Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review 2020

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review


You might have been offered to purchase this training course by Stefan James and you are wondering if it is worth paying $1997 for this course or not. That’s why I wrote this detailed Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review and I hope you read it before you risk such an amount of money.

I know how it feels looking at all of these expensive training programs and systems that promise to help you make money with affiliate marketing and show you screenshots for the commissions the founders of these courses and systems make, which makes you wonder if these are true or fake.

This why I’m writing this review in order to help you know what the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course is and how it works.

And I know that you could make money with what you will learn from Stefan if you put it into action and be consistent, but I also want to let you aware that this training course might not necessarily be the best investment of your money as you still need to pay for external tools and web hosting.

While at another alternative that I will recommend to you, you can learn affiliate marketing at much a lower cost and have all the tools and your websites hosted at one place for NO EXTRA COST.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review Summary

  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course.
  • Website:
  • Founders: Stefan James
  • Price: Original: $1997 one payment or $797 three payments. Discounted: $997 one payment or $397 three payments.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my first recommended program for the reasons described below.
  • Recommended? Yes, but expensive, especially if you are just getting started.

 Overall Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


Summary: The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course is legit and provides lots of value and will help you learn affiliate marketing, but the main downside in my opinion is the high price and the fact that you need to pay for external tools as well, unlike my top recommended program here.


What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?


What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery


In a nutshell: The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is a training course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing following different methods.

The AMM training is a step-by-step training course that helps even complete beginners in understanding how affiliate marketing works and how to do it the right way.

Some of the main topics that are covered in the training are:

  • Starting Affiliate Marketing with the right mindset and strategy.
  • How to do Market & Niche Research for affiliate marketing.
  • How to create an online presence and build a REAL BRAND.
  • Creating Content through Blogging.
  • YouTube Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • How to do effective E-mail Marketing campaigns.
  • Monetizing everything with Affiliate Marketing.


And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then in brief, it’s making money from promoting others’ products and getting commissions on the sales you bring.

This video from Stefan’s YouTube channel explains it well.



Some of the reasons why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online are:

  • You don’t need to create your own products.
  • You don’t have to be a complete expert or “guru” in order to start.
  • You don’t need to ship anything by yourself.
  • You don’t do customer support by yourself.
  • You can start it at a very low investment. (you can even start for FREE with the platform I recommend!)


Major Components Of The Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM)


Affiliate Marketing Mastery Training Components


Following are the main components you get from enrolling into Stefan’s program:


1. The Main AMM Training

The main AMM training is divided into seven modules covering the following topics in details, that are supposed to teach you Affiliate Marketing from the scratch in seven weeks:

  • Module 1: Strategy And Mindset For Success: This module consists of different video tutorials that will help you understand how affiliate marketing works and develop the right mindset for success and develop a strategy to follow. This is important because most online businesses fail due to the lack of the right mindset and the inability to develop a strategy or a plan to follow.


  • Module 2: Advanced Market Research & Keywords: This step-by-step training is designed to teach you how to research the market and choose a profitable niche to build your business around, how to research products to promote, how to find keywords to target when creating content, and what affiliate networks are best to find products to promote.


  • Module 3: How To Build Your Online Brand And Presence: This is the main thing that I like about what Stefan teaches! In this module, you will learn how to create a real BRAND, trust and authority by having a blog where you can create content and get free traffic from Google and other search engines, in addition to learning how to start and build a YouTube channel in order to increase your reach. This is the right way to start affiliate marketing that most other training program don’t teach and this is why I like Stefan’s program even if it is not my first recommendation.


  • Module 4: How To Create A Compelling Content: Content Is King! And in this module, you will learn how to write the kind of content that makes people trust you and will eventually help you make money with affiliate marketing. This module have tutorials about writing SEO-friendly and compelling blog content and how to increase your followers on YouTube and Social Media.


  • Module 5: How To Get Visitors & Followers Fast: This module is about how to get more traffic to your blog and YouTube channel and increase the rankings of your blog posts and YouTube videos. In addition to learning how to build a powerful E-mail list the right way and how to leverage the different social media platforms in order to increase your reach and get more traffic to your main asset, your WEBSITE.


  • Module 6: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: This module is all about finding the right products to promote in your niche, and how to monetize the different assets you have such as: blog, YouTube channel, FB & Instagram followers, E-mail List, …etc. It teaches you also how to avoid the mistakes that most marketers do that prevents them from making real money with affiliate marketing.


  • Module 7: Performance & Optimization Strategies: This module is all about how to measure the performance of the content you created and your social media and E-mail marketing strategies in order to see what works and where you can make improvements in your business in order to increase the outcome of your efforts.


