings
  6. Adding A YouTube Trailer


3. Step #3: Building Authority

This module of six videos is about leveraging different communities and platforms in order to start getting eyeballs to your channel and get it rolling:

  1. Setting Up Your Facebook Page
  2. Setting Up Your Twitter Account
  3. Create A Tumblr Account
  4. Setting Up An IFTTT Network
  5. Commenting For Authority
  6. Using Quora For Authority And Traffic


4. Step #4: Optimizing & Uploading

This module has seven lessons that will teach you how to properly upload your video, choose the right title, description and image thumbnail in order to get the maximum possible reach when you uploaded it to YouTube:

  1. YouTube Title Importance
  2. Video Optimization
  3. YouTube Understands Thumbnail Images
  4. Creating Thumbnails
  5. Uploading Video #1
  6. Uploading Video #2
  7. Uploading Video #3


5. Step #5: SEO & Ranking Videos

This module consists of six video lessons on how to get your videos rank also on Google so that they bring you more traffic and views to your channel:

  1. Ranking Videos Introduction
  2. Ranking In Google Case Study
  3. Main YouTube Ranking Factors
  4. Transcribing Your Videos
  5. Tracking Your Rankings
  6. Link Clocking With WordPress


6. Risky But Effective Ranking

These are some “blackhat” or “grey-hat” techniques that will help you manipulate the YouTube algorithm and get more views and better rankings.


However, if you do these irresponsibly or aggressively, then YouTube and Google, might notice and drop your videos’ rankings and maybe even shut your account.


So, be careful if you want to use these methods.


7. Case Studies

These are some actual case studies where Chris shows you how he made money promoting different products on YouTube, from the research stage to the profiting stage:

  1. Sqribble Launch Jacking Case Study
  2. Amazon Black Friday Case Study
  3. ClickBank Product Ranking Case Study
  4. Launch Jacking Case Study
  5. Amazon Product Case Study


Above are the main video lessons that you need to follow in order to learn how to do affiliate marketing with YouTube videos from scratch.


The Tools

Inside the members’ area, you will find a list of the tools that Chris recommends and uses in his training, which are supposed to help you research the market, do keyword research for YouTube, tracking rankings and some other tools.


Note that some of these tools are free and some are PAID, which are not included in the membership.


However, Chris has developed his own keyword tool for YouTube, like Traffic Jeet 4 for example, and you can get access to it for free as long as you are a member.


What I Like About Affiliate Tuber Program

  • It is about affiliate marketing, my favorite way of making money online.
  • An easy to follow step-by-step training.
  • Chris is a very genuine person, unlike the guys from Tube Profit Sniper and Viral Cash App who over-hype their programs and promise you to get rich overnight.
  • The way that is followed in the training help you create brand and authority on the long run, unlike the method in my Viddx Review that is a quick dirty short-term method.
  • A clean members’ area and high quality videos.
  • Chris is offering a keyword tool for no extra cost.
  • The price of the lifetime access ($97) is low, and I recommend going directly with it in case that you decide to join.
  • There’s a 7-day refund period.


What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Tuber Program

This point is not about the program nor it is about Chris, but it is the fact that I still consider having your own website/blog as the main asset and the YouTube channel as a secondary tool is the best way to do an online business.

You don’t own YouTube and things can change with time, but you own your website that no one can’t take it from you.

If you want to do it with a website, then my alternative in the last section is the place to learn that.

But overall, if you don’t think that blogging is your thing and you want to only use YouTube videos for your affiliate business, then go ahead with the Affiliate Tuber by Chris Derenberger.


Who Is Affiliate Tuber for?

For you if you want to learn from a legit person how to do affiliate marketing using YouTube videos, and you are willing to take action on what you learn consistently.


Affiliate Tuber Price

Affiliate Tuber costs a one-time payment of $97 for a lifetime access.

But as I mentioned, some of the tools mentioned in the program are paid tools that belong to third party companies. However, the program includes a keyword research tool.

You also need to pay for a WordPress hosting in order to cloak your links (around $4/month).


The Support

Since the program is still new, there’s not much of feedback about it.


However, Chris is respected and genuine guy, the course is laid out well and is easy to follow, and there will be monthly bonuses and a private Facebook group for the course members.


Conclusion – Is Affiliate Tuber A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Affiliate Tuber Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Chris Derenberger
  • Price: $97 One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access. Paid tools are necessary as well.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)

Affiliate Tuber is NOT a scam. Chris Derenberger is a genuine and legit guy and the program is laid out well and will help you make money with affiliate marketing if you learn and CONSISTENTLY apply what you learn.

However, some people might not prefer to start doing videos for different reasons, but still, they want, and they can make money with the great method of affiliate marketing.


Which takes us to the next question:

Alternative To Affiliate Tuber?

This is not alternative to the Affiliate Tuber as much as it is alternative to relying on YouTube alone for building a complete business.

Of course, I encourage you to use YouTube even if you have your website before using any other social media platform, but I encourage using it as a supporting medium and not as the whole business.

The reason for that is that you don’t own YouTube and you have no control over their future changes in the algorithm or policies.

Also, if you make some mistake that is perceived by YouTube as a serious preach of safety, integrity or copyright infringement, then they might shut down your channel and you lose your business overnight.

Maybe I look a bit conservative when I say this and it might not happen, but I like to have might own website that no one can take it from me.

And after you build your website and create a useful content on it and make it SEO ready, you can scale up your business by building your YouTube channel and creating videos that you can also promote with them products as an affiliate, which will help you reach more people and prospects and make more money.

And anyway, some people might be more comfortable writing blog posts rather than creating videos.

And if you want to follow this method of blogging, then my alternative to Affiliate Tuber is Wealthy Affiliate, which is where I continue to learn affiliate marketing everyday.

This platform offers you all what you need in order to start your affiliate business from the step-by-step training, keyword research tool, web hosting, website builder that allow you to build a website in 30 SECONDS, and many other tools, in addition to the access to the community of 1.5 Million like-minded entrepreneurs. And all, WITHOUT extra cost.

Even better, the have a FREE Starter plan which you can join in order to try it before you put any money in. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!

Following screenshot is from the first level of the FREE training that will make you understand how affiliate marketing works and will help you create your first FREE website and start adding quality content to it:

Affiliate Tuber Alternative

This is only the FREE membership, and you can stick to it for as long as you want.

While the paid membership unlocks more 4 levels of the advanced training, different classrooms in different topics, weekly live webinars and advanced tools and access to the community through private messages including me.

So, it is up to you now which method to follow based on your personality:

  • And if you don’t want to create written content, then you can go with the Affiliate Tuber by Chris and start learning today.

Go now and take action and start building your business in the best method of making money online, affiliate marketing.

And if you have any question about this Affiliate Tuber Review, then leave in the comment section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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