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MY STORY (which could be yours too)


Since college, I have always known that I don’t want to follow the traditional path of getting a degree, selling my soul to a corporate, retire and then die.


After graduation, I had to find a job in my specialisation (Electrical Engineering), thinking that I have to “pay my dues” through selling my soul temporarily to the corporate world until I have enough money saved and enough expertise and knowledge so that I can quit and start my own business in the same industry.


The years passed, and along the way I have come to realise that this is not necessarily the way to independence and finally to freedom. First of all, the field in which I work, although big and have lots of opportunities, but it was also very crowded, and it would require a big capital in order to start a small company and start getting tiny projects for which I have to work long hours and travel a lot in order to get a small margin. It would take a long time and a huge effort in order to start making a decent income and becoming financially independent. And then, much longer time and much more effort in order to become rich and getting freedom.


So, what alternative do I have?


Since we live in the information age, we don’t have to use a lot of money to make money as it was during the industrial age. Instead, we need to use information! And where are the information? You guessed it: on the web.


The way the Internet has expanded over the years made a lot of opportunities for businesses to find new audiences that might be customers someday. And made it easier and even cheaper for the customers to fulfil their needs in all aspects. And as more businesses started to competing each other on the online presence, this has led to force all of them to improve their services and products in order to able to compete.


So, how do I benefit from this?


As more businesses become active online, this has created the need to hire people who are willing to work through their PC’s screens in order to help these businesses to improve and compete. Skills such as Web Development, Hosting and Internet Marketing have high demand these days, and the demand will keep getting higher and higher over time.


This all presented a lot of opportunities to those who have always dreamed to able to work from anywhere and at anytime.


I have decided to follow this path, even though I didn’t have a prior experience in the internet more than checking my email inbox, my Facebook news feed and buying stuff on Amazon. The information that helped me to learn are everywhere, and the tools are everywhere, the thing is that you have to start learning and acting. If it worked for me, it can work for you too!


==> The Best Ways to Make Money with a Website





I want to help as many people as I can in order to be able to start getting their piece of the pie of the internet business world. So, I have decided to create Online Passive Income Guide in order to teach others and guide them through their journey in making money online and have more flexibility over their time.



Unbelievable Speed 2023

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This website is designed to help you learn and to the right tools that you will need in order to start making money online and getting your freedom back.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Amjad Judeh




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6 thoughts on “About Amjad”

  1. Hey, I was wondering how much money you make? Do you make full time from this website alone? Also how much traffic do you get for this side? I am thinking about joining WA under you. You have my email so, it’s best if you do that! On WA I believe you can’t PM people without getting premium and I need to ask questions before that.

    • Hello Mark and thank you for your questions!

      My income varies from one month to another, but it is in the 4-figure range.
      The reason no one tells their income is that results can never be typical or guaranteed.
      Some people make up to five-figure per month with one website following the same training, and some might be stuck at 3-figure income even though they have more than one website.
      It depends on how fast you learn, how regularly you take action, and on many other factors, like the niche you go to.
      For example, I have gone with this site to the most difficult niche ever, which is related to internet marketing, which makes it really difficult to get lots of traffic (I get around 300-500 visits per day), and that’s why, someone else might get more traffic in a different niche with fewer number of articles.
      Add to that the fact that I have chosen a long domain name, and I have gone with many sub-topics on the same site, and both of these mistakes made it more difficult for me in terms of SEO and conversions/commissions.

      How much money you can make depends on how you write your content and how you make the reader trusts you as you give them real value and an honest advice, which is why I’m able to make the most of my income from this site (90%), despite not having lots of traffic.
      I have another site where I sell templates related to engineering, which makes me a couple of hundred bucks per month, but that one doesn’t require more than one hour a month just to make sure that everything is up to date (them, WP, plugins, …etc.).

      True, private messaging is only between premium members at Wealthy Affiliate, but you can always post a question on your own profile page, and I (and others) will be notified and will do our best to answer you.
      I hope my answer is helpful, please, let me know if you have more questions or need more details.

      All the best,

  2. Hey Amjad 🙂

    My name is Jeremy,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime and I like that you are honest in what you provide, especially that you give honest reviews and don’t push people to buy the expensive programs like other bloggers do.

    You are really a trustworthy person.
    Keep up the good work!

    Jeremy K.

    • Thanks Jeremy for the nice comment!

      It’s my pleasure to help people find honest opinions about the different programs out there that teach people how to make money online.

      All the best!

  3. how long do I have to choose the premium program if I choose the starter program? can I make enough money as a starter program to finance the premium and fast enough to join premium before the offer closes Thanks

    • Hello John and sorry for the late reply!
      The premium offer won’t close, even if you start with the starter today, you can upgrade even after months. As I explained earlier, making money through affiliate marketing will start to happen after 3-6 months provided that you create regular quality content, and the amount of money you can generate depends on how high in quality your content is. Which depends on the tools you use and on how effectively you apply what you learn from the training.
      My advice to you here, is that you start now with the Starter Membership and start the first phase of the Training, which contains ten lessons that will help you build your first website and start creating content. And then, you can decide weather to upgrade or you can keep using the starter membership.

      I hope you find this answer helpful! And most important, remember that you have to keep taking massive persistent action and be patient.

      Best Regards,


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