2. The Additional AMM Training


This is a limited time bonus. It includes a set of advanced training and resources as follows:

  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training: Learn the advanced strategies that will help take your business to the next level such as: Advanced E-mail Marketing, Copywriting, LinkedIn Marketing, FB Ads Training, Podcast Training, Snapchat Marketing Training, Periscope Marketing Training, Virtual Assistant Training to increase your efficiency, Tips on website design and layout.


  • 90-Day E-mail Coaching Program: This is a program that lets you receive daily emails for 90 days in row that are going to help challenge you into taking action and keep you on the track. Great if you are a procrastinator!


  • 14 Coaching Q&A Webinar Recordings: Recordings of 14 previous live webinars that Stefan held with the Affiliate Marketing Mastery members including Q&A sessions with them.


  • Real Affiliate Marketing Case Study Series: Here, Stefan shares a real case study on how he won an affiliate contest for one of the products launches that made him a bonus in addition to his affiliate commissions.


  • Affiliate Marketing Expert Interviews Series: These are recorded interviews that Stefan held with other top internet marketers who shared some of their tips on how to be successful in affiliate marketing.


  • Exclusive Access To AMM’s Private Facebook Community: This is an active FB group for the members of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program where they can seek help from each other and from the AMM team.


3. Affiliate Marketing Mastery Bonuses (Limited Time & Number)

These bonuses are limited to a limited number of the program members:

  • BONUS 1: Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs: Stefan’s list of 364+ Top Affiliate Programs that can make you good money if you apply what you learn well and promote them.


  • BONUS 2: Done-For-You Website: This bonus will let AMM’s team build a website for you and configure it with the main 10 WordPress plugins that will help you in optimizing your website for a better look, performance and conversions. However, you still need to pay for the hosting and domain name by yourself.


  • BONUS 3: Fast-Track To Profits: Here, Stefan promises to teach you a strategy that will help you accelerate your success and get faster to making $1,000 a month even as a beginner.


  • BONUS 4: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Funnel: A high-converting done-for-you marketing funnel that will help you start making sales and commissions faster than if you want to start it by yourself. The funnel will require you to have your own ClickFunnels and Aweber accounts.


How Does The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Exactly Work?

As I mentioned earlier, the training consists of seven main modules, each with few video tutorials that walk you in a step-by-step procedure into understanding and building an affiliate marketing business.

At each lesson, there are tasks that you should perform in order to build your business while you are learning.

And the main method to do affiliate marketing that is taught in the AMM course is through building a blog and growing it with the quality content that ranks on Google and gets you FREE traffic.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Work


This way is the best way to start doing affiliate marketing as the blog will help you build a REAL BRAND and authority and will make people trust you more than someone who just sends promotions by E-mail.

And in order to maximize your results and accelerate the process, Stefan teaches you how to build and grow a YouTube channel, Social Media followers and an E-mail list. But all of these should exist to support your blog and NOT to replace it.

This is the most thing I like about Stefan, he tells you that content is king and it is the most important thing in order to start a business in affiliate marketing, which is the same thing you learn at my preferred affiliate marketing training program; wealthy affiliate.

And this is very similar to what you learn in the Internet Jetset as well.


But the downfall about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is that you still need to pay for the external tools that you will use, at least for the web hosting and the keyword research tool. While at Wealthy Affiliate, these are provided for NO EXTRA COST and the membership fees there are much lower than the cost of the AMM. You can even start with a FREE account through my WA review here.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery Price & Discount

The original cost of joining the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is available with two options:

  1. One payment of $1997, or
  2. Three payments of $797 each.


But the discounted price is as follows:

  1. One payment of $997, or
  2. Three payments of $397 each.

You can get the 50% discount on the Affiliate Marketing Mastery by registering for the FREE webinar.

The program offers a 30-Day Money Back guarantee, no questions asked.


What I Like about Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

1. One Of The Best Training Programs One Affiliate Marketing

Stefan has really put the time and effort to create this training and covers lots aspects and methods of doing online marketing. This is in addition to the training module on the mindset and strategy, which is very important as many people fail online because of the wrong mindset and the lack of having a clear strategy.

Also, the training, is a step-by-step training with tasks so that you can build your business while you are learning.


2. Stefan Is A Genuine And Successful Marketer Already

I have reviewed many programs that promise you to make loads of money overnight with their “done-for-you” complete system!

And worse, some of these people don’t show their real names or their faces, and they fake testimonials like the ones I exposed in my Easy Insta Profits Review.

But Stefan is a real person with a strong presence online and especially on his YouTube channel.

And in the FREE webinar that you can attend before you join the paid program, Stefan makes it clear that you should understand that you need time and dedication before you start seeing any results, unlike the program I mentioned a few lines above which tells you that you can make $1,300/day just by working 20 minutes a day with their “system”!


3. Content Is King

Another thing that I like about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is that Stefan focuses on the fact that you should have a blog (a must) and a YouTube channel (optional) if you want to build a real and sustainable business in affiliate marketing.

This is important to build an online presence and brand. And it will help you to get FREE traffic from the search engines.

And after that, you can start utilizing the social media platforms and E-mail campaigns to support and further grow your existing business and brand.

This is the same concept you learn at wealthy affiliate, which also provides you with the web hosting and an easy website builder and an advanced SEO keyword research tool for NO EXTRA COST.

While some other programs tell you that you can start with affiliate marketing directly without a website by leveraging social media ads and E-mail campaigns.

And while this last strategy works, but it is unstable and you need another investment on the ads in order to start. And the moment you stop paying for the ads, you stop making money.

And in addition to that, this last method doesn’t help you appear as a brand and as someone who can be trusted.


4. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

This is one of the things that show you that Stefan wants to have students who are really comfortable with his program and who really want to take action.

While some other programs, they tell you that in order to “qualify” for the refund, you must watch most or all the training and implement everything and show them evidences that you did that and didn’t get results!!


5. The Additional Training And The Bonuses Are Good

Especially the advanced training that includes advanced training on E-mail marketing, copywriting, LinkedIn & Snapchat marketing, …etc.


What I Don’t Like about The Affiliate Marketing Mastery

1. High Price

Although the training has quality content in it and Stefan James is a genuine guy, but in my opinion, the price ($1997 one time or $797 three payments) is a bit high for most people, especially if you are still getting started.

Even with the 50% discount, the price will be ($997 one payment or $397 three payments), while at wealthy affiliate you pay $495 for a complete year or $49/month and it includes the web hosting and the advanced keyword tool for no extra cost.


2. No Tools Provided

The main foundation of building your business is your blog, but you need a web hosing for that, which is not provided by the AMM program.

Therefore, you need to pay for the hosting at Bluehost or another service.

In addition, you need an advanced keyword tool in order to research the keywords and the competition well, which is usually a paid tool. Also, this one is not provided here.

While at Wealthy Affiliate, you can host up-to 10 websites with SSL certificates and you can use the advanced keyword tool for no extra fees.


Conclusion – Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. And Stefan is a genuine and honest person.

But the fact that the cost of program is high, and the main tools such as: web hosting and keyword tool are not provided with it, makes it NOT my first recommendation.

  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery.
  • Website:
  • Founders: Stefan James
  • Price: Original: $1997 one payment or $797 three payments. Discounted: $997 one payment or $397 three payments.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my first recommended program for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Recommended? Yes, but expensive, especially if you are just getting started.

Overall Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


Best Alternative for The Affiliate Marketing Mastery

As I mentioned above, due to the fact that, even with the discounted price, the cost of joining the program is still high for most of the people.

And on top of that, you still need to pay for the web hosing and for the advanced keyword research tool.

And you also need to deal with the support of different services separately as you are using different services from different providers.

While at my alternative, Wealthy Affiliate, You also get a high quality, step-by-step training, and you get to host up to 10 websites, all with SSL Certificates, SiteSpeed and Spam Protection for NO Extra Cost!


In addition to that, you get an access to an advanced keyword tool that allows you to research niches and keywords, analyze the competition, save keyword lists, brainstorm ideas and many other benefits. Also, included in your membership for NO Extra Cost.

This mean that you don’t have to deal with different service providers and have different accounts and different memberships.

And the cost of joining this platform is less than one-third the cost joining the Affiliate Marketing Mastery, also they have monthly membership option.

And on top of that, they offer a FREE plan that gives you the basic training in affiliate marketing and allows you to build your first free website. Following are the components of the Free training:

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Alternative


This is why I consider this platform to be the world’s most comprehensive and advanced platform that teaches you how to build a real and sustainable affiliate marketing business by building your BRAND and authority through having your own website (No Coding or Technical Experience required!).

As I mentioned earlier, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course is a great training program and it works, but the main downfalls in my opinion are the high price and the lack of tools.


If you still want to join the Affiliate Marketing Mastery then you can join it.

And if you want to join my #1 recommended platform, then you can learn about it and join through my WA review.

Go and take action now and stop wasting your time AND money trying to find the magical push-button solution that doesn’t exist.

And if you have any question about this Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review, then please, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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